Peace On Earth Revealed

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7 comments to Peace On Earth Revealed

  • Harry


    Thank you for saying it. Jesus Christ will not be denied and one day every knee will bow and tongue proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord!

  • matt

    you religious nuts who follow books (not even written by the sages) and other men are missing the whole your own guru..get some balls!

    • Silver eagle

      There is nothing “nuts” about following Jesus Christ. What continues to boggle my mind Matt, is those that claim to be “liberty” minded, yet continue to judge others for their beliefs and relationships. As a christian libertarian I pray all would follow Him, my only job is to tell you about Him and what He has done in my life. What you do with that is your business. If your choose to reject the Good News then that was your free will, and I will never mention it again. If your choice is to become your own ‘guru’ then you have the liberty to do that and follow that path. However, if you attempt to thwart my exercise of free will to follow Jesus Christ then you and I have a problem. Because now you have crossed the line of interfering with my liberty, and thus you become a tyrant. I may listen to all, but I will always follow One, because there are truths, things that are black and white, and not shades of gray. But I am not your judge, jury and executioner so peace be with you on your chosen path, and I ask you to follow the same if you are truly a part of or believer in liberty. Because honestly, it is none of your business what Harry, myself or any other follower of Christ believes or who we choose to follow. But it is your business to defend our right to do so, even though you may disagree. As it is my business to defend your right not to believe.

      • matt

        I believe Jesus was a was Buddah and several other sages who spoke truth..NO MAN or religion ‘owns’ the truth..And Jesus also said as did Buddadh DON NOT build temples in my name and follow me..If your really an educated ‘christian’ then you would know this..They promoted finding ones own path and enlightening the self

        Have a look what has been done in the ‘name of Christ’ by not so enlightened men who use his name to defend their actions

        hm..? The Christain crusades which killed about our Islamic fundamentalist friends who want to rid the world of Christians?? hm who else..or shall we stop there??

        Dogmatic thinking is Dogmatic matter what flag you fly or guru you follow..

        I know a few of these preaching Christains who spend more of their time judging others and pointing their finger and with a self righteous “I AM A CHRISTIAN” thinking and they are the biggest hypocrites I have ever known

        Listen to all follow NONE..If you aren;t able to see through the brainwashing tactics of the Christian church and their fear indocrination then good luck to you!!

        And by the way know who owns ALL the land in the red light district in Amsterdam and rents it out as brothels and drug dens?? AHH! The Christian church! YES YES..and they have their big shrine right in the middle of it

        and let’s not talk about the Christian kiddy fiddlers hey…wake up Zombie..and get your head out of your books and into the real world!

        • silver eagle

          I expected your response to expose you as the enlightened tyrant you showed yourself to be. Good luck with your path and please stay off my choosen path.

  • Silver eagle

    There’s is nothing “nutty” in following Jesus Christ. It continues to blow my mind Matt , that those supposedly members of a “liberty movement” continue to care what others think, believe follow or commit their lives too. As a Christian Libertarian, I would hope all would follow Jesus and have a relationship with Him, however, if you choose not too then that is your business and not mine. So as everyone here says they just want to be left alone to follow none…there is One that I will always follow. So here’s my advise: be your own guru if that’s the path you want to choose, I may disagree, but I am not your judge, jury and executioner, so you don’t need to be mine, Harry’s or any other Christians’.

  • Gary Miles

    Dear SBSS,

    Thank you for that pithy rebuttal to Matt. You know a tree by its fruit. I can sense a certain angst in his writing. I believe he is confusing religion with faith. The man is less than what I would call enlightened or educated. No so with you.

    The new coin is nice. Obverse & reverse the same? That is fitting. “Render unto God what is God’s.”


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