Bonus Army attacked in ’32

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  • Paul T

    I didn’t realize that the government was just as corrupt back then as they are today. I can’t believe those troops did that to those veterans. I guess they were just as brainwashed back then as they are today too.

  • Shawn J

    Wow that was a completely shocking video, once those troops were no longer required they were discarded like trash. Don’t ever put your faith in politicians no matter where you live, they are all morally corrupt.

  • Rainmaker

    Paul, this is a video of something that happened the same year, in Ukraine. Its worth watching:

  • Silver eagle

    Just one of the many reasons I don’t believe we can trust in the military as a whole (bar a minority of individuals going AWOL) The Bonus Army is just a single incident. It started with Washington and his leading troops to enforce a Whiskey Tax-Whiskey Rebellion, (interesting that Washington owned one, if not the largest distilleries in the new country)this BS goes on today in taxation of distilled spirits or the ATF is breaking up your Still!, or how about 1830’s and the trial of tears as Native Americans were marched over a thousand miles most to their death (and we cringe at the atrocities of the Japanese on the Bataan Death March), or the burning, raping and murdering of thousands of Southern liberty Movement patriots at the hands of a tyrant in the 1860, by ordering Sherman to show no mercy in his march through and sovereign nation (slavery was a crisis to be exploited, it was a red herring), then came the very troops that supposedly fought to free the slaves because of every man being created equal, slaughter and murder native American men, women and children or I can name the internment of Italian and German descendant American citizens during WW1, the internment of Japanese, German and Italian Citizens during WW2. I should trust that they won’t follow orders to fire on American citizens, confiscate weapons, intern American Citizens, etc? Please, I am tired of hearing they are fighting for our freedoms, etc. Yes, sad that young men and women are serving the Master of Mamom, and dying, But the bill of goods that they are in Afghanistan and Iraq, et-al to protect our freedom is ludicrous.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    “The orders of the president must be obeyed.”
    The president is NOT, NOT, NOT a king.
    These veterans of World War I were of no further use so the promises that had been given to them was reneged on by their slave masters.

  • brian h

    Were the “bonus certificates” ever honoured by the US govt, or do they remain unpaid to this day??

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