4 comments to H.U.G.S.

  • Irving14941

    Wow, so much damn truth in this video.

    I actually fucking cried.

    I got a lot of respect for people like that.

  • Rainmaker

    Wow, Irv, Big Dad, don’t know what to say. Irv, I almost started to cry when I read your response. All the crap that is pumped out of ABC (the telbishun for that matter) that I have to question what the agenda actually is. (OK, I don’t have to) The agenda is Social Justice (which is a synonym for forced redistribution). This is why we don’t have TV or watch it in our home. We are tired of being programmed. This clip (and the many others like it) are pure Hegelian Dialectic even if there is a feel good “message” at the end. Now, if you want something truly inspiring, you should read Phil on Duck Dynasty and his QC interview (Wow, was that was moving or what?). An acquaintance actually asked if he was going to get fired. I responded that Phil was going to get a raise because of what he did for the shows ratings. (FYI, more social engineering. Isn’t there anything more important to talk about?)

    You want to watch something REALLY interesting for 15 minutes, watch this:


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