Top 5 Places NOT To Be When The Dollar Collapses

The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity is controlled by money. Our wealth, our work, our food, our government, even our relationships are affected by money. No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one. All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to. This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies, as they are fundamentally no different. The collapse of currencies will lead to the collapse of ALL paper assets. The repercussions to this will have incredible results worldwide. (Read the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield to protect yourself from this collapse.)

Thanks to the globalization and the giant vampire squids of the Anglo-American Empire, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. It supports the global economy in settling foreign trade, most importantly the Petro Dollar trade. This money is recycled through the City of London (not to be confused with London) and New York. This fuels our corporate vampires that acquires and harvests the wealth of the world. The corporate powers suppress REAL assets like natural resources and labor to provide themselves massive profits. This Fascist, Statist, Collectivist model provides the money into the economy to fund an ever increasing federal  government. That government then grows larger and larger enriching its minions with jobs to control their fellow citizens. Finally, to come full circle, the government then controls other nations through the Military Industrial Complex.

This cycle will be cut when the mathematically and inevitable collapse of the dollar occurs. In order for our debt based money to function we MUST increase the debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before or we will enter a deflationary death spiral. When debt is created, money is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed. There is never enough to pay off the debt, because there would be not one dollar in existence.

We are at a point where we either default on the debt, willingly or unwillingly, or create more money/debt to keep the cycle moving. The problem is if you understand anything about compounding interest, we are reaching the hockey stick moment where the more debt that is incurred, the less effective it is and this leads us to hyper inflation. There are only two actors needed for this hyper inflation, the Lender of Last Resort, the Fed, and the Spender of Last Resort, the government. These two can, and will, blow up the system. I believe they will wait until the next crisis and the whiff of deflationary depression before they fire up the printing presses. That crisis is coming very soon at the end of this summer or fall. The money and emergency measures are worn out. The fact that NONE of the underlying problems that caused the 2008 crisis have been resolved. The only thing that has happened is that instead of corporate problems, we now have nation problems. In this movie Greece will play the role of Lehman Brothers and the United States will play the role of AIG. The problem is there is nowhere to kick the can down the road and there is no world government to absorb the debt, yet… (Problem, Reaction, Solution.)

So this leads me to the Top 5 Places Not To Be When the Dollar Collapses.

1. Israel- This Anglo-American beach head into the Middle East was first conceived by the most powerful family in the world, the Rothschilds, in 1917. The Balfour Declaration said that there will be a Zionist Israel years before World War two and the eventual establishment of Israel. Israel has not been a good neighbor to its Muslim nations and has always had the two biggest bullies on the block at it’s back. When the dollar collapses, the United States will have much to much on its plate both domestically and internationally to worry about such a non-strategic piece of land. This will leave Israel very weak at a time when tensions will be high. This very thin strip of desert land will not be able to with stand the economic reality of importing its food and fuel or the political reality of being surrounded by Muslims.

2. Southern California- The land of Fruits and Nuts turns into Battlefield Los Angeles. 20 million people packed into an area that has no water and thus food is not good to say the least. Throw on top of the huge wealth disparities and the proximity to a narco state and this does not bode well. We have seen riots for Rodney King, what will happen when the dollar is destroyed and food an fuel stop coming into this area. People will get desperate and do crazy things, especially when a huge proportion of its citizens are on anti depressants. If food and fuel cannot get in, what about Zolfot? At a time when people’s world are falling apart they lack the ability to deal with this new paradigm. If people come off of these drugs too fast they suffer psychotic breaks and you will have thousands of shootings or suicides.

3. England- The Land of the Big Brother and former Empire of world wide slave and drug trade will suffer heavily. The stiff upper lip that their the British Elite ingrained into their sheeple will not work anymore as the British population explodes. The human character will sacrifice and unite for a foreign enemy, but not if the enemy has always been the Elite. The Anglo-American Empire may pull off another false flag to distract it’s population on another Emmanuel Goldstein like in 1984, but I feel this collapse will happen before they pull it off. This will make all eyes point at the British Elite as solely responsible for this catastrophe. We have seen massive riots for soccer matches with hooligans. What will happen when this island with very little food and fuel gets cut off?

4. New York City- Another large urban area living too high on the dollar hog. NYC is the area I moved out of in 2008. There is little doubt that all of the wealth in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut is derivative off of Wall Street wealth. The savings and investments of the whole nation and much of the world flows through this financial capital. As the world wakes up to the massive financial fraud, this will lead to the destruction of capital like we have never seen before. This will have tremendous effects on the regional economy as people driving in Mercedes suddenly wonder where their next meal is coming from.

5. Washington D.C.- The political collapse of the Federal Government will wreak havoc on the hugely inflated local economy. As more and more states find it necessary to assert their natural control, the Federal Government will suddenly loose power and importance as the whole world suffers from a Global Hurricane Katrina. The money that they create and spend, will become worthless and the government minions pensions will evaporate. Millions that once relied on the ability to force others to send their money to them, will learn that the real power has always been at the most local level. Massive decentralization will be the answer to globalization gone mad. Local families and communities will forgo sending money and power out of their community, as they will care about their next meal and keeping warm.

“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” -Ayn Rand

To sum up, those areas that have lived highest on the hog in the dollar paradigm will most likely be the worst places to live when the dollar collapses. Many of you will find this article with passing interest, but rest assured this dollar collapse is coming. It is a mathematical inevitability. We will not be as fortunate to muddle through this collapse like we did in 2008 when it was a corporate problem. This time around, it is a national and global problem. The global Ponzi scheme has run out of gas as the demographics decline, as cheap abundant oil declines, as hegemonic power declines. This comes at a time when we reach the exponential or collapse phase of our money. The Irresistible Force Paradox says, “”What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” We are about to find out, when infinite money hits a very finite world.

If you want to become aware and prepared for this collapse, please join the free Sons of Liberty Academy.

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  • Feared1

    I am sorry, I can’t stop laughing at some of the post! I find the religous ones the most hilarious of all, let me explain. But first, in no way do I diminish those that beleive such a thing, we are all here to live our own lives and learn what we need too.

    Since the dawn of rulers, religion has been questioned, changed, and perverted to fit the need of the elite class that see it for what it is; a control theroy. Now get this, the bible is not the word of any God! if it is, then it is a sick God! Why you ask, because if Adam and Eve where kicked out of Eden, and they populated the earth (that would mean we are all related and that someone may have been a pedophille back in the day) that would mean we are all related right!? So, was Adam white, black, mongolian descent, Asian, Hispanic; not possible right! But here is the kicker to prove the Bible is nothing more than a fable and form of psycological control. If adam and Eve had sons and daughters, who did they mate with to create the different races on this planet, just asking!

    To include governments have used the very same thing to persuade the public, look at Obama’s first election! He denounced Islam as his religion and choose Christianity. Why, to make the American public like him more and to get himself elected in to the White House? If a person has to change his religion in order to serve the public, there is something wrong there, and with us!

    Lets look a little deeper, in an area that “never” is taught public or in public schools and stricken from the history books. Research “Church and the Mushroom!” Christ is a feeling, one that is being severed from the masses, Christ is a fictional being (why did the Catholic Church wait until recently to say “christ is a real pe, all the while trying to destroy the christan religion…wow!). I do beleive that we are all one, but then are we taught to only care for ourselves by parents, family, friends, and other social stimuli.I begin to see a design or intentional racisim, segeration, and discrimination! In other words, instatutionlized racisim. Don’t beleive me, watch the movie Thrive and see for yourself. Better yet, school spirit, pleding to a flag, state pride are all forms of instatutionlized racisim. Aren’t we all humans, so why is the school spirit and colors more important than another’s. Why is one State better than another, why is having more money than someone else make you a better human, just asking!

    The real scary part of everything is that 99.9% of people do not understand that religion, government, and or their jesuit brothers do not care about our will to live in peace, so they use religion and other control theroies to divide and conquer us.

    Want proof, go to YouTube and watch the “Asch Experitment” upon watching it, apply it to the world as you know it and begin to see life in a new way. Better yet, research the Hegalian Dialect and the Lucerfian Control Theroy (they dont teach this shit in schools, only private, elitest schools).

    I can ramble on and on, but why; you already know the world is messed up and you haven’t done anything to change it; namely yourself, or have you?

    If you are awake, you know then that insanity is a luxuary you can not afford any longer!

    P.S. For all you pot smokers not living in Utah or Washington, did you know it is legal to partake of weed, peyote, and mushrooms (anything that is natural and used in ancient religous rituals)?
    Amazing, how most people are unaware of how their rights have been trampled on. Nor are they aware of the ongoing battle and propoganda used to persuade the public. Here is my point, if you are American, have you really read the 1st Admendment and understand it?

    Freedom of speech ensures that you as a citizen have the right to seek redress from opression. This is why Lincoln said the Constitution should never be changed for if it is then it will lead to…well what we have today.

    That Government will make no laws concerning the church…the Native American Church has practiced their religon way before the rest of them and use natural substances to do so. Read it and weep! Even more so, go to and see the laws concerning this. We have been paying for a war that has no way of ending, just like the crusades. We are the problem, we are the fuel, we are the reason this is occuring, We The People… can change it all! Not a select few or their minons.

    Gotta run, time to practice my “religous right” Also, you don’t have to be Native American to join the Native American Church, if so then that would be considred discrimination, and I know you do not want to read my rant about that!

    Love, peace, and Non-violence


  • troglodyte

    Well I think we have to worry about the evil galactic empire that is planning insideously to end our world so the time is now for a rebel alliance……oh wait wrong movie. I just don’t think politicians “Zionists” or Illuminati are that smart. I do beleive in better safe than sorry though, and yes it looks like the country is going for a slow steady decline to 3rd world status, so Im personaly stockpiling knowledge on self sufficiency. it is the one true asset that cannot be looted or lost to relocation. We don’t have to worry about our government comming in a taking our freedoms away, they will be powerless to do so but I would worry more about the other countries that would swoop in and try to grab up what they can after a government collapse. In the long term of this situation the socail world will still exist but we as individuals will have to learn the hobo survival skills of the poorer countries of the world.

  • Scott

    Just for a moment imagine being in one of these areas when all this happening with no guns to protect yourself with.

  • Kris

    What are the best forms of silver to buy? Are 1 0z rounds as good as American Eagles? Is it wise to buy smaller pieces, such as 1 gram bars? Will silver jewelry be valuable?

  • Nowhere will be safe when shtf.

  • bloody rich

    So, as someone living in Brooklyn, I am looking at land in New Hampshire for a weekend/vacation/collapse retreat. Where did you move from New York to? Thanks. keep up the great work & great site.

  • Elasa

    I encourage you all to follow a couple new pages on FB. WTF? Police State America and Epic LIES Epic Truths

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  • fisty

    i wonder if the NSA is reading this post right now?

    Hi how’s maryland?


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