The End of the Gold Channel

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! After more than 6 years of “exposing” the crime and fraud in these markets and governments worldwide, today these markets and governments are more corrupt than ever. Recently access to my Youtube account has been denied and blocked permanently by the NSA with the help of Google. I was recently told by a friend of mine who is a computer programmer who also works for the government that he could get access to my account again if I really wanted it. However after thinking about it I realized that would possibly put him in harms way and jeopardize his job so I declined the offer. I thought about starting another Youtube channel, but if I did that I would still be at the mercy of the NSA and Google as far as access denial attacks so I don’t view that as an option as it is still their platform. So what this means is I am unable to upload any new video commentary or interviews to The Gold Channel. I am also unable to make any comments on video’s any longer or answer an messages or emails via Youtube. The Gold Channel will remain up with all of the past interviews and commentary of the past six years so you can still go back and review past interviews and commentary.

This however does not mean that I will stop fighting the corruption. It just means that I have to fight smarter and double my efforts at getting precious metals into the hands of those people who are “awake”. The people who watch my videos and other video’s like mine “get it”. So it is no longer necessary to do any hand holding. People who are still stacking gold and silver at this point have iron hands as all the weak handed holders were flushed out months and years ago. What is needed now is for me to help those in my community prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. So that is what I have been working on lately. I will also continue to post written commentary from time to time on and thanks to Jeff Nielson and Chris Duane who have graciously allowed me to post video’s and commentary on their websites for the past few years. I will also continue to do radio interviews from time to time with Ryan Brooks on and . I would also like to thank Sean over at for supporting my channel over the years by re-posting my videos on his website.

“Gold is money, nothing else. Silver is more!” – Bigdad06

The first part of that statement was spoken more than 101 years ago on December 19, 1912 at the Pujo Committee of the House of Representatives that was investigating the power of Wall Street. John Pierpont Morgan actually said, “Money is gold, nothing else. “Money is gold” is often misquoted as “Gold is money.” However I like the misquote better than the original so I decided to use that as the theme of The Gold Channel adding to that statement, “Silver is more.” Meaning that because silver is consumed as an industrial metal and gold is not, then at some point in the future silver will be valued more than gold as above ground silver supplies have largely disappeared. Some find this ludicrous and incredulous as they look at the daily prices quoted. However there is a big difference between price and value and unfortunately our educational system doesn’t teach people the difference. Platinum is already priced at a 1 to 1 ratio with gold and it doesn’t have anywhere near the uses silver has. Bitcoin just achieved a 1 to 1 ratio with gold and it is a digital currency! In time I will be proven right.

I would like to thank all of my subscribers who have supported The Gold Channel over the years and I hope it was of some benefit to you and your families in helping to sift through all of the lies and propaganda of The One Bank,, government, and main stream media. Real friends, real skills, and real assets will be what defines the new paradigm. Hopefully you are prepared for change as it will be the only constant in the years ahead.

I would like to personally thank all the guests who have done interviews with me over the years.

Reginald Kaigler/ Demcad on

Chris Duane – Dont- and The Greatest Truth Never Told on

Woody O’Brien –

Jeff Nielson –

Ryan Brooks –

Dr. Lee Warren –

Mickey Fulp –

Gary Yantis retired electronics engineer Atomic Energy Commission

Dr. Joseph Thomas

Dr. Jim Willie –

Barry Solomon –

James Dines –

Dr. Ann Socolofsky – anthrax

Eric Radez – co chairman

Trey Stinnett –

Will Lehr –

Gus Demos –

Ole Dammegard-

Valencia Dantzler – Motherdiva on

William Dean A. Garner –

Margaret Phew – centurian and survivor of the Great Depression

Terry Pettie – philosopher, screen writer, and former military fire fighter

Much love and peace to you all over this holiday season and the years ahead!

4 comments to The End of the Gold Channel

  • Silver Shield

    It seems there is larger shift occurring and a change of action or at the very least sitting still is in order.

  • Martin

    Sad that he stops publishing videos on his channel. I always appreciated bigdads videos.

  • pjmceadie

    I am a “keyboard warrior” and an activist and have my youtube “abilities” taken down (comments, emails to and from) by Google over the past 2 weeks. After having to re-install my software over a half dozen times, I am getting tired of youtube and feel completely shut off from my youtube friends from around the world. The response from Chris really cheered me up as I had to recently sell my retail business and I am definitely missing the contact from intelligent people. I do have a group of friends I met at the JFK 50th, but we are spread all over the US, so I appreciate being in the loop with your updates and newsletter, thank you!

  • Your desire to fight against the “evils” of this system are understandable. To be effective one first has to know what they are up against.

    Read the article this link will take you to

    and you will understand the extent of what you are attempting to fight. Use the built in “hover links” in the website to deepen your understanding of the main text.

    You wish to fight “smarter;” there is only one way to do so successfully. Virtually every facet of this system of things is corrupt except one.

    I hope you find this helpful.

    I am impressed by your list of guests…. I read many of them myself.

    You may contact me if you wish.

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