Physical Silver and Personal Empowerment

Andy Hoffman speaks to Chris Duane of Silver Bullet Silver Shield on his weekly podcast to discuss the economy, federal debt, excessive money printing, interest rates, precious metals, Bitcoin, Dow and Obamacare.

4 comments to Physical Silver and Personal Empowerment

  • David

    I thought this was a good interchange. For a new audience [Andy Hoffman’s listeners] Chris covered some of the same concepts he has outlined before, but with a fresh, slightly time-revised flavor. I thought Andy was very sharp.

    I hope you speak with him again Chris, and post it like this.

  • Mark

    This was great, I like to tune into what Andy Hoffman has to say. What I would like to hear is a roundtable of Chris, Andy and Jeff Nielsen. All provide a steady commentary of what is going on, also what is to come. Fantastic interview.

  • AnonPatriot

    My silver investment is down by almost HALF of the total FRN’s I put into it. It’s down by over $7,000.00) So, my question is: Why, on earth, should I invest MORE FRN’s, into an “investment” that is DOWN, by over HALF, of my initial investment? What if the ‘spot’ price drops to $4 an ounce? What then?

    From the “Liberty Metals Group” website: “…new mine production totals approximately only 5 million troy ounces a year, whereas gold mine production runs approximately 82 million ounces a year and silver production is approximately 547 million ounces.” (source:

    Hmmm… Maybe THIS is the reason why silver trades at such a lower ‘spot’ price, compared to gold and platinum? 547 (FIVE HUNDRED and FORTY-SEVEN) MILLION ounces per annum of silver mined. Is there a push, perhaps, among silver bullion dealers, to SELL surplus silver, by saying that a future shortage is looming on the horizon? Chris Duane: RSVP, please – your answer to this question?

    • Look at overall purchasing power of the dollar. See the decline of 8-10% per year? You’re making a hedge in silver. If silver compared to your dollars declines as compared to one another by 10% a year, you’re breaking even in the long run. Sure, you bought in at a midpoint, and that sucks, but that’s when the courageous buy more, and the courageous get rewarded in time. If you don’t have the patience, then you’re in the wrong investment and I’ll buy your silver at spot any day of the week.

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