1934 Cartoon Predicts Our Future

April 21 1934

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  • This brings up a point that I have made to my friends and family before. That is that talk of the “Great Fall” of America have been going on since before the Civil War. It’s always been tax and spend, usually way more than they have.

    All politicians do, haven’t been too many who came in under budget. The numbers are just bigger now because of inflation compounded over the years.

    But then they shipped all the good manufacturing jobs overseas.

    They let in 20 million illegal aliens to compete for all the other jobs.

    NAFTA finished off any other chance a decent working American had.

    We have over 750 military bases in over 60 different countries, with a yearly budget that would probably feed the entire world.

    1/10 of one percent of the population controls almost 60% of the world’s wealth.

    Medicare, Social Security and other government obligations total over 40 trillion dollars over the next few years.

    You’re right! Scratch what I said before.




  • Kevin

    In what way did this cartoon accurately predict the course of history for the U.S.? “Young Pinkies from Columbia and Harvard” haven’t been a problem, nor was Stalin.

    “Spend, spend, spend!” is the only part that’s even remotely close, and, in this case, the spending is predicted to be part of a communist conspiracy. Last time I checked, it was the Neocons who drove up spending (and Obama, who might as well just be considered a Neocon at this point), not a secret society of communists hoping to establish some sort of dictatorship.

    • Ian MacLeod

      No Kevin, not “pinkies” from Harvard. Not this time, and not a secret society of communists. It’s a secret society of super-wealthy families who’ve been at this for literally many generations: Rothschilds 9at the top), Rockefellers, Warburgs and other of that ilk. This was planned, and they’ve tested it out every step of the way. you’ve heard, I hope, that they’ve been buying up land in places where they can set up their own little almost-countries, AND they’ve been buying up water rights? Until they get burned out by pissed peasants (that’s us) with torches and hung from anything that’ll hold them, they will always more wealth than anyone else, and people to wield weapons for them, from guns to nukes.


  • Room # 6

    History does indeed repeat itself.

  • The Globalist Selective Virus: A Black-hole of Global Assets and Resources

    The Last Wealth Consolidation and Centralization

    Introduction Hypothesis:

    This article will explain that the common 1% wealth tier of the world, controlling a disproportionate amount of global resources, is:

    1. Actually a wealth system with it’s own class division which corresponds nicely with it’s national vs. globalist intelligence appliction.

    2. According to it’s former 20 year trajectory of progressively and continually consolidating more and more assets and wealth into less and less hands, going for the final absorption of the target classes in that 1%-20% top wealth range because that is the obvious concentration of wealth to “acquire”, and those lower realms are unprotected in comparison to the globalist class’s means of seizing that wealth.

    3. Economic crash system engineering is the means to accomplish this end, now globally, as this pattern repeats as it has before consolidating as it has in previous cycles for a global climax. It’s a repeating cycle of severity, serving the interest of the globalist wealth black-hole.

    4. It is an “organism” of natural global and economic predation, so it can be observed without all the labels commonly associated with interpretive micro-histories and conspiracy theories. The basic numbers and 10-20 year dynamic of it’s “growth” attest to this wealth system reality and characteristics generically. It has an immense global institutional inertia as well, unstoppable by even members within that class, nations, or groups of nations, it is like a man-made Terminator of a complex global “ecology” of finance and societal design based on economics and weapons technology globally applied for predatory use for profit. This is an outline of an “organism” not individuals populating it’s global complex or nation-state complex gradients.

    It’s nobody’s fault, and at the same time, everybody’s fault.

    Global Illusions to Pop:

    People are suffering from an illusion which is about to pop in a very bad way in this next plunge. It is not just a simple national depression, it is a much more severe global one, with many more volatile groups and technologies awaiting this plunge into a grand canyon of extreme desperation fueled by delusions of the past, which are being redefined in reality, mass depopulation of EVERY sub-ecology known to man, literal and figuratively.

    Even the rich, the “world” as we have been conditioned to know, are an illusion based on a former paradigm we see ending, which will be globally grinded into the “new middle class”, and whose nation-based wealth as hard assets will be absorbed violently into the super-rich and hyper-rich globalist class systems (by design, aided by the crash), which already are triple tiered actually defining the rich as the “poor” of that cap class system, and the poor and middle class of today, which they will be joining as super-poor, virtually disposable by any means possible, and those means exist and are ready to begin this final evolution into man’s abyss, the real end of a world (a global societal system climax, earth and man will have a survivor-ship: Rev 11:18).

    Statements like this are typical of us before we see the reality of this new global wealth ecology’s global evolution:

    “A brand new Porsche 911 is a pretty luxurious purchase. Only the truly wealthy can afford to plunk down $88,800 on a car that fits two people and a weekend bag.”

    That “wealth” we have all been conditioned to believe in, is an illusion to be realigned by global wealth contraction into the devouring black-hole of the epitome of power in the globalist top echelon; It’s designed to operate like this and this mechanism is what created that super-class over periods with simple principles in operation before mostly unrecognized, equaling greater aggregation to the top of the top during and after a severe investment crash. This next multi-crash scenario is not a simple affair, it is a world ending affair where more than 9 out of 10 people will be absorbed and eventually removed from the money “life system” potentially, at a minimum, but a “class” adjustment is obvious as in 1929, but on a global very complex level. It will be aided by everything man has built, for application of great violence in war, in the war of all vs. all, and the demon elites vs. the world as institutional organisms of predation. (This is beyond blaming individuals, it is now an “organism”, with a “mind” of it’s own, where people are predictable and conditioned “neurons” ensuring certain actions in times of desperation, ir protects itself, by devouring weaker systems, like banks, nations and markets or currencies. The big fish scenario, where the whole is greater than the persons comprising it’s parts.

    New Middle Class:

    You may find this article’s basic percentages* interesting, cited with link at the end.

    I have had a notion that what is happening is that a “new middle class” is forming (the 7 digit net worth approx.) globally almost imperceptibly, and it logically coincides with this groups alignment with nationalist wealth pools (weaker/smaller), vs. globalist ones (stronger/larger), as the article covers the concept of one pool in the upper .01% of the wealth system being able to afford more lobbying and globalist perks created by legislative benefits, such as armies of lawyers, and ins into the corrupt top global faves protective inner circles. The top 1% controls the wealth, but the .001% is the one making the rules by which the money circus performs beneath them, as is evident by the presence of irresponsible nation-state governments dragged down into huge debt, like credit card junkies, obviously unable to even guide themselves, much less the masses they are entrusted to lead, a true blind leading the blind scenario, fueled by consumptive greed as well a necessity of various “good intentions”.

    So what we see now, is a shadow system of what will come, extending this ratios proportional trajectory which is only the beginning of now grinding the former “rich” into the “new middle class” below, by this globalist wealth creation class which will transfer nation-state losses into globalist hard assets by “crash” osmosis, through convenient global channels already installed in the nation-state banking and market systems for these very reasons, again, largely unperceived.

    This wealth ratio and percentage “density” in 20 and 10 year numbers show a constant consolidation and hyper growth of the .01% top wealth levels beyond even the top 1% levels, rather dramatically (that is also by design). What that means is, there is no incentive such as logic, LOL, to put the brakes on that top .001 to .0001 percent group, driving the whole thing, from literally becoming the ultimate global wealth black hole. ONLY the super-rich will economically “survive” this next planned power plunge, the “rich” are getting poor, the super-rich are getting super-super-rich, and the crash dynamic is what finishes the process at every iteration from the past, and the one coming.

    So in this distribution we see (Approx.):

    Top 0.5%=$1.8M Net Worth,
    Top 0.25%=$3.1M Net Worth,
    Iop 0.10%=$5.5M Net Worth,
    Top 0.01%=$24.4M Net Worth,.

    It really is not until one enters into percentages smaller than .01% where we see the actual majority of the global wealth pie in the US and also this pattern goes global in other nations also showing a similar national vs. globalist class division. (One group knows what is up, the other group lives in the past paradigm)

    So in effect, there is now a “rich” stratification even within the .01 to .0001 percentage levels, that leaves the sub .01% levels far far behind, and in a super-crunch they will also absorb even more assets from the top .05%-10% due to strategies privy to the hyper-super-rich in this globalist culture within, but above many nations in this suicidal economic war chess game. The global nation-state investors, on that old finance technology and principle paradigm will be devoured like shooting fish in a barrel, the barrel is the indebted and done nation-state wealth machine turned debt quicksand, which defines this “rich” class, not the globalist “rich” class.

    Although figures vary slightly, 30-40% of total wealth generalized is controlled by the top 1%. But in reality the power controlling that wealth, is also concentrated in the sub .01% circles, and the deeper you go in to the top, the more power concentrates in fewer and fewer hands, the strings they pull descend into the nation state mindset scripted theatrics for this ultimate control to the government systems enslaved and controlled also by debt

    But within that top 1% the wealth also continues to be lopsided in towards the even smaller percentile owning the majority of even that 40% pie in the .01 percent range to .001%, .0001%, (and so on) to the core power group logically estimated in size as a very small group in a sort of upside down pyramid of wealth and power percentage at it’s global top.

    If you keep projecting that principle, then global it, a very very small percentage of people, and a smaller one within that, are the real levers of global power dragging an enormous financial predatory food chain along with the circus, even consuming the rich of yesterday’s nation-state dollars, into the ‘new middle class’, which will logically be in the top wealth aggregations percentages of the 10% to .5% groups who were also used over the years to help build their own financial gallows.

    So along with that “new middle class” global will be an enormous now super-poor class, and a poor class who were formerly middle class.

    It accelerates as well.

    This is why global crash, is actually in the globalist incentive to acquire even more wealth, assets, capital and resources, and they are empowered protectively, and for acquisition, by the nation-state war machines assembled for globalist use, such as the UNATO alignment theory of Sept 23, 2008. It is guaranteed therefore, that the super-sovereign globalist architecture of a global all consuming predatory wildbeast, will prey on it’s weaker nation-state resources and wealth in the crash scenario. It is also reinforced by the fact that this cycle has taken place previously at individual nation-state levels, such as 1929 with an aggregating effect, and this one is just a foreseeable global evolution towards this principle repeating again, because it is not spontaneous, it is aided by controlling the knobs of money volume, market volume, interest rates, speculation, and the balance of other factors within the leverage of only a group with huge resources, and advanced knowledge of how to do these things, now aided by computers.

    It appears random, but in the complexity, is the hidden steering wheel and fuel lines.

    *Below quoted from:


    “A highly complex and largely discrete set of laws and exemptions from laws has been put in place by those in the uppermost reaches of the U.S. financial system. It allows them to protect and increase their wealth and significantly affect the U.S. political and legislative processes. They have real power and real wealth. Ordinary citizens in the bottom 99.9% are largely not aware of these systems, do not understand how they work, are unlikely to participate in them, and have little likelihood of entering the top 0.5%, much less the top 0.1%. Moreover, those at the very top have no incentive whatsoever for revealing or changing the rules. I am not optimistic.”


    Richest Are Leaving Even the Rich Far Behind

    Check this quote out from:

    500 Million Debt-Serfs: The European Union Is a Neo-Feudal Kleptocracy

    “Here is the fundamental fact: there are trillions of euros of debt which can never be paid back. In a non-feudal system, one in which the banks were not the Masters, then this fact would be recognized and acted upon: something like 50% of the debt would be written off in one fell swoop, all the banks whose assets had just been wiped out would be declared insolvent and liquidated, the remaining debt would be sized to the economic surplus of each debtor nation, and a new, decentralized banking sector of dozens of strictly limited, smaller banks would be established.”

    But instead? The government liquidates the people, to pay the bank bust, and that is where the absorption into the mother robber system is empowered as if it was saving the place, when in fact it is just preparing for further wealth depredations upon the weaker systems and groups.

  • buzz lightyear

    Marlena, well look, You have a whole lot of serious “facts” and implications.
    You have done a lot of reading over the years, or copying someone elses work.
    You might be correct, but I find it hard to believe people at the top are organized in any way close to your detailed description. Yes things happen we do not know about. Global warming is a hoax. The fiat American dollar, by simple math will collapse. Mostly because we are at the end of a cycle.
    If you are correct, can you support this by even one bit of proof of who is involved and what each is doing to make your statements true?

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