Bitcoin In Depth – Jeffrey Tucker

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  • Fiat Facade

    Chris Duane is promoting Bitcoin? – WTF?!?!

    • Chris isn’t ‘promoting Bitcoin. Perpetual Assets isn’t promoting Bitcoin. We are speaking to someone about Bitcoin, discussing positive and negative. We will also be selling Silver and Gold for Bitcoin. We never touch or own the Bitcoin, payment/merchant processors exist that convert Bitcoin to liquidity instantly, same as taking a bank wire using Federal Reserve Notes. So if current Bitcoin owners want to buy Gold or Silver using Bitcoin, they can.

  • rg

    What is this pump and dump doing here? Is Chris backing bitcoin now???

  • How how

    Bitcoin believers r in the same camp as gold/silver stackers. I dunno where all the haters come from. Isn’t having more choices as payment for goods and services a good thing ? Or can it only b gold and silver?

    • Not automatically in the same camp.

      Among other items, Bitcoin requires access to power + the Internet (and everything that supports it); in essence the grid.

      Some (many) stack for the very reason that they want to pull away from the system and not rely on the grid.

      However I am all for more payment options. And Bitcoin does have some useful aspects to be sure (mainly for purchasing of items and then immediate liquidation of the coins; but not as a store of value).

      I am just very wary of it and do not think the Bitcoin implementation is the right one to launch a widely accepted virtual crypto-currency with. Nor do I believe BitCoins & Precious Metals are in the same camp; I mean one is tangible and the other is not!

      • Also left out access to a computer. Many in the world do not have all these 3 things, and all at the same time, consistently. And there is a cost just to acquire and maintain these things, forever; not so with PM’s.

  • Michael

    Why don’t we just go back to buttons, beads and shells? Only kidding, of course!

  • Jeff

    Or maybe rectangular pieces of paper?

  • Canadian dirtlump

    I thought there was a measure to access Buttoin without a computer? There are buttcoin atms after all.

    Either way, the idea of “more choices is better” and true, but that is the trouble I see with this. I can make AIDScoin, Fartcoin, turbocoin and robocoin as well, so despite in a vaccuum bitcoin being “limited” and “Secure” there is no limit to crypto currencies in reality.

    Bitcoin dudes can fill their boots though.

  • Gareth

    Bitcoin will cease to exist along with gov fiats.
    Tangible currencies, i.e. ag au cu will be the main feature once the faith leaves our faith-based system.

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