Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on American Hegemony

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  • AnonPatriot

    Some day, in the (possibly) not-too-distant-future, people will be AMAZED, at how practically the entire human population (apart from 1% “insiders” and a small class of intellectuals) was kept in the dark, for so long, about the Central Banker push toward N.W.O., utilizing Americans, in the end, to ATTEMPT to accomplish their goal, of global hegemony.

    • AnonPatriot

      Or, was it just us AMERICANS, that were “blind-sided”?

      • Anon Patriot

        Chris (Duane) is correct – WE, THE PEOPLE – HAVE ALL THE POWER, IF WE SIMPLY USE IT! How can we do this? How can we take back OUR Country? Simple: CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR. EDUCATE YOURSELF. CHANGE the way you think, based upon the truth (of History – of the Rothschilds, and upon the ECONOMIC HISTORY of the U.S.) Once you have gained this knowledge, it alters your perception of the world, bringing it in line with REALITY. It may make you quite ANGRY, at first. This kind of knowledge may cause you to feel like you simply HAVE TO INFORM others – quickly, before it is too late (ie, the knowledge mentioned above). However, with a little time, you begin to see, that HUMANITY HAS ALL THE POWER – and, that the so-called “elites” RELY UPON OUR CONFORMITY TO THEIR AGENDA (for example, Democrat vs. Republican),in order to even begin to achieve THEIR goals for Humanity (to keep us all economically, and mentally enslaved, for THEIR own PROFIT.) ALL WE NEED TO DO, IS 1) EDUCATE OURSELVES, 2) AWAKEN TO THE REALITY OF THEIR “DEBT AND DEATH” PARADIGM, the actual matrix they’ve created all around us, and 3) CHANGE THE WAY WE DO THINGS, TO PURSUE OUR OWN (HUMANE) GOALS, of FREEDOM, AND PROSPERITY, FOR OURSELVES, AND FAMILY AND FRIENDS, and hopefully, eventually, our NATION. WE CAN DO THIS – WE CAN TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK. NOT A SINGLE SHOT NEED BE FIRED.

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