Are “Patriots” This Stupid?


Things are getting worse. “We” are not winning. As that becomes more clear, be prepared to encounter more people like Minute Girl. I would recommend staying as far away from these people as possible.

Here’s the link, see for yourself –

Are these the kind of people that you want to be associated with?

Look into Cointel Pro and PATCON, ask yourself: have they stopped? Who would benefit from the “2nd American Revolution”? Who is promoting it? Who benefits? Could it be that it would benefit those in power to start a war with the American people?

Let me know what you think!

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  • Chris

    I saw that her link brings me to, that was enough to turn me off.

  • MichaelR

    Alex Jones take a different approach than you but he is serving to wake people up. He is over the top at times but he doesn’t run and hide from any issue as many “patriots” do. You attacked him and he is on the same side as you. Divide and conquer is what the elites like to see. You have played into their hands.

    • Ryan Brooks

      One of the reasons I made that video was to make sure there is no mistake that I am not on the same side as Alex Jones. It is sad to see that talking about Alex Jones is like discussing homosexuality, don’t do it, because no matter what people will be divided. I will never be on the same side as a man that told his audience on December 31 1999 that Russia had put nukes in the air headed towards America, told his audience that martial law was announced and to get ready to fight. The same man whose lawyer is a member of the Seagrams finally and has holdings in the Federal Reserve Private Central Bank. On March 17 2011 posted an article that claimed that Alex Jones and the Infowars store had some of the only remaining KI Potassium Iodide in the US, which was false. One week after he melted down on his show screaming that the nuclear fallout from Japan was coming to the US, and that you were going to have your eyeballs fall out and start bleeding out of your anus… And he was flipping out, hardcore intense, oh my god, style flipping out… “Folks, one little grain of that plutonium or uranium in you, you’re dead. You’re not going to have to wait ten years for it to kill you from cancer.” He also had health experts on his show for the entire week leading up to the March 17 2011 announcement telling the audience how important KI was… He even took what some random caller told him about the federal government blocking Americans from obtaining KI and ran with it, with no evidence, even posting an article on Infowars on March 15 2011 entitled “US Government Blocking Americans From Obtaining Potassium Iodiode” After the raging and flipping out, a weeks worth of medical experts to promote KI, then fear mongering about no KI being available and the feds blocking Americans from obtaining it… on March 17 2011 his website says they are one of the only sources for KI in the US, with an article entitled “Infowars has some of the only Potassium Iodide in the US” … A little research and you can find that AJ and co bought the KI from a Texas based group called KI4U, and on their website they admitted to a new business deal with … The company was still selling KI for $20 a pop, Alex Jones was selling the same product for $40 a pop in his store. To me, there is no excuse for that. There is no excuse for his December 31 1999 Y2k broadcast. There is no excuse for his September 11 2001 broadcast when he cryed and wailed like a small child for most of the show, when people really needed him… To me, there is no excuse for making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of people that believe they are “awake” now because they transitioned from regurgitating their favorite corporate media to regurgitating and downloading their bought and paid for Patriot Hero Alex Jones and his hyped up bull. I used to be one of those people, and I was die hard. Alex has promoted dead end solution after dead end solution to his listeners, march for this guy, vote, petition, march some more, vote again, petition for something else, and my personal favorite “We are winning” when it is clear to anyone that can think for them self, that “we” are not winning. Again I used to be a die hard Alex fan. I would use cognitive dissonance to continue to look away from information like I presented above whenever I would get a strange feeling about him, but eventually, I realized he is absolutely toxic. What an incredible mind screw? Condition the small amount of Americans that would resist or become upset at the loss of our liberties, and turn them into the “domestic threat” that the child like masses are being told to be scared of. Those same people either don’t realize what they have become to the masses, or even worse, don’t care. What do you think the American debt slave thinks of you when you are on an overpass holding up an Investigate 9/11 Banner with a 911 was an inside Job shirt on? I can tell you from experience, they flip you off, call the cops, and you leave. It was exciting, but completely a waste of time, and I am sure at least one sheeple saw me out there and got scared. Because that is what this country has become, a bunch of scared consumers that cannot think for themselves. Again, I used to be one. It took war in Afghanistan, the Alex Jones con, thousands upon thousands of phone calls for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, battling the the republicans in my state only to become more depressed at their ignorance, ranting to everyone I knew and alienating most of them, putting up thousands of Obama dictator scum fliers, the Sons of Liberty Academy, finally moving out of the city and into the country, and doing over 600+ hours of radio without making a dime in one year to really be able to say that I know myself, I am not scared, I am not a consumer, and the hardest one of all, I can finally think for myself. I see what this man is doing, and has been doing since he magically appeared on the scene, I see what he does to his following, and it is sick. I was going to write an article today about television, but this will due instead. I do understand that calling people names usually doesn’t accomplish much, but I also see the trend of mainly “infowarriors” out there getting more extreme, more intense, more angry, more upset, because the country is still going down. Even on the radio network I am on, there are mindless hosts that regurgitate the bull that comes out of AJs mouth and it makes them sound ridiculous. IE “The military is coming to get you!!!” Not only that, it attracts the same mindless followers that adore Alex, and I do not want to associate my self with folks like that whatsoever. So let it be known, Alex Jones is not on “my team” and to my own discredit among those that still have a hard time thinking for themselves, I will say that he is an absolute bull shit artist and I will never have anything to do with him or his merry men, unless it is wasting time trying to convince his flock how ridiculous this is… To the infowarriors out there, my name is Ryan Brooks, I am a former die hard infowarrior myself, and I apologize ahead of time for calling you some of the worst sheeple this country has ever seen. Whenever you come around to reality, I’ll be here with love and acceptance. I am a real live person, and I do my best to find the truth. I do not sell anything, I do not make any fiat off of the work I do for the cause. Who benefits from the information presented above? Why would I say these things? Think for yourself, and as Chris is famous for saying “Listen to all FOLLOW NONE.”

      • onebigfustercluck

        It never ceases to amaze me how different people with very different situations are simultaneously and independently arriving at the exact same conclusions. Although being a combat veteran, former hard core right wing statist, and indoctrinated consumer, it took me a bit longer to awaken than some. I completely agree with your assessment of the “attack sheep” mentality and the damage it could potentially do to the true cause of freedom. I believe the strongest individuals for this cause are veterans, because we have seen the face of war, and reject the possibility of waging one here. Individual disengagement and detachment from this corrupted system is the only way to really win.

        • Ryan Brooks

          Thanks for the feed back, and I am diggin the name!

        • AnonPatriot

          “onebigfustercluck” said: “Individual disengagement and detachment from this corrupted system is the only way to really win.”

          RIGHT ON! THAT is the KEY, to this entire thing, of re-gaining our freedom. I’d also add, that it’s not just about “disengagement” and “detachment”, and about what you do NOT do – it’s also about PRO-ACTIVELY doing what amounts to the OPPOSITE, of what all those who are still asleep are doing. A person has to NOT ONLY STOP FEEDING LEVIATHAN, but also, begin ACTING ON PRODUCTIVE SOLUTIONS, to the very real problems we are facing. It’s not only about what you do not do – it’s also about what changes you make in your day to day behavior – it’s also about what you actually DO, to COUNTER “THEIR” (the Predatory Class’s) ATTACK ON ALL OF US!

          • AnonPatriot

            Here are some SOLUTIONS, for your consideration:

            1) Invest in precious metals, primarily SILVER (gold, platinum) bullion.
            2) Buy USED – at Thrift, Consignment, or Second-hand stores – it keeps your $$, IN THE LOCAL ECONOMY. Likewise, if you purchase (used) online, such as on, buy from sellers who ship within the U.S.
            3) Buy MADE IN USA – when buying NEW items. It keeps more AMERICANS employed, at a time, when MORE AMERICANS than EVER, are UNEMPLOYED, and need work. It may also drive manufacturing jobs BACK to the United States. It’s called “consumer demand” – it may be the ONLY thing “they” understand.
            4) Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic food store or Co-op! Whole, organically-grown foods are best. LOCALLY-sourced, is ideal.
            Support the true HEROES of organic food production (on the right side, of the following poster:
            5) Take a high-quality daily multi-vitamin – a couple of examples:
            7) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT! DEBT is how they enslave us all.
            8) USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid using credit, and debit cards.
            9) Bank at a local credit union! Why bank at a TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”) Bank, such as those that received a CRONY BANKER BAILOUT (from the “Fed”) in late 2008, which Obama authorized with his signature?
            10) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, money, energy, and attention?)
            11) Contact your Representatives on critical issues: such as “END THE FED!” (I would ONLY contact them on this ONE issue. Otherwise, ignore the politicians. They don’t represent you, and haven’t for a LONG, LONG time)
            12) Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about hunting! It’s about government tyranny, and protecting yourself from it.
            13) THINK for yourself. TURN OFF the IDIOT-BOX (TV)
            14) QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Banks/Oil/Military-Industrial Business + Big Government, Big Religion, Big Media, Big Pharma, etc.)
            15) Pray or meditate – reduce your stress! (Stress weakens the auto-immune system, opening up the body to free radical attack).
            16) Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
            17) BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those 1) enslaving, or 2) poisoning you!
            18) Quit your “TBTF” Corporate job. Why feed the system that is enslaving us all?

            There, you now have at least 18 SOLUTIONS, that you can begin using starting TODAY!

  • Wilford

    Copying following comment made on same youtube video:

    Even during original American revolution, everyone was NOT on the same page. Some people in individual factions HATED each other’s guts. For example, Samuel Adams vs. John Hancock who were initially close were totally estranged in the end & couldn’t stand being in each other’s presence. That doesn’t make contributions of either of them more or less valuable.

    Fact of the matter is, you can’t expect everyone to be on EXACT same page as you & everyone follow exactly idential approach to reach intended destination. That doesn’t justify you or them putting each other down.

  • Mike

    Alex Jones is just another one of the long list of people who are enemies of freedom. While his information is often accurate, although most times embellished a bit, it’s not like the policies and government is not working against the people. The problem is the solution he proposes is exactly that which those he accuses, “the Globalists”, want. War. If you will notice, he never mentions who the real globalists are at the top, just calls out the mid-level cronies making the policy at Washington. The only solution is for the individual to figure out that true power and freedom comes from only one place—within thyself. Making war against one form of government in hopes of throwing it over to put in another form of government to ‘give you freedom’ when it’s still controlled by the same people at the top is going to be pointless. This is what the ‘globalists’ want and they’re going to give you the Same-thing-only-different and still be in power. And trying [to fight it] will cause for a lot of unnecessary pain and death. The only solution, is peaceful non-compliance and reclaiming your own power as a free individual and learning how to exercise it honorably and unwaveringly. Killing government workers will get you nowhere, and Alex Jones is doing exactly what the ‘Globalist’ want. Tune him out, turn him off, learn to find your own power within. If you haven’t figured this out yet still consider yourself ‘awake,’ unfortunately you’ve still got a long way to go before you actually get out of bed and open your eyes.

    • Skoshi

      Mike, you do NOT know what you are talking about. Your “long list of people who are enemies of freedom” would have to include all the Founding Fathers. They were left with NO CHOICE but WAR after decades of “honorable unwavering non-compliance.” Were they to just stand there and allow their 150 years of colonial freedom to be taken from them to please the King and pay for HIS wars?

      Alex has NEVER advocated or tried to stir the listeners to WAR. His job is viewed as awakening as many as possible to AVIOD a hot war if possible. He has CONTINUALLY mentioned the names of the leading Globalists responsible. The Rothschilds and their related banking families; the Rockefellers and their related corporate families. The QUEEN and her Royal relatives. And the lesser lackies in the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes. The real globalists at the top are the OCCULTISTS/LUCIFERIANS. Listeners can research the names for themselves in books such as Bloodlines of the Illuminati in the infowars shop.
      He NEVER suggests or incites to killing govt. workers, but that the corrupt leaders in govt. should be arrested, tried, and sentenced with justice.

      Just WAR is a necessary EVIL that God Almighty has appointed to men since the Flood of Noah. “Whoso sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed”. Because godly men have been lax in governmental exercise of it, we have reached the threat of human extinction by the Wicked seed of the Serpent’s enmity against the seed of the Woman (humanity).

      I have listened to thousands of hours of AJ, on mp3 while I work at a repetitive job. I KNOW what I write here is true, and what you write is NOT!

  • William Joseph

    Ryan – I find your video rant obtuse and myopic. It’s obvious this 51 year old woman is in the anger phase of dealing with the reality that the U.S. is a fascist police state. While I don’t agree with many of her opinions I’m not pretentious or arrogant enough to light into her for her beliefs. It’s much easier to lead passion than it is to awaken apathy. Did your video do anything to help anyone or did it just add more negativity into an already shitty world?

    I admire your passion but try using it to benefit others instead of tearing them down.

    • William, I thought about that a couple of hours after the fact, and I agree with you. Unfortunately what is done is done. Different strokes for different folks I suppose, but I get your point, thank you for your encouraging words.

      • William Joseph

        As a wise man once said “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

        You are an articulate, passionate guy that has experienced things that most of us couldn’t imagine.

        Use that experience, knowledge and wisdom to inspire, teach and lead others to the truth.

  • Farmer

    Yeah… Listen to all follow none. I listen to Jones a couple of times a week.
    He has interesting guests. I check out this site, and other sites.
    There are no guru’s who know what the future brings. We share a common interest in not being controlled and ordered around by corrupt pieces of horse feces.
    You can bury all the damn silver and gold in the ground you want it won’t make you safe or free. Only the god within and helping your fellow man as f—king flawed as we are.

  • Paul T

    Ryan, have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Elliot Hulse? He has a YouTube channel called “strengthcamp”. Elliot is a trainer down in St. Petersburg FL and teaches above all to strive to be the strongest versions of ourselves both physically and mentally. I was like you, I have watched some Alex Jones but I can’t say I was ever a die hard fan of him. I found myself to agree with some of the stuff he was saying but I absolutely hated his presentation and he never has resonated with me very well. So I decided to cut AJ method out of my life completely and focus all of my energy on Elliot Hulse’s method and become the strongest version of myself. I believe that preaching to sheeple, or anyone for that matter is not required. When people see where you were and then later what you have become and the journey you have taken, they will wonder what the hell does this guy have going on that I do not? They will ask questions. People have asked me questions. And I by no means claim I have all the answers to our problems as a society but I know for a fact that we’re not gonna find those answers without first becoming the strongest versions of ourselves. People in general are attracted to others who are doing something, who are going somewhere in life. So I have chose to take this path now because it resonates with me and I don’t care if people follow my path or not. I don’t need to fight angrily for freedom, because I’m already free. Free from the mind control of the establishment. All the other restrictions on freedom are minimal and minute, once you free your mind from the ultimate set of shackles. Done

    • Ryan Brooks

      Paul, I have not heard of Elliot Hulse but I will definitely look into him. Thank you for your suggestions and input!

  • Ryan:

    Your take on Alex Jones is very good. It could be that he is allowed, or encouraged to remain in business, simply to identify dangerous anti-goverment suspects.

    What I have figured out is that what is going on is a spiritual war. Lower yourself to the level of lying, spying, stealing, torturing, killing, etc. in order to fight the preceived evil, and you’ve lost your soul. For no good reason.

    What I have observed is merely the awareness, or suspicion of wrongdoing can change the outcome of various government, media, corporate plans. Education and awareness are the best opposition.

    • Ryan Brooks

      I would agree with you about the spiritual war, or at least lowering ourselves to their level to try to defeat them. Are you familiar with the military doctrine of “MindWar”? A very interesting read. I will try to keep myself in line as far as not stooping to their level. A friend the other day asked me to volunteer for a democrats campaign out here in WA to sabotage it, because the fellow running against the dem is a “good guy”. I feel that even if he is a good guy, I do not want to stoop to their levels of lying and deception to help the “good guy” win. The story of the “good guys” fighting to restore the republic in our political arena is basically that, stooping to the levels of the slimy bureaucrats and politicians to beat them… and as we see it is not working. Thanks for the input.

  • Big Picture Guy

    If you take the word “Patriot” and replace the middle t with r and remove the i
    it spells what many “Patriots” really are, “Parrots.”
    “Patriots” are not stupid BUT “Parrots” are.
    They hear what’s in the media (tv, radio, youtube, web, etc.) and IF it sounds
    “plausible”, they repeat it without checking whether it is factual or not.
    There are MANY urban legends that seem plausible, but they are just that legends.
    Here is a web site that documents a number of them –
    This begs the question.
    The most important asset we need to protect beyond the obvious stuff (such as food, shelter, gold, medicines, etc) is our MINDS.
    What we allow in our minds can effect many thing:
    1 – rational decisions – both short term and long term.
    2 – emotional well being – stress kills ESPECIALLY imaginary sources.
    3 – relationships with others – if you come across as crazy, who will want to be around you?
    Myself? I would develop a “filter” and sort information according to what realistically you can prepare for.
    For instance:
    Consequences of economic collapse – big cities become dangerous places because of resource shortages and the resulting violence. Solution: you can move out of the city to a less populated area (one possible solution).
    Consequences of “chemtrails” or high-altitude spraying of whatever. Solution: realistically there’s not much you can do about it assuming its true…so don’t waste your time dwelling on it.
    The consequences at the local level is the only things you can prepare for (food,
    shelter, ammo, etc.) everything else is just a distraction and/or beyond your control.
    Hey if Area 51 Grey Aliens are going to abduct me with a UFO,
    well what can I do about it??? (if they are real…nothing.)

    The other thing is to cut off negative info input – turn off the tv for instance.
    The only thing “Alex Jones” really does is get me upset if I (or for that matter
    other people I’ve talked to) listen to him for too long so I just stopped watching him. I can get the same information from other sources, just not in
    such an annoying format.
    A clear head without unneeded stress is what we all need.
    After you have your MIND is clear and focused on the basics, then you won’t be
    a “parrot.”

    Big picture Guy.

  • Skoshi

    Have listened to thousands of hours of AJ since Mar.2002. I cannot imagine Alex supporting a writing “this stupid”. Sounds more like a paid CIA writer to discredit infowars. If she is genuine, she is surely stupid to be spilling all the details on the internet. As far as your nitpicking “facts” about AJ, rather than recognizing that he is waking up millions by his own style; Your nitpicking is “this stupid”. Millions have heard of Alex Jones, and the informed guests on his show, and are now educated and awake. Who ever heard of Ryan Brooks? In the end, we must all decide to take our private action to do something about ourselves and what we can about the situation.

  • Skoshi

    Ryan, After a few minutes, I have again reread your comment above that “you will never be on the same side as Alex Jones”. You mention several little pointless trivia topics that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the MESSAGE of his program!And your approach makes me ANGRY, because you are ignoring the SUBJECT and the real DISCUSSION. WHAT ARE THE FACTS?: There IS an ongoing OCCULT SPIRITUAL SECRET SOCIETY CONSPIRACY hundreds if not thousands of years old to destabilize, destroy, and attack morality, freedom, prosperity. This is the MESSAGE. It can be called “The New World Order”, The CABAL, The Illuminati, or whatever, but it DOES exist. It is DOCUMENTED in hundreds of hard core and soft core books, written and published over the past 250 years–MANY OF WHICH I OWN. It is reaching a CLIMAX, and is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to our LIVES, and FREEDOM.

    The Old Testament refers to it as “the Prince that shall come, the abomination that makes desolate”. The New Testament refers to it as “the mystery of iniquity that even now works…”. It is Spiritual Evil manifested in the physical by human “agents” passed down through the “mystery “secret” societies such as Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Jesuits, Islamic, Kabbalistic, etc. Its power is centered in the Western Banking System, financing Communism, “Capitalism”, Socialism, Zionism, Islamism, and False Christianity.

    That is the MESSAGE of Your trivial attacks are pointless, and STUPID. How can a “patriot” such as yourself be “that STUPID”? Get on the side of the TRUTH about the SUBJECT, and quit worrying about irrelevant NONSENSE about Peronality querks.

  • “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”
    — Marshall McLuhan

    Regarding your rant on Alex Jones, I couldn’t agree more. I have friends in influential positions in the “patriot” movement who are very strong Jones fans, and it is discouraging to me. People like Alex Jones do a great disservice to truth and only provide fodder for those who want to lump us all in a category of “wild conspiracy theorists”.

    My journey into reality began, as a skeptic, many years ago (1972) when I began to discover the mindset of people like David Rockefeller, and I have been researching ever since then, always maintaining that skepticism. My focus for a long time was on the elitists who think they can and should control the world. I’ve grown to believe these old fools will never achieve that goal. The unfortunate fact is, unless humanity starts to make some very drastic changes very rapidly, they will go down with the rest of us.

    There are only two things we all need to understand concerning our freedom, liberty, and, indeed, the survival of our species. These two factors are the main forces influencing what is rapidly becoming a national security state in the U.S., but that influence goes way beyond our borders and encompasses the entire globe. Those forces are the exponential factor – which is influencing everything from the environment to world population and wealth distribution – and the associated growth of corporatism. All other worries are pale in comparison, as you will find these two factors at the core of the majority of threats we all fear. Unless we realize the monsters we have created, that are growing exponentially, nothing else will matter. And unless we turn around the exponential decline in resources, ethics and compassion, our grandchildren’s children will literally be living in hell, if they survive at all.

    People like Alex Jones thrive on fear. One reason he has so many followers is that most of us are very fearful – with good reason – but unless we look at the big picture and get really, really proactive in dealing with the core influences rather than guarding against their effects, we are doomed.

    We should be less worried about the actions of individuals, and more concerned about the system of structures we have created that are overpowering us all and have a momentum of their own.

    It is not the government we should fear – it is what is running the government. We are entering an era of world-wide Fascism run – not by governments or individuals, but by self-perpetuating corporate systems on an exponential ride to hell, and we’re all on the bus!

    The highlight, to me, in the Beatle’s movie Yellow Submarine, was the little guy I call Vacuum Man, who has a vacuum snout and snorts up everything around him until there is noting left. Dissatisfied, with nothing left to suck up, he sucks up the screen frame. Then, after seeming to be puzzled a bit, he sucks himself into oblivion.

    There is a growing movement toward community and employee owned corporations. People like Gar Alperovitz and David C. Korten and many others around the planet are laying the groundwork for a new era of sustainable wealth and community-centered businesses. Without such far-reaching concepts, no matter how much we crawl into our defensive corners, we are still cornered and the vacuum WE have created is nosing toward us.

    • Ryan Brooks

      Well said! Thank you

    • AnonPatriot

      “Buddy Logan” wrote: “It is not the government we should fear – it is what is running the government. We are entering an era of world-wide Fascism run – not by governments or individuals, but by self-perpetuating corporate systems on an exponential ride to hell, and we’re all on the bus!”

      Well said. Remember, the IMF, World Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc., etc. are all CORPORATIONS. They, like many (if not all) of the oil companies they own, are also CORPORATIONS, as are all the “Defense” Contractors. As resources become further diminished, supposedly, these CORPORATIONS will do whatever is cost-beneficial to themselves, AND the Congressmen who serve them, as they have ALWAYS done, at the expense of everyone else. “They” via their CIA, which in 1954, was under Allen Dulles – have been deposing popularly-elected leaders around the world, for AT LEAST the past half century. What we’ve had since Nov. 22, 1963, is a string of Predatory Class Puppets, in Washington, DC, carrying out the wishes of the 1%. The American Military has, during the entire 20th Century, been used, to further the aims of the NWO. They go into one country, after another, to get it under “their” system of banking, to gain control of it’s resources, and to strip the country of it’s resources, at a fraction, of their actual value, while also further impoverishing, and controlling the people of that country, as well. Yes, it’s a world-wide push for the enslavement of humanity. It’s all been done OF THE CORPORATIONS, BY THE CORPORATIONS, FOR THE CORPORATIONS.

      • Here here!
        The IMF, who’s largest controlling interest is the U.S. Treasury, is nothing but organized crime on behalf of international corporations that want to rape and pillage “developing” countries.

        What were originally called “poverty reduction” programs are now more aptly titled “structural adjustment”. The process is to get these countries so far in debt that they have no say in how their own country is run. Usual demands of IMF loans – often forced upon the countries by economic hit men – are to cut the number of government employees by as much as 60%, privatize water, heating oil and other utilities – which often then see a price rise anywhere from 30 to 800% – and allow the IMF to dictate what your interest rates should be, as well as other specific of your countries financial structure – all to allow corporations to come in grab your resources and make a profit. If leaders of these countries refuse to go along, they are offered generous personal Swiss bank accounts and if that doesn’t work, they are told in indirect terms that their time may be numbered.

        The researcher will find these statements to be factual information.

        According to Joseph Stiglitz, former vice president and chief economist for the World Bank (and the 4th most influential economist in the world today based on academic citations) said the next phase was what they called the “IMF riots”, which occurred when the populous realize their living expenses just went through their poverty-stricken roofs.

        The U.S., more than any other country in the world, has the power, within the IMF, to stop this. The really, really sick thing is that there are members of Congress (those who are astute enough) who know all this and continue to look with a blind eye because the corporate lobbyists have got them in a financial power-hold as well.

        There used to be a term for all of this. It was called extortion!

  • I hope the fact that you have not published my comments is simply that you have been busy and not that you have decided to censure discussion. That would be very disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    For a time I had phased myself out of Alex Jones viewing. But, in actuality, Alex has spent his life in pursuit of information that no one should be happy to hear. And with all of the Alex Jones bashing that takes place I have never seen anyone produce evidence to support the argument that he is full of shit. So I wonder, truly, who are the one’s that need calling out? Because the last time any mainstream douche invited Jones onto their show they were pummeled by the unpalatable truth with documentation to show for it.

  • snarbywrx

    Whatever is the truth about Alex Jones, I don’t think it is right to associate the ruminations of one or even many nutjobs with Alex Jones even if they call him prophet. Would it be fair if I plaster my shotgun all over the web, talk about shooting rough grouse, and put up a link to Ryan Brooks? You would be like, I don’t even know this guy.

  • mmm ccc

    So i just visited this site for the first time.
    I visited minutegirls’ site and watched the video “a message to police”. because of the comments here.
    If Minutegirl’s views freak you out, you are spineless pos.
    When it comes down will i be able to depend on you or someone like minutegirl?
    I will not defend you or support you. Give me a few minutegirls anytime and we will make a mark. You will be on the other side or strung up by the enemy of America. – Does this make you uncomfortable? I hope so and I hope you think about it. Valerie and susan and fface bo will not be out to help you.
    You need to grow a pair and be a true patriot and American. And not disrespect people that are or you are just a libtard in disguise.

  • In response to mmm ccc regarding Minute Girl:
    Ryan has stated quite well that his rant was a knee-jerk reaction and would have been expressed quite differently had he thought about it a bit.

    The fact is, my friend, violence begets violence and solves nothing (something terrorists haven’t learnt yet), especially when you are not on the side of the power structure. Defending self and family and standing up to that power structure where it makes sense – particularly with actions of civil disobedience – is common sense. Threatening to kill police is not and understandably raises the ire of my friends in the law enforcement community who share my fears of a corporate-controlled society and can be counted on to defend their neighbors should things get to that point.

    The world can be divided into two groups – those who hold power and those who don’t. Those who do will continue to do so until they destroy themselves, which they will, because their model is extremely short-sighted and, thus, fatally flawed. They are on an exponential climb toward reaching that point soon. When it all comes down, the trick will be to avoid it landing on you. Spend time thinking about protecting yourself rather than throwing rocks at the ocean.

    In response to Alex Jones defenders.
    Although Alex stumbles upon the truth from time to time, he has made a career of stating wild speculation as fact. Alex likes to connect dots. The problem is, you have to connect the RIGHT dots in order to get the correct picture.

    No, I’m not going to point out specific instances because that just opens up a back-and-forth debate that usually goes nowhere. It’s like arguing religion. No – not going there. Visit my Web site – you won’t find over-exaggerated claims. If you feel you do, bring it to my attention and I will correct it, or back it up with more information. Those that are too lazy to actually research some of the dots Alex connects will go on believing his BS. Those real truth-seekers who spend their time actually researching facts know what I am talking about.

    Generally, I like people like Alex because they spur my research. But when 85% of what they say ends up being bogus or over-exaggerated facts, I start looking for other sources.

    Furthermore, standing in the street with a bullhorn shouting at the Bilderbergers is just simply childish. These men are phased by very little – let alone, Alex Jones. It is simply a way to impress his non-thinking followers. End of story.

    Why am I so down on Jones? People like this, no matter what their intentions, do a great disservice to the fight against the fascism that is encircling us. Our only strength is in education. We need to wake up those around us and we do this by helping them to understand. When others make highly inflamed claims that do not hold water or, at the very least, are not verifiable, it makes it easy for those with whom we wish to communicate to lump us in the “nutcase” category and crawl back into their protective-assumptive shell where everything is just what they assume.

  • Trust those that are seeking the truth. Be wary of those who say they have found it.

  • Bernie Ward

    Wow. I just read through all of the comments and I’m a little disappointed. I think like many, I’ve listened to Rush, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and watched countless of youtube stuff.

    I think all of these sources have helped with my personal journey and awakening. I do go and source much of the information found in alternative media, as well as, the likes of Rush, Glenn, and Alex. I haven’t found any lies … but I do try to come to my own conclusion.

    I didn’t go to Minute Girl’s site, but I did watch the video. I thought it was well done and very to the point. I enjoyed her calling out members of the police to think “before” they are placed in a position to trample on “Our” rights. I think her video, if watched, reminds them that they are a part of our community, they have a choice, and we’re all American. The fact is, I hope that it is watched by many. I hope it does cause members of the police to think … I just watched the “Bonus Army of 32” supplied by Chris and it’s sad that those military members didn’t think or realize what they were doing before running over and dispersing old vets from previous wars.

    Maybe, what we all should think, is more in line of what talents we all bring. We can’t do it alone. The “enemy” is way ahead of us and has much more resources than we can imagine. We do have each other. Maybe we can try and be more inclusive of our talents. What each one brings. Help each other along. Some of us are further along and can help guide others, although passionate, very well meaning.

    Let’s not fracture and divide ourselves. A team or group has many parts, all with different functions … if someway, somehow, we can awaken the masses … there’s no telling where this will lead.

    For the record, many times Alex Jones does say that he’s not advocating fighting. He wants to awaken as many people to what’s going on. He feels that the truth can shine a light and defeat the “Darkness”.

    I wouldn’t have imagined it was so, but then an amazing thing happened as our leaders wanted to march us onto war with Syria … an amazing number of people just started saying “No”. I don’t want this. “We” don’t want this. This ripple, I think, helped to turn things around … for a short while … but that was just one skirmish in a much bigger war.

    So my point is, let’s work together and not against one another or we most definitely will defeat ourselves.

  • Bernie –
    I don’t agree with you concerning Glenn Beck, Rush OR Alex Jones. However, I don’t go so far as to accuse anyone of “lying”. Fabricating facts, sometimes, without malice or forethought … It’s kind of like the difference between murder and manslaughter.

    I am forced to admit that I had not visited Minute Girl’s site, but was simply reacting to Ryan’s reaction. It is also possible that the page has changed since this post was originally created. I went to the site today and watched the video, and her points are spot on, as far as I am concerned. She is posing questions that every person in law enforcement in this country should be asking themselves. I don’t like the picture of the handgun and the description of the arms in her possession or how she “sleeps” with them, but the video that I watched I completely agree with.

    You bring up some other good points. What’s going on today has a lot to do with politics, but nothing to do with personal politics – at least it shouldn’t. We the People are all in the same boat, regardless of political persuasion and, as much as possible, we need to work together so that we have the right to disagree. But working together does not mean sanctioning those who want to over exaggerate and create paranoia unnecessarily. There are plenty of real facts that do that job quite well.

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