Evolving Past Silver Bullet Silver Shield

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  • speedspirit

    Hey Chris,

    Bought my first SBSS coppers love the two designs so why not. Glad to see you recognize the faults with SBSS and look forward to hearing more about the new opportunities. Merry Christ mas and Happy New Year to you and your family. And to this community Peace and Love.

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you and I have a lot more changes and opportunities coming.

      I appreciate your understanding and support.

      • I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I’m interested to see what new direction you will take. It’s a shame that the SBSS name has been sullied by so much drama and controversy. Like I’ve said in the past, I only hope for the best possible outcomes for all parties involved. I still hope Mulligan can get their act together because I have never done work that I was more proud of than during my time with them.

  • Andrew

    Chris, I’ve followed you from the beginning and will continue to do so. You’ve changed my life and my though process. I’ve bought all of your coins (exempt for the 1oz proof Trivium) and can’t wait to buy your new coins. Quick question. With your new launch will you be creating a new site? And if so, would you please upload and disseminate Charles Savoie’s work.

  • matt

    Good on YOU Chris..I wish you all the best but I’m sure whatever you do it will be successful!!

    There is no opposite to truth OR Love..Only an absence of it!

    Look for ward to see what you put out there..Remember..The Universe is just daring us to put ideas out there..You obviously are up for the challenge..good luck!!

  • Paul

    Thank you so much for the body of work you created. The “seed” was planted, and will continue to grow for years and years. I’ve passed out 40 or 50 Slave Queen rounds over the last year, to random people of all ages and races. I did this at restaurants, gas stations, fast food joints, etc. I’ve had about 10 people find me and give me a silver coin back, and they all thanked me for turning them on to the “ideas” you presented in your videos. Some of the people I gave a silver round to don’t invest in silver, and never will, but they told me after watching your videos, they decided to change or tweak their current investments. I don’t think your message is about “hoarding” or “scarcity”. I think its about Freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from slavery. Freedom from bondage. After watching your latest video, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Thank you Chris.

  • Tony

    Hey Chris I will be sorry to see you end SBSS I love the silver you produced it’s the best looking stuff on the market. I can’t seem to find myself buying a maple or eagle when I can buy one of the SBSS rounds which look great for the same money. I watched all the truth videos on youtube and saw it through to the end, lots I really enjoyed and learn’t lot’s thank you however to be honest it got a little too out their for me towards the end, but a least you put yourself out there which is more than most of all watching your video including myself.

    Bring another product to market Chris I’ll be first inline to buy, Good Job!

    Tony in the UK

  • Keith

    Good Luck Chris and thanks : )

  • Rick


    You are so right, the only way to end the insanity is to stop feeding the beast. Perfect move, the effects will follow the cause. Nature prohibits otherwise. We are in a new time cycle, the rules have changed and we can no longer do this and receive that. The beast, made up of the collective of greed and selfishness, will no longer hold it’s iron chains on freedom and creativity. Lead on brother lead on.


  • Cary


    I was fortunate enough to come across the Trivium release while it was still being offered in 2012; unfortunately I had to get a Debt and Death medallion off of eBay. But ever since, I have purchased at least 10 BU’s and 5 Proofs of each 1 oz. release (no stolen versions), 2 EA of the 5 oz. and 3 EA of the 2 oz.; I’m only missing the copper releases currently. I share this only to show my support for your ideas and your products.

    I was already on the right path toward getting out of the corrupt Red Shield system when I came across the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield Report a year and a half ago. I’d taken my currency stockpile out of the bank and invested both it and my time in real value, such as knowledge, precious metals, my own electrical grid, gardening and canning tools and associated knowledge, non-perishable food/toiletry/alcohol supplies, etc., and of course, security and defensive items. In addition, I’ve also gotten several people to open their eyes enough to begin investing in precious metals, mainly silver; in fact one of my co-workers now also invests in every SBSS release.

    Even so, I have learned so much from you that I cannot begin to thank you properly; if only I could repay the enormous value I have received from you in some small way. Let this email, my first attempt to contact you, at least be a starting point. I will truly miss the SBSS label on your future releases, but if I have learned anything from you at all, it’s that you never cease to amaze me with each new product you come out with. I am sure that those of us who lament your decision to end the SBSS line will be pleasantly surprised by what you will do come the first of the year.

    Some day we will meet, maybe become friends and share some interesting silver stories with each other. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. See you in 2014.

  • Perry

    Very nice sign off Chris. Thank you for the energy you are bringing into the world.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  • whenever chris talks or writes you
    keep hearing “i”, “me”, “my” over
    and over andover.
    he never once ever identifies
    the evil neocons as zionists.
    he is obsessed with his coin maker.
    roger mason

    • Silver Shield

      Well considering this is about what I am doing with my life it would be hard not to use such words.
      I have talked about Zionists and all collectivism.
      They do not control us, we empower them.
      Enjoy your fear loop.
      I am moving on.

    • How how

      It’s called a cult, it’s he’s cult lol

  • Chris
    I have enjoyed your posts and came to the same conclusion as you…the system will have to collapse to get enough “sheeple” to realize what has happened. Thus the OPT-OUT process has been my approach for the last year. Just about done with a 500sqft aquaponics greenhouse after experimenting (successfully) at raising plants and fish. So much easier than regular gardening with much higher yields. Also have planned to be able to be entirely off the grid (and have a mountain cabin already off the grid). Like you, very few that I talk to get the severity of the situation. Just got the whole series of “Uncle Eric” books by Richard Mayberry to have the grandkids get the education in history and mental models that is lacking in public schools.
    Good Luck,

    • (Cary) Silver Shooter

      Wow! That’s awesome! I’m focused on aquaponics myself, however, I have recently begun hydroponics and am on a learning curve towards a fish system. Are you growing Tilapia? Chris, if you please, what are your thoughts on growing your own food during the coming paradigm shift/dollar crash? I’ll have to look into “Uncle Eric,” but I say, he’s got to be more inspiring than Uncle Sam is turning out to be, especially after all these years; what a loser. I tell you, he’s got my boot in his A!!!

      Blessings to all.

  • Johnny Toronto

    Chris, I couldn’t agree with you more! You are a breath-of-fresh-air in your logic and writings.
    I am so glad that you also wrote about Bitcoins. I was wondering what to think but you summed it up great!

  • Janet Podojil

    I admire your strength of conviction. takes a lot to know things are wrong and be willing to walk away to clear the slate. Looking forward to your new “self”. Blessing to you and all for Christmas and the New Year. (Frankly, I’m burning a 2013 calendar in effigy on jan 1st because it was so bad….!)

  • Michael Lisik

    Hey Chris after digesting Greatest Truth I was compelled to buy Silver. I live in Vancouver Canada and started with a monster box of Mapels .When I saw your Slave Queen I flipped and had to have them. I think I have most your coins and just ordered 30 shekels .Love your work Bro and share it with many. Oh , I have converted all my RRSP into real money and don’t give it a second thought.. Health and Peace to you and yours Michael

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