The One Thing You MUST Do

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  • Loudhorn74

    Ryan, you are intelligent, honest, & have admirable integrity. I have to say this first, for I want to make clear that we are all on the same team ultimately; & I will speak to you as an equal. Where I certainly feel critical of others for “not quite getting it” or spreading an “over the top” version of a truthful message, (i.e. Alex Jones), it is wise to leave them to their own methods. I will expand on this thought…
    Consider all whom are shouting loudly an aggrevated , angry message of freedom, liberty, & REBELLION!!..(A.J. as mentioned previously, Gerald Celente, Max Keisar, Judge A. Napolitano, & even Farahkan, & other religious speakers. Who are we to say they are unjustified in their angst. When one can see all of the evils upon us, it is hard, if not impossible to turn a blind eye away & then react with an expected amount of anger. This is why with so many does this type of message resonate. For all of us have gone through & some are sustainingly ever going through. I want to portray something to you about this type of mentality & all the many whom
    are of it’s make-up. Consider this please; that when/if things really go down, & tyrany is at it’s extreme, (fema camps, chem trails, gun confiscation, martial law, etc), that these are among the ones that will make up the “front lines” if there ever is a face-off. Know this fact, for it is in any march, whether it be of a miltary troop, a political protest, or a high school marching band parade, the drummer (or megaphone) is always at the head, setting & sounding the pulse. Ours is a march towards a free-er world, rid of the stranglehold on our freedoms & prosperity. Every man & woman should be free. None of us know exactly how to accomplish this, aside from knowing that yes, it does start with each one of us, individually. All I am saying is that none of us should seek to discredit anyone else on this path, or march, towards the same direction. Love & peace,
    P.s. Please know that I have no ill will towards anyone mentioned by name, but on the contrary, I respect & “listen to all,bfollow none” of them, & then “think for myself” 😉

    • Ryan Brooks

      LouDhorn, I agree with your analysis. Sometimes I slip up and let my emotions get the best of me. Well said, and thank you.

  • AnonPatriot

    I found the following article to be of serious interest, in that, it provides IRREFUTABLE FACTS, that once understood, clearly show WHY America is in DECLINE.

    Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can’t Afford the Future

    The message of the above article, comes across “loud and clear”, in the following interview: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on American Hegemony (

    Folks, step away from the TV, AND, the internet “doom porn”, and THINK FOR YOURSELF. EDUCATING YOURSELF, is the #1 thing that you must do, before you do ANYTHING ELSE. Why? Because if you don’t fully understand the ECONOMIC HISTORY of the United States, then you won’t fully understand the predicament we are all in, right now, while the mainstream media continues the LIE, that we are in an “economic recovery”. The article (above) provides many useful SOLUTIONS – shortly, I’ll be providing you with some more. PEACE

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