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Charles Savoie has put together an incredible piece called the Silver Stealers about the true history of the Elite bankers control over silver. This well documented magnus opus of silver history is a must read for anyone who is doubtful of the true role silver will play in our future. This is the most complete history of the secret role the Elite have played in the suppression of silver. Their goal is to secretly steal the wealth of the world. Their game is a multi-faceted plan that spans over a century. The Elite take real assets and give us paper assets. With our debt/money system they will seize our real assets when we cannot pay our paper debts. Their secret plan is only effective when people unsuspectingly play their role and invest in paper assets. The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield lays out the case to sell all of your paper assets now and invest in physical silver in your possession. The Silver Stealers is an incredible compendium of information that people must read. Please spread this article around and take time to read this huge free article.

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The Silver Stealers

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—Martin Walbert, “The Coming Battle—A Complete History of the National Banking Money Power in the United States” (1899)

“A Secret Society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world.”
— Last Will & Testament of diamond monopolist Cecil Rhodes




(There is no Simon Templar halo over his head!)



Ted Butler, the most widely followed silver commentator, has often said to buy and hold physical, because that puts you beyond COMEX rule changes. That’s correct! However, there remains an immeasurably more insidious, far reaching entity that can change rules—Uncle Sam, and he’s tightly in the grasp of the same forces who’ve depressed silver for generations. Uncle Sam nationalized gold and silver in the Franklin Roosevelt administration; this is subject to a repeat! Now that the price can’t be suppressed, what’s next? FORBID OWNERSHIP! You have hours for professional sports and TV talk shows; how about some time for your property rights, without which you can go broke? Whether the excuse cited is North Korea, the Middle East or other, the actual reason is to break us and prevent capital formation on our part! Please read and act on what follows—


“What an awful thought it is that if we had not lost America, or if even now we could arrange with the present members of the United States Assembly and our House of Commons, the peace of the world is secured for all eternity. We could hold federal parliament five years at Washington and five at London. The only thing feasible to carry this idea out is A SECRET ONE (SOCIETY) GRADUALLY ABSORBING THE WEALTH OF THE WORLD TO BE DEVOTED TO SUCH AN OBJECT. There is Hirsch with twenty millions, very soon to cross the unknown border, and struggling in the dark to know what to do with his money; and so one might go on ad infinitum.”

(“Cecil John Rhodes,” The American Monthly Review of Reviews, New York, May 1902, pages 556-557 describes the life’s work and globalist ambitions of South African diamond cartelist Cecil Rhodes, a man financed both by The Crown and the Rothschilds, out of whose wills came the subversive Rhodes Scholars, the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, and others, all under the concealed supervision of the controlling organization—The Pilgrims of Great Britain and The Pilgrims of the United States, the hidden Senate of the transatlantic super-rich, founded in 1902 and 1903, respectively, drawing into itself the prominent “robber baron” dynasties of the 19th century and the financiers of the centuries old British Empire. Their last ace in the hole for global control is the United Nations, and if it fails, they fail.)

“It would have been better for Europe if Napoleon had carried out his idea of Universal Monarchy; he might have succeeded if he had hit on the idea of granting self government to the component parts. Still, I will own tradition, race, and diverse languages acted against his dream; all these do not exist as to the present English speaking world, and apart from this union is THE SACRED DUTY OF TAKING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STILL UNCIVILIZED PARTS OF THE WORLD. The trial of these countries who have been found wanting—such as Portugal, Persia, even Spain—AND THE JUDGMENT THAT THEY MUST DEPART, AND OF COURSE, THE WHOLE OF THE SOUTH AMERICAN REPUBLICS. “

(This “secret one” or society, which sprang into existence a few months after Rhodes death, is the only organization that answers to the descriptions conceptualizing it in this rarely seen article buried deep on unfrequented library shelves. Notice they admitted to trying to recruit into their ranks wealthy men and take control over their fortunes after their death for their globalist vision. Their definition of “uncivilized parts of the world” includes any areas they wish to bring under control, by means of World War I, World War II, regional wars, and the Third World War, still to come. They speak of their judgment that certain nations must “depart,” meaning, cease to exist as sovereign states! That includes all of South America, with its silver producing belts! This presentation won’t try to convince the reader that their global reach is still an influence that will override all others, such as China and Russia. They unquestionably do possess the means to start World War III; is that influence enough? There is no way to know, but it should be supposed, that in exporting America’s industrial base overseas, they retained ownership, and hold vast assets elsewhere. The effort is to convince you of their domestic control over these United States and by extension, Canada, and if the North American Union materializes, Mexico. There is no threat to your gold and silver ownership remotely as severe as that presented by The Pilgrims Society of the United States, based in New York City!)


(Here on page 557 they admit that the year 2002 might be the halfway point for their dream of global Anglophile domination. “Best souls” means “most conspiratorial minds;” “first organization” means The Pilgrims Society of London and New York; and “the seizure of the wealth necessary” means many planned disasters caused by government actions negatively impacting the wealth of nonmembers, and those outside the ranks of such unofficial subsidiary organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations, which has long served as a staffing agency for multiple Presidential administrations. “The seizure of the wealth necessary” means many particulars, the first World War; Britain’s attack on the world’s silver money system, starting in India in 1926 with the decision of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency; the Crash of 1929, facilitated by Federal Reserve policies; the Great Depression, caused by Britain’s attack on silver; Britain’s attack on gold in September 1931, exacerbating the depression; seizing gold from American citizens in March 1933, and seizing silver in August 1934 to the extent of 113,031,000 silver ounces; driving China off its silver standard as of November 3, 1935 through the Silver Purchase Act of 1934; FDR’s socialist federal agencies; the second World War; the founding of the United Nations; the Korean war; the ending of silver coinage by the mid 1960’s; the Vietnam war and its war manufacturers windfalls; and all the ensuing major financial dislocations since that time to the crushing of the Hunt/Arab silver play in January 1980; to today’s mortgage crisis; forcing the middle class into apartments (feudalism); exportation of industry and jobs; reduced standard of living; Food and Drug Administration tyranny; the anticipation of hyperinflation; and concerns over a potential Federal nationalization of precious metals! It is to exert against that last eventuality that I present this essay, to place this specific elitist organization on public notice that they are now known; a partial summary record of their past attacks on gold and silver money and ownership; and a partial list of specific identified Pilgrims Society members involved over the years, acting to suppress gold and silver as money and against the commodity prices of each, and acting against citizen ownership of both!)

Pages 557-558 feature this about Cecil Rhodes—

“His original conception of his will was to leave the whole of his property, without any restrictions, to be administered by the sole discretion of three personal friends. As for eight years I was one of three to whom his millions were left in joint tenancy, I have perhaps as good opportunities of knowing his mind on this matter as anyone. It was while on board the steamer, midway between Cape Town and England, that the idea flashed into his mind of superseding his previous will by another, in which part of his wealth would be set apart for administration by trustees for educational purposes. When he first told me about it, the scheme was limited to British colonies. “It is admirable,” I said, “but would it not be still better if you could extend it so as to bring the Americans into it?” Mr. Rhodes doubted whether his estate would bear such an extension, with which in principle he entirely concurred. Further examination satisfied him that it could be done, and accordingly the will contains the provision by which every American State is offered two scholarships tenable for three years.”

(The person speaking was William T. Stead, Pilgrims Society, whom Lord Northcliffe, Pilgrims Society, described as “the greatest living journalist,” page 45, “Pilgrims and Pioneers,” (1946) by Sir Harry Brittain, founding member of The Pilgrims Society. See Chapter 10 of this scarce volume, “We Come Into Being,” pages 103-153).

“I doubt whether Mr. Rhodes quite realized that by such an arrangement Americans would receive 50 percent more of his benefaction than British colonists. This however will probably soon be rectified by his executors, who have absolutely unrestricted ownership of the residue, which probably amounts to a moiety of the estate. Mr. Rhodes was amenable to my suggestion about the American extension of his scholarship BECAUSE IT SO THOROUGHLY JUMPED WITH HIS OWN IDEAS. “My scholars must all come to my old university. I AM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THOSE WHO WILL DO THE GOVERNING OF THE NATIONS IN THE YEARS THAT ARE TO COME.”

(President Bill Clinton, Pilgrims Society, is a Rhodes Scholar; Byron White, a Supreme Court Justice 1962-1993, was a Rhodes Scholar; Alfred Hayes, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Pilgrims Society, was a Rhodes Scholar—see “Paper Money Mobster Speaks,” Archives of Silver Investor. Trustees of the Rhodes Trust are invariably Pilgrims Society members; the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations are largely Pilgrims Society members; Bilderberg and Trilateral were founded by Pilgrims Society members. Skull & Bones, founded at Yale in 1832 as another British front with opium trade links, in no way has had the degree of influence as have had the Rhodes Scholars).


Cecil Rhodes, financed by the Rothschilds and The Crown in South African diamond cartelization leading to the De Beers conglomerate, out of whose wills sprang “the first organization,” The Pilgrims Society of London and New York, referenced in my series “Meet The World Money Power” and “PILGRIMS.” This Society should be of major concern to every metals investor, as they’ve been controlling silver’s destiny as an organization for most of a century! The following chronology is necessarily a two steps forward, one step backwards progression, as overlapping situations are the inevitable rule.

First consider a statement by a founder of The Pilgrims Society, Sir Harry Brittain in the October 29, 1919 New York Times page 6, “Urges Firmer Bond For English Races” subtitled “Sir Harry Brittain Thinks the World’s Future Hangs on Unity of Americans and British” stated—

“Sir Harry Brittain, Chairman of The Pilgrims in London and founder of the American Officers Club in that city, who has been called the “Unofficial British Minister to the United States,” arrived yesterday.  “The future is terribly uncertain.  The war is over, the war clouds have been by no means dispelled, and the English speaking world may have duties to perform together in which work interdependence will be of vital moment.  What the future holds for the League of Nations we know not, and can only hope for the best.  Whatever may happen, it is inconceivable that a firmer basis for the world’s future stability can be suggested than a close understanding between the United States and the British Empire; first, for their mutual benefit, and second, because of their great inherent strength for the benefit of mankind.  The British Empire and the United States practically control between them the capital of the world, the natural resources of the world, and the world’s shipping, and as the foremost representatives of democratic principles we can best preserve these key assets and dominate, and the world would trust us to do this, knowing well that we work for such purposes as would be for the world’s advantage.”

“There will be countless opportunities for cooperation.  America is going out for the world’s trade with the heavy weight of American capital and unbounded enterprise.  We were world traders when the white men first landed on this continent and have followed that calling with ever-growing intensity in the centuries that have followed up till today, and it is not unthinkable that British experience may be able to collaborate on an even larger scale than has already been the case with the wealth and enterprise of the United States.  We have taken over additional land in the shape of Germany’s colonies, but we already have to look after some 13,000,000 square miles of the earth’s surface.  It merely means additional responsibility.”

(Sir Harry’s comments were a veiled reference to the second World War, which the British and Americans by intent made unavoidable as 414 out of 440 clauses in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles were punitive measures against Germany; which is why Hjalmar Schacht of the German central bank announced that while he believed gold should be used to back currency, he would nevertheless go along with anything the Americans and British wanted—New York Times, October 22, 1926, page 15! He indicated he hoped the League of Nations would develop into a world government, but thanks to opposition in the Senate led by silver Senator William Borah of Idaho, the plan failed.  No matter, The Pilgrims Society and The Crown had the United Nations waiting to start after WW2!  The abandonment of overt British control over India and other large territories after WW2 was compensated for by their inclusion in the United Nations, behind which lurks The Crown, sponsors of The Pilgrims Society!  Yeah, the world should trust the Anglo-Americans to “dominate” and control the natural resources of the world, such as silver, so that silver producing nations can’t use their own silver resources for circulating medium!  Brittain founded the Commonwealth Press Union in 1909 for managed news control, and was a Knight of the British Empire.  Brittain, 1873-1974, late in life) —

John Brisben Walker, who founded Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1889, made some astonishing remarks about the same factions who founded The Pilgrims Society in 1902 and 1903. His comments appeared in the New York Times, February 3, 1931, page 24 in “Silver As A World Problem”—

“Demonetization of silver by England was originally worked by a few powerful financiers who saw an opportunity to more than double the value of their personal fortunes if silver could be demonetized in England, Germany and the United States.  Backed by those who held mortgages on property throughout the world and who saw in demonetization the opportunity to double the value of their loans, the most powerful system of propaganda ever organized was put in operation.  It involved the reiteration by propagandists unhesitating in their methods, by the exercise of every conceivable form of political and financial pressure.  England’s action was one of combination among A FEW POWERFUL INDIVIDUALS WHO WERE WILLING TO WRECK THE WORLD IF THEY COULD DOUBLE THEIR PRIVATE FORTUNES.  There was an immense fall of prices and extreme suffering resulted.”

Walker, who was born in 1847, commented on the bitter hardships forced upon Americans by the Crime of 73, of which he was a victim (silver demonetization in the Coinage Act of 1873) —

“As if they had been a row of bricks, banks all over the United States fell down.  Immediately those who had been living from hand to mouth began a struggle for existence.  Depredations occurred.  I personally saw a procession of starving workmen—estimated to be 10,000 in number—tramping along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal begging for food, ready to work for a wage that would barely keep body and soul together.  There were four batteries of artillery sent down from Washington to protect the houses and property of the Baltimore & Ohio Railway.  MEN COMMITTED SUICIDE BY THE THOUSAND.  Everywhere hopelessness and despair settled over the country.  Pressure was exerted by banks upon all who refused to accept England’s single gold standard.  The effect on India and China will never be known in their fullest horror.  The immediate depreciation of their only stock of money, silver, stopped trade and starved whole provinces.  IT CAUSED MILLIONS OF DEATHS.”

Prostitute historians who’ve received grants and fellowships from the Money Power are intentionally silent on such matters.  They’re on the faculties of major universities and author lengthy books, and leave out or misrepresent major details.  A nationalistic Hindu source has this to say about British actions in literally dragging the world away from the use of silver as money at the close of the Napoleonic wars in 1816—

“The Gold Standard Adopted by Britain—most of the developed and nearly developed world followed suit in the 1870s.  As a result, vast quantities of demonetized silver flooded the world market, depreciating the currency of India and China, the major nations outside the hegemonic gold bloc.  Under British domination and the new gold standard, the value of India’s silver standard rupee fell by over one third between 1873 and 1895.  The consequent inflation due to silver depreciation destroyed peasant savings and pushed peasant households into a usurious credit system.  The British tax system took much and gave back little.  The planned neglect of irrigation and other infrastructure by the British was to push Indian farmers into the production of cash crops.    This and other similar policies dramatically undermined village and regional economy.  It should also be noted that during the period from 1757 to 1947 there was no increase in per capita income.”

Henry P. Fitzmaurice (1845-1927) the 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, who was British Viceroy of India, 1888-1894, closed the Indian mints to the free coinage of silver as of June 26, 1893.  The legislation took one session to pass!  On October 15, 1903, The Marquess was at a meeting of The Pilgrims of Great Britain honoring the members of the Alaskan Boundary Commission; before being Viceroy of British India, he was Governor General of Canada 1883-1888 and Foreign Secretary, 1900-1905—

Lord Curzon was Viceroy of British India, 1899-1905, and let stand Lansdowne’s decision to close Indian mints to the free coinage of silver—

On December 8, 1919, the Allied Supreme Council delineated the Curzon Line, the Eastern boundary between Poland and Bolshevik Russia.  He became Foreign Secretary, 1919-1924 and leader of the House of Lords, 1924-1925.  He also became a “Marquess;” isn’t that just swell?  Read about this Crown loyalist English aristocrat at,_1st_Marquess_Curzon_of_Kedleston

“Pilgrims and Pioneers” (1946) rare volume, states on page 110 that Lord Curzon was “A MOST SUPERIOR PERSON.”  These “superior persons” of The Pilgrims Society need to be known to the world, instead of being the only major globalist organization refusing to release a roster into the public domain!

Baron Brassey of Bulkeley (1836-1918), charter member in 1902, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was the son of Thomas Brassey, who built railroads in England, Europe, India, Australia, Canada and the United States.  Baron Brassey was a member of Parliament, 1865-1886; member, Lords of the Admiralty, 1880-1884; president, Institute of Naval Architects, 1893-1895; and Governor of Victoria Province, Australia, 1895-1900, (91,749 square miles).  In 1895 Baron Brassey chaired the Royal Commission on Opium, another whitewash by the British establishment justifying their looting of China by making millions of Chinese drug addicts.  This was started generations earlier as a government approved trade based in British India.  Besides cold blooded profit, the motive was to start withdrawing huge amounts of silver from China so the Crown’s international financiers could continue to control the world silver market.  At page 3 of we read that in the wake of the first Opium War of 1837 (won by Britain) —

“The Qing authorities refused to legalize the sale of opium.  This policy led to the Second Opium War of 1856-1860 in which a British force occupied Beijing and forced the Qing Emperor to legalize the import of opium.  By the 1880’s, opium was one of the most valuable commodities in international trade.  In an average year, export opium leaving Calcutta and Bombay averaged over 90,000 chests CONTAINING MORE THAN 5,400 METRIC TONS.  This staggering amount would meet the annual needs of 14 million opium consumers in China and Southeast Asia who smoked opium on a daily basis, and many more if less intense use were assumed.  Each year, OPIUM REVENUES POURED 93.5 MILLION SILVER RUPEES INTO GOVERNMENT OF INDIA COFFERS.”

The reason Britain did not invade America when Andrew Jackson shut down the second United States Bank, as it had done in response to President Madison’s closure of the first United States Bank in 1811 with the War of 1812, was because Britain deemed it lacked resources to invade both nations; that their opium business was more profitable; and they feared attacking America as long as their greatest nemesis, Andrew Jackson, was alive!

Baron Brassey, Pilgrims Society, apologist for silver stealing British Opium Trade—

Pages 44-45 of the linked pdf state—

“The Royal Commission on Opium, reflecting the views of both the Government of India and most informed Indians, rejected the cultural imperialism of the opium reformers.  On this issue Lansdowne and other high officials involved championed the interests of the people of India against well meaning interference.  The Government of India was better attuned to Indian opinion than the opium reformers.”

That shows how depraved the British establishment and its apologists were/are—compassionate persons who wanted to end the opium business were slandered as culturally imperialistic; when in fact, it was the opium business that was imperialistic beyond belief; when Pilgrims Society member, silver stealer Viceroy Lansdowne championed opium interests, it was that of a very tiny segment of Indians; mostly Britishers residing there, and their corrupt Indian officials—not that of the majority of Indians who derived zero income from that filthy, death-dealing business! shows this organizations current Rothschild connections; and that Pilgrims Society members George Shultz of the Treasury Department and Paul Volker of the Federal Reserve are board members!

Whitelaw Reid (1837-1912), Pilgrims Society, long time editor of The New York Tribune, was senior diplomat at the Treaty of Paris of 1898, at which Spain surrendered control over the Philippine Islands (important for long history of silver importation) to the United States.  Reid was Ambassador to France, 1889-1892 and to Britain, 1905-1912—

His son and two grandsons (see later) became silver suppressing Pilgrims Society members.

“Great Britain could count upon every dollar, every man, AND EVERY DROP OF BLOOD IN AMERICA.”—Whitelaw Reid, Ambassador to England, cited in The Congressional Record, August 21, 1940.  That was a few scant years before we backed Britain in engineering World War I in their unending drive for global control.

Lyman Judson Gage (1836-1927, Pilgrims Society charter member 1903) was Treasury Secretary in the cabinets of Presidents McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt, 1897-1902, in which capacity he opposed silver in the monetary system.  Before going to Treasury he was president of the First National Bank of Chicago, and after Washington he became president of United States Trust Company on Wall Street.  He was a three-time president of the anti-silver American Bankers Association (ask any member how they feel as to remonetization of silver; their monthly magazine, Banking, April 1965, page 117, called for criminalization of silver accumulations!)  Gage was first president of the Chicago Bankers Association, twice president of the Civic Federation of Chicago and a trustee of the Carnegie Institution of Washington; he was a member of the anti-silver Stable Money Association.  Gage took the financial editor of the Chicago Tribune, Frank Vanderlip, and got him into the banking business as his assistant at Treasury.  Recall that Pilgrims Society member Vanderlip was at the Jekyll Island, Georgia meeting where the Morgan-Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society) interests finalized plans for the Federal Reserve System! Vanderlip wrote “Tomorrow’s Money” (1934) Gage—

Banker and financier Morris K. Jesup, a founder of The Pilgrims Society of the United States in 1903 and sponsor of Arctic expeditions, headed the New York Chamber of Commerce at the time. The Chamber opposed silver money; as one example, see Commercial & Financial Chronicle, November 19, 1942, page 1807 in the article, “N.Y. Chamber of Commerce Urges Passage of Silver For War Use” —

“The silver bloc is opposed to any legislation which might lessen the monetary sacredness of silver.  There was no sound economic reason why an ounce of silver should be held as monetary backing.”



Document below shows Jesup in Pilgrims management.  Duncan was chairman of the Mobile Alabama & Ohio Railroad, Choate was a functionary of the huge Vanderbilt railroad interests.  Four Britishers are seen here, illustrating Crown/Royal family connections of the organization.  R.A.C. Smith was Commissioner of Docks for the Port of New York and had sugar and railroad interests in Cuba.  James Speyer will be described later.  Hunter Wykes, described as a broker (securities or insurance) was a member of the Royal Thames Yacht Club of England, and the anti-silver Bankers Club in Manhattan.  Whitridge, of 59 Wall Street, married an Englishwoman and was appointed by Theodore Roosevelt on March 31, 1906 to be the representative of the United States at the wedding of the King of Spain.  He was a director of Chicago Terminal Elevator; Manhattanville Railway; Northern Ohio Railway; Niagara Development Company; Niagara Falls Power; Third Avenue Railway; Washington County Railway; Westchester Electric Railroad; and was related by marriage to the Delafields, a significant Pilgrims Society family whose fortune traced to Colonial land grants; his son Arnold appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims, and was Art Commissioner for New York (a great tax dodge, else so many major museums wouldn’t exist);  Edward Darrell of International Mercantile Marine, Bermuda Light & Power and General Trucking;  George Ward of Commercial Cable Company, according to the June 16, 1922 New York Times, was “the dean of the submarine cable profession.”  He was decorated by the Emperor of Germany in 1900 and the Emperor of Japan in 1906 and laid the first cables across the Atlantic, making arbitrage transactions possible between the London and New York Stock Exchanges.  According to Wikipedia, “George Brinton McClellan Harvey (February 16, 1864 – August 20, 1928) was a diplomat, journalist, author, administrator for electric rail construction and owner and editor of several newspapers, all positions that brought him great wealth.”  He was Ambassador to England, 1921-1923 and a director of Windsor Trust Company, named after the Royal family.  John W. Griggs was New Jersey Governor and United States Attorney General and a member of the World Court in the Netherlands; John J. McCook, a close friend of Theodore Roosevelt, was a director of American Surety Company; Equitable Life Assurance; International Banking Corporation; and Wells Fargo.  He was “deeply interested in the Pan-Islamic movement,” having been an expert on Persia (Iran) and Arabia; ushers at his wedding included John Saltonstall, a relative of Massachusetts Senator Leverett Saltonstall (1945-1967) who did so much to assist the Silver Users Association, and Nicholas Biddle, descendant of the original Nicholas Biddle of the gold and silver stealing second United States Bank!

R.A.C. Smith and George T. Wilson were governors of the anti-silver Bankers Club of America.  Choate was a Vanderbilt family agent and Duncan was a railroad tycoon.  Others of these men will be mentioned as we progress.

Cassius Milton Wicker (1846-1913), executive committee of The Pilgrims Society as of 1907, was son in law of Augustus French, Governor of Illinois (1846-1853) and was president of the Bankers Money Association (hint—their money isn’t silver); chairman of the Bank of Discount; director of Aetna Insurance and was involved with railroads in New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado and Texas—

James R. Keene (below) charter Pilgrims Society member in 1903, had this in his listing in the Who Was Who In America, 1897-1942, page 659—“became miner in California and Nevada, later speculator in mining stocks; accumulated $6,000,000 during bonanza period of the 1870’s; was president San Francisco Stock Exchange; since 1877 an operator on Wall Street.” According to “Such were his talents at market manipulation that he was soon engaged by J.P. Morgan and William Rockefeller to manage funds for them and Keene emerged as a wealthy and powerful force in the New York financial community.”

J.P. Morgan (1837-1913), Pilgrims Society, was described by biographer John Morton Blum as “almost Lord of creation.”  Morgan played a central role in the Panic of 1893, which was largely an attack against silver money, blaming silver for dislocations caused in reality by the banking mogul and his associates; and again played a central role in the Panic of 1907, which was launched against the tyrannized public for the purpose of “educating” them that we needed a central bank.  America “needed” a Federal monetary authority in which power would be centralized, “in order to thwart Wall Street malefactors,” was the typical cant fed to the public.  Many naïve people wanted to believe the wrapper in which such conniving proposals were labeled!   James Stillman, probably another Pilgrims Society member, head of the National City Bank, was a prominent participant with Morgan in both panics.  Stillman’s father made a $4 million fortune in Mexican silver mining in the 1850’s and parlayed it into ownership in many railroad, banking and insurance organizations.  Central banking—creating money from nothing, was understood to be more profitable than silver mining!  Two Stillmans appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims, as did Henry Sturgis Morgan, J.P. Morgan Sr.’s grandson who appeared on the board of silver user, industrial colossus General Electric.  “The Mirrors of Wall Street” (1933), page 45, said of Morgan’s firm—“There is hardly a spot on the globe where civilization has blazed a trail that the firm does not reach for its tithe.”  J.P. Morgan, among a handful of the greatest gold manipulators in history—

Page 592 of “History of the Great American Fortunes” (1909) spoke of Morgan’s “ever expanding power” and page 628 recounted—

“The Panic of 1907 smashed lesser fortunes right and left, but Morgan emerged with far greater possessions.  Before dealing with his financial dictatorship, mention should be made of his autocracy over great numbers of working people.”

Who’s Who In Finance, Banking & Insurance (1911), page 638, features this in Morgan’s listing—

“Has many times rendered valuable service to the United States government since the Civil War, notably in flotation of government bonds in 1876, 1877 and 1878 and also 1895, when his firm floated the $62,000,000 gold bonds issued by the Cleveland administration to restore normal Treasury surplus of $100,000,000 AND THEREBY SAVED THE TREASURY FROM A SILVER BASIS.”

By attacking silver and shoving it out of monetary matters, the way was cleared for gold to be attacked

James J. Stillman, subject of “The First Billion—The Stillmans and the National City Bank” (1934) had this said of him, in connection with Federal Reserve planner, Pilgrims Society member Frank Vanderlip (page 189) —


Stillman wanted the City Bank to “become a great central institution like the old United States Bank, which was destroyed by Andrew Jackson at the command of the people” (page 200).  The City Bank (now Citigroup) traced to June 16, 1812, and was founded in response to the expiration of the charter of the first (British influenced) United States Bank.  Stillman’s two daughters both married Rockefellers.

William Rockefeller (1918-1990), Pilgrims Society, was a long time director of Oneida Limited, a silver user for tableware and other objects.  Innumerable silver coins were melted for Oneida’s benefit in the banker war against monetary silver.  He was descended from the original William Rockefeller, seen below (1841-1922, younger brother of John D. Rockefeller) who page 1995 of the 1915 Who’s Who showed as a director of 47 corporations, mostly railroads but also copper mining and public utilities and a member of five clubs after which “etc.” was stated, leaving open the chance he was a Pilgrims member and was too big a wheel to not be—

George B. Cortelyou, Treasury Secretary 1907-1909, Pilgrims Society member, advocated a central banking system after the Panic of 1907, which his pals in The Most Secret of Secret Societies arranged—

As was intended from the beginning, the central banking system would militate against the use of precious metals in the payments structure until everything was fiat! Cortelyou became president of Consolidated Gas Company and chairman of the Republican National Committee. Many of these late 19th century to early 20th century Pilgrims Society members were back of the Gold Standard Act of 1900, which facilitated the march towards fiat currency by minimizing silver. Let’s look briefly at Charles Arthur Conant (1861-1915), a financial commentator and economist who was a delegate to the Gold Democratic Convention of 1896, organized against the silver movement led by William Jennings Bryan. Was Conant a Pilgrims member? I have found no such proof; he may have been related to James B. Conant (Pilgrims list 1969) which see later in discussion of silver used in the Manhattan Project. Charles was treasurer of Morton Trust Company, 1902-1906; that’s the Pilgrims Society connection. Levi P. Morton (1824-1920) was a charter Pilgrims Society member in 1903. Morton was a member of Congress, 1879-1881; Minister to France, 1881-1885; Vice President of the U.S., 1889-1893; and Governor of New York, 1895-1896. According to Ferdinand Lundberg in “America’s 60 Families” (1937, page 59) noted the association of Morton Trust Company with the J.P. Morgan interests and said Levi Morton was “long entangled in many shady deals;” and commented on page 66 that Theodore Roosevelt was “a virtuoso at deception” and had the backing of Levi P. Morton, Elihu Root (Pilgrims Society, helped steel magnate, Crown loyalist member Andrew Carnegie organize his dangerous foundations) and Chauncey Depew, Vanderbilt family attorney who helped found The Pilgrims Society. Levi P. Morton, dishonest financial operator, member of the anti-silver Pilgrims Society—



Having established background for Charles Conant, let’s consider his actions against silver as money; it’s reasonable to regard him as a Pilgrims Society functionary. Someday when full lists become known his name may appear. Conant was a member of the anti-silver American Economic Association and of President Theodore Roosevelt’s (Pilgrims Society) Commission on International Exchange which “advised” various governments to drop silver and go to a gold only basis the rub being (as we will see later, the same thing happened in British India) that citizens of those nations couldn’t readily exchange their paper notes for hard gold! Conant “persuaded” the Philippines after the Spanish-American war, to go cold on silver, and did the same thing with somewhat lesser success in Mexico and Panama. (I have a 1962 Republic of Panama “Decimo de Balboa,” actually produced for them by the U.S. Mint, having the same specifications and content as a 1962 Roosevelt dime). Of course, various sources have mentioned people like Charles Conant and his actions against silver; none of them located or identified, much less opened, the Unknown Source of monetary subversion to which he was connected—The Pilgrims Society; hence the desperate necessity of this documentary.

Conant complained about “the delusive quicksands of international bimetallism” (New York Times, December 30, 1902, page 5) showing his anti-silver stance.

The New York Times, July 7, 1915, page 11, “Ex-Treasurer of Morton Trust Company Acted for This Government in the Philippines and Panama,” calling him a “noted financial expert” and named him “father of the Philippine currency” and mentioned—

“In 1901 he was appointed to a special commission of the War Department to the Philippines, being selected by Secretary of War Elihu Root to make a report on the Philippine monetary and financial conditions PRELIMINARY TO THE REMODELING OF THE SYSTEM. Conant was also a director of the Manila Railroad, the National Bank of Nicaragua and the Credit Clearing House. While connected with the Morton Trust Company he was invited to Mexico to aid in the plans for monetary reform then being undertaken by the Mexican Government, and in 1903 he was made a member of the Commission on International Exchange of the United States. He was made a member of the special commission of the New York Chamber of Commerce on Currency Reform in 1906. THIS COMMISSION REPORTED IN FAVOR OF A CENTRAL BANK. Conant also assisted the United States Government in suggesting a currency measure for the Panama Republic similar to the Philippine measure, and in 1910 and 1912 he visited The Hague as technical delegate of this government at the International Conference on Bills of Exchange.”

Elihu Root (1845-1937), Pilgrims Society, set up Andrew Carnegie’s multiple globalist foundations and was appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt to Secretary of State, 1905-1909. His son, who probably became a member, later appeared on the boards of Mutual Life Insurance; Fiduciary Trust of New York; Teachers Insurance & Annuity; American Smelting & Refining (ASARCO); and A T & T. Anti-silver activist Elihu Root—


The Philippines, Panama and the Dominican Republic all deposited “reserve funds” with Morton Trust Company after accepting the “reforms” Conant suggested.

Henry Clay Pierce, charter member of The Pilgrims Society in 1903, was a director of The International Banking Corporation, profiled in the New York Times of January 2, 1902, “International Banking Corporation’s Far Reaching Plans” as operating in the important silver countries of China and the Philippines. Pierce was considered one of the four richest men in America just after the end of the 19th century . In “America’s 60 Families” (1937) Ferdinand Lundberg citing other sources stated H. CLAY PIERCE PUT UP THE MONEY BEHIND (FRANCISCO) MADERO AND STARTED THE REVOLUTION” (the Mexican revolution of 1910) —

Pierce had huge holdings in Mexico including National Railways of Mexico; Mexican Central Railway; Mexican Pacific Railway; Central Mexican Railway; Mexican American Steamship Company; Mexican & Northern Steamship Company; Mexican National Construction Company; Mexican Fuel Company; Bank of Commerce & Industry, Mexico City; and Tampico Harbor Company. Additionally he owned Pierce Oil Company that later merged into the Rockefellers Standard Oil. Pierce had interests in Tennessee Central Railroad; Tennessee Construction Company; Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad; American Central Insurance; Mercantile Fire & Marine Insurance; Title Guaranty Trust Company; Mississippi Valley Trust Company; National Bank of Commerce and others. It’s of potential significance that this large scale financier had large operations in three major silver countries and as we know, bankers are unfriendly to monetary silver.

Elias De Lima, Pilgrims Society, Who’s Who In Finance, Banking & Insurance (1911), page 556, was as of 1910 “managing director of Mexican Bank of Commerce & Industry with which prominent Mexican interests, Deutsch Bank of Berlin, the international banking house of Speyer & Company and other leading American financial men are identified”—

The Mexican Bank of Commerce & Industry was interlocked with silver producer and refiner, Penoles (Engineering & Mining Journal, September 12, 1914, page 492).  De Lima was a director of the anti-monetary silver New York Board of Trade.

James Speyer, international financier with banking interests in France, Germany (personal friend of Kaiser Wilhelm), Britain and America, member of The Pilgrims, was a supporter of the so-called Stable Money Association, and president for 1912-1914 of the Economic Club of New York (documented to be another anti-silver organization, see “The $150 Cufflinks,” Silver Investor archives.)  Speyer, J.P. Morgan, the Stillmans, Rockefellers and Rothschilds (all Pilgrims Society interests) formed a syndicate in 1894-1895 which emptied the U.S. Treasury of $129 million in gold, then compelled the U.S. to issue interest bearing bonds to them in return for supplying gold; it was a Treasury raid (“History of the Great American Fortunes” pages 578-579).  Speyer was penetrating banking circles in South America (executive committee, Pan American Society of the U.S.) and Mexico with the Mexican Bank of Commerce & Industry (and vice president, Mexico Society of New York) —

Speyer was a director of Union Trust; Allianz Insurance of Berlin; French-American Financial Society; Bank of Manhattan; Title Guarantee & Trust; North British & Mercantile Insurance; Provident Loan Society; Corn Products Refining; General Chemical; Lackawanna Steel; Rock Island Company; Iron Mountain & Southern Railway; Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; Missouri Pacific Railway and others; member, committee on finance and currency, New York State Chamber of Commerce (See Who’s Who, 1914, page 2204; 1928, page 1953; and 1940, page 2429).



Charter Pilgrims Society member Edwin Gould (1866-1933) inherited megamillions from his infamous father, Jay Gould, possibly in his time the most hated man in the country Jay Gould is famous for a gold market corner in 1869 and control of many thousands of miles of railroads. “History of the Great American Fortunes” (1909), page 494, spoke of the Goulds having “hundreds of millions of dollars at their command,” a staggering sum in post Civil War times.  Two Goulds were listed in the leaked list of The Pilgrims, 1969. Edwin Gould was a director of half a dozen railroad corporations operating in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Colorado; a vice president of The International Banking Corporation and was a member of the Jekyll Island Club and chaired Bowling Green Trust Company until its merger into Equitable Trust which in turn merged in 1930 into silver suppressor Chase National Bank—

On November 19, 1908, in an address before the Commercial Club of Kansas City, Nicholas Murray Butler made the following remarks as recorded in “Why Should We Change Our Form Of Government?” (1912, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, pages 63-65) —

“The nation was started on the right path by Alexander Hamilton, and no statesman since his time has understood more clearly or stated more cogently than he the fundamental principles which control a sound national system of banking and currency.  Hamilton’s fundamental ideas of a national banking system supervised by the government and a national bank currency, are incorporated into our system today.  BUT JACKSON AND BENTON DESTROYED, IN THEIR SUCCESSFUL WAR UPON THE SECOND BANK OF THE UNITED STATES, the institution which might have been made the controlling factor, under government direction, in giving to the business of the nation a sound and elastic currency system.”

(Thomas Hart Benton, 1782-1858, Missouri Senator, was called “Old Bullion” due to his expressed contempt for any use of banknotes.  Butler repeated the banker claptrap about elastic currency; meaning, inflatable!)

“From the time of Hamilton’s great report on the public credit, made to Congress in 1790, and his opinion on the constitutionality and desirability of a national bank, that great genius advanced steadily in the completeness of his grasp upon the problems which the financial necessities of the new nation and the proper conduct of the people’s business presented.  Gallatin in 1811, Dallas in 1814, Calhoun and Clay in 1816, and Marshall, in what is perhaps the most important single opinion the Supreme Court of the United States has ever rendered, made in the case of McCulloch vs Maryland in 1819, all supported and sustained Hamilton’s view.”

(Too bad the duel Hamilton had with Aaron Burr, which Hamilton lost, didn’t take place earlier; it could have saved the young nation from more British banking influence with Hamilton as a chief conduit!  John C. Calhoun became a leading political adversary of Andrew Jackson; THE NAME JOHN C. CALHOUN APPEARED IN THE 1903 CHARTER LIST OF THE PILGRIMS IN NEW YORK!  THIS WAS THE GRANDSON OF ONE OF JACKSON’S TOP OPPONENTS!  The 1903 Calhoun married Linnie, grand niece of Richard M. Johnson, Vice President of the United States, 1837-1841; he chaired the executive committee of Central Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia—Who’s Who, 1914, page 362.  Page 1002 of the 1940 Who’s Who shows Albert Gallatin, member of The Pilgrims in New York, a director of the France-America Society and member of the New York Federal Grand Jury, great great grandson of Albert Gallatin, who was Secretary of the Treasury, 1801-1814 and minister to France and England, and a backer of the ancestor of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of the United States, over which Britain invaded us in the War of 1812 because we let the Bank’s charter expire!)

“The financial troubles and difficulties of the United States began when the principles of Hamilton were forgotten, and the nation started out on the uncharted sea of reckless financial experiment.  There is now sitting a Monetary Commission clothed with the authority of law to make careful and extensive inquiry into the banking and currency question, and to formulate a report for action by Congress.  This Commission has gone about its work in the wisest possible way.  Without preconception or prepossession, it has undertaken to study, with an open mind, the practices and experiences of other civilized peoples.  Out of it there is almost certain to come a proposal for legislation that will take our banking and currency system out of the unsatisfactory condition in which it now is, and put it on a firm foundation, to the end that business may be carried on without fear of money famine or financial panic, and the legitimate needs of every portion of the country may be equally served.  Nothing could be more unfortunate than to allow this question to become a partisan one.”

The 1914 Who’s Who, page 350, shows Nicholas Butler, central banking advocate, a vice president of The Pilgrims as of 1913 and president of Columbia University since 1902; he was president of The Pilgrims Society, New York, 1928-1946; his listing in various Who’s Who volumes is stunning for length and detail—

William Manchester in “The Glory and the Dream” (1973, pages 67-68) said of Butler—

“Nicholas Murray Butler told his students that “TOTALITARIAN REGIMES BROUGHT FORTH MEN OF FAR GREATER INTELLIGENCE, FAR STRONGER CHARACTER, AND FAR MORE COURAGE THAN THE SYSTEM OF ELECTIONS,” and if anyone represented the American establishment then it was Dr. Butler, with his Nobel Prize, his 34 honorary degrees, and his 30 year tenure as president of Columbia University.”

The king makers of The Pilgrims Society have the President of the United States in their hip pocket, by controlling the nominating process of both major parties!  They had Butler as president of the France-America Society, 1914-1924, and a long time director of New York Life Insurance.

Edward Julius Berwind (1848-1936) was a charter member of The Pilgrims in New York in 1903 and the world’s leading coal producing magnate.  An associate of Pilgrims Society members J.P. Morgan senior and junior, Berwind was a director of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway; Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Railway; Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway; New York & Queens County Railway; Cuba Railroad Company; Cuba Company; Havana Coal Company; Wilmore Steam Ship Company; Interborough Rapid Transit; New York & Long Island Traction Company; Subway Realty; Atlantic, Gulf & West Indies Steam Ship Lines; Rapid Transit Subway Construction Company; Clyde Steam Ship Company; Long Island Electric Railway; Puerto Rico Coal Company; Maritime Coal Company; International Coal Company; Mutual Life Insurance; Newport Trust Company; Archer Coal Depot; Ocean Coal Company; National Bank of Commerce; Girard Trust of Philadelphia; Berwind Bank; Guaranty Safe Deposit Company; North British & Mercantile Insurance; International Mercantile Marine; Guaranty Trust Company of New York; and others.  He was a member of the Metropolitan Club in the District of Columbia, likely for the purpose of buying legislation; and a member of the anti-silver Bankers Club of America—


Notable was the fact of Berwind’s directorship in Girard Trust, named for Stephen Girard, main domestic power in the first British controlled United States Bank, British loyalist and wealthiest man in America at the end of the 18th century and well into the 19th century.  Girard was a large stockholder in the second Bank of the United States and endowed Girard College in Philadelphia; Wikipedia estimated his fortune as the 4th largest in American history based on ratio to gross domestic product; in “History of the Great American Fortunes,” 1907, pages 76-77, Girard’s complicity with the British and his overwhelming financial power was elucidated.  The Berwind fortune as of 1924 was rated the 17th largest in the United States (“America’s 60 Families,” 1937, page 26)

The New York Times, December 23, 1908 reported “Jacob H. Schiff, A. Barton Hepburn and Others Say the Silver Agitation Cannot be Revived.” Below, Alonzo Barton Hepburn, Pilgrims Society (Who’s Who In America, 1914, page 1092) who held regulatory positions in banking for New York State beginning in 1880 and in 1892-1893 was Comptroller of the Currency in the Harrison and Cleveland administrations, after which he campaigned against silver in the National Sound Money League. Hepburn became president of the Rockefeller/Astor Chase National Bank in 1899 and chairman in 1911—


The American Bankers Association set up a currency commission in 1906, chaired by Pilgrims Society member Hepburn, fighting for another central bank. Anti-silver activist Hepburn ran the New York Chamber of Commerce after Jesup’s tenure. Hepburn was placed on such boards as Bankers Trust; Columbia Knickerbocker Trust; Fidelity Trust; Maryland Trust; First National Bank; New York Life Insurance; First Security Company; American Car & Foundry; American Agricultural Chemical; American Cotton Oil Company; Safety Car Heating & Lighting Company; Remington Typewriter; Sears Roebuck & Company; Studebaker Corporation; Woolworth Company; Texas Company (Texaco); and United Cigar Manufacturers. Hepburn chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1907-1909 and was a U.S. delegate to the Pan American Financial Conference of 1915, where silver money wasn’t discussed (see later). Hepburn was a governor of the anti-silver Bankers Club of America, along with various other Pilgrims Society members, and highly likely member Alexander J. Hemphill, director of at least 25 major corporations, whose son Clifford, a financier and board member of large corporations, surfaced as a member (Who’s Who in the East, 1957, page 396).

Jacob H. Schiff, Pilgrims Society, partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company investment bankers, was a founding member of The Pilgrims Society of the United States (page 154, “The Pilgrims of the United States,” 2003) and was a director of National City Bank of New York; Central Trust Company; Western Union; New York Foundation; and National Employment Exchange—

The Schiffs and Warburgs (more to follow) are related, and John M. Schiff (director of large corporations) became treasurer of The Pilgrims New York, 1968-1985. His son David T. Schiff became a member. “We’re mostly family in The Pilgrims Society!” Before any unjust person plays the religion card, rest assured this is a financial inquiry, not a religious one; and greed, I believe, transcends all denominations. The pattern I want to establish is this—just after the end of the 19th century a Secret Society of financiers and aristocrats on both sides of the Atlantic was formed, calling itself The Pilgrims, with branches in London and New York; though the Society had no official existence until 1902, its founders were active against silver in some cases, generations beforehand; ancestors of some members were active against silver and gold as money back into medieval times. That can be the subject of another historical probe. This report is concerned with demonstrating a pattern that attacks against silver first, and gold secondly, since the dawn of the 20th century, have been coordinated from the highest levels, and back of a massive wall of silence and secrecy, by this organization calling itself The Pilgrims Society! They are in control of major central banks, and want the world on a global fiat basis! They oppose private property rights in silver, gold and land! The land issue is also a matter for another investigation; however, since the Federal Reserve was established, more Americans are living in apartments (feudalism), homeless, and in a mortgage foreclosure crisis, than ever before! There is the intent to abolish private ownership of land on the part of all but this feudalistic, British Crown allied organization of leftist international financiers! However, this deprivation does not extend to them; William Amherst Vanderbilt Cecil, Pilgrims Society, as of this documentary’s release still owns Biltmore, a 255 room mansion usually considered the most lavish residence in the Western hemisphere.  His name reflects the transatlantic marriages of the railroad kingpin Vanderbilts with the Cecils, one of Britain’s traditional five ruling families dating back over half a thousand years!

“Others” opposed to silver money referred to by the article included Pilgrims Society member, Rhode Island Senator Nelson Aldrich, grandfather of Pilgrims Society member Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (which see more of to follow). Aldrich chaired the National Monetary Commission that propagandized for a central bank, hollering about the need for an “elastic currency” (endlessly inflatable and not redeemable in silver or gold!) Almost all the Jekyll Island personalities have been identified as having been Pilgrims Society members—



Edward Butterfield Vreeland, 1856-1936, Pilgrims Society, was a Congressman from New York (1899-1913) who was a public school superintendant from 1877 to 1882. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1881, but engaged in banking and in the oil and insurance business.  He chaired the House Committee on Banking and Currency, and acted as vice chairman of the National Monetary Commission, 1909-1912, lobbying for a British affiliated central bank—

Jefferson Monroe Levy (1852-1924), charter member in 1903 of The Pilgrims Society, was nephew of Uriah Levy, a United States Navy Commodore who made a fortune in New York City real estate in the 1820’s and faced a half dozen court martials in his naval career!  Uriah Levy’s great-great grandfather founded the city of Savannah, Georgia.  Jefferson Levy “made a fortune in real estate and stock speculation.  By the turn of the century he was one of the wealthiest men in America” He bought Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, in 1879 after his uncle originally bought it in 1834.  Who Was Who in America, 1897-1942, page 724, was silent as to Levy’s status as a member of The Pilgrims Society; it did state his membership in the United States House of Representatives in 1899-1901 as leader of the Gold Democrats (anti-silver, which eventually also means anti-gold); and again he was a member of Congress, 1911-1915, “author and first to introduce Reserve Bank bill,” meaning, the central bank we were saddled with in 1913—

Sir Byron Edmund Walker (1848-1924), Pilgrims Society, Commander Royal Victorian Order Knighted in 1910 by King George V, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society.  According to

“Walker is known for developing the first set of written regulations for dividing a bank into a complex array of departments and is widely credited for the revision of the Canada Banking Act that gave Canada a centralized, panic-proof banking system. Walker was also professionally respected internationally. As vice-president of the American Bankers Association he was invited by a U.S. congressional committee to advise on the drafting of the Federal Reserve legislation. He held many key national and international positions; chairman of the bankers’ section of the Toronto Board of Trade from 1891-92; vice-president of the Canadian Bankers Association (which he helped found in 1891) in 1893 and its president from 1894-95; chairman of the 1899 Royal Commission on the financial position of the province of Ontario; and chairman of the Section of Money and Credit for the 1904 Universal Exposition in St. Louis.  He was a fellow of the Institute of Bankers of England and fellow of the Royal Economic Society of England.  In 1906 he was elected director of the Canadian Bank of Commerce.  He served as president from 1907 until his death is 1924.”—

(You have to laugh at “panic proof banking system;” Walker’s bank is now known as Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce or CIBC, and has issued bearish statements on silver; all entities with which Walker was associated were anti-monetary silver.)

Sir Robert Borden (1854-1937), Pilgrims Society, organized the Canadian Bar Association in 1896 and is on Canada’s $100 fiat note today.  He was Prime Minister, 1911-1920 and Chancellor of McGill University, 1918-1920.  In 1914 Borden got his wish with the War Measures Act, giving the government sweeping emergency powers similar to our 1917 Trading With the Enemy statute; the Emergencies Act of 1988 replaced it, to which The Crown gave “Royal Assent.”  As of 1977 we have the obnoxious International Emergency Economic Powers Act, a tool by which The Pilgrims Society can “seize the wealth necessary.”  Borden conscripted a half a million Canadians to go fight for his Pilgrim Partners in London, to which French Canadians strenuously objected but were overruled.  Borden led Canada into the League of Nations, which Idaho Silver Senator William Borah, “The Great Opposer,” successfully fought in our Senate.  Borden was chancellor of Queen’s University, 1924-1930 and president of Crown Life Insurance, 1928-1937; he was a director of the Bank of Nova Scotia (history as silver suppressor) and president, 1929-1937 of Barclays Bank Canada (silver suppressor)—

President Grover Cleveland, an opponent of monetary silver became a charter member of The Pilgrims Society and a trustee of the Equitable Life Assurance Society—


Contrast Cleveland with monetary heroes I’ve mentioned, who were also overflowing with courage as military men—Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston! Under the Conscription Act of 1863, Cleveland (born 1837) paid $150 to George Benninsky to serve in his place! Cleveland was a big man, but so was Sam Houston; and I imagine that had they been contemporaries in a brawl, Houston would have savaged Cleveland to the tune of squealing moans! These Pilgrims Society members, as Presidents and Generals and Admirals, have shown expertise in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam and elsewhere, in ordering troops to face death; yet they themselves remained safely out of range! In “Who Was Who In America, 1897-1942,” page 231, we find—

“In 1896 the Democratic Party having declared for the free coinage of silver in the platform of its National Convention, Mr. Cleveland withheld his support from the ticket and endorsement.”

Charter Pilgrims Society member in 1903, attorney John G. Milburn with offices at 54 Wall Street chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1910-1912.  According to his listing on page 1618 of the 1914 Who’s Who, Milburn was a trustee of New York Life Insurance Company starting in 1907; president of the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo in 1901; and “member of the Commissioners of Statutory Consolidation, which consolidated all general statutes of New York from 1777” and “President McKinley was taken to his house after fatal assault and died there.”  Milburn was president of the New York State Bar Association, 1902-1904; president of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1919-1921; and a director of silver suppressor Chase National Bank and American Express and a Columbia University trustee—

According to

“Among the most important domestic issues that President William McKinley had to deal with during his presidency, bimetallism and tariff legislation loomed large. Through most of 1897, the McKinley administration pursued an international agreement to include silver, along with gold, as an acceptable backing for the major European currencies. McKinley indicated his support for bimetallism if England, France, Russia, and Italy would go along. When negotiations with these nations over bimetallism failed in late 1897, McKinley began advocating a gold-based currency. In 1900, he signed the Gold Standard Act, which formally placed U.S. money on the gold standard. All currency was fully backed by gold, with a fixed price at $20.67 an ounce.”

McKinley was fatally shot while at the Pan American Exposition, on September 6, 1901, dying on the 14th.  As McKinley fell, his secretary, George B. Cortelyou, who we already saw earlier as a Pilgrims member, was apparently the first to reach the fallen President Could it be that as McKinley showed support for silver earlier on, The Pilgrims Society could not trust him again to not stray from their anti-silver trajectory?  It’s beyond mere chance that two of these worthy gentlemen were right there on the spot, and McKinley was even taken to Milburn’s residence!  Were William McKinley and JFK both assassinated due to tendencies towards monetary silver?  That’s my firm conviction!  Let these synthetic money creators of The Pilgrims Society be sentenced to climb Mount McKinley, Alaska, barefoot!  The cold should be warm compared to their iciness, and the peak rises higher over its base than any other land based mountain on Earth.

Don’t forget that on July 2, 1881, President James Garfield was fatally shot; the same Garfield on record as stating—“A banknote is not money; and no power on earth can make it money.”  He was succeeded by banker puppet Rutherford Hayes.

In “The Federal Reserve and Our Manipulated Dollar” (1975, Martin Larson) page 99 we find—

“On two occasions assassins attempted to kill McFadden with gunfire; later he died, a few hours after attending a banquet, and THERE IS LITTLE DOUBT THAT HE WAS POISONED.”

Louis T. McFadden (1876-1936) was a Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania who introduced House Resolution 158, calling for impeachment of the Treasury Secretary, two of his lieutenants, the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System and the officers and directors of the 12 Federal Reserve branch banks; Congressional Record, May 23, 1933, pages 4055-4058.

Chunilal Suraya, an Indian financier who accumulated some 800 tons of silver and operated the Indian Specie Bank, was driven into bankruptcy by The Pilgrims Society, London branch, and committed suicide in 1913.  In “The International Silver Trade” by Thomas Patrick Mohide (Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, England 1992) page 128 remarked—

“The Indian government’s agents in London set a trap for him.  Year after year he sold his silver at a handsome profit to the India Office.  Somewhat miffed, the India Office eventually bought silver secretly through Mocatta for a whole year and did not need to buy it from Suraya.  However, Chunilal Suraya had counted on the India Office as a customer again.  When they did not buy, he went bankrupt in 1913 and committed suicide.”

(Why was the India Office, headed by The Marquess of Crewe, miffed over this Indian’s silver dealings?  Inescapably, it was because The World Money Power doesn’t approve of silver as money, and it routinely smashes wealthy individuals outside its influence circles!  The Marquess was probably a Pilgrims member; fragmentary information doesn’t allow for complete details; however, he was a cabinet officer in the government of Prime Minister Herbert H. Asquith, also known as The Earl of Oxford and Asquith, who was a Pilgrims Society member—“Pilgrim Partners,” 1942, page 66).  Asquith, a known Rothschild associate, had his subordinates in the British India Office “set a trap” for Indian silver dealer Suraya to wreck his operations—

According to the Indian Specie Bank was “rescued” (taken over) by Mocatta & Goldsmid, London—another Pilgrims Society interest—upon Suraya’s ruin.  A line from Byron (1788-1824) fits Asquith—

“He was the mildest mannered man who ever scuttled ship or cut a throat.”

At we read

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Was Wilson speaking of The Pilgrims Society?  He could not have been speaking of a group representing only one major university—Skull & Bones Society of Yale.  Unless, that is, someone believes that no major elitists come from anywhere else other than Yale, including Pilgrims member David Rockefeller, from Harvard!  The Pilgrims is transatlantic and encompasses Yale as well as many others.  Predating The Pilgrims by 70 years, Skull & Bones is nonetheless markedly inferior in power.  The overlap is strong, and Pilgrims members like Francis F. Russell superintended the Russell Trust Association, financial basis of Bones.

Wilson was president of Princeton University (a major Pilgrims Society institution) 1902-1910 and New Jersey Governor, 1911-1913.  He was president for 1910 of the American Political Science Association and received a Nobel Prize in 1919.  He set up the War Industries Board managed by members such as Clarence Dillon and Edward Stettinius Jr. to enrich multiple Pilgrims Society members including Andrew Mellon.

Wilson was President, 1913-1921, signing into law the Federal Reserve Act and getting the country into World War I with the “Pilgrim Partners,” the worldwide British Empire.  Wilson appointed Pilgrims Society member Paul Warburg to its anti-precious metals board and favored the Sixteenth Amendment allowing for a progressive Federal Income Tax, which was escaped by Pilgrims Society members via mazes of trusts and foundations.  He sent Pilgrims Society members to Paris in 1919 to help British Pilgrims Society members impose the Treaty of Versailles on Germany, intentionally guaranteeing the second World War, highly desired by The Secret Organization.  Wilson championed the Crown’s League of Nations, another Pilgrims Society attempt at universal tyranny.

The Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917, signed by Wilson, is often regarded as a large part of the alleged basis of Franklin Roosevelt’s seizure of gold and silver.  Wilson practiced law after leaving office.  He was a partner of Pilgrims Society member Bainbridge Colby, who was his Secretary of State, 1920-1921—

Colby was a member of the U.S. Shipping Board during World War I, benefitting the transoceanic shipping interests represented in The Pilgrims Society and was a member of the American Mission to the Inter-Allied Conference at Paris in 1917.  He helped found the Progressive Party in Chicago in 1912, was a friend of Theodore Roosevelt and handled litigation relating to public utilities and Equitable Life Assurance and the American Newspaper Association.  He was also special advisor to the Attorney General.

Frederick Eugene Farnsworth, Pilgrims Society, was general secretary of the anti-precious metals American Bankers Association, 1907-1919.  Farnsworth was assistant to Michigan Governor Cyrus Luce, 1887-1891 and was with Union National Bank of Detroit, 1898-1903.  Luce was earlier associated with the Whig Party (1833-1856) which supported the second Bank of the United States in the second Andrew Jackson administration, and again supported a central bank during the John Tyler administration (1841-1845), going so far as to instigate a riot outside the White House over Tyler’s refusal to support the unconstitutional plan—see “The Temper Tantrum” in Archives at Farnsworth founded the Detroit Museum of Art in 1907.  As of the 1926 Who’s Who, page 687, he was president of Combustion Specialties Corporation; treasurer, National Bond & Mortgage Corporation; and president, Anglo Latin Funding Company—

“Hits Glass On Silver” subtitled “Ex-Senator Cannon Charges That He Caused Price Break In 1919” we find—February 11, 1932, page 3 New York Times—

“Denver, February 10 (Associated Press) —Frank J. Cannon, former Senator from Utah and now president of the National Bimetallic Association, with headquarters in Denver, charged in an address at a joint session of the Colorado General Assembly today that Senator Glass of Virginia was responsible for breaking the world price of silver in 1919 when he was Secretary of the Treasury.  “Glass authorized the dumping of 29,000,000 silver dollars in the Orient for the ostensible purpose of regulating our exchanges with silver using countries, BUT FOR THE ACTUAL PURPOSE OF SMASHING THE WORLD PRICE OF SILVER,” said Mr. Cannon.  He declared that he hoped Mr. Glass would not become Secretary of the Treasury in the Roosevelt cabinet.”

Was Glass a Pilgrims member?  Documents available at this time don’t show it; however, he was associated with Paul Warburg, according to Elgin Groseclose in “Fifty Years of Managed Money,” 1966, page 98; Warburg is ID’d as a member.

Charter Pilgrims Society member George Fisher Baker (1840-1931), chairman of the First National Bank of New York as of 1909 (predecessor to Citigroup) was according to a director of 22 corporations; yet in his listing on page 98 of the 1914 Who’s Who, he lists 56 boards he was on “and various other corporations,” with an amazing list of railroad corporations. They were correct in referencing Baker as “one of the most imposing figures in banking history.” He was on the cover of Time Magazine, April 14, 1924. His son and grandson became Pilgrims Society members. Current George F. Baker Professor of Economics at Harvard University is Martin Feldstein who received an award from the anti-silver American Economic Association and served as its president in 2004. Feldstein has served as a director of such silver antagonists as American International Group and J.P. Morgan & Company and is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal. Pilgrims Society kingpin Baker left one of the largest estates on record in 1931—

Charter Pilgrims Society member Frank Vanderlip played important role in founding the Federal Reserve System, set up to systematically loot the middle class, eventually reverting it to feudalism, chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York in 1916-1918.  Read about him at

The 1914 Who’s Who, page 2400, shows Vanderlip was “president of National City Bank and director of Riggs National Bank; Seaboard Railway; Chesapeake & Ohio Railway; Oregon Short Line Railroad; Norfolk Southern Railroad; Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway; etc.”  The 1969 leaked list of The Pilgrims showed Frank Vanderlip Jr. a member.

The New York Times, April 27, 1933, reported Vanderlip Jr. was chairman of the “Committee on Mental Health Needs of New York City” which translated means “keeping The Pilgrims Society out of the national awareness and forcing compliance with government viewpoints.”  He held interests in Palos Verdes Corporation, California, “the most exclusive residential colony in the nation,” built on 16,000 acres his father acquired in 1913, “and other corporations” and was a director of the National Municipal League.

John Bassett Moore (1860-1947), Pilgrims Society, was an expert on international law and held numerous university, government and diplomatic posts and was a power in many international conferences, was (Who’s Who, 1933, page 1652) “counselor Dept. of State, with power to sign as secretary of state, 1913-1914.  Member of Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague since 1912; judge Permanent Court of International Justice, 1921-1928; delegate to Pan American Financial Congress of 1915.”  That meeting was catalogued in a 751 page document in which silver wasn’t mentioned as a monetary quantity Moore was a director of Equitable Life Assurance Society; honorary president, Pan American Society of the United States; president, American Political Science Association, 1913-1914 and was awarded the Roosevelt Distinguished Public Service Medal in 1927–

William Cameron Forbes, Pilgrims Society (1870-1959), was Governor General of the Philippines, 1908-1913, an important silver country. He was the son of the president of Bell Telephone Company and grandson of famous essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson. Forbes was Ambassador to Japan, 1930-1932 and disturbingly, chairman of the American Economic Mission to the Far East in 1935, the same year The Pilgrims Society, United States branch, drove China off her centuries old silver money standard, as of November 3, 1935—

Forbes was honorary president of the China Society of America; member India House Club, New York; trustee, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Overseer, Harvard University, 1914-1920; sent by the President to investigate conditions in the Philippines, 1921; receiver, Brazilian Railway Company, 1914-1919; partner, J.M. Forbes & Company; director, Copper Range Company; Boston Metal Investors; Stone & Webster; American Telephone & Telegraph; United Fruit Company; Massachusetts Fire & Marine Insurance; Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance; Commercial Credit; Petroleum Heat & Power Company; Old Colony Trust; Arthur D. Little Incorporated; and others (Who’s Who, 1940, page 950; Who’s Who, 1952, page 827).

The Pittman Act of 1918, authored by Nevada silver Senator Key Pittman, allowed for melting 270,232,722 silver dollars for bullion conversion into approximately 209MOZ The bullion was then sold to Great Britain, in order that they could maintain control over British India, where demands were strident for payment in silver relating to expenses of World War I (Mining Congress Journal, February 1057, page 117). Senator Pittman insured that the silver would be replaced at $1 an ounce—then more than market prices—and partly as a result, the 1921 Morgan silver dollars were coined, all 86,730,000 of them. Senator Pittman wasn’t a hatchet man for silver suppressors, he was looking out for silver producers interests; but the silver was used to control British India.

In the Mining Congress Journal, February 1957, W.M. Yeaman, president of Clayton Silver Mines, writing in an article titled, “Silver Again In The Spotlight” commented on the British crisis in keeping control of India at the close of World War I (page 117)—

“In the statement submitted by Senator Malone he reviewed the use of silver as money throughout the world and referred particularly to the crisis that developed in India in 1918 which prompted the British government to urge the United States to supply India with 200 million ounces of silver to be coined into rupees to enable the Bank of India to redeem paper rupee notes WHICH WERE BEING OFFERED AT SUCH AN ALARMING RATE FOR REDEMPTION IN SILVER that the authorities feared the “run” would cause the closing of the banks, WITH RESULTANT RIOTS AND REVOLUTION BY THE NATIVES in the event of failure to meet the demand for note redemption.”

In “Silver Serves Throughout the War” (Mining Congress Journal, February 1946, page 55) Nevada Silver Senator McCarran commented on the crisis that started in 1918 over redemption of paper rupee notes—

“Under the terms of the Pittman Act of April 23, 1918, approximately 258,580,000 silver dollars were melted down and 200,000,000 fine ounces of silver derived therefrom sold at $1 an ounce to the British Government to relieve the strain on banks in India.  The natives of India, true to their tradition, were attempting to redeem in silver their paper rupee notes and there was not enough silver on hand to make good their redemption pledge.  The United States Government did not have sufficient bullion silver on hand, and agreed to melt down enough silver dollars to yield 200,000,000 fine ounces for shipment to India.  No publicity was given the enactment of this legislation AS IT MIGHT HAVE CAUSED GREAT BRITAIN TO LOSE FACE BY ADMITTING THE INDISPENSABILITY OF SILVER MONEY.”


Russell Cornell Leffingwell (1878-1960), Pilgrims Society, Yale 1899, was assistant Secretary of the Treasury, 1917-1920, when 200MOZ silver was sent to British India under the Pittman Act of 1918 for purposes of maintaining British control.  He was a member, 1920-1923, of what became Cravath, Swaine & Moore, a leading Pilgrims Society law firm; next he joined J.P. Morgan & Company, rising to chairman, retiring in 1950.  He was a trustee of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, one of Pilgrims Society member Andrew Carnegie’s foundations existing for Anglo-American world empire purposes via the United Nations.  Leffingwell was president of The Pilgrims unofficial subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations, 1944-1946, then chairman into 1953.  He was decorated by the government of Italy and was a member of the anti-silver American Economic Association and a fellow of the anti-silver Royal Economic Society—

Lucy Leffingwell Pulling (1907-1979), Russell’s daughter, was evidently related to Thomas Livingston Pulling of Citigroup, on The Pilgrims Society’s executive committee as of 2003.  Leffingwell was son in law of General J.C. Chamberlain.

The Earl of Reading, British Ambassador to the United States 1918-1919, Pilgrims Society member, obtained silver for British control over India. He was British Viceroy of India, 1921-1925 and as British Foreign Secretary in 1931, assisted his government’s campaign to depress world silver valuations by dumping melted rupees on the world market—




—Nevada silver Senator Key Pittman, quoted in China Weekly Review, Shanghai, January 31, 1931, page 318.


Robert Lansing, Pilgrims Society, Secretary of State 1915-1920, relative of first head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Allen Dulles, Pilgrims Society, worked with the Earl of Reading to get American silver into British India to help his “Pilgrim Partners” maintain control for another generation—

Robert Lansing founded the American Society for International Law (read “world government”) in 1906. He was a trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, funded by British Crown loyalist, Pilgrims Society member Andrew Carnegie of the original steel trust. Lansing’s nephews were John Foster Dulles (Pilgrims Society) who became Secretary of State and Allen W. Dulles (Pilgrims Society), Central Intelligence Agency director. Lansing was a member of the American Commission to Negotiate the Peace, 1918-1919, which along with Britain, intentionally imposed such harsh terms on Germany at the close of World War I, that they purposefully assured a second World War; that was the planned objective.

Henry Algernon DuPont (1838-1926), Pilgrims Society, was the largest subscriber to the Anglo-French Loan of 1916, relating to World War I finance (“Pilgrim Partners” 1942, page 110) and in addition to holdings in silver user Du Pont had interests in Wilmington & Norfolk Railroad.  Eleuthere du Pont, who appropriately died on Halloween in 1834, was a director of the second United States Bank (smashed by Andrew Jackson); an anti-silver and anti-gold forerunner of the Federal Reserve System.  The 1987-1942 Who Was Who in America, page 349. Has Du Pont stating his “OPPOSITION TO THE FREE AND UNLIMITED COINAGE OF SILVER.”  Du Pont was a Republican Senator from Delaware, 1906-1917 who voted for the Federal Reserve Act of 1913—

Dwight W. Morrow, Pilgrims Society, was a J.P. Morgan & Company partner, 1914-1927, appearing on the usual agglomeration of corporate boards. He was Ambassador to Mexico, always a key part of the silver scene, 1927-1930.  The New York Times, March 2, 1927, page 29, “Mexico Halts Silver Coinage” stated, “The Government has ordered the mint to stop coining silver peso and half peso pieces.”  Determining if Pilgrims Society member Morrow had something substantial to do with that is on a lengthy list of investigations that may necessitate review of Mexican newspaper archives, Bank of Mexico or Treasury documents, if available—

Morrow played a role in supervising the De la Huerta-Lamont Treaty of 1922, secured by Thomas W. Lamont of J.P. Morgan & Company and The Pilgrims Society, as head of the International Committee of Bankers on Mexico, under which export of Mexican silver to America was increased, allegedly to back the peso! How does specie back a currency if exported across the border? Lamont was also the representative of the Treasury Department section of the American Commission to Negotiate the Peace at Paris in 1919 and chairman of the American members of the International Consortium for Assistance to China—


In “America’s 60 Families,” 1937 by Ferdinand Lundberg, page 33, we find—

“An extraordinarily complex and resourceful personality like Thomas W. Lamont, who has been the brains of J.P. Morgan and Company throughout the postwar period and was a mentor of Woodrow Wilson in Wilson’s second administration as well as of President Herbert Hoover throughout his fateful single term in the White House, HAS EXERCISED MORE POWER FOR TWENTY YEARS IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE, HAS PUT INTO EFFECT MORE FINAL DECISIONS FROM WHICH THERE HAS BEEN NO APPEAL, THAN ANY OTHER PERSON. Lamont has been the First Consul de facto in the invisible directory of postwar high finance and politics, consulted by presidents, prime ministers, governors of central banks, the directing intelligence behind the Dawes and Young Plans. Lamont is Protean; he is a diplomat, an editor, a writer, a publisher, a politician, a statesman—an international presence as well as a financier.”

Other sources claimed Andrew Mellon or John D. Rockefeller Jr. were tops on the totem pole. What difference did it make? All three were Pilgrims Society members! Lamont’s input into President Hoover noted, recall that Hoover refused to call an international conference on silver! Pilgrims Society policy is that silver will not be employed as money and recognized only as a commodity to be fed at suppressed prices to the Silver Users Association! Lamont’s son Thomas, Pilgrims Society, was also with J.P. Morgan & Company and a director of corporations such as Nestle; Texas Gulf Sulphur; International Minerals & Chemical; North British & Mercantile Insurance; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway and Phelps Dodge. His younger brother Corliss, a cesspool of festering reactionary views, authored (1939) “You Might Like Socialism—A Way Of Life For Modern Man.”

In “Twenty Eight Years In Wall Street” (1885, NYC) by Henry Clews highly likely Pilgrims Society member (1840-1923), page 157, he admitted that the Panic of 1837 took place because very powerful interests (the Crown, the Rothschilds, Astors and Du Ponts) were unhappy that the charter of the United States Bank was allowed to expire—

Clews married the grandniece of President Madison.  At the start of the Civil War Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase contracted with Clews firm for the sale of bond issues with which to continue the war.  (Chase National Bank was named after Chase.)  Next Clews was appointed by President Grant as fiscal agent of the government for all foreign nations.  He was “advisor and agent in organizing new financial system of Japan (on recommendation of President Grant)”—Who’s Who, 1914, page 461. Clews was decorated with the Order of the Rising Sun in 1908; founded Clews & Company in 1877; trustee, Northern Ohio University; treasurer, American Geographic Society; treasurer, International Peace Forum; president, American Peace and Arbitration League; director, Japan Peace Society and Economic Club of New York (which was and remains opposed to silver money!)  I suspect Mr. Clews, born in Staffordshire, England, was a warmonger.  He mentioned his start in banking after the Panic of 1857.  One of his relations, a nephew, James B. Clews, was mentioned in the Congressional Record, August 20, 1940, as being a known member of The Pilgrims Society.  Also tracing his ancestry to Staffordshire, James Clews married into the Livingston dynasty, into which many other Pilgrims members married (including J.P. Morgan’s son, Henry, born in 1900, who was a General Electric director).

The Livingstons were Crown loyalists in Revolutionary War times who received huge land grants from the King.  James Clews said of himself “In banking business since 1890.  Head firm of Henry Clews & Company; president Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Railroad; director of many corporations.”  (Who’s Who, 1931, page 532).  The paper money mob is highly intermarried.  There could still be considerable Livingston influence in the Bank of America (New York Times, January 12, 1927, page 33, “E.C. Delafield and Associates Retain Control at Annual Meeting of Stockholders.”)  Who’s Who, 1928, page 628, shows Delafield’s Livingston ancestry as president of Bank of America, member of Pilgrims Society, and glimpses into vast real estate ownership.  Bank of America was on the Silver Users Association roster circa 2004.  It’s amusing that they do not maintain a list of ex-members, like the North American Mirror Manufacturers Association and Prudential Insurance.  Union Carbide, of poison gas infamy, merged into Dow Chemical.

“Silver As Standard Doubted By Gerard” ran in the New York Times, October 9, 1931, page 16—

“There is little possibility that the nations of the world will adopt silver as a monetary standard, because the production of silver is largely owned or controlled in the United States and Mexico, James W. Gerard, former ambassador to Germany, told an audience yesterday.  “That seriously the nations will take up silver I do not believe,” Mr. Gerard declared.  “They will not do it because three-fourths of the world’s silver production is in Mexico or the United States or by companies owned in the United States.”

James Gerard (1867-1951) was ambassador to Germany, 1913-1917 who was listed on page 900 of the 1930 Who’s Who as treasurer of the Democratic National Committee and a British Knight, Order of the Bath (reference is to ceremonial purification bath by English knight after killing an adversary for the Crown).  Gerard became chairman of the Democratic National Finance Committee in 1934, a post he held to beyond 1940 (1941 Who’s Who, page 1026, listing his office at 40 Wall Street; he was sent as American representative to the coronation of King George VI, patron of The Pilgrims Society).  Ambassador Gerard attended a dinner for Lord Halifax on April 22, 1946.  This was the same Halifax who presided over the dumping of Indian silver on world markets, causing the Great Depression, during which his Pilgrim buddies jumped all over the opportunity to expand their global holdings.  Ambassador Gerard was also the son in law of Marcus Daly, “Copper King of Montana” (1841-1900, see below), who was the sole owner of Anaconda Copper Mining Company of Montana, and who sold out to John D. Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society) in 1899.  While these Pilgrims don’t mind making gains in mining investments, they sure as hell don’t want to see metals as the basis of exchange; unless they ended up owning all metals after a “nationalization!”

Ambassador Gerard’s views as to why he predicted the world would not return to silver money were certainly hokey!  Did the world shun diamonds as long as most of them came from South Africa, or earlier, from Brazil, and before that, from Golconda in India?  (No!)  The same principle holds for Australian opals; Burma rubies; Columbian emeralds; or any other commodity whose production is concentrated in limited regions.  Where do U.S. fiat notes come from?  Just one country issues these, correct?  So based on his logic, the world should not use them because they originate in just one nation!  Dishonest, slithering lowlife Pilgrims Society vice president James Gerard—

The New York Times ran an obituary in late June 1987, evidently of a descendant of Gerard—

“Brigadier General James W. Gerard, a retired Army officer and real-estate executive, died of kidney failure on Saturday. He was 73 years old and lived in Manhattan and Luxembourg.  June 28, 1987 deceased.

General Gerard, who was born in Manhattan, attended Cambridge University and the University of Grenoble. In 1937, he enlisted in the Army and served in World War II and the Korean War and on the staff of the Pentagon from 1952 to 1957. He retired in 1961.

In 1975, he resumed his military career as commander of the Veteran Corps of Artillery of the State of New York and retired again in 1986. He and family members also owned Aeon Realty, a Manhattan holding company.

He is survived by his wife, Jean, United States Ambassador to Luxembourg; a son, James W., of Washington; a daughter, Harriet C., of Manhattan, and three brothers, C. H. Coster Gerard, Sumner Gerard and John Train, all of Manhattan.”

John Train, as we will see later, is a Pilgrims Society member.  “The Pilgrims of the United States,” 2003, page 146, showed James W. Gerard V as on The Pilgrims executive committee, along with Citigroup official Thomas Livingston Pulling.  The Livingstons are probably in more Pilgrims Society genealogies than any other; they trace to Crown loyalists in Colonial times.  According to “History of the Great American Fortunes,” 1909, pages 44 & 45—

“Robert Livingston, progenitor of a rich and potent family which for generations exercised a profound influence in public affairs, contrived to get together an estate which soon ranked as the second largest in New York and one of the greatest in the Colonies.  He loaned money at frightfully usurious rates and hounded his victims without a vestige of sympathy.  As a trader and government contractor he made enormous profits; such was his collusion with high officials that competitors found it impossible to outdo him.  By a multitude of underhanded and ignoble artifices he finally found himself the lord of a manor sixteen miles long and twenty four broad.  When he died in 1728 he left an estate WHICH WAS CONSIDERED OF SUCH COLOSSAL VALUE THAT ITS TRUE WORTH WAS CONCEALED FOR FEAR OF FURTHER ENRAGING THE DISCONTENTED. HE WAS IN COLLUSION WITH CAPTAIN KIDD, THE SEA PIRATE.”

The Livingstons first marriage connection to other immense wealth was the Beekmans; the Astors, Roosevelts and Bush families followed

Charles M. Schwab, Pilgrims Society, chaired Bethlehem Steel and was a director of Empire Trust; Metropolitan Life; Tonopah Extension Mining; United Zinc Smelting; Vanadium Corporation; Chicago Pneumatic Tool; American Surety et al (whose brother in law, Alva C. Dinkey of Carnegie Steel, was also a member), Schwab was a director of the silver suppressing Chase National Bank (1928 Who’s Who, page 1853) —

Pilgrims Society member George W. Wickersham (1858-1936) of 40 Wall Street (president of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1914-1917) was noted in the New York Times, November 5, 1932, page 4, “policies of the Hoover administration were defended by George W. Wickersham.” In this context, Hoover’s policy of refusing to call an international silver conference because Great Britain opposed it—


President Hoover appointed him to what became known as the Wickersham Commission (on law and order) which is sardonically amusing to consider given his criminality. He was chairman of the executive committee of the France America Society, a Pilgrims Society front extending influence into that major European state; he was president of the American Society of the French Legion of Honor and member of the anti-silver Economic Club. France turned against silver in French Indo-China when Britain started dumping India’s silver. He was president of the Council on Foreign Relations, 1933-1936, one of many proofs the CFR is under Pilgrims Society management. He was Attorney General in the Taft administration, 1909-1913 and became a trustee of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and was a member of the Commission on Reorganization of New York State government, 1925-1926. He was a principal in Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, powerhouse law firm at 40 Wall Street dating to 1792 in which Henry Taft, President Taft’s brother, was a partner. William Taft was American governor of the Philippines, 1901-1903. Alphonso Taft, father of the Taft brothers, was Attorney General, 1876-1977. Wickersham became president of the American Law Institute in 1923 and was president of the American Prison Association in 1920. In 1924 Wickersham was appointed a member of the Committee for Progressive Codification of International Law of the League of Nations and was a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania, 1920-1926.

The Earl of Balfour, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in 1916-1919, in which capacity he made a contribution to his government obtaining American silver in order to quell unrest in British India—


Balfour was a member of the sardonically named anti-silver Stable Money Association. This was the same aristocrat who, in cooperation with the Rothschilds, issued the Balfour Declaration of 1917 which became the political basis for creation of the State of Israel.  Lord Milner, another Pilgrims Society member and a key financier of the Soviet Red Revolution of 1917 in Russia, was the third member of that triumvirate


The British (a source within Midland Bank) even called for a so-called “super bank” to be organized that would control all the gold and silver mined by companies based in the British Commonwealth and the United States (New York Times, May 17, 1931, page 9) which would then issue a new currency unit for the world—the “Rex” (Latin meaning “king”) —named of course, for King George V of England—then Patron of The Pilgrims Society—

It should be unsettling to know that The Pilgrims London list for 1980 included Lord Cornwallis, an heir to the title held by an invading British redcoat general in our Revolutionary war!

The Pilgrims Society staged a massive nationalization—read “confiscation” of gold and silver, March 1933 into early 1937, dispossessing Americans of their natural right to protect themselves from depredations of their inflationary government. See “Metals Confiscation Facts And Prospects,” a 312 page pdf file in Archives at with original source material from the Commercial & Financial Chronicle and the New York Times and other sources, covering in depth week by week over a four year span Franklin Roosevelt’s seizure of precious metals from Americans. Franklin Roosevelt, PILGRIMS SOCIETY member —


Herbert Hoover at left, in keeping with the “long standing tradition” of United States Presidents being “honorary” members of The Pilgrims Society (“The Pilgrims of the United States,” Profile Books, 2003, page 30) refused to call an international conference on silver unless the British did so first! Hoover knew the British attack against monetary silver caused the depression and still refused to help his country—

President Hoover, in his address before the American Bankers Association at Cleveland, on October 2, 1930, blamed the fall in silver prices on “overexpansion of production” in order to shift obvious blame away from his British pals; however, known production of 1922 through 1930 inclusive averaged 218,474,207 ounces per annum—and there certainly was no “overexpansion of production;” indeed, mine output was falling after the Royal Commission’s report came out in 1926—China Weekly Review, January 31, 1931, page 337.

Correcting Hoover’s intentional falsehood was Senator Pittman of Nevada, commenting in the China Weekly Review, January 31, 1931, page 317, commented—

“THE AMAZING UNIFORMITY OF THE ANNUAL PRODUCTION OF SILVER THROUGHOUT THE WORLD MILITATES AGAINST ANY THEORY THAT AN OVERPRODUCTION OF SILVER COULD POSSIBLY HAVE BROUGHT ABOUT THE DEPRESSION.  There was a time when certain financiers and economists imagined that there was an unlimited amount of silver somewhere that might be mined and dumped upon the world, but the world’s annual production for 30 years proves the fallacy of any such presumption.”

The China Weekly Review January 31, 1931, cited Nevada silver Senator Key Pittman—page 315—

“In 1926 the British Government for India adopted the gold standard for India and commenced to melt and sell as bullion on the world market the silver money of India.  IMMEDIATELY THE PRICE OF SILVER COMMENCED TO DROP UNTIL, DURING 1930, IT HAS AVERAGED AROUND 34 CENTS AN OUNCE, OR ABOUT ONE-HALF OF ITS NORMAL PRICE.”


The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, January 30, 1932, page 766 “President Hoover was accused by Senator Pittman (Democrat Nevada) of “tying the hands of the Senate” in failing to call an international conference on silver, following an 80 minute speech in favor of remonetization of the white metal by Senator Wheeler (Democrat Montana).  “The President has no excuse for not calling such a gathering” Pittman asserted.”

President Hoover, DUE TO BRITISH OPPOSITION, has refused to take any steps toward calling a silver conference.”

—China Weekly Review, June 20, 1931, page 85.

“Leaders of the silver industry are understood to entertain little hope that the President will take the lead in calling a conference to restore silver” (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, New York, April 18, 1931, page 2869); “The President has no intention of calling a (silver) conference, it was authoritatively asserted” (New York Times, September 3, 1931, page 35). Dean of Boston University, Howard LeSourd, said after World War II—

“Our State Department seems to have no mind of its own when it deals with the British on matters of world policy.  Even our President backs down at the suggestion of the Prime Minister of England.”

(New York Times, November 21, 1945, page 2).

Martin Larson in his fine expose, “The Federal Reserve and Our Manipulated Dollar” (1975), stated on pages 96-97—

“We are living in an age in which it is impossible for anyone to reach the highest office in the United States without SERVING INTERESTS AND POWERS THAT ARE INEXPRESSIBLY EVIL” —



—from 1967 hit song “I think we’re alone now”

Harry P. Leonard wrote to the New York Times, October 15, 1933, section IV page 5, “In the hasty work of last March constitutional rights and law were overlooked.”

That was in response to Franklin Roosevelt’s illegal, anti-Jacksonian order of March 1933 that Americans had to turn in gold notes and more importantly, hard gold!

William Emlen Roosevelt was a director of Chemical Bank (associated with the chemical industry, silver catalyst users), several railroads, ITT Corporation and other entities and was most likely another Pilgrims member.

FDR’s Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau Jr., second generation Pilgrims Society member whose father was Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, member of the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, director of the Equitable Life Assurance Society and a member of the Order of the British Empire holding a fortune in real estate in Herald Square Realty, presided over THE SICKENING PRECIOUS METALS FORFEITURE CRIMINALLY IMPOSED ON UNITED STATES CITIZENS—


His father was known to be in contact with Viscount Reginald Esher (Pilgrims of Great Britain) who was associated with the Crown and the Rothschilds. The Crime of ’73 (1873) in which London interests bribed Congress to demonetize silver for all payments of over $5 traces to these same elements! That action caused widespread misery ignored by mainstream historians, who are bought off by corrupted scholarships, fellowships, appointments, tenure at Society dominated universities, and ownership of textbook publishers. Morgenthau Senior was offered to be Ambassador to Mexico in 1920. Junior was a member of the anti-silver Bankers Club in Manhattan.

Newsweek, August 18, 1934, page 29 commented—

“Using the right of eminent domain in confiscating the metal, Treasury officials could legally set any price they desired.”

The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, December 21, 1935, page 3945, quoted Treasury Secretary Morgenthau stating that the silver nationalization was “in the interest of the public.” The New York Times, August 10, 1934, front page—

Business Week, February 27, 1937, page 35 stated—




Gold was nationalized at $20.67/ounce and then revalued to $35; silver holders were likewise frozen out of future gains. It was not the Federal Government taking precious metal from the citizenry—it was The Pilgrims Society—the Crown’s concealed network of financiers doing the stealing, using the President and the Treasury Secretary to do it, hiding behind appeals to “national necessity.”


Franklin Roosevelt, gold and silver stealer, member of wealthy Wall Street dynasty with a fortune partly based in the opium “trade” in which British aristocrats were leaders, faulted precious metals as a monetary base (page 1, New York Times. December 23, 1933) —




See what The Pilgrims Society thinks about their boy Franklin Roosevelt

See May 4, 2003 New York Times

David Lloyd-George, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, also known as The Earl of Dwyfor, member of Parliament, 1890-1945, formerly Prime Minister, President of the Board of Trade, Minister of Munitions, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Secretary of State for War, praised FDR’s gold and silver stealing campaign (New York Times, April 23, 1933, page 27)—

“Already in his short time in office he has shown resolution and courage, and has proved himself to possess that rare and invaluable combination of qualities in a statesman—a clear vision of the national need and the courage to act.”

“National need” is the same code language as “national emergency” and “wartime emergency” and is Pilgrims Society lingo for “the seizure of the wealth necessary.” Pilgrims Society member The Earl of Dwyfor, opponent of gold and silver ownership on the part of the classes they intend to rule over, was British Prime Minister during the Indian crisis of 1918 in which his Pilgrim Partners in America arranged for 200 million ounces of silver to be sent for purposes of preserving British control—


—New York Times, January 4, 1932, page 30

The New York Times, March 6, 1933, page 2, reported—

“HOARDERS, IN THE OPINION OF THE REVEREND DR. CHRISTIAN F. REISNER, pastor of the Broadway Temple Methodist Episcopal Church, 174th Street and Broadway, ARE TRAITORS AND SHOULD BE DEPRIVED OF CITIZENSHIP.”—NYT, March 6, 1933, page 2 (This minister received $250,000 in 1929 from Pilgrims Society member John D. Rockefeller Sr.) —

Adjusted for inflation, John D. Rockefeller’s net worth is reportedly upwards of USD $663 billion—

“Newspapers Issue Scrip,” New York Times, March 7, 1933, page 3 reported—

“Louisville, Kentucky—Louisville’s first scrip, issued by the Courier-Journal and Times, will appear tomorrow.  Employees will receive their salaries in part scrip and part cash.  The scrip can be used at stores that advertise in the newspapers.  The merchants will use their scrip to pay advertising bills, but for no other purpose.”

(Robert W. Bingham, Pilgrims Society member seen below, owned that newspaper.  His second marriage was into the Flagler family of Pilgrims Society members and Standard Oil and railroad heirs.  His second wife died within a year, he got her millions, and rumors abounded she was murdered.  Bingham was FDR’s ambassador to Britain, 1933-1937.  He made statements to the effect that it was good for the English people that Britain abandoned gold in fall 1931.  “Ambassador Attributes Re-employment of 600,000 There to Quitting Gold Standard”, NYT, December 24, 1933, page 5.)

Henry M. Flagler was a founding partner in Standard Oil, and later built the Florida East Coast Railroad and hotels with 40,000 rooms, including one with 1,100 rooms.  He lived in a 55 room mansion and divorced his second wife on the ruse of “incurable insanity” . Bingham’s son Barry Jr., Pilgrims Society, Order of the British Empire, chaired the Louisville Courier Journal and Times, the International Press Institute and the English Speaking Union of the United States and was seen with The Queen and Prince Philip on July 9, 1976 (“The Pilgrims of the United States,” 2003, page 142).

James Aloysius Farley, Pilgrims Society, ran Franklin Roosevelt’s New York gubernatorial and presidential campaigns and chaired the Democratic National Committee from 1932-1940, after which he chaired Coca Cola Export Corporation—59 Coke plants were built by taxpayer money under the misleading aegis of “European reconstruction” after World War II He was a member of the subversive American Academy of Political and Social Science and the anti-silver New York Board of Trade. He was Postmaster General, 1933-1940 and ordered notices posted at all post offices as to Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 compelling Americans to turn in their gold to the Treasury Department—

Lord Kindersley, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain (1871-1954) became chairman of the famous international financial house of Lazard in 1919 and chairman of Rolls Royce. He was a director of the metals suppressing Bank of England, 1914-1946 and had huge holdings in Canadian National Railway.

Below, inner circle Pilgrims Society member Vincent Astor with Franklin Roosevelt. In “FDR” (2008) by Jean Smith, 880 pages, page 296 mentions FDR’s 11 day cruise in 1932, the year before FDR’s gold grab, on Vincent Astor’s 263 foot yacht.



John Jacob Astor working with us in the opium trade,

Just look at us bankers, we’re a real sick parade!

Under titles and dukedoms we masquerade,

Bad legislation in your Congress, you’re betrayed!

Vincent Astor, descended from John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) the “landlord of New York” who was a director of the second Bank of the United States (smashed by Andrew Jackson!) The Bank worked to make its “convertible” notes inconvertible by requiring presentation of notes of branches at branches most distant! Astor’s American Fur Company that defrauded native tribes and its own trappers was part of the British opium trade in China That’s who Astoria, Oregon is named for! Astor’s fortune swelled to a Himalayan scale within several years after he and his British associates caused the Panic of 1837 by suspending specie redemption of major banks! Vincent Astor’s widow, Brooke, who became one of the few female Pilgrims Society members, was a trustee of Rockefeller University (Who’s Who, 1980, page 118) and a member of Mrs. Lyndon Johnson’s Beautification Committee in D.C. We are prompted to remember how LBJ subtracted from the beautification of our coinage. As of the leaked 1980 list, five Astors were members of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, with Lord Astor as president. A member of the Royal Thames Yacht Club and the Jekyll Island Club (of Federal Reserve infamy), Vincent Astor was a director of Chase National Bank; International Mercantile Marine Company; Western Union; Great Northern Railway; City & Suburban Homes; U.S. Trust of New York; and (why go through a list as long as your forearm) the New York Chamber of Commerce, an anti-silver money organization (see for example The Forum Magazine, December 1891, pages 472 through 476). Guilt by association? In this case, 100% absolutely correct. According to his grandmother Caroline Astor “reigned over American society.” Vincent and FDR were boyhood friends; Vincent married a Roosevelt relative in 1940! Far from being an enemy of Wall Street, FDR was one of them and took orders from those greater than himself. We’ll see more on these Astors later! Could Astor have been a cause of FDR’s metals theft? “History of the Great American Fortunes” (1936) discussed immense frauds executed by the Astors from pages 93 to 175!


The link also mentions that Vincent Astor and Franklin Roosevelt were distant cousins.

FDR and his extended family have seen extensive interaction with Pilgrims Society members; they’ve been trustees of Roosevelt Hospital (Bayard Dominick II, governor of the New York Stock Exchange and associate of Avery Rockefeller Jr., Pilgrims Society, late 1950’s; there are many examples such as Stuart Crocker chairman of Columbia Gas System and director of Morgan Guaranty Trust; Ralph T. Reed, chairman of American Express and Francis Plimpton, Ambassador to the United Nations, 1961-1965 and vice president of The Pilgrims Society); directors of Roosevelt Steamship Company, also known as Roosevelt Lines (Hoyt Ammidon, Pilgrims Society, United States Trust Company, 45 Wall Street, right hand man of Vincent Astor, Pilgrims Society); today we notice Thomas L. Pulling, retired Citigroup official on the executive committee of The Pilgrims Society, as a governor of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, along with a member of the silver stealing Morgenthau family! Several glaring British connections are noticed with them including Rivington Winant, son of John D. Winant, Pilgrims Society, once Governor of New Hampshire and Ambassador to Britain (1941-1946). Isaac Roosevelt, FDR’s grandfather, started the Bank of New York in 1790; it’s now Bank of New York Mellon, a key Pilgrims Society institution. In the horrifically perverse Roosevelt genealogy including the Delano family of opium dealers we additionally notice William Stoughton, prosecutor and judge of the hideous Salem Witch Trials of 1692-1693, in which nineteen people were hung, another was crushed to death, and still others died in confinement,_Sr.

The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, March 30, 1935, page 2104, reported FDR was a guest on Vincent Astor’s yacht “Nourmahal” also featuring His Royal Highness Prince George of The House of Windsor, The Duke of Kent, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain—

The Commercial & Financial Chronicle reported on August 1, 1936, page 672, FDR’s visit with Lord Tweedsmuir, Pilgrims Society, then British Governor General of Canada; with them was Norman Armour, American diplomat in Canada, whose name surfaced in the 1969 leaked list of The Pilgrims as an executive committee member.  The Franklin Roosevelt administration has not been chronicled by any establishment historian as a Pilgrims Society administration—to do so would be to forfeit tenure, pensions, grants and book publishing deals!

The outgoing Hoover administration wasn’t in conflict with the incoming FDR administration; Hoover appointed Nicholas Roosevelt United States Minister to Hungary in 1930.  The 1928 Who’s Who, page 1796 showed Franklin Roosevelt’s office as 52 Wall Street; he was with Pilgrims Society member John G. Milburn’s law firm, 1907-1910.  The 1914 Who’s Who, page 2008, showed FDR was a banker at that time, on the board of First National Bank of Poughkeepsie, New York.  FDR’s cousin, George Emlen Roosevelt, almost certainly a member of The Pilgrims Society, and at the start of the FDR administration was a director of Guaranty Trust, French-American Banking, Chemical Bank, assorted railroad and other corporations; and appeared on the Guaranty Trust board with at least half a dozen confirmed Pilgrims Society members interlocking it in spiderweb fashion with many other powerful interests.  The New York Times, November 17, 1933, page 2, “Morgan and Taylor Call on Roosevelt” quoted Pilgrims Society member J.P. Morgan Jr. remarking—


Morgan’s associate in that closed meeting was Myron C. Taylor, Pilgrims Society, member of the anti-silver Bankers Club in Manhattan; chairman of United States Steel; director First National Bank of New York; Mutual Life Insurance; New York Central Railroad; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway; American Telephone & Telegraph; in 1939 he became FDR’s personal representative with rank of ambassador to the Vatican in Rome until 1950 (an entity which has its own domain and has been in conflict with Britain since 1533) —

Taylor was a trustee of Cornell University and the American Academy in Rome.  Wikipedia says of FDR’s friend Taylor—

“Myron Charles Taylor (January 18, 1874 – May 5, 1959) was one of the major figures in American life during the first half of the twentieth century. He was probably America’s leading industrialist and later a key diplomatic figure at the hub of many of the most-important geopolitical events before, during, and after World War II.”

Irving T. Bush (1869-1948), Pilgrims Society, inherited millions from his father and travelled around the world in his yacht “Coronet” in 1888-1889.  In spite of his inheritance, he worked for Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company as of 1890.  He started Bush Terminal Company in 1902 with 125 warehouses, 8 piers and 18 buildings up to 30 stories tall covering 30 city blocks in South Brooklyn and recruited over 300 corporate tenants.  To this he added a short line railroad and the Bush Building in London, a Pilgrims Society landmark.  He was a member of the India House Club and the anti-silver New York State Chamber of Commerce.  The New York Times, March 7, 1933, page 2, “Employees Told Not to Hoard” Bush sent a circular to his employees urging them not to hoard money.  He had around 25,000 employees His Pilgrims Society buddies were just then massaging a banking crisis helping their boy Franklin Roosevelt to seize gold from Americans—

Irving Bush, descended from a Dutchman who arrived in North America in 1662, was chairman of Continental Commerce Company, holding original patents on Thomas Edison’s forerunner of modern motion pictures, the kinetoscope, opening the world’s first movie parlor in 1894 in London.  He was a large scale operator in the banana importing business, and during World War I chaired the War Board of the Port of New York.  He was among the founders in 1922 of Grand Central Art Galleries and was rated among the 40 wealthiest Americans.

When the Bush Building was finished in 1929 in London, it was the world’s most expensive building and has long been headquarters of the British Broadcasting Corporation (Pilgrims Society).  Irving Bush wasn’t related to the presidential Bush family (Pilgrims Society).  Statues seen below are at entrance to the Bush House in London, representing the mutual world conspiracy of the “Pilgrim Partners” —

Clarence Mott Woolley, (Pilgrims Society, no photo), was a member of the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, organized American Radiator Company in cooperation with the J.P. Morgan interests; it controlled the majority of indoor heating market in America.  He was a director of The Pilgrims Society’s direct subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) from 1932-1935 and a director of the anti-silver Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Hotel Waldorf Astoria; Gold Dust Corporation; Atlantic Mutual Insurance; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway; Continental Insurance; Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad; Mutual Life Insurance; Texas Gulf Sulphur; trustee Columbia University; St. Lawrence University; member India House Club, Japan Society (Who’s Who, 1941, page 2830).

Lewis Latham Clarke (born 1871, no photo), member of The Pilgrims Society, became a governor in 1915 of the anti-silver Bankers Club of America.  He headed American Exchange National Bank which became Irving Trust Company at 1 Wall Street.  He chaired Kenzel Corporation (named after his wife’s family’s interests)  and also New York & Honduras Rosario Mining Company, a gold and silver producer in two central American nations; director of Home Indemnity Company; Home Insurance Company; Baltimore American Insurance; National Liberty Insurance Company; City of New York Insurance; New York Title & Mortgage; Gibraltar Fire & Marine Insurance; Tel-Autograph Corporation; Postal Telegraph Cable;  Swift & Company Chicago; Bowery Savings Bank; Worthington Pump & Machinery; Commercial Cable; American Locomotive Company; Montreal Locomotive Works; Hudson & Manhattan Railroad; Montana, Wyoming & Southern Railroad; Norfolk & Southern Railroad; Shell Union Oil Company; Spreckles Sugar Corporation; Sweets Company of America; (assorted Who’s Who volumes).

The New York Times, August 15, 1934, page 25, “President Hears Banking Experts” reported George L. Harrison of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York conferred with FDR, who later appointed Harrison, Pilgrims Society, an overseer of the silver using Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb.  Harrison was in on the decision to deploy it without warning against Japan—

The 1952 Who’s Who, page 1055, shows Harrison a member of The Pilgrims executive committee; a director of First National City Bank; Harper & Brothers Publishers; RCA Corporation; Life Insurance Association of America; Institute of Life Insurance;  member New York State Banking Board; trustee Columbia University; Foreign Service Educational Foundation; chairman advisory committee on fiscal and monetary problems to the Economic Cooperation Administration and chairman Interim Policy Committee on Atomic Energy.

Frederick H. Ecker, Pilgrims Society and member of the deviously named National Security League, became chairman of Metropolitan Life Insurance in 1936, and a director of Chicago, Illinois & Western Railroad; Chicago & East Illinois Railroad; Denver & Western Rio Grande Railroad; Saint Louis & San Francisco Railway; Western Pacific Railroad; Interborough Rapid Transit; Wheeling & Eastern Railway; New York Casualty Company; Provident Loan Society; Union Dime Savings Bank; Consolidated Edison of New York; Greater New York Fund; and the anti-silver New York State Chamber of Commerce and the silver suppressing Chase National Bank; additionally, he was a director of United States & Foreign Securities Corporation, from whence came Pilgrims Society member Douglas Dillon, who as Treasury Secretary raked in megamillions of silver coins from banks in the mid 1960’s—

I hope this is starting to catch the reader’s interest, as the landmark 312 page summer 2009 item on FDR’s gold and silver seizure was ignored by the gatekeeper of a particular metals organization which evinces that it regards itself (himself) as the top site in the PM universe; yet, nothing distantly comparable has been offered anywhere else. I’ve heard privately from members positive statements about my work; that’s what matters, not personality issues. We should all work together to prevent a second metals nationalization rather than bickering about matters of immeasurably less importance. Actually it would be a PRIVATIZATION because this private (secret) group would be behind it—The Pilgrims Society with their methods of “seizing the wealth necessary” for their neo-British Empire purposes, which includes destruction of potential competitors by means of prevention of capital formation outside the sphere of their influence! Here’s a small example of the content of the Summer 2009 item, 312 pages, “Metals Confiscation Facts And Prospects,” from the Commercial & Financial Chronicle—


Not only did the secret organization use the President and Treasury Secretary to “seize the wealth necessary,” they caused to be published the “Hoarders of Silver” document (see Archives of Silver Investor).

By the time frightened Americans had been squeezed of all the silver (gold was seized first) the nationalization had claimed some 113,031,000 ounces of silver! That would be like ordering 113,031 investors (silver savers) today holding 1,000 ounces each to turn it in. No one, not the Silver Users Association or the Treasury, knows just how much silver Americans own today. I believe it’s more than 113MOZ. The bad boys would have a better idea than any of us, but would intentionally overstate the amount. Was all the silver owned by Americans turned in under FDR’s illegal, anti-Jacksonian order? Not at all; however, there is no way to know how much was kept back. While coin silver was exempted then, it would certainly not be exempted if The Pilgrims Society pulls this “seizure of the wealth necessary” stunt again. At the time FDR said the silver was needed in the Treasury so as to form a specified ratio to gold as monetary base for the currency. Yet, as of the very start of his felonious administration in March 1933, Americans couldn’t even retain gold notes, let alone redeem those for hard gold! There is no monetary base if convertibility is denied! Isaac Seligman, charter Pilgrims Society member in 1903, international financier with Rothschild links, had a kid brother named Edwin (1861-1939) who was an economics professor at Columbia University under the tenure of Nicholas Murray Butler, then also president of The Pilgrims United States. Here’s what Edwin had to say about unbacked paper currency (New York Times, November 1, 1933) —

“Declaring that even a larger issue of paper currency need not cause alarm, Professor Seligman predicts restoration of the nation’s economic equilibrium. In all probability, there will be no uncontrolled inflation, Professor Seligman predicts.”

Seligman stated—

“It is true that there may be in store for us a larger issue of paper currency and that, too, before very long. BUT THIS NEED UPSET NO ONE. NOR NEED ANYONE FEAR BUDGETARY INFLATION ON THE GROUND THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING HUGE SUMS AND BORROWING THE MONEY TO DO SO.”

Nationalize gold and silver, then flood the nation with inflation notes, gradually reducing the middle class to serfdom over a multi-generation period; this has transpired! Professor Seligman, fiat money economist, brother of a Pilgrims Society member (the hidden faction that benefits from inflation) —


This corrupt professor was president of the anti-silver American Economic Association, 1902-1904; finance consultant to the League of Nations, 1922-1923; and a member of the anti-silver Royal Economic Society.

George Foster Peabody, Pilgrims Society, and Franklin Roosevelt were friends; naturally their views agreed. Peabody was a partner in Spencer, Trask & Company, which played a leading role in financing electric lighting corporations and railroad construction in the West and in Mexico. Peabody held large interests in Edison Electric and became a director of General Electric and many other corporations including Mexican Metallurgical Company, Mexican Lead Company, Mexican Coke & Coal Company, Broadway Realty, and Southern Improvement Company. He was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1914-1921. He was a trustee of the University of Georgia and treasurer of the Southern Education Board and a director of John D. Rockefeller’s (Pilgrims Society) General Education Board. During 1896-1905 he was treasurer of the Democratic National Committee. The December 10, 1933 New York Times, section II, page 4, “Peabody Defends the President, Declaring Roosevelt Seldom Errs” —

“During his career in banking and policies, Mr. Peabody added, HE HAD A PART IN DEFEATING BIMETALLISM and reached the conclusion that it is absurd to depend on a metal not possible of expansion or contraction as a standard of value. The banker remarked that he called himself a radical. Mr. Roosevelt has made as few mistakes as any man I’ve heard of.”

By “defeating bimetallism” he meant, “excluding silver from the monetary system.” By “expansion or contraction” he meant “boom and bust,” which is of course a great way for Pilgrims Society financiers to “seize the wealth necessary,” as in the October 1929 stock market crash. Pilgrims Society member George Foster Peabody was according to “an unofficial counselor to many government officials” (he passed word to them as to what to do) and was on the executive committee of the Indianapolis Monetary Convention of 1897, an anti-silver event, and backed the “Gold Democrats” against silver populist William Jennings Bryan. Peabody, Pilgrims Society silver stealer—


Just after members of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain wrecked the world economy by demonetizing India’s silver and dumping it on world markets and going off the gold standard in September 1931, members of The Pilgrims Society of the United States moved to seize gold and silver from Americans! They additionally conspired to drive China off its centuries old silver standard, badly damaged by Great Britain’s attack against silver, by means of the Silver Purchase Act of 1934, which while helping American mining interests, sucked so much silver out of China that by November 3, 1935, China abandoned silver money. Huge amounts of silver were still widely dispersed in China, later seized by the Communists, and gradually dumped (leased) onto world markets at the behest of these Pilgrims Society members with their control over the offices of the President and the Secretary of State, and helped along by means of front organizations such as the China-America Council of Commerce & Industry (Thomas J. Watson Sr. of IBM and The Pilgrims Society) and successor organizations including the National Council for U.S./China Trade (William Alexander Hewitt, Pilgrims Society, director Chase Manhattan Bank and A.T. & T. who married into the Deere fortune of agricultural equipment manufacturers) —


I can’t buy the concept that anyone in China has used JPMorganChase as “dupes” in silver. It’s these Anglo-Americans who are deeply conspiratorial, far more so than “inscrutable Orientals.” In any case, it’s our domestic Pilgrims Society members who stand atop the American establishment who we have to be concerned about concerning our metals ownership rights and planned attacks against those rights from excessive taxation to nationalization. Imagine seizing precious assets of fantastic tangible worth and “paying” for those assets in paper credits they have the Federal Reserve conjure out of nothing! IF CERTAIN METALS SITES DON’T LINK THIS, ASK THEM TO SUBORDINATE PERSONALITY ISSUES TO PROPERTY RIGHTS!  Remember I have nothing to sell and accept no contributions—this is a 100% nonprofit effort on my part.

James D. Zirin, Wall Street attorney with Sidley Austin LLP (1,600 attorneys), who gave $574,938 to Obama 2008 see is currently on the executive committee of The Pilgrims, New York, served as a United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York under Robert M. Morgenthau, son of this gold and silver stealing Treasury Secretary; Robert Morgenthau grew up knowing Franklin Roosevelt! Robert also was with the Pilgrims Society law firm of Patterson, Belknap & Webb (200 attorneys). Morgenthau recently retired at age 90 as District Attorney of New York County, succeeded by Cyrus Vance Jr., son of Pilgrims Society member Cyrus Vance, Secretary of State, 1977-1980, son in law of John Sloane, another member! Zirin (seen with his wife Marlene Hess of the Amerada Hess oil and gas fortune, previously supervised by Pilgrims Society member William S. Renchard of Chemical Bank) has worked for Merrill Lynch, Citibank and the Rockefeller Foundation and is a member of the executive committee of The Pilgrims Society currently—


Much has been said of Blythe Masters of JPMorganChase being the key string puller in the silver short fraud. It’s troubling enough that she’s from England, but consider also that stated her as a director as of May 2010 of the National Dance Institute (what’s that got to do with silver stealers—PLENTY!) At we see Jenny Morgenthau, granddaughter of Pilgrims Society member, grand scale silver stealer Henry Morgenthau Jr. is an NDI director and also at we notice a Rothschild on the NDI board. In scouting for an image of Blythe, I received a Norton Anti-Virus notice several times that an attack on my computer was blocked! In any event she’s under orders from Jamie Dimon, who I’d bet my last zinc cent is a silver stealing Pilgrims Society member. As any Pilgrims Society member would be head of such a major middle class smashing institution like JPMorganChase, he’s also a trustee of the Rockefeller controlled University of Chicago and a director of the anti-precious metals Federal Reserve Bank of New York. NDI could provide for contact in an innocuous setting.

There are enough instances of Pilgrims Society members taking actions against silver to establish a decisive pattern of planned intent to cripple silver prices, to destroy silver as currency, to inhibit ownership of gold and silver from the highest official levels, that we will resume showing a procession of these revolting thieves as follows, and it is no complete listing, for in addition to concerns of limitations of readers time, information on who these Pilgrims are remains fragmentary. Leaked lists, a few rare volumes, one instance of Congressional testimony on August 19, 1940 and a few other sources such as Who’s Who volumes are all we have to go on. I am grateful to Mr. Joel Van Der Reijden of the Institute for the Study of Globalization for forwarding to me a 1980 list of The Pilgrims in exchange for the 1969 Pilgrims of Great Britain list I was able to provide to him. He in turn appreciates his quiet source in the U.S. who came across the list and was so thoughtful as to forward it to him. We are hopeful of additional cooperative efforts in times to come. I was mentioned at

“Just before I wanted to upload all the updates, including those done in the 1001 and the Jason Group membership lists, Charles Savoie, the No. 1 Pilgrims Society researcher, decided to share some new info he had come across. One of those things is this simple (quite amusing) New York Daily News gossip article, which confirms the membership of Richard C. Holbrooke and Peter G. Peterson. As you can see in my intro article, I have long suspected Peterson of being a Pilgrims Society member. Talk about having some good luck.”

If you ask me, Van Der Reijden is the number 1; so, by such examples, may the metals community make their goals the primary importance, rather than personality contests or popularity rankings. Peterson is possibly David Rockefeller’s single most important functionary. I offer $5,000 for any Pilgrims list dated 2000 or more recently, subject to verification by genealogy, institutional, corporate and diplomatic connections. We need to know who the high Crown agents are currently in North America.  This is no incitement to any illegal act; you will be asked how you came by the document!  The most appropriate means to obtain the list is by Congressional subpoena, since the organization is not cooperative.  Let them refuse and be held in contempt of Congress!  This is the best route to follow; otherwise the incentive stands.

Sir Henry Strakosch, Pilgrims of Great Britain and chairman of Union Corporation of South Africa, gold miners, starting in 1924, was a member of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance that recommended India’s silver be demonetized and the country switched to a fake gold standard, under which only persons holding the equivalent of over $8,000 U.S. in paper rupees could exchange them for gold. China Weekly Review Nov 15, 1930, page 395 stated—


The Mining Congress Journal, September 1930, page 681, reported that the British Empire controlled 71.4 percent of world gold output; undoubtedly in their rationale for attacking silver!

Strakosch was a member of the anti-silver Stable Money Association, along with silver user George Eastman of Eastman-Kodak!

Hilton Young, the first Baron Kennet, Pilgrims Society, headed the Royal Commission—

Baron Kennet later chaired the Iraq Currency Board going into World War II, had railroad, real estate and timber interests, joined the boards of English Electric and Hudson’s Bay Company and was a friend of funny money economist John Maynard Keynes, who testified before the Royal Commission that silver was no longer needed—



The report of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance was submitted to Lord Irwin, then British Viceroy of India, who proceeded to oversee the melting and dumping of Indian silver rupees on the world market by the hundreds of millions of ounces, crashing the silver price to an all time historical low of 24.5 cents per ounce in February 1931, triggering the Great Depression by wiping out the majority of the buying power of India and the Far East and China, to whom American industry could no longer export goods, throwing millions of workers out of jobs and into the freezing cold in wintertime, forcing Mexican silver mine workers to choose banditry as the only alternative to starvation after their government couldn’t send in enough corn they could subsist on, inciting the murder of American silver mine owners by laid off workers (New York Times, June 3, 1930, page 32) AND CAUSING INTENTIONAL SEVERE DAMAGE TO SILVER HOLDERS AND MINERS ALL OVER THE WORLD—



—John Brisben Walker, founder of Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Times, February 3, 1931, page 24.



—China Weekly Review, January 17, 1931, page 244.



—letter to New York Times, September 14, 1932, page 20.

Lord Irwin (above), Grand Commander of the Star of India, became The Earl of Halifax and was president of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, 1950-1958. His grandfather was British Secretary of State for India; his family looted India and China for generations, and facilitated their looting for their blue blooded cronies. The first Earl of Halifax, 1661-1715, became Lord of the Treasury in 1692 and according to Wikipedia “the national debt originated from his proposal;” he introduced the bill creating the Bank of England in 1694 and became Chancellor of the Exchequer. Sir Basil Blackett, Pilgrims of Great Britain, authored “Planned Money” (1932) and was a director of De Beers Consolidated Diamond Mines and the Bank of England. He was a member of the Anglo-French Financial Commission and an earlier Royal Commission on Indian Finance and Currency, 1913-1914, which paved the way for the sabotage against silver done by the successor commission in 1925-1926.

“Responsibility for the lowered value of silver is blamed by Reed Smoot, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee upon “a great power,” which he did not name.”—New York Times, October 1, 1930, page 28

“The fact that the British Government for India had SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLION OUNCES THAT IT MIGHT DUMP ON THE MARKETS OF THE WORLD NOT ONLY REDUCED THE PRICE OF SILVER ONE-HALF BUT, BY ITS THREAT TO FURTHER INDEFINITELY REDUCE SUCH PRICE, DESTROYED ITS VALUE FOR CREDIT.  The result was inevitable.  PANIC EXISTS AMONG MORE THAN HALF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WHOSE BUYING POWER IS MEASURED SOLELY IN SILVER.  It has cut in two the purchasing power of China, Mexico, South America, Asia and several European countries.  It has made credit transactions with such silver using countries practically impossible.  The reaction has been felt throughout the world.”

New York Times, December 7, 1930, section III, pages 1-2

“Minister Kung Recommends Adoption of Gold Standard—Kuo Min News Agency—Nanking, January 15, 1930—Peace and general security throughout the country so as to give impetus to trade and industry in the fundamental and most effective measure for relieving the present financial crisis in consequence of the declining silver market, Dr. H.H. Kung, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Labor, said at a press interview today.  Minister Kung further stated that the Government had been informed that CERTAIN UNSCRUPULOUS MANIPULATORS IN SHANGHAI HAD BEEN PURPOSEFULLY UPSETTING THE SILVER MARKET FOR PERSONAL GAINS and the report is now under investigation so that the culprits may be properly dealt with.”

(Kung was another version of Charlie Soong, Kung’s father in law (1863-1918), the first international student at Duke University, endowed by charter Pilgrims Society member Benjamin Duke of the American Tobacco Company fortune; Duke Energy, a giant utility, is their fortune’s cornerstone today; later Soong transferred to Vanderbilt University, site of the anti-silver American Economic Association.  One of Soong’s sons became chairman of the Bank of Canton.  The World Money Power, preparatory to destroying China’s silver system installed its agents in key positions.)

There was no problem of British India deluging world markets with silver in order to wreck prices!  The profiteers referred to in Shanghai—what was the problem with them—were they long silver?  Kung was a Yale University graduate—same effect as Soong coming from Harvard.  Kung became Minister of Finance, 1933-1944; Premier of the Chinese Republic, 1938-1939; and governor of the China Central Bank, 1933-1945.  And guess what!  Kung was Soong’s brother in law!  H.H. Kung, betrayer of his people to anti-silver Western banking interests of The Pilgrims Society, who in 1935 as head of the Chinese central bank prohibited the circulation of silver dollars AND BANNED PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF SILVER and then the “Pinyin” was issued, a fiat paper note meaning “legal tender”)–

The April 5, 1931 China Weekly Review, page 164 noted—


Sir Philip Sassoon, Pilgrims Society, whose mother was Caroline Rothschild, inherited a massive fortune founded in the British opium trade, in which the drug grown in India was sent into China, which caused the two Opium Wars; payment for the drug was demanded in silver; in one large scale incident of violence, British forces opened fire after payment in silver was made, when their assurance was given to not attack if the silver was delivered (See “Silver Users And Opium” at Silver Investor Archives) also and and I would have phrased some accounts differently in places; however the actual facts stand as is—the Sassoons dealt in tens of thousands of chests of opium!  (Weight unknown but considerable).   The New York Daily News, October 15, 1858 made reference to the “Parliamentary Blue Book” which claimed that British export-import trade with just the two cities of Canton and Shanghai, for the years 1844 through 1856, amounted to more than 437,700,000 pounds sterling, a truly fantastic sum; this, from the people who today control the world’s money system!  British opium “exports” into China peaked in 1880 with 105,580 chests! The Sassoons were not alone in that filthy, murderous business, as we will see later! Family entities included the Sassoon Banking Company of China & London; Eastern Bank; Bank of China; Imperial Bank of Persia; Bank of China & Japan; British Burma Petroleum and others.  T.V. Soong, son of Charlie Soong’s sellout banker family we just read about was the Sassoon agent running the Bank of China.  We can only guess at the immense amounts of silver sucked out of China during the opium trade and how they were used to depress silver valuations; instead of blaming Comstock Lode silver for the Panic of 1893, it could actually have been British opium silver that was the source of asserted oversupply; the main cause was coordinated banker whipsawing of the financial system, which they and their pet economists then blamed on silver!  The Pilgrims of Great Britain leaked list, 1980, shows The Duke of Leinster, a Sassoon relation.  The Wikipedia entry on Sir Philip Sassoon has no mention of his opium and silver fortune—

This organization, The Pilgrims Society, known to so few outsiders, has dragged the world towards fiat currencies, destabilized silver and gold as money, annihilated the finances of billions, and will stop at nothing till its goal is realized; and what is that?  To be able to say and have carried out things such as “I WANT THAT MAN KILLED” and “BRING THAT WOMAN TO ME;” absolute power, that’s all the dignified bastards want!  Review the following quotations and be convinced as to their war on monetary silver—


—Nevada Senator Key Pittman, China Weekly Review, January 31, 1931, page 318


Nevada Senator Key Pittman, in the China Weekly Review, January 31, 1931, page 336, stated—

“THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT FOR INDIA BY ITS POLICY HAS STRUCK DOWN THE WEALTH OF INDIA AND DESTROYED THE PURCHASING POWER OF ITS SUBJECTS.  It has not only injured its own subjects but it has equally and in the same manner destroyed the purchasing power of China, South America, Mexico, and every silver using country in the world.  This has disastrously reduced the export trade of the United States and every other country.  The producers of silver, although a small group by comparison with all of the other groups affected, have suffered even more deeply than the producers of other commodities.  MINES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD HAVE BEEN COMPELLED TO CLOSE, ADDING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF IDLE MEN TO THE HORDE OF UNEMPLOYED.”



“A LARGE NUMBER OF CHINESE ARE FORCED TO LOOT TO LIVE.”—Senator Key Pittman, China Weekly Review, April 5, 1931, page 164

In Foreign Affairs, publication of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR, direct unofficial subsidiary of The Pilgrims Society), flunky Herbert B. Elliston, in “The Silver Problem,” April 1931, pages 441-456 vomited out the following banker blather—

“The history of the demonetization of silver goes back over a hundred years.  IT HAS MARCHED HAND IN HAND WITH THE IMPROVEMENT OF LIVING STANDARDS.”

Scum lapping shit bag economists like Elliston have no scruples as to lying; we already saw that the silver demonetization of 1873 “caused millions of deaths” by starvation!  He had no gripe over the British suspending conversion of paper rupee notes into silver!  In America, the unemployed relied on soup kitchens to subsist—

Another convincer of Pilgrims Society attacks on silver causing joblessness—

After the 1918 unrest over note redemption, British military presence in India was increased so as to be able to screw silver over!  Elliston, while at the CFR, worked for John W. Davis, president of the CFR, 1921-1933.  Davis, Pilgrims Society member, was Solicitor General of the United States, 1913-1918, arguing for the government at the Supreme Court; and was Ambassador to England, 1918-1921, during which time he helped implement the Pittman Act of 1918, providing his “Pilgrim Partners” with 200 million ounces of silver so they could maintain control over British India.  Davis was chief counsel to J.P. Morgan & Company, trustee Rockefeller Foundation and director of American Telephone & Telegraph.  His firm was Davis, Polk & Wardwell, which today “works with many of the leading companies of the world” The boss of anti-silver activist Herb Elliston, John W. Davis, was the 1924 Democrat candidate for President—

As of the 1952 Who’s Who, page 736, Elliston was a member of the CFR and the Cosmos Club in D.C. plus the anti-silver Royal Economic Society and the anti-silver American Economic Association and was editor of the Washington Post with a Pulitzer Prize in 1949.


Silver certificate redemption was halted in summer 1968; in India the British squashed it over 37 years earlier!





“The British Government of India commenced selling silver in 1927.  BY THE END OF MARCH 1931 APPROXIMATELY 101,000,000 OUNCES HAD BEEN SOLD.”  Page 811 Asia Magazine December 1931

The Pan American Union had a more accurate tally—

“Silver in the West and the East,” Bulletin of the Pan American Union at Washington, D.C., December 1932, page 835 reported—

“Sales commenced in 1927 and by March 31, 1932, 127,584,564 ounces of silver had been sold.  CLEARLY, THIS INJURED THE PRICE OF SILVER.”

The feature noted that from 1900 inclusive through 1929, 863.4MOZ was used for coinage in British India; recall that at least 200MOZ of that came via the Pittman Act of 1918.  The same Bulletin, December 1932, page 847 commented—


Silver leasing or silver dumping has certainly been around for many, many years.  According to a former ambassador to Germany, the British dumped 640,000,000 silver ounces out of India, causing an 80% drop in purchasing power of silver currency countries (NYT, October 9, 1931, page 16).  The exact figure will never be known and the 640MOZ figure could be overblown, but it was more than ample to achieve British plans to drive the world closer to full fiat.  Before the dumping out of India started, silver was 65 cents an ounce.  The fall in silver valuations caused the Great Depression.  The crash of the U.S. stock market in October 1929 was just another blow on the way down, caused by a sudden tightening of credit on the part of the British linked central bank.  With over half the world’s people on a silver basis, their use of silver as money was struck at hard by the appalling British conspiracy.  People in many nations were thrown out of work because silver using people’s ability to pay had been sabotaged.  Of course this also wrecked their basis for use of silver as credit.  The NYT, May 30, 1931, page 2—

“In spite of a request by the United States Senate that the President take steps to call an international conference to consider the silver problem, the administration has, for reasons that are undoubtedly well considered, taken no action.”

For reasons that are undoubtedly Pilgrims Society related, Hoover took no action!

Sir Austen Chamberlain, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was Foreign Secretary, 1924-1929 and backed the Royal Commission’s recommendations—this was the same Austen Chamberlain who as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1920 shoveled 70 million ounces of silver onto world markets for price suppression purposes (The Times, London, January 15, 1931, page 18).  The silver came from Britain’s coinage debasement from .925 to .500 silver content as of 1920—


—New York Times, April 23, 1933, section 2, page 7.

The Earl of Birkenhead was Secretary of State for India, and backed Lord Irwin. Birkenhead, Pilgrims Society, was described as SOMEONE TO BE AVOIDED AS AN ENEMY” on page 166 of the rare (Hutchinson & Company, London) volume “Pilgrims And Pioneers” (1946) by Sir Harry Brittain, a founder of The Pilgrims Society. The Earl of Birkenhead, seen below in his earlier post as Lord Chancellor in medieval accoutrements, played his role in causing the boundless misery of The Great Depression by smashing the silver money systems of India and China—



—S.R. Bomanji, Indian silver leader, New York Times, May 7, 1931, page 19.

According to a New York Times article, May 6, 1931, page 15, S.R. Bomanji, Indian delegate to the International Chamber of Commerce and representative in London of the Indian Chamber of Commerce—


“THE ENTIRE BUSINESS MACHINERY OF CHINA IS IN CHAOS.”—China Weekly Review, January 11, 1930, page 200


“THE CONTINUING DOWNWARD TREND OF SILVER PRICES CONSTITUTES A GRAVE MENACE TO WORLD TRADE.  Silver in world markets is at the lowest price in history.  No industry is suffering more from declining price levels than is the nonferrous metal mining industry.  We have advocated the calling of an international conference on silver by those countries which produce four fifths of the world’s silver—Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada and the United States.”—Mining Congress Journal, April 1930, page 284


Both beliefs applied—London and New York, each having branches of a nearly unknown two part organization of mega-thieves who “seize the wealth necessary,” have suppressed silver for generations!


The NYT, July 10, 1928, page 32, “French Lose On Silver,” subtitled “Government Will Pay but 40 Cents on Dollar for Demonetized Coins” noted—

“Paris—The silver coins hoarded for years by French peasants in their proverbial woolen socks will not be redeemed at par, but at two-fifths of their pre-war value.  The Government has fixed the ratio, effective next Monday, for the silver pieces which have been demonetized under the stabilization bill, the value being set on the basis of the bullion value.”

(The lowered bullion value was attributable 100% to the British dumping silver out of India that started over a year before that—and to no other cause!  You can be sure that the authors of the stabilization bill knew what was taking place; maybe many of them even approved of it!)


(Sick tricks such as this won’t work today—there isn’t any silver of any magnitude left to dump.  Even if all the metal in Barclay’s ETF “seeped” out into the market, with more investors realizing the best silver is that which they privately hold, it couldn’t dent the price by too much for very long.  It could frighten out the uninformed, however!)

The NYT, September 16, 1928, page 17, “France Gets Hoarded Gold,” subtitled, “97 Tons of it and 500 Tons of Silver Have Been Turned in by Peasants” revealed—

“Paris—(AP)—Five hundred tons of silver coins have been turned into the French Treasury since stabilization of the franc was decreed, and Premier Poincare announced that the silver 1, 2 and 5 franc pieces were NO LONGER LEGAL TENDER.  Ninety-seven tons of gold coin likewise have found their way into the coffers of the Treasury.  Bank officials say that the peasant hoarders prefer gold to silver and must still have billions of gold francs buried in their gardens and cellars.”

The December 24, 1929 NYT, page 23 stated—

“Although it is expected that it will be many years before silver is abandoned as a monetary unit, reports have been current in banking circles that France may insist on the gold standard for Indo-China.”

What we find in French Indochina (what we now know as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, which colonial empire ended in 1954) were coins of zinc; copper; nickel; and aluminum

However, as regards the opium trade in those areas, silver was still demanded as payment and was called the opium tael

The December 22, 1930 NYT, page 30, shows the corrupting British influence in French financial circles—

“It is also believed that any concerted plan in the direction of supporting silver would mean reversion to the bimetallic theory, WHICH NO LONGER HAS ANY SUPPORT IN FRANCE, AND WHICH IS CONSIDERED, IN VIEW OF FINANCIAL CONDITIONS OF THE PERIOD, TO BE AN ABSURDITY.”

(Silver had huge support in France, but not among the corrupted, infiltrated, bought-off leadership. Adverse financial conditions of the period were caused by demonetization of silver.  Then the crooks blamed the victim for the crime!)  Yes, any bankers anywhere would be tempted to act against hard money, even had Britain never existed.  It would take another essay to discuss the Latin Monetary Union, which lasted from 1865 to 1927 (when Great Britain’s silver attack intensified).  These nations used silver and gold coins for currency and included Belgium; Italy; Switzerland; Austria; Greece; Bulgaria; Romania; Serbia; Montenegro; Venezuela; San Marino; Vatican State; and France.)

“Silver Reaches A New Low Level,” China Weekly Review, March 8, 1930, page 49—

“Exchange, by which is meant the price of silver in terms of gold, and vice versa which has always been one of the main points of business in China has during recent months become a matter of much more than ordinary importance, owing to the continued decline of the price of silver.  Now on top of a still further decline there have come sudden jerks upwards and downwards, so that businessmen, importers, exporters, brokers and bankers, are kept keyed up to high tension, not knowing from moment to moment what is likely to happen next.”

“The price of bar silver dropped to 19.125 pence per ounce in London, March 1.  THIS WAS THE LOWEST PRICE EVER REACHED SINCE RECORDS HAVE BEEN KEPT.  In Shanghai where all imports and exports have to go through an exchange transaction, and where in addition there is huge speculation in gold bars, the rates for a short time went so low that a gold dollar was worth a little more than three Mexican dollars.  THE SUDDEN DROP WAS ATTRIBUTED TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT INDIA DECIDED TO LEVY A TAX ON SILVER.

Lord Arthur Salter, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, member of Parliament who became Baron Salter of Kidlington in 1953, opposed silver as money and argued against an international silver conference (“The Silver Problem,” Political Science Quarterly, September 1931)—



—Journal of Political Science, September 1931, page 329.

Lord James Stanhope, the 13th Earl of Chesterfield, son in law of the 6th Marquess of Sligo, who became leader of the House of Lords, was another Pilgrims Society member atop the British establishment who had icy feelings against monetary silver.  He owned a 145 room estate. The Times, London, December 8, 1932, page 7, had this to say—


The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, December 10, 1932, page 3954, “British House of Lords Bars Bi-Metalism Move, Blocks Attempt to Put Issue Up to World Economic Conference” reported Lord Stanhope making a declaration that “if we could get 1,000,000,000 ounces of silver out of China and India” letting slip British intentions to continue silver dumping so prices could be managed at low levels, in their effort to discredit silver as money!


Silver suppressor Lord Stanhope had his way, as the 1933 World Economic Conference, summer 1933, held in London at the Geological Museum, was a Pilgrims Society farce benefitting The Money Power at dear cost of grief and poverty to the world (a subject for a whole other extensive research, for which I have tons of info and little time) —

Below, Pilgrims Society member Andrew Mellon, revealed in Congressional proceedings to be a heavy holder of shares in more than 300 corporations and whose property (source—Texas Congressman Wright Patman) was alleged to be EQUAL TO THE ENTIRE VALUE OF ALL THE PROPERTY IN THE STATE OF TEXAS” (mentioned in book, cover of which is seen later on), as Treasury Secretary 1921-1932 acted as a silver suppressor! Mellon was the only man to hold off the Rockefellers in oil (Gulf Oil) and J.P. Morgan in steel (with Union Sharon Steel). The New York Times, March 9, 1926, page 36, reported that Secretary Mellon rebuffed pleas from American miners that the Treasury comply with the balance of silver purchases at $1 per ounce provided for in the Pittman Act of 1918, cheating miners out of $14 million in revenues ( a major sum in those days)—

While Ambassador to Britain 1932-1933, Mellon refused to ask England to mollify its attacks on the silver price! He was chairman of the War Finance Corporation and is known to have reaped colossal profits from World War I. From The Times, London—



The Mining Congress Journal, November 1929, page 912 reported the American Silver Producers Association lost its lawsuit to force the government to complete its agreed silver purchases under the 1918 Pittman Act.  15 million ounces at $1 per ounce was in arrears; the Treasury refused to honor the remaining provisions of the Act when the world price was falling to well under half that level, thanks to British actions in India; and a corrupt Supreme Court led by Pilgrims Society member William H. Taft upheld the Treasury Department against the miners.  The Wikipedia entry on decisions handed down by the Taft Supreme Court censored that fact out of its enumeration.  William H. Taft, 1857-1930, was tapped for Skull & Bones Society at Yale, as was his younger brother, Henry W. Taft; both became Pilgrims Society members, the senior and by far the more powerful society.  See the admission by Henry Taft on page 2521 of the 1940 Who’s Who.  The elder Taft was Governor of the Philippines, 1901-1903, which we took after the Spanish-American War; he was Secretary of War, 1904-1908; previously he was Solicitor General of the United States, who represents the Government at the Supreme Court, 1890-1892; as a Federal judge in 1893 he ruled in favor of Mellon’s aluminum trust; he became President of the United States, 1909-1913, supporting the Federal Reserve Act into and fighting for the 16th Amendment inflicting the Income Tax on Americans.  In 1920 William Taft became the first president of the English Speaking Union of the United States, a Crown organization always run by Pilgrims Society members whose function is to make English the universal language in a world government.  In 1910 Taft appointed Charles Evans Hughes to the Supreme Court, who succeeded him as Chief Justice in 1930 and also became a silver suppressing Pilgrims Society member—

The Times, London, January 1, 1929, page 18 reported—

“In the summer the Supreme Court at Washington rejected the application of the American Silver Producers Association to compel the United States Treasury to purchase 14,500,000 ounces still remaining under the Pittman Act.  IT IS VERY IMPROBABLE THIS PURCHASE WILL EVER TAKE PLACE.”

The Mining Congress Journal, March 1929, page 239, reported that a preliminary judge, Wendell Stafford, gave his opinion that the silver producers “did not have sufficient interest to bring the suit.”  I wish I could have been there to tell the judge he didn’t have sufficient interest to summon firefighters if his house were ablaze.  The deck was stacked; Stafford was a member of the Cosmos Club in D.C., a network organization.


—New York Times, February 14, 1931, page 24.

The 1897-1942 Who Was Who in America, page 828, Mellon was “chairman ex-officio Federal Reserve Board, Farm Loan Board, U.S. Section of Pan American High Commission, also director U.S. Railroad Administration and member board Reconstruction Finance Corporation.” The RFC’s gold dealings would make for an extensive investigation!

United States Secretary of State, 1925-1929 Frank B. Kellogg, Pilgrims Society, had no issue with British actions in silver; he called silver “unsound money” (New York Times, December 12, 1933, page 2) and that it represented “inflation” (New York Times, December 4, 1933, page2) —

Kellogg, a former Senator and Ambassador to England and president of the American Bar Association 1912-1913, became a justice of the globalist World Court, 1930-1935.

In the Mining Congress Journal, September 1930, Francis Brownell, chairman of American Smelting and Refining, had an article, “The Silver Situation.”  Let’s read some of his comments—

“The fall in the price of silver of nearly 15 cents per ounce during the spring of 1930 caused rapidly increasing demoralization, particularly in China and Mexico.  Mexico and other silver countries experienced a disastrous effect from the fall in the price of silver.  The purchasing power of all silver countries became seriously impaired and their ability to acquire commodities of the United States and European countries substantially lessened.” (page 677)

What was behind the collapse in the silver price at that time?  Reading Brownell further we find—

“In 1926, a Royal Commission on India’s monetary system recommended that India go to a gold exchange standard and gradually sell on the open market the excess stocks of silver, consisting of several hundred million ounces then owned by the Indian government.  At the time of publication of that report in the summer of 1926, silver was selling at about 65 cents per ounce.  A RAPID FALL IN THE PRICE FOLLOWED, and in December of the same year the price averaged less than 53 and a half cents.  For a time after the War, when confidence in the monies of European nations had been so greatly destroyed, it seemed possible that a greater use of silver for monetary purposes would be necessary.  BUT WHEN THE ROYAL COMMISSION’S REPORT BECAME KNOWN, THIS TENDENCY STOPPED.  The European nations either greatly reduced or entirely abandoned the use of silver for subsidiary coinage.”

The entire upper echelons of the British establishment were arrayed against silver as money; and remains so!

Neville Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said HE DID NOT THINK ANY USEFUL PURPOSE WOULD BE SERVED BY CALLING AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SILVER.” —Pilgrims Society member Chamberlain, World Money Power spokesman, quoted in New York Times, November 18, 1931, page 11

The same dismal resistance to an international silver conference—to remedy the price collapse in silver intentionally caused by the British establishment (as always, Pilgrims Society members), was encountered from Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald (below, the truculent looking conspirator). The April 23, 1933 New York Times, page 27, noted THE STRANGE COINCIDENCE OF MR. MACDONALD’S VISIT WITH AMERICA’S DEPARTURE FROM GOLD.”


—“Silver and Prosperity,” Mining Congress Journal, July 1930, page 549.

According to Sir Abe Bailey, 1864-1940, was an associate of Cecil Rhodes and “became one of the world’s wealthiest men” due to seizing diamond bearing lands in Rhodesia. The Times, London, August 24, 1931, page 12 had Bailey making this bizarre mercenary statement—

“I am surprised to see responsible statesmen advocating the remonetization of silver, which would add very little to currency AND IS A FORM OF CONFISCATION AND REPUDIATION.”

PILGRIMS SOCIETY member, anti-silver financier, diamond tycoon Sir Abe Bailey—


—Utah Silver Senator (from 1917-1941) William H. King, New York Times, June 14, 1931, page 22.

The Commercial & Financial Chronicle of December 10, 1932 page 3954 quoted Montana silver Senator Burton K. Wheeler stating— “GREAT BRITAIN WOULD NOT AGREE TO MAKING SILVER A UNIVERSAL CURRENCY BASE.”

Striking out from London like an octopus that strangles!

Hidden financial alliances, danger that entangles!

Working secretly to take our silver away!


The 11th Marquess of Lothian, Philip Henry Kerr, who was British Ambassador to Washington in 1939-1940, was another Pilgrims Society member. As Undersecretary of State for India in 1931-1932 his input went into dumping silver out of British India onto world markets, killing silver values and attacking it as money in order to lead the world down hell’s road towards full fiat—




—El Economista, Mexico City, quoted in the New York Times, March 10, 1931, page 12.

Secretary of State, Pilgrims Society member Henry L. Stimson (below) quoted in the New York Times, June 4, 1932, page 5, declared—


It’s as if what Neville Chamberlain and Henry Stimson said to squelch a world silver conference was scripted for them by a Rothschild or a Rockefeller or a Windsor or Astor or some such! Yes, within The Pilgrims Society there exists a hard inner core of globalists, the others being their lieutenants, functionaries and tag-alongs! Stimson—


—New York Times, May 11, 1931, page 2. It was Britain’s attack against silver money that caused the Great Depression! Yet we still see alleged experts in precious metals commentary carelessly stating that the stock market crash of October 1929 was the cause, when in fact it was a mere secondary causative agent! Please do your historical homework before parroting statements propagated by fiat currency activists! If stock price downturns cause depressions, why worry about the absence of gold and silver from the monetary structure?

“The silver countries or three fourths of the 2 billion of the people that live on earth, have been deprived of their purchasing power.”—R.J. Cromie, publisher, Vancouver Sun, quoted in China Weekly Review, October 18, 1930, page 236.

“The buying power of silver countries lies dormant and AS A RESULT WORLD BUSINESS IS PARALYZED.” (ibid)

Anyone reviewing these documented details who still maintains that the October 1929 stock market crash caused the Great Depression must be suspect of being in the fiat money camp, or someone too proud to admit to have been wrong.

“The decline in silver prices has caused losses estimated as high as $3,000,000,000 to Indian silver holders. Price declines in silver long preceded the general world depression.”—Current History, May 1932, pages 176-177

“The evil influence of silver depreciation has been felt by all the countries of the world.”—Yue Kwei-Zun, director, Tung Yih Bank, Shanghai, China Weekly Review, June 11, 1932, page 49.



The New York Times, June 27, 1932, page 25, “Cheap Silver Adds to Depression” —

“Colonel Harden and Mr. Thomas agreed that the effects on American growers were tragic.  “In one day recently,” said Mr. Thomas, “30,000 COTTON FARMS IN MISSISSIPPI WERE SOLD UNDER THE HAMMER.”

Millions of previously self supporting Americans were forced out into the streets, into tent cities and camping out in woodlands, and into rickety shacks unreliable for shielding from storms—;-Co-Company-History.html indicates that large consolidated interests acquired failing textile operations during the Depression.  Milliken & Company was connected to National City Bank, a top tier Pilgrims Society bank.  Two Millikens were listed as charter Pilgrims Society members in 1903. The British attack on silver that started in India in 1926 was a repeat of the Crime of ’73, the Coinage Act of 1873 that virtually demonetized silver and wrecked the finances of millions, allowing concentration of wealth in the hands of gold holders!  It of course stemmed from the Bank of England and its subversive lobbying of Congress during 1872!

“SILVER ENJOYS A PRESTIGE OUT OF PROPORTION TO ITS IMPORTANCE.”—“Unimportance Of Silver,” World’s Work, N.Y., August 1931, page 21, by prostitute economist Joseph S. Lawrence, member of anti-silver American Economic Association, financial writer for New York Herald Tribune; owned by Ogden R. Reid (1882-1947) a director of Harriman National Bank, second generation Pilgrims Society member whose father was Ambassador to England—

His sons Whitelaw Reid and Ogden R. Reid became Pilgrims Society members; both members of Book and Snake Society of Yale; Whitelaw ran the publishing empire and was a member of the U.S. National Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO); Ogden was Ambassador to Israel (1959-1961), director of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance; trustee of the (British front) Atlantic Council of the U.S.; Congressman from New York, 1963-1975, during which critical period he voted for everything the Silver Users Association wanted. On July 14, 1965, Ogden Reid, Republican from New York, voted for the Coinage Act of 1965, terminating 90% silver coinage.

The New York Times, October 11, 1931, page 3, reported that the United States delegate to the Pan American Union opposed that organization’s proposal for a world conference on the monetary rehabilitation of silver. The Pan American Union, now known as the Organization of American States, represented silver producing nations in the Southern part of the Western hemisphere. All American delegates to international conferences are subject to the orders of the Secretary of State. Henry Stimson of The Pilgrims Society actively opposed an international conference for restoration of silver money! The reason; the Society included those in control of central banks, who worked to send silver into the toilet, and to lower gold reserve requirements eventually to zero!

Stimson’s mentor was Pilgrims Society member Elihu Root, called “the most brilliant administrator in American history” who assisted Pilgrims Society member, Crown loyalist Andrew Carnegie set up the astonishingly virulent Carnegie Foundations, which, like the Rhodes Trust, the Rockefeller, Mellon, Ford and other foundations, are administered by Pilgrims Society members.

Viscount Simon, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was Foreign Secretary, 1931-1935 and played his role in dumping Indian silver onto world markets, causing the Great Depression; afterwards he became Chancellor of the Exchequer—


—New York Times, April 25, 1933, page 16.

The December 28, 1932 New York Times, page 25, featured “South Africa Notes Off Gold Standard,” with subtitles, “Treasury Gives Reserve Banks Right to Refuse to Redeem in Sovereigns” and “Gold Export Is Curbed” and “Restrictions Will Seek to Prevent Further Hoarding and Flight of Country’s Capital”—

“Pretoria, South Africa—SOUTH AFRICA, THE GREATEST GOLD PRODUCING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS VIRTUALLY ABANDONED THE GOLD STANDARD.  This was the purport of an official statement issued by the Treasury tonight relieving the Reserve Bank from responsibility for redeeming notes in gold.  Powers for this action were taken under emergency financial regulations passed by Parliament last year.”

The move against gold convertibility was made by The 6th Earl of Clarendon (George Herbert Hyde Villiers), Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, member of the Privy Council to the Crown and the House of Lords who was British Governor General of South Africa, 1931-1937—

His grandfather was a three term Foreign Secretary; his father was a member of Parliament and the Privy Council to the Crown; his grandfather was the 3rd Earl of Normanton, member of Parliament.  The British led attack against silver was followed immediately by an attack on gold, with their Pilgrim Partners Franklin Roosevelt and Henry Morgenthau Jr. screwing Americans out of gold just as soon as FDR invaded the White House with his diabolical, demonized presence. The Pilgrims Society of London and New York, the fiat World Money Power, opposes silver and gold as money and ownership thereof by the public, even if treated only as commodities!  When the present synthetic system they imposed fails, they’ll offer as a “remedy” the taking of precious metals from We The People a second time!  Making others aware of their existence and operations is the best way to frustrate their intentions!

Charles Dawes, Pilgrims Society, authored the Dawes Plan under which German currency was reorganized after the 1923 Weimar hyperinflation debacle into the “Rentenmark,” the new paper currency was allegedly “backed” by all the land in Germany. Dawes, a natural gas magnate, became Ambassador of England, 1929-1932 and was tapped to head the $2 billion Reconstruction Finance Corporation in 1932. The RFC had huge manipulative gold activities (evidence is in numerous New York Times news stories, I hope to review when time allows; for example, November 7, 1933, page 37 “RFC Gold Buying a Substantial Sum but Keeps Total a Secret”) —


In 1925 Dawes won the Nobel Prize with Sir Austen Chamberlain, Pilgrims Society, silver suppressor. Dawes authored “The Banking System of the United States” in 1892 and organized Central Trust Company of Illinois in 1902. Dawes was director of the Bureau of the Budget in 1921 and tremendous quantities of war related products and machinery was “auctioned” to such as Andrew Mellon for pennies on the dollar.  Dawes, vice President of the U.S., 1925-1929, became Ambassador to Britain till 1932 and was inducted into the Order of the Bath, tracing back centuries to a time when military leaders acting for the Crown would take a ceremonial bath after dispatching the King’s enemies.

Adolph Augustus Berle Jr., Pilgrims Society, was special counsel to the covert gold dealing Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1933-1938, helped found the St. Lawrence Seaway and the International Civil Aviation Organization and was Ambassador to Brazil, 1945-1946.  The New York Times, November 1, 1933, page 10, described Berle as “a member of the Brain Trust and one of those formulating President Roosevelt’s program.”  The story also mentioned Rexford Tugwell as part of FDR’s “Brain Trust;” Tugwell later surfaced as a Pilgrims Society member with a long list of connections.  Members of The Pilgrims have guided our national destiny to our immense detriment for over a century; but they won’t release a membership roster, as they do indeed have an overwhelming number of manipulations to hide—they want us to believe it’s all happened by random chance!  Berle was a member of American delegations to international conferences in Argentina, Peru and Cuba—

Albert H. Wiggin, Pilgrims Society, organized Bankers Trust Company and in 1917 became chairman of Chase National Bank, in which he was instrumental in bringing in members of the Rockefeller family as investors. Wiggin appeared on over seventy (70+) corporate boards, including such large entities as General Motors, Westinghouse Electric, B.F. Goodrich and Newmont Mining. Wiggin was a delegate to the Pan American Financial Conference of 1915, where monetary silver was ignored. He was a member of the anti-silver money Bankers Club of America. He sold short shares of Chase, netting over $4 million in that deal alone, which was set up via a Canadian entity to be tax free


The New York Times, April 25, 1934, page 4, brazenly contradicted itself first by saying “Banks have no interest in the price of silver” and in the same story stating “The Chase National Bank has had important relationships with the silver markets in many countries, including the Far East.”

Wiggin was treasurer and trustee of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Association (Who’s Who, 1942, page 2339).

Myron T. Herrick, Pilgrims Society (Who Was Who In America, 1897-1942, page 555) was chairman of Union Carbide & Carbon Company (industrial silver user), member Republican National Committee, Ambassador to France, Governor of Ohio, director New York Life Insurance and president American Bankers Association (anti-silver) —

Cordell Hull, Pilgrims Society, was Secretary of State and chaired the American delegation to the World Monetary & Economic Conference of London from June 12 to July 27, 1933, held at the Geological Museum, in which his British pals in The Pilgrims Society agreed on behalf of their sinister government that it would limit its silver dumping out of British India to 35 to 50MOZ per annum (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, December 23, 1933, page 4440) —



The Times, London, June 28, 1933, page 9 said— “The Pilgrims organization had become renowned throughout the world BY CEMENTING BETTER RELATIONS BETWEEN ALL THE NATIONS.”  Yet, the Society remains known to very few, and the extremely rare references to them in the public record apparently function to fend off the allegation that they are a Secret Society.

Hull wrote the Federal Income Tax statute of 1913 and its 1916 revision and the inheritance tax law of 1916. The king makers behind him knew they’d be exempt from inheritance tax via their foundations and trusts; another way to prevent capital formation outside The Society. Hull was the longest serving Secretary of State, 1933-1944 and known as “the father of the United Nations” another giant organization of extreme importance tracing back to a Pilgrims Society member!

Herbert B. Swope, Pilgrims Society, was a U.S. delegate to the World Monetary & Economic Conference of 1933 at London in which silver was again dealt blows while being given lip service only.  He was chief correspondent of The New York World at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and was a member of the War Industries Board.  The 1940 Who’s Who, page 2518 shows him a “member of executive committee of Columbia Broadcasting System, Brooklyn Manhattan Transit and N.Y. Rapid Transit; and director Queens Traction; member Council, National Civil Service Reform; member N.Y. State Planning Board; vice chairman N.Y. State Committee on Emergency Public Works, 1932-1933; member State and City executive committee of National Recovery Administration; member executive committee Senator Wagner’s and Governor Lehman’s campaigns; delegate to National Democratic Convention and member executive committee, 1932 and 1936; former director National Public Housing Conference; member executive committee, N.Y. Unemployment Relief, 1932-1933; member executive committee Voluntary Defenders League; member American Society of Newspaper Editors (one of the founders); Council on Foreign Relations.  Address—30 Rockefeller Plaza”—

Herbert Swope once won $470,000 in a single poker game in a small example of how Pilgrims Society members “seize the wealth necessary” The 1948 Who’s Who, pages 2428-2429 shows he became “chairman of Overseas News Agency; consultant to Secretary of War, 1942-1946; received 2 Pulitzer Prizes; member U.S. delegation to United Nations Atomic Energy Commission which prepared plan for Atomic Control; Pilgrims.”  His older brother Gerard Swope, president of General Electric, was also a Pilgrims Society member.  The earlier volume showed Herbert as a member of the Commission of Crime Control in New York.  What a laugh!  They sabotage silver to impoverish the world then show themselves public spirited citizens by clamping down on small scale criminals!

The 1934 book, “The Money Muddle” by James Warburg, reviewed in Time Magazine, May 21, 1934, revealed the view of his father, Pilgrims Society member Paul Warburg, known as the “father of the Federal Reserve Act,” that monetization of silver is wrong! They are an important family dynasty of The Pilgrims Society and Sir Siegmund Warburg, the creator of the Eurobond market, was mentioned by Business Week Magazine in “A European Prefers Wall Street,” November 23, 1974, pages 92-93—he COUNTS AMONG HIS FRIENDS SOME OF THE MOST POWERFUL MEN IN THE WORLD”

London financiers, leaders of a group of would-be gods!

Manipulating gold, silver, currencies, and opium pods!

University economists lying for them, getting their nods,

Telling us paper money is wealth, miserable clods!


S.G. Warburg & Company merged into Swiss Bank Corporation in 1995. Ted Butler has often alleged Swiss banks to have sold huge amounts of unbacked silver certificates; this of course in addition to serious fraud would represent another major element of silver price suppression. As of late 2010 we see reports of large banks stalling when called on by clients to take delivery of stored (?) silver, and offers of cash instead! Warburg’s fellow Pilgrims Society member, Lord Roll of Ipsden, was a governor of the Bank of England, 1968-1977, and chaired the Society’s unofficial subsidiary for indoctrinating transitory heads of state, the Bilderberg meetings, from 1986-1989.

King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, Royal Patron of the fiat money creators, The Pilgrims Society, with Hitler in 1937—


The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, January 1, 1938, page 45, noted that Federal Reserve Bank of New York official, W. Randolph Burgess, in a speech to the American Economic Association (banker prostitute professors) advocated lowering the price of silver. Page 47, in continued coverage of the speech, noted that in place of gold payments, Burgess suggested what he called “THE STATISTICAL EQUIVALENT OF GOLD.” How can mere numbers substitute for physical commodity? Burgess chaired the anti-silver American Bankers Association in 1944-1945 and was an executive of the predecessor to Citigroup. It’s unclear which year Burgess became a Pilgrims Society member; he never so stated in any Who’s Who volume but appeared in the leaked 1969 list. Does the Society care to disavow any names as members? No, the Society wants to remain silent, and in the dark! At that time silver was federally fixed (Fascism) at 77.57 cents per ounce; as of the January 8, 1938 Commercial & Financial Chronicle, the Treasury responded to this central banker’s suggestion by lowering the silver price to 64.64 cents per ounce (Fascism!) Life Magazine showed Burgess at the American Embassy in Paris, France, circa 1957, the year he became U.S. Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) hob-nobbing with Rhode Island Senator, Silver Users Association ally Theodore Green; below he’s seen with silver price suppressor, New York Senator Jacob Javits (more on Javits later on!) —


—Arizona Congressman John Murdock, New York Times, September 21, 1942, page 26

The Saturday Evening Post, October 31, 1942, gave the banker shill, Walter Spahr, a sounding board for his attack on silver money.  The article was titled “Silver Scandal” and the American Economic Association member vilified monetary silver as a tool of “currency expansionists” which is like calling a protective parent an ally of child molesters! The Saturday Evening Post was owned by publishing magnate Cyrus Curtis, Pilgrims Society (1850-1933) whose Saturday Evening Post and Ladies Home Journal once accounted for 40% of all magazine advertising revenues in America; his fortune in 2008 dollars was reckoned to be $43.2 billion

In “More Sense About Silver” on December 24, 1942, page 14, the New York Times spoke of metal” referred to silver as being “a metal of declining monetary usefulness.” At that time the publisher of the great newspaper was Arthur Hays Sulzberger, Pilgrims Society, who also had hydroelectric power interests and was a Rockefeller Foundation trustee from 1939 to 1957—

Left to right, New York Times publishers, all tawdry Pilgrims Society members—Adolph S. Ochs (1896-1935); Arthur Hays Sulzberger (1935-1961); Orvil E. Dryfoos (1961-1963); Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (1963-1992); and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., 1992 to present.

While the great newspaper is a prime source of information on silver history, its editorial slant has been oriented against silver for well over a century; three examples will suffice—The New York Times, January 23, 1878, page 4, called silver coins a “drug” and the silver trade dollars (1873-1885) a “nuisance.”



The Nation, the oldest weekly magazine in continuous publication in the United States since 1865, featured and article “Silver Without Sense” in its May 2, 1934 edition; page 494 refers to “THE SILVER MANIACS” and stated—


That’s such a richly poisonous allegation by a synthetic money bandwagon member!  Franklin Roosevelt, Pilgrims Society gold and silver stealer, was a contributor to The Nation.  On November 6, 1873, The Nation posted an anti-silver article, “Ministers of Finance.”  Other contributors have included Communist Leon Trotsky and confetti currency advocate John Maynard Keynes.

Pilgrims Society member Richard T. Ely (Who’s Who, 1940, page 862) was a founder in 1885 of the anti-silver American Economic Association. (The Ford Foundation, led by such Pilgrims Society members as Henry T. Heald, John J. McCloy and Paul G. Hoffman, has supported the AEA). The AEA has 18,000 members, at least half are university professors, and it’s sponsored by the Vanderbilts, a founding family of The Pilgrims Society. The American Economic Association listed as Richard T. Ely Lecturers the following anti-silver individuals—Andrew F. Brimmer (1982) ex-Federal Reserve governor, director of Du Pont (Silver Users Association members), COMEX governor in January 1980 when liquidation only in silver was ordered, destroying the Hunts; George P. Shultz (1995) former Secretary of State, ex- director of J.P. Morgan & Company, Pilgrims Society member; Martin S. Feldstein (1996) Harvard Professor, director American International Group; Lawrence H. Summers, anti-gold Treasury Secretary (probably a member); and Mervyn A. King (2004, governor of the Bank of England (very likely a member).  The American Economic Association executive committee has featured Ellen R. McGrattan of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Take cover of AEA Journal, laminate, and place in bottom of your toilet bowl. Ely—

Swing a dead chicken, utter a voodoo chant,
But without gold & silver, you really can’t,
Fix the money system, hear the stupid rant,
Of the prostitute economist, who shows his slant!


As the economist wipes the pus from his eyes;

We look at him, and he’s covered with flies!

He stands in supreme disgrace;

Lying for bankers all over the place!


Myers in “History of the Great American Fortunes,” (first edition 1907), page 368, noted of the Vanderbilts —


That was back in the 19th century!

Cornelius Vanderbilt III was on The Pilgrims executive committee (“The Pilgrims of the United States,” 2003, page 102) as was Herbert Satterlee, son in law of the Pilgrims Society member who was called “almost Lord of Creation” (J.P. Morgan) and was present at a reception in New York for the Prince of Wales on November 21, 1919. Of Vanderbilt’s grandfather financial historian Gustavus Myers said, “The impact of his vast fortune was well-nigh resistless” and reported his legalized theft of $44 million in 1869! Vanderbilt III was a director of some 22 entities involved in banking, railroads, subways, real estate, life insurance and steel, some operating in Mexico and the Philippines (Who’s Who, 1916, page 2515). The Vanderbilts have had other representation in The Society, including becoming a son in law of Pilgrims Society member Donald Platten in 1986, then chairman of Chemical Bank New York, now part of “Jive Pig Moron Erase!”

Robert M. Kindersley, 1st Baron Kindersley (1871-1954), Pilgrims Society, Order of the British Empire, was a businessman, stock broker, merchant banker and central banker who organized the National Savings Committee, serving as its president from 1920-1946, egging on commoners to hold savings in other than precious metals so he and his Pilgrims Society inflation kingpin pals could continue to slash at their financial security—

Kindersley’s father was from a wealthy family who had been a Captain in the British Indian Army.  He joined the London Stock Exchange in 1901, becoming a partner in David A. Bevan & Company in 1902 and the merchant bank Lazard Brothers in 1905, a firm with which he was connected for the rest of his life and of which he became chairman in 1919. He was Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company from 1915 to 1925 and a director of the gold and silver suppressing Bank of England from 1914 to 1946. In 1924 he was the senior British representative on the Dawes Committee, chaired by Charles Dawes, Pilgrims Society.  He was a major shareholder in Canadian Northern Railway; the town of Kindersley, Saskatchewan, is named for him.

Page 2233 of the 1941 Who’s Who shows John E. Rovensky, Pilgrims Society, of 55 Wall Street, as a vice president of National City Bank of New York, a predecessor of Citigroup. Rovensky, for whom a famous 46.50 carat diamond is named, was an executive committee member of the Stable Money Association of America. Edwin Kemmerer, anti-silver money activist economist, was a president of the Stable Money Association. He was associated with U.S. & Foreign Securities Corporation, later run by anti-silver coinage Pilgrims Society member Douglas Dillon (which read about later). In “Kemmerer on Money” (1934, John C. Winston Company, Philadelphia), page 116, Kemmerer stated—


According to Kemmerer was a Pilgrims Society member and a new entry to my lists—


Other high level propagandists against silver in the so-called Stable Money Association included Paul Warburg, Pilgrims Society, of the Bank of Manhattan, a predecessor to current silver price antagonist JPMorganChase, member of the anti-silver Economic Club of New York; nominee to the board of the War Finance Corporation whose niece married a Rothschild; director, Council on Foreign Relations, 1921-1932 and known as the Father of the Federal Reserve Act who became a member of the Federal Reserve Board, 1914-1918—


Warburg, who was a Wells Fargo director also chaired International Acceptance Bank and had considerable holdings in railroad and silver using as catalyst chemical industries and was a trustee of the anti-silver Brookings Institution in the District of Columbia. Read more on the International Acceptance Bank and its ties to Soviet Communist development

Page 169 of the report of the proceedings of the Pan American Financial Conference of 1915 features this statement from inner circle Pilgrims Society member Paul Moritz Warburg—

“The United States has a gold stock amounting to the phenomenal sum of about $1,890,000,000, of which so far only $800,000,000 in round figures have been concentrated in the Federal Reserve banks.  THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS NEED ONLY CONTINUE THE PROCESS JUST BEGUN OF SUBSTITUTING FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES FOR THE GOLD AND GOLD CERTIFICATES NOW IN CIRCULATION, IN ORDER TO GAIN CONTROL OF VAST ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL POWER WHICH NOW LIES IDLE.  We may confidently expect to find ample means to handle this business by the simple process of perfecting our organization and assembling our idle gold.” notes that Warburg’s son was an advisor to FDR. Paul Warburg attended the Pan American Financial Conference in D.C. in 1915—

PAUL MANIAC WARTHOG was candid as to the gold absorption conspiracy he was part of—ripoff gold from the citizenry in return for bastardized banker issued paper jinxed to catch fire as to purchasing power.  They regard precious metal outside their control as “idle” and it’s “ours,” said Warburg!  That meeting was 14 years and 10 months before Roosevelt’s gold seizure order; evidently threats of penalties were deemed necessary to get most of the rest of the gold deemed “idle” by The Pilgrims Society.  And according to the dictates of their septic tank mentalities, having criminalized private ownership of gold, they couldn’t help themselves but to also go after silver, which they did after a phenomenal 17 months had elapsed.

Another Pilgrims Society member at that 1915 conference was John Bassett Moore, who was president of the American Political Science Association, honorary president of the Pan American Society who became a judge at the Permanent Court of International Justice at The Hague; director Equitable Life Assurance Society who gave as his address in the 1933 Who’s Who, page 1653, as Chase National Bank.

Also of the anti-silver Stable Money Association was Owen D. Young, Pilgrims Society, monetary silver suppressor, founded Radio Corporation of America in 1919; trustee Rockefeller Foundation 1928-1940; director Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1923-1940, ending as chairman; chairman of General Electric, 1922-1939 and 1942-1944; director, Council on Foreign Relations, 1927-1940, a front by which many influential persons are brought into The Pilgrims Society orbit without actually being members; member, War Manpower Commission, 1942-1945, and creator of the Young Plan for German reparations, which gave rise to the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, in 1930

Pilgrims Society member Gates McGarrah, originally a Chase National Bank executive, became chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and went to be first chairman of the Bank for International Settlements in 1930; he was an Astor family operative as an Astor Foundation trustee. His grandson Richard Helms became CIA director. McGarrah was succeeded by Pilgrims Society member Leon Fraser, another anti-silver activist who BLAMED U.S. SILVER COINAGE FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THE WORLD’S MONEY TROUBLES (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, May 18, 1935, page 3306). He was a U.S. representative at the 1933 World Monetary & Economic Conference in London where silver was denied its full status. After BIS he became president of First National City Bank of New York and a director of General Electric, U.S. Steel, Mutual Life Insurance and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was a trustee of Columbia University, Union College, American Academy in Rome and the American Historical Association and director, Council on Foreign Relations, 1936-1945. The reason for mentioning those trusteeships is clear; it must be suspected that in his capacity as trustee, he caused those institutions to maintain an anti-silver slant. That could consist of simply not mentioning silver! Still another Pilgrims Society member in the anti-silver Stable Money Association was financier Otto H. Kahn (1867-1934) who owned a 109,000 square foot mansion on Long Island He was sent to London by Deutsche Bank for five years and thence to Wall Street in 1893. He was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1921-1934; PILGRIMS SOCIETY MEMBERS SUPERINTEND THE BETTER KNOWN, BUT INFERIOR ORGANIZATION! He was decorated by France, Spain, Italy and Belgium and was a director of Union Pacific Railroad and Equitable Trust (chaired by Pilgrims Society member Alvin Wilhelm Krech). Equitable Trust was co-leader with Chase National Bank in the Soviet credit business—


—New York Times, June 30, 1933, front page headline.

This secret organization of gold and silver stealers and warmongers has had the country by the throat for over a century!

On June 16, 1931, Elizabeth Lee Saltonstall became daughter in law of Pilgrims Society member August Belmont Jr.  The original Belmont was a Rothschild operative who helped finance the North during the Civil War (known by some as the War of Northern Aggression) Belmont Jr.—

In 1902 Belmont founded the Interborough Rapid Transit Company, taking advantage of a trend that did much to add to his wealth (or as The Pilgrims Society says, it “absorbs” or “seizes” wealth!)  Leverett Saltonstall was Massachusetts Governor, 1939-1945 and a Senator from Massachusetts, 1945-1967, in which capacity he fought for everything the Silver Users Association wanted.

In “Silver At The Crossroads,” Mining Congress Journal, February 1947, page 84, an unidentified correspondent spoke of Great Britain and “HER PURPOSE OF DEVALUING SILVER THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.”


General Lord Wavell, British Viceroy and Governor-General of India at the time silver coins were again attacked there, was another member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain; he commanded British forces in Middle East in WW2 and was Viceroy of India, 1943-47, Order of the Star of Nepal, Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of India and Order of the Indian Empire—

“It seems strange to Americans that Great Britain after having been made the greatest beneficiary of the lend-lease program now plans a step which is DELIBERATELY INTENDED TO LOWER THE VALUE OF OUR TREASURY SILVER AND TO DISCOURAGE THE USE OF THIS METAL AS MONEY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.  This brief analysis of the latest move by the British Government IN A FURTHER EFFORT TO DETHRONE SILVER AS MONEY indicates very clearly that it is the purpose of that Government to continue its move away from the use of precious metals as money and in the direction of paper (promise to pay) standard.”  (page 85)

“In 1920 Britain waged a similar fight against silver by drastically reducing the silver content of her coins from .925 fine to .500 fine and AUCTIONING much of the resultant silver on the Shanghai bullion market.  This action followed another philanthropic act on the part of the United States Government in 1918 whereby silver dollars were melted down and 200,000,000 fine ounces of residual silver were sold at $1 an ounce to Great Britain and coined into Indian rupees in order to redeem an amount of paper rupees in circulation beyond the capacity of the silver reserves of the Bank of India.  This generous action by the United States Government FORESTALLED A REVOLUTION IN INDIA, according to Lord Reading, then British Ambassador to the United States.”  (page 85)

(So important to Indians was sound, solid silver money that the British paper purveyors had to get the cooperation of America to supply silver.  This was in connection with the Pittman Silver Act of 1918 by which the government silver thus forked over to the British, so that they could retain possession of India, would be replaced by newly mined Nevada silver.  Lord Reading, who became Baron Reading of Erleigh, was also Chief Justice of Britain, 1913-1921; Ambassador to United States 1918-1919 (all British Ambassadors are Pilgrims members); and became British Viceroy over India in 1921.  Shortly afterwards, he imprisoned Indian nationalist Mahatma Gandhi.  As always, the British continued to maneuver against silver, and the article continues) —

“The effect of this unfortunate move was to REDUCE THE WORLD PRICE OF SILVER AT LEAST 50 PERCENT within a period of about a year.  THE SHANGHAI SILVER MARKET WAS SWAMPED WITH BRITISH SILVER.  Auction sales of silver followed which had a far-reaching effect upon the economy of China, then on a silver standard.  THE MOMENTUM OF THE PRICE DECLINE THAT ENSUED CARRIED THE WORLD PRICE TO AN ALL-TIME LOW (in 1932) of 24.5 cents an ounce.”  (pages 85-86)

The unnamed author tells us (page 86) that in 1935, the British Government sent Sir Leith Ross to China “at which time the Chinese Government was induced to abandon the silver standard.”

Sir Samuel Hoare, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was the British Foreign Secretary who sent Sir Leith-Ross to China to “reason” with them to abandon their silver system, after the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 removed from China much of what remained after the British opium trade sucked away huge amounts of silver!  Sir Samuel was elevated to Viscount Templewood—

Sir Frederick Leith-Ross published in 1968—“Money Talks: Fifty Years of International Finance, The Autobiography of Sir Frederick Leith-Ross (London, UK: Hutchinson).  Hutchinson published the very difficult to find “Pilgrims and Pioneers.”  A web page on him stated “Leith-Ross, Frederick, Sir, born 1887; International finance; Economic history–20th century; Capitalists and financiers—Biography.”

“If the International Monetary Fund gives impartial consideration to proposals of the interested member nations and makes an earnest effort to correct the evils of the past century PERPETRATED BY GREAT BRITAIN IN PARTICULAR in their ATTEMPT TO DEPRIVE SILVER OF ITS RIGHTFUL PLACE IN MONETARY SYSTEMS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, it is conceivable that an opportunity may soon be afforded to restore to silver a position of dignity and usefulness that should prevail throughout the world for an indefinite period.”  (page 86)

Paul D. Cravath, charter Pilgrims Society member in 1903, of what is today the important law firm, Cravath, Swaine & Moore in Manhattan, chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1936-1938.  He was the representative of the Treasury Department at the Inter-Allied War Conference at Paris in December 1917 and a member of the American delegation to the Inter-Allied Council on War Purchases and Finance in London in 1918.  He represented Bethlehem Steel, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Squibb and Chemical Bank, among others.  He was president of the Metropolitan Opera Association and decorated by France, Italy and Romania and was a director of the America-Italy Society. Cravath was a director, 1921-1940, of The Pilgrims Society’s most important unofficial subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations, widely recognized as a virtual staffing agency for Presidential administrations—

Pilgrims Society member David Sarnoff founded the National Broadcasting Company and led Radio Corporation of America (RCA) from 1919 to 1970 and director of National Broadcasting Company (NBC), chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1940-1942.  In 1959 he was a member of a Rockefeller Brothers Fund panel.  He was a trustee of Thomas Edison Foundation; The Educational Alliance; Pratt Institute; New York University; and member of elite clubs including India House, Metropolitan and Army-Navy in the District of Columbia, site of recent meetings of the Silver Users Association—

Son of Senator Nelson Aldrich, legislative leader for the Federal Reserve Act, second generation Pilgrims Society member Winthrop W. Aldrich chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1942-1944.  At that time he was chairman of Chase National Bank and member of financial district clubs heavily interlocked with The Pilgrims Society, including Harvard; Knickerbocker; Bond; Broad Street; Piping Rock; The Brook; Century; Links; The Creek; New York Yacht and others.  Winthrop was a trustee of The Rockefeller Foundation; Barnard College; General Education Board.  A member of the advisory committee of the anti-silver American Institute of Banking and vice president of The National Institute of Social Sciences, Aldrich was a director of Rockefeller Center; Metropolitan Life; American Telephone & Telegraph; Westinghouse Electric and Discount Corporation of New York (Who’s Who, 1941, page 157) —

Thomas J. Watson Senior, Pilgrims Society, was called “one of the richest men of his time” and founded International Business Machines (IBM). The 1953 Who’s Who, page 2545 showed Watson, then decorated by 30 foreign governments, was a member of the Jekyll Island, Georgia Club and the anti-silver money Bankers Club of America, president of the anti-silver Economic Club of New York and a director of Morgan Guaranty Trust and the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Foundation—

The 1967 Who’s Who shows his sons, Thomas J. and Arthur K. Watson both Pilgrims Society members. Arthur was a Federal Reserve Bank of New York (anti-silver) director and decorated by 9 foreign governments and a trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which used to fund the Bilderberg meetings; Thomas was a director of Bankers Trust (anti-silver) and a Rockefeller Foundation and Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships trustee. The same volume, page 1050, shows the Watson brothers in law, John N. Irwin II, Pilgrims Society, a director of IBM, Defense Department consultant, 1957-58, awarded membership in the Philippine Legion of Honor, and advisor to the Joint United States/Philippine Finance Commission in 1947. Obviously, that was just after the close of WWII with the extensive silver leasing by the United States; connection to silver leasing by the Philippine Central Bank? I regard it as almost a certainty; but documents confirming central bank silver leasing activities are, like Pilgrims lists, extraordinarily difficult to come by. Time Magazine, June 14, 1999, called Watson Jr. the “greatest capitalist in history” and one of the 100 most influential persons of the 20th century. He was Ambassador to the Soviet Union from late October 1979 to January 1981 during the critical period of the silver run up and its suppression, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Arthur K. Watson was Ambassador to France, 1970-1972 and the first United States liaison to Red China (silver leasing?) He was a member of the Commission on Critical Choices for Americans, a propaganda group run by Pilgrims Society member Nelson Rockefeller; and in 1968 co-founded, with Pilgrims kingpin David Rockefeller, the Emergency Committee on American Trade, including dozens of the largest corporations

The Pilgrims Society bankers fed the national silver to the industrial users while maintaining a propaganda machine about it.

In the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, May 9, 1946, page 2517, we notice a statement by Republican Congressman Frederick C. Smith of Ohio—

You should have a sense of “who” runs the government in the District of Columbia! That was at a time when the Office of Price Management (OPA, a Fascist federal agency) dictated the silver price to be 71.11 cents per ounce, about which Utah Senator Abe Murdock said (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, June 13, 1946, page 3249) —

“Silver cannot be produced profitably at 71.11 cents per ounce.”

The last time silver prices were fixed by Federal edict was during the “Tricky Dick” Nixon administration. Lest anyone reading this feel that government actions against silver are no concern to them, be advised that among a wide range of other nefarious activities, the OPA had “rent control” policies imposed on landlords. The purpose wasn’t to help struggling renters; the purpose was to hurt smaller real estate operators so that larger entities could grow bigger.

Nevada Silver Senator Patrick McCarran, one of the world’s all time monetary greats, reported (New York Times, December 2, 1945, page 39) a letter had surfaced in which the “ill advised sender, Mr. McCarran testified, threatened to “come to Washington and kill me if certain events occurred.”

Andrew Jackson received an average of 545 letters per annum, all anonymous, threatening him with assassination over his intent to end the United States Bank (see “Andy By God Jackson,” Archives; Jackson proposed to entirely do away with paper money to end convertibility problems!) President John Tyler (1841-1845) was warned of plots to assassinate him because he asked the question about a bill— “DOES IT VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION BY CREATING A NATIONAL BANK TO OPERATE OVER THE UNION?”

Pages 17-18 & 38 “The Pilgrims of The United States” (2003) —“Lothian was succeeded in January 1941 by Viscount Halifax, until then the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, at a time when the Lend-Lease Bill was going through Congress, and the Pilgrims decided that they should postpone their welcome dinner UNTIL THE BILL HAD BECOME LAW, IN CASE ANYTHING HALIFAX SAID COULD BE INTERPRETED AS BRITISH PROPAGANDA AND MIGHT ENDANGER THE PASSAGE OF THE LEGISLATION.  ONCE THE ACT WAS PASSED, THE AMBASSADOR WOULD BE ABLE TO SAY ANYTHING HE WANTED.”

Viscount Halifax, Pilgrims Society, personally triggered The Great Depression by dumping Indian silver on world markets, now came to America as The Crown’s Ambassador to loot Treasury silver ostensibly owned by the American public—

Edward R. Stettinius Jr., Pilgrims Society member whose father was a partner in J.P. Morgan & Company (probably also a member), was appointed in 1941 by Pilgrims Society member Franklin Roosevelt to head the Lend-Lease Administration, which transferred 88,073,878.21 silver ounces to Great Britain for price suppression purposes (Mining Congress Journal, February 1947, page 84, “Silver At The Crossroads”) —

Stettinius was Secretary of State, 1944-1945, and headed the American delegation to the United Nations Conference on International Organization at San Francisco in 1945, the second attempt of The Pilgrims Society to create a World Government. His listing in the 1941 Who’s Who, page 2459 reveals he was a director of United States Steel and Metropolitan Life and a trustee of Roosevelt Hospital (along with IBM founder, Pilgrims Society executive committee member Thomas J. Watson Sr.) and the University of Virginia and member of the advisory committee on Social Security. The total silver used in Lend-Lease amounted to 408MOZ, according to Nevada Silver Senator Patrick McCarran (Mining Congress Journal, February 1946, page 56). Samuel Montagu & Company of London estimated “almost 411 million ounces” (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, April 19, 1945, page 1748). There can be no doubt that the leasing of silver during World War II formed the basis of experience upon which the silver leasing since the early 1980’s was drawn, by the likes of J. Aron & Company, at that time a Goldman Sachs division, and other bullion banks.

Rhode Island Senator Theodore Green (1937-1961) was a great friend to the Silver Users Association.  Was he a Pilgrims Society member?  I may be able to procure a leaked list dated 1950.  Green was a trustee of Brown University for some years concurrent with Colgate Hoyt, Pilgrims Society (New York Times, July 21, 1912, online states no page number) whose daughter married Sir Ronald Lindsay, Pilgrims Society, Ambassador to America.  Colgate Hoyt married Lida Sherman, niece of Ohio Senator, Treasury Secretary John Sherman, who was a functionary for Rothschild gold manipulations, and who was brother of General Sherman who devastated Georgia at the close of the Civil War.  Hoyt was a director of Union Pacific Railway; Chicago & Northern Pacific Railway; Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway; Wisconsin Railroad; Oregon Railway; and others.  Senator Green got his Green Act passed in 1943 after Nevada silver Senator Patrick McCarran staged a filibuster in December 1942 to kill it.  Under the Green Act of 1943, a Federal price cap of 71.11 cents per ounce was imposed on Western silver mine output; he helped make possible the Lend-Leasing of silver by which Britain could retard prices worldwide; and he arranged for his silversmithing, jewelry and industrial silver using pals to grab 43,672,000 silver ounces (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, January 25, 1945, page 427) —

The New York Times, June 23, 1946, section III, page 2, column one (Sunday edition) reported that General Electric was “unable to buy silver” since the Green Act expired.  G.E. was/is a major Pilgrims Society corporation, and its board and management wanted to feed off miners and taxpayers—obtaining silver in a free and open market was an objectionable procedure to anticompetitive interests.  The Green Act renewal was blocked by the Silver Senators; unfortunately, that victory was only temporary, as the Money Power never quits!

Sir Ronald Lindsay, Pilgrims Society, son of the 26th Earl of Crawford, was Ambassador to the United States during the critical silver manipulative period, 1930-1939, and was son in law of Pilgrims Society member Colgate Hoyt of 55 Wall Street (one of many transatlantic marriages in The Society) who was associated with silver stealing Senator Theodore Green while on the board of Brown University at Providence, Rhode Island—

Nevada silver Senator McCarran (in office 1933-1954) was outspoken in placing blame for attacks on silver money on Great Britain.  In “Silver Serves Throughout the War” (Mining Congress Journal, February 1946, page 56) he charged-

“The purpose of lend-leasing silver for monetary and industrial uses abroad was chiefly to enable Great Britain to control the price at a low level.”

Robert Henry Brand, Baron Brand, Pilgrims Society, a relative of the incredibly subversive Astors, was British representative to the silver price suppressing United States Treasury, 1944-1946.  He was managing director of Lazard Brothers and chaired North British & Mercantile Insurance and a director of Lloyd’s Bank.

Wartime Federal Order L-208 (Mining Congress Journal, February 1947, page 79) was discussed in an article titled “Gold Mining in the Doldrums” by Neil O’ Donnell, vice president, Idaho Mines Corporation—

“Two dates in recent times are remembered well by gold mine operators.  The first is October 8, 1942, when all gold mines in the United States were closed by Limitation Order L-208.  The other date is July 1, 1945, when the order was rescinded.  Two facts are even more vividly remembered.  The first is that economic loss was brought to the industry by L-208, and the second fact is that the cost of production of gold has risen so high since the commencement of the war that the majority of mine operators have found that gold mining is either a business with greatly reduced profits, or an unprofitable business.  Although L-208 passed into history on July 1, 1945, the effects of its existence are still with us.  When the gold miners were ordered to close their properties on October 8, 1942, no provision was made to lighten the inevitable burden which was to descend on their shoulders.  No gold mine operator came through the 33-month period of closure without suffering serious losses, AND IN MANY CASES THE MINE OWNER WAS RUINED FINANCIALLY.  If any lesson is to be learned from the issuance of L-208, it is that A SHUTDOWN ORDER IS A WEAPON OF FEARFUL POTENTIALITY.  The passage of this order and the subsequent REFUSAL OF THE GOVERNMENT TO INDEMNIFY THE OPERATORS is an occurrence which should give not only mine operators, but all citizens pause to consider.  A PRECEDENT IS ESTABLISHED WHICH MIGHT TOUCH NOT ONLY MINING CONCERNS, BUT ANY CITIZEN.  WHO SHALL SAY NO TOMORROW IF A BUREAU OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ORDERS YOUR BUSINESS CLOSED FOR 33 MONTHS?”

The people staffing these high echelon levels of the government today will be of the same character as that of 1942.  They will be members of the public front known as the Council on Foreign Relations.  The most elite of them will be members of The Pilgrims, who in the words of their founder Cecil Rhodes, exist to carry out “the seizure of the wealth necessary” (American Review of Reviews, May 1902, pages 557-559).  Using Federal power to destroy those in their crosshairs is nothing new.  It remains a truly serious threat to anyone with stakes in gold and silver.  The invoking of illegal, unconstitutional, anti-Jacksonian, British Crown inspired orders is set to coincide with the creation of “emergency conditions” in order to allegedly justify tyranny.  The menace is not based in Moscow or Beijing or Teheran but in New York and London.  L-208 was not issued with accompanying explanation to the effect that The Pilgrims Society insinuated its members into the Government in order to take actions to wreck people outside their circles; they cannot be so straightforward as to their pillaging activities; it was issued claiming that gold mining was diverting manpower and machinery away from war construction materials such as copper.  In 1943 Utah alone produced 323,989,000 short tons of copper There was no need to shut down gold mining; it was a monetary attack against gold and a government forced consolidation of weak interests into stronger ones after the War. The Pilgrims Society doesn’t acquire wealth with free market methods; it installs its members in Government so it can “seize the wealth necessary.”

Ferdinand Eberstadt of the War Production Board that issued Limitation Order L-208, surfaced in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims.  Eberstadt founded Eberstadt & Company, investment bankers, and Chemical Fund.  He married into the Van Arsdale family, descended from Dutch landowners, and was a member of such internationalist clubs as Lyford Cay (Bahamas).  Eberstadt’s papers, stored in the archives of Princeton University Library, reveal his dealings with the anti-silver Dillons; Queen Elizabeth, Patron of The Pilgrims Society; Francis Biddle, once with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and member of the Biddle family (Pilgrims Society) associated with the second Bank of the U.S.; Illinois Senator Paul Douglas (anti-silver); President Herbert Hoover, who backed British moves in the Depression against an international silver conference in Mexico City; Cyrus Eaton, notorious Soviet trade promoter associated with Pilgrims member John D. Rockefeller Jr.; Averill Harriman of Lend-Lease; Mellon family operative William Donovan of Office of Strategic Services (forerunner to the CIA); Pilgrims members Allen Dulles (CIA chief) and John Foster Dulles (International Nickel Company; Bank of New York; Rockefeller Foundation; Secretary of State); John T. Connor, a Pilgrims member on the Coinage Commission that recommended the cupronickel slugs; Senator Stuart Symington (Pilgrims) who as Secretary of Defense wrecked Northrop Aviation when it refused to an unfavorable takeover with Atlas Corporation (Convair) controlled by Floyd Odlum (Pilgrims); Clifford Carver (Pilgrims) of the American Whaling Company and other interests who married Helena, daughter of General Sir John Maxwell (Pilgrims) in 1919; and many others.

Eberstadt consulted with the Rockefeller Committee on Department of Defense Organization in March 1953, which probably had to do with defense contractors looting the public.  Eberstadt spoke at the Economic Club of New York (anti-silver) on March 15, 1965, while this paper money mob was finishing off silver coins.  Eberstadt’s book would have been better titled “The Will To Loot”—

Nevada Senator Patrick McCarran again, in the Mining Congress Journal, February 1951, page 105 revealed—

“In July 1950 the Cuban government announced it would demonetize about 60,000,000 ounces of silver in the form of pesos and issue paper bank notes in their stead.  The move was in line with recommendations of a recent Treasury and Federal Reserve Board mission to Cuba.  The demonetized silver is to be sold in the New York market over a period of years and in such a way as to not disturb abruptly the operation of the market.”

Silver suppressors don’t seize silver from the public in order to not suppress silver prices!

Pilgrims Society member Dean Acheson was Secretary of State, 1949-1953 and is sometimes called the “Father of NATO” (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), an attempt at regional world government with Great Britain. He was with the Pilgrims Society law firm of Covington & Burling. A member of the Scroll & Key Society of Yale, Acheson was decorated by Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Belgium, Japan, Cambodia and the United States. In “Present At The Creation” (1969—the creation of NATO) he mentions Bilderberg and The Pilgrims Society, one of the extremely rare instances in print anywhere—

Dean Acheson and his fellow Pilgrims Society conspirator Henry Morgenthau Jr., gold and silver stealer, were leaders of the American delegation at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, from which sprang the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The Mining Congress Journal, February 1945, page 93 grimly reported—


Commenting in the Mining Congress Journal for February 1949, page 109, Senator McCarran declared of the promised, but intentionally delayed, IMF report on silver—


Warren Lee Pierson, Pilgrims Society, was an advisor to the American delegation at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, at which monetary silver was excluded from their recommendations—

Pierson chaired All America Cables & Radio; appeared on boards of Trans World Airlines; Investors Diversified Services; Wah Chang Corporation; Molybdenum Corporation; Ionics Incorporated; U.S. Industries; International Telephone & Telegraph ITT; Commercial Cable; Verientes Camaguey Sugar; he was a member of Roosevelt’s National Emergency Council, 1934-1936.  He held decorations from Mexico, Brazil, Finland, France, Italy, Germany and Portugal.  He was advisor to American delegation at Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace, Mexico City, 1945.  He was president of the International Chamber of Commerce, 1955-1957.

Laurence John Cadbury, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, Governor of the Bank of England, 1936-1961, due to his position would have been involved with Lend Lease silver and the start of the London Gold Pool. He became treasurer in 1936 of the Population Investigation Committee, another evidence of The Society intending to reduce world population by warfare and other means (including forced vaccinations!)

Pilgrims Society member William Averell Harriman became chief overseas administrator of Lend-Lease in 1941, supervising among other matters the disbursement of Treasury silver out of his office in London. He was Ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1943-1946 and helped despotic Soviet boss Joseph Stalin increase the industrialization of Russia; Stalin outlawed gold ownership on the part of his tyrannized subjects; under his administration reports reached the West that HIS SUBJECTS WERE SHOT AND IMPRISONED FOR HOARDING SILVER AND EVEN FOR ENCOURAGING OTHERS TO DO SO  (New York Times, August 18, 1930, page 6 and August 23, page 4) —


Harriman, seen below in Geneva, Switzerland with Soviet boss Nikita Khrushchev, was heir to the great Union Pacific Railroad fortune and the investment bank of Brown Brothers, Harriman & Company at 59 Wall Street. Harriman was Ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1943-1946; to England for several months in 1946; Commerce Secretary, 1946-1948; director, Council on Foreign Relations, 1950-1955; Governor of New York, 1955-1958; and held interests in Polaroid; Southern Pacific Railroad; Illinois Central Railroad; Aviation Corporation; American Hawaiian Steamship Company; Hamburg American Lines; Soviet Georgia Manganese Concessions; Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation; Western Union Telegraph; Manhattan Company; Guaranty Trust; and held many diplomatic posts and Presidential appointments, including Ambassador At Large, 1965-1969 and developed Sun Valley resort area in Idaho—

Harriman’s second marriage was into the Whitney family of Standard Oil heirs and married a Churchill family relative in 1971.

Baron Beaverbrook, Pilgrims of Great Britain (below) was the British representative to the Lend-Lease program. In 1904 he was manager of the Canadian based Royal Securities Corporation and by 1910 had amassed near monopoly control over the cement business in Canada, whereupon he sold out (with a dark cloud over his activities) and left for England. In 1911 he was knighted by King George V, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society. By 1918 he founded the Sunday Express which by 1934 achieved daily circulation of 1,708,000, yielding him massive income. In 1941 Beaverbrook and Harriman met with Joseph Stalin and, according to Wikipedia, the Baron was “much impressed;” why not, Stalin opposed gold ownership by his subject peoples! By 1946 his Daily Express attained 3,706,000 daily circulation, easily making him one of the world’s 50 most influential men—

Nevada Silver Senator Key Pittman, in a memo to the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency said (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, March 23, 1940, page 1859) stated—

“Silver is a war metal. During every great war, the demand for silver, chiefly for the purpose of paying soldiers, has increased and the price has risen. Take as an example the effect of the last great World War upon the demand for silver and its great increase in price. In 1913 the world price of silver was 61.2 cents per ounce. In 1915, one year after the war commenced, the price was 67.1 cents per ounce. In 1917 it was 84 cents per ounce. In 1918, it was 98.4 cents per ounce. After the war was over, in 1919, it was $1.12 per ounce. Then the United States Government made available to exporters of silver 50,000,000 of standard silver dollars for the purpose of beating down the price of silver, under the excuse that the silver bullion price had gone above the monetary price in the United States. THE GOVERNMENT INTENDED AND DID ACCOMPLISH THE BEATING DOWN OF SILVER FROM $1.38 AN OUNCE TO 60 CENTS AN OUNCE.”

The Government he referred to was chiefly, the President and the Treasury Secretary—Pilgrims Society members.

The New York Times, August 31, 1942, page 25, “Free Silver Stock Diverted To War” reported that 1.35BOZ (1,350,000,000) silver ounces were leased by the Treasury Department for use in war manufacturing plants owned by Pilgrims Society controlled interests.

Pilgrims Society member Henry L. Stimson (below right) with President Truman after dropping atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945. As Secretary of War, 1940-1945, Stimson had full control over the Manhattan Project that developed nuclear weapons. The Manhattan Project used 14,700 tons of silver—about 470MOZ in electrical conducting “busbars” and other construction to enhance technological processes in “calutrons”

I mentioned the huge silver busbars in “War And Silver” (Archives) as also being used in aluminum manufacturing plants for aircraft fuselages. The aluminum industry is very electric intensive, and the Mellon family of Pilgrims Society members with ALCOA dominated (and still does) the domestic industry. Bix Weir had an insightful article as to where silver to cover deficits could have come from—the same silver used by the War Department in the Manhattan Project In all events, another case of a Pilgrims Society member influencing events affecting silver at the highest levels. Page 144 of “The Pilgrims of Great Britain” (2002) showed that on June 21, 1956, Harry Truman, former President of the United States, was guest of honor at a meeting of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain in London. It was presided over by The Earl of Halifax, formerly Lord Irwin, British Viceroy of India, who sponsored the Royal Commission on Indian Currency that made the decision to demonetize India’s silver and dump it on the world market, collapsing world trade, causing the Great Depression and the inevitable events that led up to the second World War.


—The Mining Congress Journal, February 1957, page 118.

The Sunshine Mining Company annual report for 1983, page 5, features this commentary from Dallas resident G. Michael Boswell quoted a diplomatic source as admitting—

“More crucial than strategy were silver coins with which to pay the troops.  They did not want gold Yuan, but four silver dollars per month apiece or even two of these would sustain their morale.  OTHERWISE COMMUNIST AGENTS COULD BUY THEM OFF WITH HARD MONEY.”

Mike Boswell, whose company was later savagely destroyed by vicious silver shorts, then personally added this—

“In 1937 China was attacked thus beginning a struggle that was not concluded until the Communist victory in 1949.  A major factor in the failure of Chinese resistance was the then current silver famine.  IT WAS CHIANG KAI-SHEK’S INABILITY TO PAY HIS TROOPS IN SILVER COINS THAT WAS GREATLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CHINA’S LOSS OF ITS MAINLAND TO THE COMMUNISTS.”

Lord Halifax, Pilgrims Society, the same fiend who unleashed the Great Depression on the world by presiding over dumping silver out of British India, was close-in on the action with Stimson, as Halifax was Ambassador to the U.S., 1940-1946.


—Nevada silver Senator Patrick McCarran, Mining Congress Journal, February 1948, page 92.

James B. Conant (1893-1978) appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims. He was an advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation and president of Harvard University, 1933-1953. He was Ambassador to West Germany, 1953-1957 and later chaired the Committee on the Present Danger, a warmonger front organization. From 1941-1946 he was chairman of the National Defense Research Committee which played a key role in the Manhattan Project and input into the silver used; he was an advisor to the Atomic Energy Commission, 1947-1952—

In the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, May 16, 1946, page 2703, the Economists National Committee on Monetary Policy called for lowering the silver price. Naturally, none of these fiends were involved in mining silver! One of these economists was Ivan Wright, ex of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Another was William W. Cumberland, Pilgrims Society (Who’s Who in America, 1946, page 537). Cumberland was appointed governor of the Reserve Bank of Peru for 1923-1924 in an extraordinary example of foreign influence in a silver producing country and held similar posts in Haiti and Nicaragua before joining Wellington & Company, named after the Duke of Wellington, brother in law of General Lord Packenham, bulldozed at New Orleans by Andrew Jackson in 1814 and sent back to London in a casket of rum. Cumberland appeared on such boards as St. Louis & Southwestern Railroad and American Zinc, Lead & Smelting Company. The Economists National Committee on Monetary Policy additionally called for the conspiratorial $35 price cap on gold to be continued on a permanent basis (see “The Conspiracy Against Gold,” Archives). Leland Rex Robinson, Pilgrims Society (Who’s Who, 1952, page 2061) was vice president of the Economists National Committee on Monetary Policy, and was with British International Company and a member of the Commission to Study the Organization of Peace (world government).

Henry M. Wriston, Pilgrims Society, was president of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island (silver using state), and was another member of the Economists National Committee on Monetary Reform.  His son Walter became a significant gold price suppressor and second generation Pilgrims Society member.   Wriston senior was a governor of the New York Stock Exchange, and president of The Pilgrims Society’s unofficial subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations, from 1951-1964—

Under British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, silver content of U.K. coins was reduced to zero as of 1947. The excuse given was that silver was needed to repay Lend-Lease silver from the United States. It provided a convenient excuse for the synthetic money creators to take Britain off silver coinage—

In “Silver At The Crossroads” (Mining Congress Journal, February 1947) by an unidentified “special correspondent” featured details of some of the British attacks on silver as money—

“Within a fortnight following the battle on silver in the United States, Sir Hugh Dalton, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced that legislation would soon be offered in the British Parliament designed to withdraw from circulation all silver half-crowns, florins, shillings, six-pences and three-pences for the purpose of melting them down and extracting the silver to provide a stockpile for sale to silver using industries in the British Isles.  The silver coins to be withdrawn from circulation are composed of 50 percent silver, 40 percent copper, 5 percent nickel and 5 percent zinc.  The new substitute coinage of the same denominations will be composed of 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel.  The agreement under which this silver was lend-leased to Britain requires repayment in kind to the United States Government within five years after the President declares World War II to have ended.  British statisticians estimate that a total of 221,000,000 fine ounces of silver would be recovered as a result of this withdrawal.  They also estimate that the program of demonetization will yield at the rate of approximately 50,000,000 ounces per annum and that four and one-half years will be required to complete the demonetization program.”  (page 84)

“There is at present an industrial demand in the British Isles for 15,000,000 ounces annually.  Also it is expected that some of this silver will be exported to India and other Colonial possessions to meet coinage and industrial demands.  Under this program the British Government would be able to allocate 35,000,000 ounces of silver per annum for repayment of her silver lend-lease debt to the United States and still have 15,000,000 ounces for sale to industry.  If this schedule is adhered to, at the end of five or seven years Britain will have repaid her silver lend-lease obligation of 88,073,878.21 ounces and to have sold for industrial uses 75,000,000 ounces, making a total of 163,000,000 ounces of silver.  THIS WOULD LEAVE A STOCKPILE OF 58,000,000 OUNCES WHICH BRITAIN COULD AND PROBABLY WOULD USE TO SWAMP BULLION MARKETS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD IN ORDER TO REDUCE AND MAINTAIN THE WORLD PRICE AT A LOW LEVEL.”  (page 84)

“The danger in this situation lies in the possibility that Britain may not elect to repay her silver lend-lease debt before the expiration of five or seven years after the war is officially declared to have ended.  In that event Britain would have 35,000,000 ounces of silver per annum TO THROW UPON THE MARKETS AT SUCH TIMES AND PLACES AS WOULD BE DEEMED MOST EXPEDIENT IN ORDER TO CARRY OUT HER PURPOSE OF DEVALUING SILVER THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.”  (page 84)

Sir Hugh Dalton was Attlee’s Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Dalton’s father was personal chaplain to the Royal family.  He was most likely a Pilgrims Society member; the organization is unresponsive to requests for full membership records.  Dalton was a member of the Fabian Society, a Pilgrims Society front, attended the Pilgrims Society run London School of Economics, became president of the British Board of Trade, 1942-1945, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1945-1947 and briefly head of the World Bank.  He committed suicide on February 13, 1962—

James Ivers, writing in the Mining Congress Journal, February 1955, page 140 reflected—

“The passing of Senator Pat McCarran of Nevada, on September 28, 1954, is a distinct loss to the cause of silver.  He was ever vigilant in his efforts to improve the monetary position of the white metal and always alert in exchanging views with the Executive branch of the Government where he felt the Treasury and State Departments WERE BEING INFLUENCED BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT TO ABOLISH SILVER (AND GOLD) AS MONEY.”

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Senator from Massachusetts (silversmithing state) from January 1947 to January 1953, of a very prominent family with long history, voted for everything the Silver Users Association wanted. He served as ambassador to the United Nations; South Vietnam; Germany and Vatican State. His name appeared on page 15 of the leaked 1980 list of The Pilgrims, New York—

William Benton, chairman of Encyclopedia Britannica from 1943 to 1973, appeared in the leaked list of The Pilgrims, 1969. EB functioned as a tool influencing public opinion. He was a Democrat Senator from Connecticut from 1949 to 1953 who looked after the silver users interests—

Morris E. Garnsey, Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado, member of the anti-silver American Economic Association, writing in Harper’s Magazine, New York, May 1950, pages 98 and 100, article titled, “Heigh-Ho, Silver” belched out this contaminated blather–

“Thus, on the evidence, we may conclude that in the United States silver is no longer needed as money, AND ITS EXISTENCE AS MONEY IS ACTUALLY AN EMBARRASSMENT.  This is the sad truth which the silver advocates cannot understand.  The simple fact is that silver has absolutely no place in the modern monetary system of the United States.  To depend upon silver to regulate the monetary supply or to aid the debtor West is about as sensible as to depend on a Colt .45 to protect us against jet propelled bombers.  Our modern banking system, with its ability to create Federal Reserve notes and bank deposits on a fractional gold reserve basis, has given us an extremely flexible money supply.  We no longer need silver for the monetary purpose of providing a specie reserve.  If the West needs more money today it can appeal to the regional Federal Reserve Bank, to the RFC, or to any one of a dozen other federal credit agencies.  SILVER FOR FICTITIOUS MONETARY PURPOSES IS SHEEREST WASTE AND EXTRAVAGANCE—THE SILLIEST KIND OF NONSENSE.”

Garnsey received a Ford Foundation grant in 1957-1958, when the Foundation’s president was Henry T. Heald of The Pilgrims Society who made the cover of Time Magazine, June 10, 1957—

Henry Heald was president of Illinois Institute of Technology, 1940-1952; member National Commission on Accrediting, 1950-1956; chancellor of New York University, 1952-1956; president of the Ford Foundation starting in 1956; as of the 1967 Who’s Who, page 926, he still headed that foundation; and was a member of the anti-silver Economic Club of New York.  He was a trustee of Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association and a director of American Telephone & Telegraph; United States Steel; Equitable Life Assurance Society; and Lever Brothers.

Leonard Carmichael (1898-1973), Pilgrims Society, had one of the longest biographical profiles of anyone ever in Who’s Who.  The 1967 edition, page 340, showed he was with the Natural Resources Planning Board, 1941-1943, an agency established by Pilgrims Society member Franklin Roosevelt; its name tells all.  Carmichael was a trustee of the anti-silver Brookings Institution from 1947 for over 20 years.  He was a member of the Army Scientific Advisory Panel, 1956-1962 and a director of the White House Historical Association.  Carmichael was all over the map; he was president (1939-1940) of the questionable American Psychological Association, which worries about everyone’s behavior except that of its own members, who are exempt from “evaluation;” member War Manpower Commission; director, Research Corporation; Yerkes Laboratories; member National Research Council; trustee Jackson Memorial Laboratory; National Geographic Society; Tufts College; secretary, Smithsonian Institution; decorated by Spain, Denmark, Germany and Italy and a labyrinthine plethora of other stellar accolades—

President Eisenhower (1953-1961) appeared in the leaked list of The Pilgrims, 1969, along with Nelson Rockefeller (center) and Senator Kenneth Keating (right).  In late January 1953, Eisenhower ordered an “audit” of gold stored at Fort Knox and the nation was informed “all accounted for.”  This Pilgrims Society of global looters has a history of precious metals stealing activities the likes of which can’t be approximated 1% by any other organization—

The Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships, established in 1953, have the same World Government indoctrination and objectives as the more important Rhodes Scholars.  Current co-chairman of the Eisenhower Fellowship program are Pilgrims Society members George Herbert Walker Bush and Henry Kissinger.

Marion B. Folsom, Pilgrims Society, was Eisenhower’s Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1955-1958, after which he joined the board of Eastman Kodak Company (Silver Users Association, silver stealers) —

Folsom was a member of the anti-silver American Economic Association and a trustee of the anti-silver Brookings Institution and the anti-silver National Bureau for Economic Research and a trustee of the University of Rochester (home base of Eastman Kodak). He was Under Secretary of the Treasury in 1953 and a personal friend of George Eastman; silver users were getting metal at taxpayer subsidized rates from the Treasury! Pilgrims Society member, synthetic rubber magnate John Lyon Collyer of Dunlop Tire & B.F. Goodrich was listed as a member of Morgan Guaranty advisory council and a director of Eastman Kodak (Silver Users Association, silver stealers—International Year Book & Statesmen’s Who’s Who, 1969, page 193).

In testimony before the Senate, Dr. C.O. Hardy of the Pilgrims Society front, the Brookings Institution, said “SILVER CERTIFICATES ARE JUST AS MUCH FIAT CURRENCY AS GREENBACKS.” (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, June 24, 1939, page 3773).  That’s like a car dealer saying “PHYSICAL MOTOR VEHICLES ARE NO MORE SUBSTANTIAL THAN PHOTOS OF MOTOR VEHICLES.”

In the Mining Congress Journal, February 1950, page 109, Nevada silver Senator Patrick McCarran wrote—

“The Reserve Bank of India with reputed stocks of 80,000,000 ounces of silver is in a position to swamp the market at any time, as it did in July.  It is estimated that 60,000,000 ounces of the Bank’s holdings came from the seigniorage fund of the United States Treasury under lend-lease during the war.  THIS SILVER IS HELD OVER THE BOMBAY MARKET AS A THREAT TO A HIGHER PRICE.  THIS IS A DISGRACEFUL SITUATION.”

The Reserve Bank of India, its central bank still harmfully in operation today, was established as part of the recommendations of the Hilton Young Commission, otherwise known as the Royal Commission on Indian Currency; which as we read earlier, was responsible for dumping Indian silver on world markets, causing the Great Depression and shoving the world away from monetary silver—more Pilgrims Society subversion!

The Commercial and Financial Chronicle for April 30, 1953, pages 1872-1873, featured the speech of retired rear admiral Donald J. Ramsey, legislative counsel to the Silver Users Association, to the Mirror Manufacturers Association in Chicago, on April 17, 1953—

“The silver users are very sympathetic with the problems of the silver miners, but do not feel that anyone should profit at the expense of our monetary system.”

Translated—“We the silver users are the illegitimate child of the paper money mob who profits at the expense of the monetary system and are opposed to people being paid in actual money and have no sympathy for the problems we and our sponsors cause the silver miners.”

Allan Sproul, profiled here in December 2009 in “1949 & 2009 Same Con Men,” was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was quoted in Vital Speeches of the Day, December 1, 1949, pages 108-114 making menacing remarks including—


While he didn’t mention silver, is there anyone out there who thinks his attitude would have been different about it?

Sproul’s name surfaced in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims, New York—

No wonder Sproul turned up on the board of Wells Fargo.

Pilgrims Society member, Vanderbilt family operative Henry Clay Alexander (named after Henry Clay, one of Andrew Jackson’s banking adversaries fighting to preserve the second United States Bank), profiled here in “Typical J.P. Morgan Racketeer,” made the following chilling declaration in an address before the Investment Bankers Association of America, meeting at Hollywood, Florida, on November 28, 1960 (Vital Speeches of the Day) —

“Our gold policy prohibits residents of the United States from owning refined gold in this country. THAT POLICY SHOULD BE EXTENDED TO PROHIBIT THE OWNERSHIP OF GOLD ANYWHERE BY U.S. RESIDENTS. Why do I place so much stress on sound money?”

J.P. Morgan official, Pilgrims Society member Henry Clay Alexander, opponent of citizen ownership of precious metals—

Alexander was a trustee of Vanderbilt University, which sponsors the anti-silver money American Economic Association.

The long list of megabanks that merged and consolidated to become what is today JPMorganChase had many, many Pilgrims Society members over the years in their upper management and their boards of directors; including names unfamiliar to many of you such as Albert H. Wiggin; Paul Moritz Warburg; Russell C. Leffingwell; Robert Livingston Clarkson; Harold Holmes Helm; John J. McCloy; Robert T. Barrett; Hulbert Stratton Aldrich; Henry S. Wingate; George R. Vila; Arthur H. Page; William Shryock Renchard; Richard K. Paynter Jr.; Longstreet Hinton; George Champion; Lord Sinclair of Cleeve; George T. Piercy; Ellmore Clark Patterson; John T. Connor; Elvis J. Stahr Jr.; Victor E. Rockhill; Edmund T. Pratt Jr.; Walter V. Shipley; Sir Dennis Weatherstone; Lewis T. Preston Jr. and at least dozens of others!


—The American Mercury Magazine, Summer 1973, page 26

William Lambert Kleitz, Pilgrims Society, president of Guaranty Trust Company of New York, chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1956-1957.  He was a member of the investment committee of the American Institute of Mining & Metallurgical Engineers; director of Inspiration Consolidated Copper; Royal Liverpool Group of Insurance Companies; IBM World Trade Corporation; Wilson & Company, meatpackers, Chicago; member New York State Banking Board (Who’s Who, 1952, page 1365).  The detail that could not have been in that listing, the years he chaired the Economic Club, was located at He was a member of The Sphinx Head Society of Cornell University; Skull & Bones has a fair number of analogues at other universities!

The 1958-1959 Who’s Who, page 2700, listing of Edwin Sherwood Stowell Sunderland, attorney at 15 Broad Street in Manhattan who represented a half dozen major railroad holding corporations, the Harriman interests, United States Trust of New York at 45 Wall Street, and a major coal mining company, included “Pilgrims” in his listing, along with “Economic,” the anti-silver Economic Club of New York.  Sunderland was father in law of Charles Scribner IV (Pilgrims 1969 leaked list), of an old-line publishing dynasty—Charles Scribner’s Sons (anyone care to check to see if Scribner’s ever published an expose of the Federal Reserve?)  Sunderland also stated membership in another club “Jekyll Island (Georgia, director).”  The Jekyll Island Club was the site of the infamous meeting of financiers—all but one of which identified as Pilgrims Society members—that resulted in the founding of the notorious Federal Reserve System in 1913.  View of the Jekyll Island facility—

Pilgrims Society member Joseph Irwin Miller was the most prominent member of President Eisenhower’s National Commission on Money and Credit (1957-1961). The NCMC found no place for either precious metal in the American monetary system. Miller was chairman of Irwin Union Bank & Trust Company of Indiana; chairman of Cummins Engine Company (diesel truck engines); director A.T. & T.; trustee Ford Foundation; Yale University; Urban Institute; Mayo Foundation; United Nations Commission on Multinational Corporations; and chaired the President’s Commission on Trade Relations with the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in 1965—

One of the artworks held by Miller went for $80.4 million which undoubtedly was acquired for a tiny sliver of that sum.

Frazar Bullard Wilde, Pilgrims Society, chaired the anti-silver National Commission on Money and Credit.  He was president of Connecticut General Life Insurance—Pilgrims Society members have a history of capturing control of huge pools of investment capital represented by insurance giants; the list is long.  Wilde was a consultant in the early 1960’s to the Federal Reserve Board, where he probably helped them plan sabotage against silver coinage and certificates—that would be in step with his known views on silver while running the Commission on Money and Credit.  That commission was the first major investigative body into the United States currency system since the infamous Aldrich Commission, which recommended the central bank we got saddled with in 1913.  In 1965 Pilgrims Society member Lyndon Johnson, anti-silver activist, appointed Wilde to the Advisory Committee on International Monetary Arrangements (what the hell was that about?  Gold swaps and silver leasing?  Maintaining dollar hegemony?) —

Business Week Magazine, July 12, 1976, page 47, called Frederic H. Brandi A SUPERSTAR BANKER” and omitted the detail on his Pilgrims Society membership! It was Brandi who, with David Rockefeller, took control of Trans World Airlines away from nonmember Howard Hughes, after which they installed Pilgrims Society member Charles Tillinghast at the TWA helm. Brandi became chairman in 1962 of Dillon, Read & Company on Wall Street when Douglas Dillon, Pilgrims Society and overseer of Harvard University, went to Washington to be Treasury Secretary to help the Silver Users Association loot Constitutional silver coins from the public. Brandi likely concurred with Henry Clay Alexander’s anti-gold sentiments, but apparently it was never a plan against Pilgrims Society members owning gold, as Brandi was also a director of American South African Investment (ASA Ltd.) a closed-end gold and platinum mining investment company. It was originally proposed in the late 1950’s by Charles Englehard of Englehard Industries, which has faced lawsuits over comments intended to depress silver prices. Brandi was a director of Inter-Chemical Corporation, a silver user for catalytic processes, and of National Cash Register, which helped cashiers handle the Society’s bastardized paper notes foisted on hundreds of millions of people coast to coast—

One of the ASA directors today was with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, funded by wealth seized from Hughes by The Pilgrims organization.

Kenneth Claiborne Royall, Pilgrims Society, chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1961-1963.  As a North Carolina State Senator in 1927 he authored the Bank Liquidation Statute, chaired the North Carolina Bar Association in 1929-1930 and was a Presidential Elector from North Carolina in 1940.  Royall was a brigadier general, 1943-1945 and special assistant to the Secretary of War.  In July 1947 he was appointed Secretary of War, renamed Secretary of the Army, 1947-1949.  The corruption ramifications surrounding The Pilgrims Society are off any scale—as Secretary of the Army, did Royall channel contracts to the “correct” interests, and were they non-competitive?  He was a delegate at large to the 1964 Democratic National Convention.  The 1966 Who’s Who, page 1831 showed Royall a trustee of the JFK Library—

The law firm that Royall became a member of was eventually absorbed by banking, finance and capital markets specialist Clifford Chance LLP which according to is a global law firm headquartered in London and a member of the “Magic Circle” of leading UK law firms.  It is one of the ten largest law firms in the world measured by both number of lawyers and revenue.”

Pilgrims Society member John Jay McCloy (1895-1989) chaired Chase Manhattan Bank 1953-1961 during a crucial period when the megabanks were maneuvering with their Congressional hatchet men against the “silver bloc” and its long time ally, the “farm bloc,” (no more since Pilgrims Society agribusiness giants seized control) to have silver removed from the nation’s currency system. Chase National Bank and the other Crown allied New York banks boycotted the Morgan silver dollars upon issuance in 1878, and their perverse hatred against silver is nothing new—

McCloy was named after John Jay, second Governor of New York and first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He chaired the Council on Foreign Relations (Pilgrims Society front) from 1954 to 1970. Henry Morgenthau III, son of silver stealer, Pilgrims Society member Henry Morgenthau Jr., was associated with McCloy From 1947 to 1949 McCloy was president of the World Bank. He was a trustee of the John M. Olin Foundation, named after Pilgrims Society member, chemical magnate and silver user John M. Olin. McCloy chaired the American Council on Germany and the Ford Foundation, 1953-1965 and was a member of Milbank, Tweed, Hope, Hadley & McCloy, international attorneys for Pilgrims Society multinational interests including Exxon. During 1946-1949 and 1953-1958 he was a Rockefeller Foundation trustee. McCloy chaired Mercedes Benz North America and was a director of AT&T; Metropolitan Life; Westinghouse Electric; Squibb Corporation; and Allied Chemical (silver users). He was often referred to as “Chairman of the American Establishment.” McCloy was a Warren Commission member and was central to the myth that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Am I of the view that The Pilgrims Society arranged the hit? Absolutely. The bankers tried to rub Andrew Jackson out and tried again with John Tyler, but succeeded in other instances.

On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110 which directed the Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon to issue silver certificates against Treasury held silver. Douglas Dillon, Pilgrims Society, never carried out the order and on November 22, 1963, the back of Kennedy’s head was blasted off in downtown Dallas, Jacqueline holding a piece of his shattered skull over his profusely bleeding open brain—

Lyndon Baines Johnson then became President; he made a nationally broadcast speech repudiating silver coinage (see “LBJGWB Silver,” Archives). Kennedy may have had an attack of conscience regarding the monetary system after his exchange of correspondence with Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller, published by Life Magazine, July 6, 1962, pages 30-34, in which JFK promised The Incarnation Of Evil that the United States would not raise the $35 per ounce price of gold! Many of the 433,460,212 mintage 1964 Kennedy half dollars were melted and turned into sterling tableware sets.

Life Magazine, July 6, 1962, pages 30-34, featured a letter exchange between Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller and President Kennedy, in which Rocky called for a “cooperative effort to dampen down the gold price, and the strengthening of the International Monetary Fund.”  Kennedy’s response appeared compliant; but that was months before Executive Order 11110 was issued.

Pilgrims Society member George Champion was at the helm of Chase Manhattan Bank while its personnel were winnowing out silver coins for shipment to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Treasury Department—

Republican Senator from New York, 1959-1965, Kenneth B. Keating appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims, New York. While Senator he voted for everything the Silver Users Association wanted. He was Ambassador to India, 1969-1972 then to Israel, 1972-1975 and a member of the Interparliamentary Union—

Glenn T. Seaborg chaired the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) from 1961 to 1971, which had purview with the Defense Department over the calutrons; he was a scientist in the Manhattan Project and was discoverer and co-discoverer of several elements and isotopes and a Nobel Prize winning scientist and was involved with the National Science Foundation. His name appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims, when he became a director of the World Future Society and appeared again in the leaked 1980 list—

Seaborg had an office at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California, now operated in conjunction with the Department of Energy, successor to the AEC. Berkeley invented the cyclotron in 1939, a silver using device. The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, November 17, 1966, page 1757 in “Treasury Silver Today,” mentioned that there was 65 million ounces of silver on loan to the Atomic Energy Commission, and that the silver was radioactive, apparently having been exposed to active isotopes. What became of that silver? I have not found the answer yet despite persistent searches.

Monroe E. Spaght, Pilgrims Society, chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York in 1964-1965, some of the Society’s most blitzkrieg years against monetary silver.  He was director of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey over Japan in 1945 (after the war to assess damage to industrial facilities) and became chairman of Shell Oil Company and managing director of The Royal Dutch Shell Group in London in 1965.  He was a Stanford University trustee and director of Stanford Research Institute and American Petroleum Institute of which he became chairman.  According to

“One of his informal tasks as a board member was serving as university intermediary to Stanford alumnus and former U.S. President Herbert Hoover, who had been a trustee for many years. After each meeting, Spaght would visit “the Chief” at his New York City home to report on Stanford affairs.”

That was the same President Hoover, Pilgrims Society, who refused to call an international silver conference due to British opposition!  Spaght was an advisor to Chemical Bank (named for silver users) and a director of Wells Fargo and chaired the New York State Science and Technology Foundation, in addition to chairing the Institute of International Education and being president of the Society of the Chemical Industry (catalytic silver users).

Sir Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson, Pilgrims Society, Lord Mayor of London, 1st Baronet of Westlaws; Master, Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers, decorated by Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands, was a mutual fund and real estate operator in the U.K., New Zealand and Canada who, upon his death in 1974, was finally indicted for large scale financial fraud against thousands of investors, was a director of the Bank of Nova Scotia, circa 1963 to 1971, frequently cited as prominent on the short side of the global silver market—

Eugene Robert Black, Pilgrims Society, was with Chase National Bank and became president of the World Bank (1949-1963), succeeding John Jay McCloy, Pilgrims Society, who was also associated with Chase.  Black’s father was chairman of the Federal Reserve System, May 1933 through August 1934.  The father could easily have been a Pilgrims member, and the son chaired the anti-silver Brookings Institution, 1962-1968.  Black was a special financial consultant to the United Nations Secretary General and the Sheik of Kuwait and a member of the Committee to Evaluate United States Foreign Aid Programs, most likely an entity set up to ensure that taxpayer funds were channeled into Pilgrims Society conduits overseas.  He was a director of American Express; Bowery Savings Bank; Chase Manhattan Bank; Communications Satellite; Cummins Engine; Electric Bond & Share; Franklin Publications; International Telephone & Telegraph; Lazard Fund; Royal Dutch Shell; Woolworth’s and others.  He was a trustee of the Atlantic Council; the Population Council; Johns Hopkins University and the Ford Foundation, providing grants for “scholars” to issue white papers ridiculing monetary silver—

George D. Woods, Pilgrims Society, chaired First Boston Corporation, a Mellon family entity, starting in 1951.  From 1963-1968 he was president of the World Bank, an institution that arose from the infamous Bretton Woods Conference of 1944, where no friends of silver were invited to attend—

Woods was a director of New York Times Company; Kaiser Industries; Spruce Falls Power & Paper; trustee Rockefeller Foundation, Kaiser Foundation, Notre Dame University and Kennedy Library.

The 1971 Who’s Who page 387, shows Daniel K. Chapman, partner in Du Pont & Company, 1 Wall Street, leaked list of The Pilgrims 1969, member Chicago Board of Trade, trustee, Williams College.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, whose name appeared in the 1969 list of The Pilgrims, New York, seemed cheerful as to his administration overseeing the termination of Constitutional silver coinage —,9171,876014,00.html mentions that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave the Johnson broadcasting station in Austin, Texas, a monopoly starting in 1952. This is typical Pilgrims Society business operation—use the Federal Government to eliminate competitors! Johnson was secretary to Congressman Richard Kleberg in 1931-1935; Kleberg was an heir to the 825,000 acre King Ranch in South Texas, connected to the Exxon/Rockefeller oil trust and that may be LBJ’s induction point into the anti-silver movement and


—U.S. News & World Report, December 11, 1961, page 106

Johnson’s Treasury Secretary, Clarence Douglas Dillon, son of Clarence Dillon, whom Business Week Magazine called “the brilliant financier of the 1920’s”, was a Pilgrims Society member, as was his father. In “The Mirrors of Wall Street” (1933, Putnam’s Sons), page 186, we discover that on the day Dillon Senior took over W.A. Read & Company, the founder died; page 187 states “Dillon handled more money than did J.P. Morgan in his career.” Douglas Dillon chaired the Rockefeller Foundation and presided over the recall of 90% silver coinage to Treasury Department vaults, to be melted and donated to his pals in the Silver Users Association, represented by such Pilgrims Society members as Leland Ira Doan of Dow Chemical; Howard Biers, Kenneth Rush, James M. Hester, Robert E. McNeill Jr. and Birny Mason Jr. of Union Carbide; Lammot Du Pont Copeland and Caesar Augustin Grasselli of Du Pont de Nemours & Company; Philip D. Reed and Walter Hoving of Tiffany & Company; and others. McNeill was an ASARCO director; Mason was a New York Stock Exchange director. From 1967 to fall 1970, the users got 190,435,217 ounces of Treasury silver in General Services Administration “auctions” (giveaways—see “The Silver Raiders”) and that doesn’t include Treasury sales and dumping outside those non-auctions. Douglas Dillon, Ambassador to France, 1953-1957, a founder in 1959 of the Inter-American Development Bank and was also a director of Chase Manhattan Bank and American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) and an executive committee member of The Pilgrims Society whose daughter became Princess Joan of Luxembourg—

Dillon chaired the Brookings Institution in the District of Columbia beginning in 1970, an elitist think tank and very rabidly anti-silver currency organization! The Society may already have plans formulated for a metals nationalization on the part of one of their think-tanks such as Brookings Institution (James D. Robinson III, Pilgrims Society); Rand Corporation (Philip Lader, Pilgrims Society, former Ambassador to England); or the Aspen Institute (Henry Catto, Pilgrims Society, former Ambassador to England).

Nevada Senator Alan Bible wrote a letter of protest to Douglas Dillon complaining that “the Treasury’s silver sales were controlling the market with an unrealistic ceiling” (New York Times, March 19, 1961, page 78). Dillon’s view was implacably against allowing silver prices to rise in response to free market forces and he wanted to—


Dillon’s intent against silver prices was also reported overseas. The Economist, July 13, 1963, page 166 reported the Treasury Department helping the Silver Users Association (and the Federal Reserve System):


That was exactly parellel to Greenspan’s famous statement about central banks leasing gold to prevent prices rising! The difference is, Dillon’s remarks preceded Greenspan’s by almost exactly 35 years!  Yes, their first concern is to suppress silver!


The Engineering & Mining Journal, September 1963, page 73, said—


Dillon’s Undersecretary of the Treasury, Robert Vincent Roosa, a Rhodes Scholar, was another Pilgrims Society member and director of the Council on Foreign Relations, Prudential Insurance, Texaco, a partner in Brown Brothers, Harriman & Company at 59 Wall Street. “People have a terrible time trying to understand Brown Brothers Harriman,” says Partner Thomas McCance, 66. “We perform an unusual set of services” (Time Magazine, September 27, 1968, calling the firm “the largest, and by far the oldest U.S. private bank.) McCance was a Pilgrims Society member on the Yale University Development Board and director of SKF Industries, world leader in rolling bearings and seals with operations in 70 nations.

Roosa chaired the anti-silver Brookings Institution after Douglas Dillon. He was a Rockefeller Foundation trustee and an advisor to the International Finance Corporation. Roosa helped dispense Treasury Department silver to the voracious Silver Users Association—

Roosa was additionally a director of American Express and Owens Corning Fiberglass, probably another silver user; and was president for 1967 of the American Finance Association. Roosa wrote “Monetary Reform for the World Economy” (1965), presenting the puppet masters views on global finance. Roosa was a driving force during 1961 for the formation of the London Gold Pool, a scandalous conspiracy by several central banks to cap the price of gold at $35. It ended with the temporary closing of the London gold market on March 15, 1968, on orders from The Queen of England, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society! Among many other positions, Roosa was president of the Economic Club of New York, 1970-1971, where anti-silver views have been presented by speakers; and executive of the United Nations Association; director, National Bureau of Economic Research and chairman New York Stock Exchange Advisory Committee on International Capital Markets. His associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research was Arthur Frank Burns, Pilgrims Society, who headed the anti-silver, anti-gold Federal Reserve System from 1970 to 1978, with its correspondent relationship with the silver supplying Bank of Mexico—


—Eli Wallach in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (1965)


Burns succeeded William McChesney Martin Jr., Pilgrims Society, at the helm of the precious metals suppressing Federal Reserve System, who ran it from 1951 to 1970 and vowed to defend the former $35 per ounce gold price “down to the last ingot” (see “The Conspiracy Against Gold,” Archives of Silver Investor) —

In the Federal Reserve Bulletin, April 1963, page 469, we notice the testimony by William McChesney Martin Jr., Federal Reserve Board Chairman at a Congressional hearing—

“The Board believes it is unnecessary to utilize silver as part of the U.S. monetary system. Although some concern has been expressed that removing the silver “backing” from part of our currency might lower its value, I would not agree.”

After leaving the Fed Martin chaired the Committee to Reorganize the New York Stock Exchange and appeared on such boards as Royal Dutch Petroleum, U.S. Steel, General Foods, Caterpillar Tractor, Freeport Minerals, American Express and Dow Jones & Company and became a Johns Hopkins University trustee.  Construction magnate Lou Revere Crandall (1893-1978), Pilgrims Society, built the Federal Reserve Building in the District of Columbia; the Supreme Court Building; the Department of Justice Building; the Department of the Interior Building; the Du Pont Building; dozens of others; 26 war manufacturing plants in World War II; and the United Nations Building (Who’s Who, 1966, page 462).

We’re excruciatingly acquainted with the flimsy shinplaster inflation notes these molded over silver stealing racketeers foist on the nation—

“NO MOTIVE OF CONVENIENCE TO THE CITIZEN REQUIRES THE RECEPTION OF BANK PAPER.”—President Martin Van Buren, Special Session message to Congress, September 4, 1837

The United States Magazine & Democratic Review, November 1841, page 451 said President Van Buren fought “THE TYRANNY AND FRAUD OF OUR ABOMINABLE PAPER MONEY BANKING SYSTEM.”

The absolute wisdom of precious metals as the only valid currency for the world was again confirmed in another New York Times story, dated July 17, 1929, page 2.  In that feature we learn that the Belgian National Bank in Brussels, which held the physical volume equivalent of 125 railway cars of fiat currency notes belched out by the German central bank just 6 years before, were to be BURNED!  Quantities of the cellulose trash “money” had already been burned for heat in furnaces and for cooking and used as wallpaper.

As in the Jackson administration while Andy was fighting the United States Bank, (quote from Commercial & Financial Chronicle, April 29, 1965, page 1795) —

“These notes of low value were held in contempt by the public.”

The Wall Street Journal, December 7, 1967, page 1, reported that the 12 Federal Reserve branch banks were sifting through coinage (under orders from Pilgrims Society member Martin) and removing any remaining silver coins for the benefit of the Silver Users Association. The 1967 Who’s Who in America, page 953, featured James M. Hester, whose profile mentioned “Pilgrims U.S.” (the virtually spectral  organization under investigation here) and the fact that he was a Rhodes Scholar in 1947-1950. He became president of New York University in 1962. He was a Danforth Foundation (Ralston Purina fortune) trustee and an advisor to the National Fund for Medical Education. Hester was a director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York (silver stealers) and Union Carbide Corporation (Silver Users Association, silver stealers); and Prudential Insurance—

Hester became rector of United Nations University, 1975-1980 and was a director of the International Association of Universities and the American Council on Education and a Guggenheim Foundation trustee. He chaired the President’s Task Force on Priorities in Higher Education in 1969; was propagandizing students away from gold and silver part of that? It sure was part of the White House agenda then as now!

Howard Charles Petersen (1910-1995), Pilgrims Society, was counsel to the committee appointed in 1940 by Franklin Roosevelt to draft Selective Service Regulations and was special assistant to the Secretary of War in 1945; he was assistant Secretary of War, 1945-1947 and special assistant to the President on trade legislation, 1961-1962.  He was president of Fidelity Bank of Pennsylvania, 1950-1966, becoming chairman in 1966.  The 1970 Who’s Who, page 1778, showed Petersen on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; Insurance Company of North America; Panama Canal Company; and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance.  He chaired the advisory committee to the Export-Import Bank and was on the executive council of the American Bankers Association, which in 1965 suggested outlawing of silver hoarding; member economics visiting committee of Harvard University; trustee, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (warmongers); governor, Menninger Foundation (psychiatry—calling those they disapprove of “mentally ill” as a tool of social control!) —

Viscount Harcourt, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, who was the great grandson of Junius S. Morgan and great nephew of J.P. Morgan, chaired Morgan, Grenfell & Company (a partnership started with J.P. Morgan). The International Year Book & Statesmen’s Who’s Who, 1969, page 382, listed Viscount Harcourt as head of the British Treasury Delegation in the U.S. and former director of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank—all silver and gold suppressing entities—

Kenneth Rush, Pilgrims Society, was Ambassador to West Germany, 1969-1972 and to France, 1974-1977. He became president of Union Carbide in 1966 (Silver Users Association members, silver stealers) —

Rush was a director of El Paso Natural Gas, American Sugar Company, the Foreign Policy Association and Bankers Trust New York, which later merged with gold suppressor Deutsche Bank. He was a member of the National Security Council, 1973-1974; according to his listing on page 2807 of the 1979 Who’s Who, he was “chairman of the Council on International Economic Policy; President’s Committee on East-West Trade Policy; President’s Food Committee; Joint Presidential/Congressional Steering Committee on Inflation; Council on Wage and Price Stability, all 1974.” The last two entities were efforts to blame inflation on factors other than the Federal Reserve! He became a director of two propagandizing organizations in 1977, the Alliance to Save Energy and the Atlantic Council, which Pilgrims Society front seeks to reunite America with Britain!

John T. Connor, Pilgrims Society, chaired Allied Chemical Corporation (a silver user for catalysts) and was a director of General Motors, General Foods, American Broadcasting Companies, Warner Lambert Pharmaceuticals, the anti-silver Economic Club of New York and Chase Manhattan Bank and on the Rockefeller Commission to Investigate the CIA, was on the Coinage Commission that recommended the transition to cupronickel slugs, then he chaired Schroder’s Bank, an entity with a troubling history—

Pilgrims Society member Lewis W. Douglas, for many years (circa late 1940’s to at least mid 1970’s) a vice president of the Society, presented an article sarcastically called “The Case for Monetary Reform” in the Mining Congress Journal, December 1965. On pages 52 and 54 we note Douglas crowing—

“There seems to be and probably ought to be, resistance on well-taken grounds to a sufficiently substantial increase in the price of gold.  No one, certainly not I, would denigrate the role which the IMF has played.”

Douglas (below) at the time he made his gold suppressive statement was a director of Newmont Mining Corporation! He was the son of an Arizona copper mining magnate with holdings in Phelps Dodge Corporation. He was Ambassador to England, 1947-1950 and chairman of Mutual Life Insurance of New York, 1947-1959. He was a director of International Nickel of Canada (INCO); Union Corporation of South Africa (gold); Western Bancorporation; Continental Oil; General Motors and others; director, Council on Foreign Relations, 1940-1964. He was a member of the Order of the British Empire and chaired the English Speaking Union, a Pilgrims Society subsidiary seeking to make English the world language. His daughter Sharman married Andrew M. Hay, Order of the British Empire, Churchill Foundation trustee, liquor magnate, president British American Chamber of Commerce, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain; the February 8, 1996 New York Times death notice on Sharman said she was a lifelong friend of British Royals. Andrew Hay is now a director of LCF Edmond De Rothschild Securities

The Fort Worth, Texas, Star Telegram, September 28, 1986, page 6-D featured these remarks about Lewis W. Douglas, and of course kept in the dark the fact of his membership in The Pilgrims Society—

“He helped launch the Marshall Plan, NATO and the creation of Israel. OVERRULING THE JUDGMENTS OF CONGRESS, LEGISLATORS AND EVEN PRESIDENTS ON THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL OF NATIONAL POLICY—FROM THE ROOSEVELT SUPREME COURT TO WATERGATE, he understood the internal dynamics of complex things like the New Deal and NATO better than any other American. Sharman Douglas became a friend of Princess Margaret and was photographed with members of the Royal Family and the diplomatic corps more often than was her father, WHO RECEIVED ORDERS AND HONORS FROM ALL THE COURTS OF EUROPE FOR HIS WORK WITH NATO. HE ACHIEVED AWESOME POWER IN WASHINGTON AND IN THE COURTS OF THE WORLD.”

While this report is about who the grand scale silver stealers were/are, it’s also about gold stealers, since it’s the same faction. Many of these men are famous, but what’s unknown is their association in this secretive organization of metals stealers. Gold only and silver only investors are in the same boat, and we best row together, because the same kraken waits below the waves to destroy us all!

The Earl of Cromer, executive committee, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was Governor of the Bank of England, 1961-1966 and a leader of the price depressing London Gold Pool. The Earl was Ambassador to the United States, 1971-1974 and member of The Order of the British Empire. He was also a director of the anti-precious metals International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Finance Corporation—

The Earl of Cromer was son in law of Viscount Rothermere, press magnate and Pilgrims Society member.,_2nd_Baron_Luke Lord Luke of Pavenham, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was a director of the 56,000 employee Lloyds Bank, chaired by Pilgrims Society member Sir Eric Odin Faulkner. Lord Luke was a director of gold hedger Ashanti Goldfields (International Year Book & Statesmen’s Who’s Who, 1969, page 543).

George Raymond Vila, Pilgrims Society, chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1972-1974.  He was chairman of Uniroyal, formerly United States Rubber, and a director of Chemical Bank; Bendix Corporation; Church & Dwight (baking soda); Conference Board; National Agricultural Chemical Association; Rubber Manufacturers Association; and Manufacturing Chemists Association.  Somewhere in all that we sniff “silver users,” as silver is an important catalyst.  Vila was a trustee of Wesleyan University; The Institute for the Future; and the Center for Information on America.  He was a member of the technical industrial intelligence committee of advisors to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in World War 2.  See The Institute for the Future on Global Food Outlook From a Chemical Bank annual report circa mid 1970’s—

From the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims of Great Britain we notice Sir William J. Keswick (1903-1990), director of the Bank of England, Sun Alliance & London Insurance, British Petroleum, Hudson’s Bay Company and the Jardine Matheson conglomerate. The Keswicks have been associated with Anglo-Far East business since 1855 as principal owners and managers of Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank (HSBC, silver and gold short now being sued for price suppression). The Keswicks were also owners of the Indo-China Steam Navigation Company, the Canton Insurance Office Ltd, Hong Kong & Kowloon Wharf, Star Ferry, Hong Kong Tramway, the Hong Kong Land Investment & Agency Co Ltd, and the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Company. Keswick chaired the Shanghai Municipal Council during the crisis that led to war with Japan and was with British Intelligence After World War II he took over Jardine Matheson operations in London. The company has roots, along with Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, in the Chinese opium trade, in which vast quantities of silver were sucked out of China as payment for the 40 million or so opium addicts the Lordly British Aristocrats so magnanimously supplied. Often Chinese were made addicts at gunpoint. See “Silver Users And Opium” for details. also mentions its opium trade connections and the link to the Rothschilds, who were suspected, with the governors of the Bank of England, as responsible for the Crime of ’73 (silver demonetization by the United States Congress). Jardine Matheson Tower in Hong Kong stands 52 stories and is also known as Connaught Centre, after The Duke of Connaught, (Prince Arthur, who was Governor General of Canada) and president of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, 1917-1942—

The opium addict, eyes bulging out of his head!

We take tea and crumpets before we go to bed!

Sooner or later he drops stone cold dead!

For him, not one British tear is shed!

Fortunes founded on opium, super megaton big shots!

Sabotaging silver and gold money, connect the dots,

Economists on board, the Trojan horse trots,

Churning out unbacked paper till it rots!

Alfred P. Hayes, Rhodes Scholar and Pilgrims Society member profiled at Silver Investor Archives in “Paper Money Mobster Speaks,” was president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1956 to 1975 when he became chairman of Morgan Stanley International, a firm famous for selling phantom silver and charging investors to store it; Hayes chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1965-1966 and presided over the collection of 90% silver coins in the nation’s largest banking district, sending them to the Treasury Department for melting into bullion later “auctioned” (i.e., gifted) to the predatory Silver Users Association in closed meetings conducted by the servile flunkies of the General Services Administration—

“I HAVE HEARD OUR SWAPS CRITICIZED AS COVER UPS.”  —Alfred Hayes, lecture at Economic Club of New York, April 22, 1963

“I AM PARTICULARLY PROUD OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SWAP NETWORK, IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF WHICH I WAS INVOLVED FROM ITS INCEPTION, LINKING THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND 14 OTHER CENTRAL BANKS AND THE BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS.  GOLD HAS LONG BEEN VIEWED BY MANY AS A BARBAROUS RELIC AND DEMONETIZING IT AND PHASING IT OUT OF THE SYSTEM COMPLETELY SEEMS TO HAVE A GOOD DEAL OF APPEAL IN SOME QUARTERS.”  —Alfred Hayes, speech at International Monetary Fund, August 31, 1975 Hayes for some reason reminds me of the wheel bug, whose bite causes more pain than a hornet sting and can actually take months to heal. Hayes was president of Lingnan University, Canton, China, 1947-1954 (it’s now in Hong Kong) and the reader may wonder if there was a silver connection? This researcher always wishes he had more time.

Sir John Balfour, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, former Ambassador to Argentina and Spain, chaired the British & French Bank. At the same time Britain was flooding markets with bullion from melted Indian silver rupees, co-conspirators in France dumped silver from French Indo-China. Balfour also chaired United Bank for Africa (International Year Book & Statesmen’s Who’s Who, 1969, page 55).

Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, 1959-1977, Hugh Scott appeared on page 20 of the 1980 leaked list of The Pilgrims. He was predictably, another ally of the Silver Users Association, voting “aye” to the Coinage Act of 1965—

Republican Senator from New York, 1957-1981, Jacob Javits, an ally of Pilgrims Society member Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, voted for everything the Silver Users Association wanted, including the termination of 90% Constitutional silver coinage on June 24, 1965. Javits was guest of honor at a meeting of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, June 27, 1967; “The Pilgrims of Great Britain,” 2002, page 197. No one is summoned to address the Society or be honored by it, who opposes their objectives of “the seizure of the wealth necessary”—

Democrat Senator from Rhode Island (silversmithing state), 1961-1997, Claiborne Pell, great, great grand nephew of George Dallas, who was counsel to the corrupt, Crown/Rothschild connected second United States Bank in which the Astors and Du Ponts were powers; heir to the Lorillard tobacco fortune who married into the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea fortune, was as good a friend on Capitol Hill the Silver Users Association ever had, voting to end most silver coinage in 1965. Pell’s name, along with 3 other Pells, appeared on page 18 of the leaked 1980 list of The Pilgrims, New York—

His cousin, John Howland Gibbs Pell, Pilgrims Society, was president of Wall Street Investing Corporation. Another cousin, John Train, is a member, and was adviser to three Presidents and authored the national best seller “The Money Masters” (1994) which breathes not a whisper about The Society. Train chairs Montrose Financial Group and is a director of Genesis Funds in London. Train’s ancestry and associations are fascinating, bizarre, and disquieting.

Brigadier General Charles E. Saltzman, Pilgrims Society, Rhodes Scholar, Order of the British Empire, born in the Phillipines, was a partner of gold antagonist Goldman Sachs, 1956-1973, thereafter remaining a limited partner.  He held decorations from France, Italy, Brazil, Poland and Morocco.  He became national president of the English Speaking Union in 1961.  His father, a Major General, chaired the Federal Radio Commission beginning in 1926, which became the Federal Communications Commission—

On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon slammed shut the gold window at the Treasury Department so that foreigners holding United States dollars could no longer exchange these for hard gold; in that same move, Nixon additionally ordered a 90 day freeze on wages and prices (Fascism) which, when evidence became undeniable that the freeze was causing shortages of all manner of products and services, was reluctantly rescinded. “The Pilgrims of the United States” (2003) page 141 features the letter Nixon sent to The Pilgrims in New York dated March 24, 1969, on White House stationary, accepting their invitation to be honorary president of The Pilgrims of the United States. Richard Nixon, Pilgrims Society agent who ordered the gold window at Treasury slammed shut—

After this attack on gold (as in the imputed integrity of its largest holder) the Nixon administration, secretly another Pilgrims Society administration, imposed a Federal price cap of $1.61 per ounce on domestic mined on silver via his Cost of Living Council (Wall Street Journal, July 24, 1972, page 16). Way to go, Pilgrims Society! Nixon’s daughter Tricia married Edward Cox, son of Pilgrims Society member Howard Ellis Cox, an important Manhattan attorney.

On May 24, 1973, Libya moved against Bunker Hunt’s oil operations, and the U.S. State Department refused to intervene on Hunt’s behalf.  From 1971 to 1973 Hunt amassed a modest 200,000 ounces of silver.  Was his growing interest in silver the reason the State Department refused to act?  Yes; however, it would not have acted in any case, as he was “new rich” and an outsider to the Network, which broke him by 1986.  William P. Rogers, Pilgrims Society, was Attorney General, 1957-1961 and Secretary of State when Hunt’s Libyan oil interests were seized—

Rogers was a member of the same law firm (1950-1953) as Pilgrims Society member Kenneth Royall whom we also mention as a silver suppressor.  Rogers was a member of the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration, 1965-1967 and was a fellow of the American Bar Foundation and member of the Alibi Club in the District of Columbia.  He was U.S. representative in 1967 to the United Nations General Assembly and in 1986 he chaired the Presidential Commission to Investigate the Challenger Accident.  He had addresses such as 870 United Nations Plaza in Manhattan and 1666 K Street in Washington.  Rogers was a member of Rogers & Wells (founded in 1871) which represented Merrill Lynch and had 400 attorneys.

At this link you can read about Louise Auchincloss Boyer, personal secretary to Pilgrims Society member Nelson Rockefeller. Mrs. Boyer fell (?) from her 10th floor apartment window on July 4, 1974, a week after allegedly disclosing that the Rockefellers were involved in looting Fort Knox of the national gold hoard. At the time Congressman Phillip M. Crane, Republican from Illinois, unsuccessfully pressed for a Congressional inspection of Fort Knox gold. Below, combative Pilgrims Society member Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller shooting the finger at student protesters at a Republican meeting in Binghampton, New York, in 1970. Seen at left is Senator Robert Dole of Kansas, who was a long time beneficiary of funds from Archer Daniels Midland agribusiness giant, which is called the “supermarket to the world.” ADM currently is interlocked with J.P. Morgan’s national advisory board—

Gerald Ford, Michigan Republican, voted “aye” on July 14, 1965, to the Coinage Act of 1965, removing most silver from American coins.  Ford was happy in the White House with his fellow member of The Pilgrims, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller.  Ford had experience as a globalist at the 1959 and 1961 meetings of the Interparliamentary Union and Bilderberg 1962.  Pilgrims member, anti-silver activist Lyndon Johnson appointed Ford to the notorious Warren Commission in November 1963 which painted Lee Oswald as a lone assassin of JFK.  Ford was our only unelected president!  He appointed seven members of The Pilgrims Society to his administration, including the horrible gold and silver price suppressor William Simon! On September 8, 1974, he pardoned “Tricky Dick” Nixon, the Pilgrims Society member who closed the gold window at Treasury over 3 years earlier.  After the White House his Pilgrims associates placed Ford on such boards as Tiger International, Santa Fe International, Pebble Beach Corporation, Shearson Loeb Rhoades and GK Technologies and chaired the Eisenhower Fellowships from 1980-1986—

Howard W. McCall Jr., Pilgrims Society (Who’s Who In Finance & Industry, 1974, page 546), was president of Chemical Bank, 1966-1972. The bank got its name from dealings with the chemical industry, including Du Pont, and was a predecessor to current silver short JPMorganChase. McCall was on the executive council of the anti-silver American Bankers Association.

Pilgrims Society member John M. Meyer Jr., Knight of the British Empire, head of J.P. Morgan & Company, founded Depository Trust Company of New York in 1973. Other original directors known as Pilgrims Society members were William Ira Spencer of Citibank and Elliott Averett of the Bank of New York at 48 Wall Street, an official of the American Institute of Banking and director of the United Nations Association. If you’ve occasionally wondered why certain of your mining shares are chronically depressed, you need to read It’s now known as the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and is a member of the Federal Reserve System; see discussion of how the DTC has turned back concerns and investigations concerning naked short selling It’s more Pilgrims Society subversion “seizing the wealth necessary.”

Carroll L. Wilson, Pilgrims Society (1910-1983) was linked to three fortunes—the Rockefellers; the Japanese Mitsuis; and the British Crown.  He was with the Office of Scientific Research & Development, 1940-1946 and a State Department consultant in 1946.  He was with the silver using Atomic Energy Commission, 1947-1951 and was an executive, 1951-1954 with Climax Uranium and Climax Molybdenum and was president of Metals & Controls Corporation, 1956-1958.  During 1957-1958 he was on the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Panel on International Security and was inducted into the Order of the British Empire, a Pilgrims Society subsidiary.  The 1981 Who’s Who, page 3544 listed him as being a director of Millipore Corporation, Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company, Procor Corporation and others and since 1974 he held a Mitsui Professorship in Problems of Contemporary Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The Mitsui group of companies traces to 1673AD Japan.  Mitsui means “Three Wells” and the huge corporate organization is a Silver Users Association member  Not surprisingly Wilson listed himself as a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1971 by Pilgrims Society members David Rockefeller and George S. Franklin Jr., Rocky’s roommate at Harvard (not at Yale and Skull & Bones!)  He also listed himself as chairman of the World Peace Foundation at Boston; trustee of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Pilgrims Society member Nelson Rockefeller’s Commission On Critical Choices For Americans; member Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences; member American Academy of Arts and Sciences; senior advisor to United Nations Conference on Human Environment; Cosmos Club District of Columbia; member executive committee, Club of Rome—another instance of Pilgrims Society members superintending other elitist organizations including the Council on Foreign Relations, of which he was also at that time a board member; member energy prize selection committee of the Krupp Foundation, Essen, Germany; member Century Association New York; science and technology advisor to Economic and Social Council of the U.N., 1964-1970; member scientific research committee of Organization for European Cooperation and Development, 1961-1970; trustee Institute of Advanced Study, Stockholm; member American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical & Petroleum Engineers—

The Associated Press release, May 16, 1977, “World Oil May Be Gone By ‘81” had Wilson calling for “wartime urgency” in an international energy program in which he spoke of “the critical interdependence of nations” and urged  “an unprecedented degree of international collaboration,” which both code phrases translated into plain language meant “world government under the Crown and the moguls of The Pilgrims Society!”

Pilgrims Society member James W. Davant chaired the anti-silver money Economic Club of New York, 1976-1977. As of 1966 he became a governor of the anti-silver money Bankers Club of America. His daughter Patricia Jean married into the Du Pont (silver users) lineage. He headed Paine Webber & Company which in 2000 merged with Union Bank of Switzerland, one of the Swiss giants likely referred to as having sold unbacked silver certificates to unwary investors—

Caryl Parker Haskins, Pilgrims Society, for many years consultant to the Defense Department, was president of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1956-1971 and a trustee of the Rand Corporation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York; he was a long time Smithsonian Institution regent, director of the Population Council and the Council on Foreign Relations, 1961-1975. In addition to numerous other positions, he was director or trustee of the Asia Foundation; the Pacific Science Center Foundation; the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; The President’s Science Advisory Committee; Joint U.S./Japan Commission on Scientific Cooperation; Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the State Department; Office of Scientific Research and Development; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Tulane University; Educational Testing Service; Marlboro College; National Geographic Society; Schenectady Trust Company; Haskins Laboratories; and Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences (“conspiracy theorists are mentally ill”). Haskins was a director of Du Pont de Nemours & Company (Silver Users Association, silver stealers) 1971-1981. Du Pont was involved with silver leasing (page 130, “Beyond Greed—The Hunt Family’s Bold Attempt to Corner the Silver Market,” 1982, by Astor employee Stephen Fay!) Du Pont, one of the world’s three largest silver users, had a director named Andrew Brimmer who was with the Federal Reserve, 1966-1974. Brimmer, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (Pilgrims Society subsidiary) was on the COMEX board when silver crashed. Haskins—

Second generation Pilgrims Society member Walter B. Wriston (we visited his father already, also a silver suppressor) as head of Citigroup predicted during William Simon’s tenure as Treasury Secretary that gold prices would fall back to $35 per ounce, from $103.50, where Simon bombed it down to from the $200 level


—“History of the Great American Fortunes” (1936, page 134, chapter IV “The Ramifications of the Astor Fortune).

Wriston authored (1997) “The Twilight of Sovereignty,” adding to at least hundreds of confirmations that The Pilgrims Society seeks a world government. He chaired Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board, 1982-1989 and was a director of General Electric and General Mills. Steve Forbes, son of a Pilgrims Society member, said he regretted Wriston was never Treasury Secretary or chairman of the Federal Reserve System Steve Forbes an advocate of free markets? Not really!

Roy L. Ash, who was a George F. Baker Scholar at Harvard in 1947, became Director of the Office of Management & Budget in the Ford/Rockefeller administration, 1974-1975, went back to run Litton Industries, a silver user, and built it into a $2 billion annual volume conglomerate. He was a director of Bank of America (listed at one time on the Silver Users Association roster); Global Marine; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Consolidated Foods; Urban Institute; Pacific Mutual Life; member U.S./Japan Advisory Council and a trustee of California Institute of Technology. His name surfaced in the 1980 list of The Pilgrims—

The 1978 Who’s Who in America, page 2568, showed Thomas L. Phillips, born in Istanbul, as president of Raytheon Corporation, a major defense contractor and high tech silver user, from 1964-1975, at which time he became chairman until 1991 and director until 2000.  He received the Meritorious Public Service Award for creating the Sparrow III Missile System for the Navy.  Phillips, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, was a director of John Hancock Life Insurance; State Street Investment Trust (currently the largest holder of apex silver price suppressor CME Group);  Digital Equipment; Knight Ridder Newspapers; National Shawmut Bank of Boston; and SRA International, 7,000 employees, a defense and technology contractor contracting for the Department of Homeland Security.  He was a trustee of Northeastern University, Gordon College, Massachusetts General Hospital and Joslin Diabetes Foundation.  Also in his listing was “Pilgrims of U.S.”—

Four star General Alexander M. Haig, Pilgrims Society, became president of United Technologies Corporation (silver user) in 1979.  He was National Security Advisor, 1969-1972 under Henry Kissinger, Pilgrims Society; in 1973-1974 Haig was White House Chief of Staff; Supreme Commander of NATO, 1974-1979; Secretary of State, 1981-1982; Haig was a founding director of America Online; he had decorations from South Vietnam, West Germany and Saudi Arabia.  United Technologies is currently interlocked with Du Pont, Silver Users Association.  Haig was on The Pilgrims executive committee as of 1983 and was an advisor to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, which appears to be warmongers; look at these seething Pilgrims Society members, one conniving, the other vicious, a lethal combination—

Idaho Democrat Senator Frank Church who voted to give away the Panama Canal (left, 1957-1981), Rhodes Scholar with Texas Republican Senator John Tower, Pilgrims Society member, at Senate hearing on clandestine armaments.  Tower chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee starting in 1981 and was a Senator, 1961-1985.  Tower chaired the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1990-1991.  Tower was also a member of the Senate Banking Committee (and uncoincidentally voted for the Coinage Act of 1965 removing most silver from our coinage) and a trustee of Southwestern University and SMU, Southern Methodist University, Dallas.  Members of Congress who are involved with military oversight who have ties to the Money Power, must be suspect of willingness to use eminent domain against private ownership of silver—

Three Pilgrims Society members conferring in the White House—Texas Senator John Tower; President Ronald Reagan; and Secretary of State Edmund Sixtus Muskie.  Muskie was Governor of Maine, 1955-1959, a state friendly to silver users and therefore inevitably hostile to higher silver prices benefitting miners!  On June 24, 1965, Senator Muskie voted “aye” to the Coinage Act of 1965, removing most Constitutionally mandated silver from our coinage—

Pilgrims Society member Walter Hoving, supercilious president of Tiffany & Company snob jewelers (Silver Users Association, silver stealers) denounced the Hunt-Arab silver play as “unconscionable” (“Beyond Greed, The Hunt Family’s Bold Attempt to Corner the Silver Market,” 1982, page 164). Hoving married Mary Osgood Field, a descendant of Samuel Osgood (1747-1813) the first Postmaster General of the United States. Hoving’s son Thomas, a director of IBM World Trade Corporation, married Nancy Melissa Bell, daughter of Pilgrims Society member Elliott V. Bell, who was a director of Chase Manhattan Bank and a trustee of the Brookings Institution, both silver suppressors. Tiffany & Company, aggravated price gougers who’d sell you their snot for your silver if they could, was profiled at Silver Investor in “The $150 Cufflinks.” Walter Hoving, silver stealer—

Silver users say—people who hoard silver are really bad!

But look at silver users crimes—stark raving mad!

No more silver stockpile, America you’ve been had!

They want you to think silver money was only a fad!

Pilgrims Society member Philip Dunham Reed, Who’s Who, 1966-1967, page 1750, was a director of Tiffany & Company (Silver Users Association, silver stealers). Reed had been chairman and long time director of General Electric (another probable silver user); director of Bankers Trust; Eurofund; Metropolitan Life; Otis Elevator; Bigelow Sanford; National Dairy Products; and National Educational TV & Radio Center; and in 1960 he became chairman of the silver stealing Federal Reserve Bank of New York and a trustee of the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships starting in 1953 (another propaganda conduit) —

J. Carter Bacot, Pilgrims Society, 48 Wall Street, became president of Bank of New York in 1974, primary bank for Tiffany & Company. Bacot was also a director of American International Group, implicated by Butler as a long time silver price suppressor. Bacot was also a director of other silver suppressing entities as Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Time Warner (biased news coverage) and was a member of the anti-silver Economic Club of New York—

Pilgrims Society member Peter G. Peterson, known billionaire, key associate of David Rockefeller, chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1981-1983.  He founded The Blackstone Group in 1985 and chaired the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1999-2003.  In 1972-1973 he was Commerce Secretary and became a trustee of the American Institute of Economic Research, a think-tank friendly to the Federal Reserve.  He was chairman of Bell & Howell, 1963-1971, a silver user.  He succeeded Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller as chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1985 and remains a director.  More on his role in silver suppression to follow—

William E. Simon, profiled at Silver Investor in “Treasury Official Lies About Gold,” was a Pilgrims Society member and as Treasury Secretary, bombed the gold price for almost a 50% decline; he promised select Congressmen a tour of Fort Knox to inspect the gold inventory, but characteristically reneged; as a COMEX governing board member, Simon took part in the destruction of the Hunt/Arab silver play just after mid-January 1980—

According to the Australian League of Rights at

“The world’s Money Rulers are trying to phase out gold as the basis of monetary reserves. We believe that the most powerful group of International Finance operators is aiming to have International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights (S.D.R.s) accepted as the World Reserve Currency. This does not please such people as the French monetary authorities who are sitting on large gold reserves. The International Monetary Fund has very recently been “dumping” gold in the world’s bullion markets. The United States’ Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. William Simon, intends that the role of gold will be phased out of international monetary dealings. MR. SIMON REPRESENTS THE MOST POWERFUL GROUP OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCE OPERATORS.”

Nations such as Russia and China are loading up on gold reserves; this defiance of synthetic money could be the real reason for World War III which The Pilgrims Society has undoubtedly long been planning, possibly at think-tanks such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London!

Other Pilgrims Society members involved in the 1980 silver crash include John Ethelbert Leslie, chairman of Bache Group starting in 1976, director of the France-America Society, president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in New York City and governor of the United Nations Association. Bache sold out the Hunts positions starting on March 26, 1980, to meet margin calls as silver prices crashed—

Bache & Company was founded by Pilgrims Society member Jules Semon Bache, 1861-1944, whose tomb is a replica of the Temple of Isis, was president of Dome Mines (later Placer Dome, acquired by Barrick in 2006) from 1919 to 1942 and “became immensely wealthy” additionally holding a large block of Chrysler Corporation shares—

John A. Roosevelt, a son of gold and silver stealer Franklin Roosevelt, was with Bache Halsey Stuart Shields and a Pilgrims Society member (Who’s Who, 1979, page 2765; feel free to research any of these names in such volumes; it runs into a great deal of time!) John A. Roosevelt was a director of the Boy Scouts of America, a trustee of Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Foundation (Ike was also a Pilgrims Society member), and a trustee of Roosevelt College (Chicago) and State University of New York and a consultant to the United States Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, the forerunner to the Department of Homeland Security—

John Aspinwall Roosevelt was associated in business in the 1950’s with Pilgrims Society member Floyd Odlum in the Standard Uranium Company; Odlum, in concert with Secretary of the Air Force Stuart Symington of Emerson Electric who later became a Pilgrims Society member (both seen in leaked 1969 list), broke Jack Northrop out of Northrop Aviation and ruined him, in an episode of corruption similar to Pilgrims Society members Frederic H. Brandi of American South African Gold and David Rockefeller destroying Howard Hughes, as described in “David—Report on a Rockefeller” (1972) by William Hoffman, who identified Bilderberg but knew nothing of The Pilgrims Society. After the TWA takeover they installed Charles Tillinghast, Pilgrims Society, at the TWA helm! In 1974-1975 Tillinghast chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York. Tillinghast’s son David R. surfaced in the 1980 list and was an official of the International Fiscal Association. John A. Roosevelt’s cousin on the William Emlen Roosevelt side of the family, Julian Kean Roosevelt, was a Pilgrims Society member, investment banker in Sterling, Grace & Company and president of the American Historical Association, his interest most likely being in having texts and telecast documentaries produced painting out of the picture the overriding role played by the financial elite in inflicting hardships on the world. Dating from 1969 and 1980, the two most recent years that verified, authenticated lists of The Pilgrims Society have leaked out, definite information establishing who specific members are has become more fragmentary; however, it’s reasonable to assume it’s more of the same.

Sir Anthony Tuke, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, chaired Barclays Bank 1973-1981 and made it more profitable than any other bank in the world. It was involved in loans through Bache connected to silver collateral put up by the Hunts. Tuke then joined RTZ, a huge polymetallic mining multinational. He presided over the 1977 International Monetary Conference which was a purely fiat affair. Barclays has a lengthy record as a precious metals price antagonist—

Pilgrims Society member Edmund T. Pratt Jr. chaired pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Incorporated, possibly the most dangerous member of Big Pharma with injurious veterinary drugs like Rimadyl and for humans, Zoloft, which has caused transposition of major cardiac arteries in infants

Pratt was a board member of silver antagonist Chase Manhattan Bank, an overseer of the Wharton School of Commerce and Finance and chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1979-1981— mentions Pfizer operations in Nigeria and how it hired “investigators” to “dig up dirt” on its attorney general “in an effort to pressure him to drop a $6 billion lawsuit against the company.”  Pratt was also a General Motors director and on the board of International Paper, the New York Chamber of Commerce and trustee of Duke University, where an engineering department is named for him—

As of 2011, treasurer of The Pilgrims Society in New York is Robin Chandler Duke, widow of ambassador Angier Biddle Duke, who was a descendant of Nicholas Biddle of the gold and silver antagonistic second Bank of the United States and of Benjamin Duke, charter Pilgrims Society member and number one tobacco magnate; the Dukes control Duke University and Duke Power, a giant utility, and with the Reynoldses and Cullmans, two other Pilgrims Society dynasties, dominate finance in Virginia and North Carolina.  Robin Duke is former ambassador to UNESCO and to Norway and has been a director of Rockwell International, American Home Products, another member of Big Pharma, and others.  She chaired Population Action International for over 20 years, which wants reduction in global census statistics.  Toxic drugs are one method of pursuing such objective; Ms. Duke received degree from Drexel University—

Chancellor of the Exchequer (1979-1983) during the great silver and gold run-up of 1979-1980, Lord Howe of Aberavon is a member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain.  A Member of Parliament from 1964-1992 and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1983-1989 and Leader of the House of Commons and Deputy Prime Minister, 1989-1990, he has been a director of J.P. Morgan & Company and Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, which in October 2010 settled lawsuits over its death and disability inducing pharmaceuticals for $750 million His wife has served as chairman of the Broadcasting Standards Commission (censorship).  He was instrumental in Britain joining the European Union—

Central banker Robert Leigh-Pemberton, Baron Kingsdown, Governor of the Bank of England 1983-1993, director of the Bank for International Settlements, 1996-2003, appeared in the 1980 Pilgrims London list—

Tobie Roosevelt, widow of Franklin Roosevelt Jr., who passed on in 1988, is a Pilgrims Society member from a family of silver suppressors. She heads the Gibraltar American Council, another British Empire front, and runs with the Duke of York and Prince Andrew—Pilgrims Society members from the Royal Family.

Reuben F. Richards, Pilgrims Society who became chairman of Terra Industries agribusiness giant, was on the Engelhard Corporation board, late 70’s to early 80’s and later became chairman. He was a director of multinational mining giant Minorco in Luxembourg, related to Anglo-American and De Beers Diamond Mines. His son is chairman of Emcore Corporation, a silver user in solar power and electronics. Englehard is based in Iselin, New Jersey, named after a second tier Pilgrims Society dynasty (Iselin, not Englehard!)

Dennis Weatherstone, Pilgrims Society, was chairman of the executive committee of J.P. Morgan & Company when in May 1980 it coordinated a syndicate of banks for a $1.1 billion loan to Placid Oil, a Hunt entity, related to the January 1980 silver crash engineered by the same worthy gentlemen on the short side. By 1986 the Hunts were broken out of 59MOZ physical silver due to implications of that loan—

In 1990 Weatherstone was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society. From 1995 to 2001 Sir Dennis was on the Board of Banking Supervision of the gold price depressing Bank of England. William Ira Spencer of Citibank, Pilgrims Society, was a prominent figure in the Hunt loan. Bankers Trust New York, then chaired by Pilgrims Society member Alfred Brittain III, was in on that loan syndication—

Lord Peter Carrington (below, with President Reagan), headed The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain starting in 1983; he became Secretary General of NATO 1984-1988 and chaired the Bilderberg Meetings 1989-1998. He chaired Australia & New Zealand Bank and was a director of Rio Tinto, Hambros Bank and the huge Barclay’s Bank organization, a long time silver suppressor

The Wall Street Journal, June 5, 1981, page 37, reported that President Reagan wanted Congress to authorize sale of silver from the national defense stockpile. The amount requested at that time was a hefty 46.5MOZ to be sold over one year period; the House Armed Services Committee recommended 105.2MOZ—

Congress at first said no! However, after 11 days, they said OK! Silver prices fell sharply after the sale (dumping) was announced. It isn’t cynicism that compels me to think the “right” people had advance knowledge thereby to unjustly profit. Apparently some Pilgrims Society money was spread about! As of November 27, 2000, the national silver stockpile had been bled down to zero; about 15MOZ of its last silver went to the U.S. Mint for silver Eagles. That move was a strategy to blunt criticism of the fact that the Silver Users Association carted off the majority of the precious high tech metal. Ronald Reagan, just after stepping down from the governorship of California, was hosted by The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain in London, on April 7, 1975 (“The Pilgrims of Great Britain,” 2002, page 199).

Robert H. Knight, Pilgrims Society, descendant of Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, who was with the Wall Street law firm of Shearman & Sterling, chaired the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1977-1983, covering the time of the great silver run-up and its orchestrated crash—


—The Times, London, November 17, 1931, page 15.

Roswell L. Gilpatrick, Pilgrims Society member from the Wall Street law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, director of CBS, Eastern Airlines and others and a Rockefeller Brothers Fund trustee, was Knight’s predecessor at the helm of the New York Fed—

John Brademas (Rhodes Scholar 1954) appeared in the leaked 1980 list of The Pilgrims, New York.  He was a Democrat Congressman from Indiana, 1959-1981 and Majority Whip, 1977-1981.  On July 14, 1965, he voted “aye” to the Coinage Act of 1965, removing most silver from coinage. He was president of New York University, 1981-1991, when he became president emeritus.  In 2004 he became a member of the New York State Board of Regents.  As a Congressman he cosponsored legislation creating the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities in 1965.  He holds 47 honorary university degrees; the 2005 Who’s Who, page 498 and additional sources listed him as chairman of the anti-silver Federal Reserve Bank of New York; member anti-silver Bretton Woods Committee; director New York Stock Exchange, Texaco, Scholastic Incorporated and RCA/NBC; and an overseer of Harvard University as well as a Rockefeller Foundation trustee.  Incredibly, it also listed him as a member of the central committee of the World Council of Churches; member advisory council to the College of Arts and Letters, University of Notre Dame; trustee, Onassis Foundation; trustee Spellman College; board of visitors to Department of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; advisor to Carter Center at Emory University; member consulting panel to Comptroller General of United States; director Center for National Policy; chairman, American Ditchley Foundation (direct link to British Crown); director Aspen Institute; Berlitz International; member of council, American Academy of Arts and Sciences and co-chairman of its Center for Science, Technology and Congress; member Smithsonian Institution national board; trustee Athens College (Greece); director American Council on Education; advisor to National Research Council; member National Endowment for Democracy; member Carnegie Endowment National Commission on the New World; member Trilateral Commission (SILENT as to membership in The Pilgrims Society) —

Brademas persuaded actress Paulette Goddard, who died in 1990, to leave $20 million to New York University.

William Sterling Ogden of Chase Manhattan Bank, Pilgrims Society member and director of silver user GAF Corporation, founded the Institute of International Finance in the District of Columbia in 1984, which calls itself “The global association of financial institutions” whose members are bitterly opposed to precious metals monetary system. Richard Waugh of Scotiabank is on the IIF board.

Sir Crispin Tickell, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was Ambassador to important silver producer Mexico, 1981-1983 and Secretary of the Overseas Development Administration 1983-1987 and Ambassador to the United Nations 1987-1990; director IBM U.K. 1990-1995. A Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, he’s emeritus chairman of The Climate Institute. He advocates reducing United Kingdom population from 62 million to 20 million and apparently it’s the commoners, not The Pilgrims Society, who are expected to be terminated; he’s also associated with the Optimum Population Trust. Tickell, who is involved with “ticklish” subjects, is chancellor of the University of Kent—

See “He’s Saving the Planet” at also his page on Global Governance! At you see him with James Witt, who was director of FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, 1993-2001. Manufactured crisis as in the depression and FDR days = power and control for The Pilgrims Society! Yeah brother they gotta have all our silver! EXPOSE THEM!

Georgia Congressman Lawrence Patton McDonald, M.D. (a cousin of General George Patton who slapped a soldier for cowardice) was a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms; opponent of foreign aid and welfare for the lazy; and argued in the House of Representatives for return to the gold standard. McDonald and his biggest ally, Congressman Steve Symms of Idaho, opposed silver disposals from the strategic stockpile. McDonald was a mentor to Ron Paul and called for Congressional investigation of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission (Pilgrims Society fronts) and was on board Korean Air Lines flight 007 when a Soviet fighter jet shot it down with 269 passengers aboard near Sakhalin Island on September 1, 1983—

McDonald was the ONLY member of a 36 member American delegation heading for South Korea for the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Korea Mutual Defense Pact flying on a separate airliner; the State Department played an overriding role in screening and travel arrangements. Pilgrims Society member George P. Shultz, Treasury Secretary, 1972-1974, who played a role in precious metals price suppression, was Secretary of State, 1982-1989 and a Trilateralist. In November 1975 McDonald wrote the intro to “The Rockefeller File,” alleging the family to control trusts exercising control over hundreds of billions in corporate assets. Do I worry for myself? No. An angel protects me! On the other hand, I admit to hoping to see my dogs again. There are battles to be fought here. Take a glance at America’s bravest men and and fight on!

Shultz became president of Bechtel Group, a huge construction conglomerate, director of Fremont Group, on International Advisory Council to J.P. Morgan & Company and held other posts, including leader of the Committee on the Present Danger, another warmonger front for The Pilgrims Society’s World War III plans; and a trustee of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Below, George Shultz, yet another Pilgrims Society member, meeting with puppet President Obama—

Caspar Weinberger, Pilgrims Society member (an Episcopalian; Order of the British Empire, 1988) was Secretary of Defense from January 1981 to November 1987, in which capacity he presided over disposals of tens of millions of silver ounces from the former National Strategic Stockpile to the voracious Silver Users Association. By eventually emptying the former defense stockpile of strategic silver, the Society created an excuse for a second silver nationalization. “We are at war with Iran and North Korea, we’re calling in citizen owned silver because of the national emergency” they can have their string-puppet President declare! It isn’t about reducing the national debt, it’s about the former silver stockpile being depleted by Silver Users Association raids, for which we, the guiltless, are expected to suffer! They can say, “Our money has failed due to Chinese attacks on the dollar, due to the national emergency, we’re nationalizing privately owned gold.” Whoever the Treasury Secretary is, will be a Pilgrims Society member, or a member of their direct subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations, and will have an unpublished list of a few thousand conspirators not to be touched as to metals ownership! In “The Pilgrims of Great Britain,” (2002), we notice Caspar the unfriendly ghost addressed The Pilgrims London on January 27, 1994 (page 203) and The Pilgrims in New York held a reception for him on November 30, 2000 (page 173 of the 2003 volume for the U.S.) — The Defense Logistics Agency is under the Secretary of Defense, and has no silver metal in its holdings. It’s been looted so the bankers could hold silver prices down for extended years. It’s also been plundered so that those who are so prudent as to hold silver to shield themselves from the inflation these same bankers cause, can later blame us for the shortage and denounce us as “unpatriotic hoarders and speculators.” Unseen signal can be given to the media controllers in the Society to start blitz campaign vilifying citizens who moved into Constitutional money, calling us a threat to national security. National security and national emergency are always the rationale cited for using officials, especially the President and Congress, to break competitors out of their wealth so we won’t be able to accumulate capital and become any threat to their supremacy. The insert facing page 8 of the rare volume “Pilgrim Partners—Forty Years of British American Fellowship” (Hutchinson & Company, London, 1942) by Sir Harry Brittain, a founder and Knight of the British Empire, features a message from Nicholas Murray Butler, president of The Pilgrims United States—

“The Pilgrims have played and will continue to play an important part in the education of public opinion…”

Observe! The United States citizenry is and has been influenced in their thinking by an organization that only an extreme few of them have ever heard of! I was lucky to obtain this volume as its scarcity is confirmed (that’s a wood chip in the original page over the top right line) —

While Forbes and Fortune lists of the big rich are contrived to show what the powers want us to believe, the real list is very much otherwise. The image below calls to mind dialogue from “Hombre” a 1967 Western—

“Well let me have my horse back, will you, so I can get out of here before dark?”

“What’s the matter, you afraid of it?”


This is from the cover page of the 1980 leaked list of The Pilgrims, New York, and this is the most recent full list known to exist in the hands of outsiders—

In “The Empire of The City—World Superstate” 1946 by E.C. Knuth, page 9 we find The Pilgrims Society described as “THE MOST POWERFUL INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY ON EARTH, THE PILGRIMS, IS SO WRAPPED IN SILENCE THAT FEW AMERICANS KNOW EVEN OF ITS EXISTENCE SINCE 1903.”

Dialogue from “Hawaii Five-O”—

“We had our best security on this operation, have we been penetrated?”

“Colonel you’ve been stabbed!”

“The cooperation of many minds has been necessary to give The Pilgrims the assured position the Society occupies.”

—Page 85, “Pilgrim Partners Forty Years of British American Fellowship” by Sir Harry Brittain Hutchison & Company, London, 1943.  What is their “assured position”?  The World Fiat Money Power!

The Christian Science Monitor, April 19, 1941, page 4, “Anglo-American Pilgrims Progress” stated—

“To go through the list of diners and dinners would reveal a dossier of SOME OF THE GREATEST MEN OF OUR TIME.”

“THE ELITIST PILGRIM SOCIETY SEEKS TO MERGE THE UNITED STATES INTO THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH AS A BASE FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT.  The major international banking firms on both sides of the Atlantic are well represented in the Pilgrim Society.”—Gary Allen in “A Look at Establishment Newspapers,” American Opinion Magazine, September 1970, page 15

“The Pilgrim Society, sometimes called THE WORLD’S MOST SECRET ORGANIZATION has as its goal the reuniting of England and America.” —Gary Allen in “Teleslick,” America Opinion Magazine, October 1970, page 22

“THE SUPER SECRET PILGRIM SOCIETY, WHOSE OFFICIAL LOGO IS ENTWINED AMERICAN AND BRITISH FLAGS, IS DEDICATED TO MERGING BRITAIN AND AMERICA.”   (page 27, ibid) said—“The Pilgrims Society remained HIDDEN until relatively recent years, TO IDENTIFY THE APEX OF POWER.”$1.pdf features testimony delivered in the House of Representatives on August 19, 1940, by Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson, regarding The Pilgrims Society and its intent to merge us into a British controlled world empire!

“There are several curious things about these Pilgrim functions.  In the first place there is present at these dinners AN ARRAY OF NOTABLES such as would be difficult to bring together under one roof FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE AND BY ANY OTHER SOCIETY.”

Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson, Congressional Record, August 19, 1940, referred to an address by Joseph H. Choate, Vanderbilt family operative, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, as saying that those who would many years later celebrate the start of the second century of The Pilgrims Society in 2003—

“…will have cause to bless their fathers that they founded this Society AND KEPT THE WORLD ON THE RIGHT TRACK.”

The American eagle and the British Empire lion are incorporated into the symbol, originally created by the Illustrated London News. The annual meeting of The Pilgrims is on January 26, 2011, site unknown, and assumed to be under extremely heavy security including uniformed and plain clothes armed guards, debugging sweeps, unique ID passes and 24 hour infrared surveillance. This organization is in the nature of a large nest of webworms eating away at the life giving leaves of a large tree, the tree being these United States! Excerpts of their rules are as follows—

“The name of the Society shall be The Pilgrims. The object of the Society shall be the promotion of the sentiment of brotherhood among the nations, and especially the cultivation of good fellowship between citizens of the United States and its dependencies and subjects of the British Empire. The members shall be citizens of the United States or its dependencies or subjects of the British Empire, and others prominent for their sympathy for the objects of the Society.”

The image above is from the Encyclopedia of Associations. Don’t bother contacting the organization; you won’t get any reply. “Foster brotherhood” is a very old catch phrase meaning “exploitation.” As Scottish professor John Robison said in 1798—“We may also gather from what we have seen, that all declarations of universal philanthropy are dangerous.”

If complete information was available, we could behold the full extent of manipulations by this Central Committee of the global fiat money forces, in all its horrific, jaw dropping hellish corruption. Fragmentary details nevertheless provide enough insight into the frightening Machiavellian nest of Orwellian conspirators so as to conclude that if this one organization can be squelched, at least 90% of our monetary woes would be resolved! Henry T. Mortimer, in the 1980 leaked list, was a Bear Stearns director into the early 1990’s; one must wonder who his successor was as of 2008 before the merger into JPM! It’s challenging to get a grasp of the far-reaching ramifications of this organization and its history making genealogies! As only one of hundreds of examples, the New York Times, April 22, 2007, reported the death of John R. Drexel III, whose name appeared on page 11 of the leaked 1980 list—

“Mr. Drexel was a great-great-great-grandson of Francis Martin Drexel who, in 1837, founded the banking house of Drexel & Company. His great-great grandfather Anthony J. Drexel was a partner of the financier J. P. Morgan and founded Drexel University in Philadelphia in 1891.”

Then on page 146 of “The Pilgrims of the United States,” 2003, we see John R. Drexel IV on the executive committee of the society. He married Mary Jacqueline Astor, of the lineage of John Jacob Astor, “Landlord o& New York” in the 1840’s and a power in the second United States Bank along with the Du Ponts (crushed by Andrew Jackson because he knew it was an abomination!) The Bank set up barriers against convertibility because full fiat is what they stood for! The Drexels and Biddles intermarried; Nicholas Biddle headed the second United States Bank! Looking at the 1980 list for The Pilgrims of Great Britain, we find Lord Astor listed as president; there are almost countless transatlantic threads in the organization, including the Vanderbilts marrying into the Cecils, one of Britain’s five dynastic families from medieval times. DREXEL AND ASTOR, BIZARRE AND CRUEL PAPER MONEY RACKETEERS—

What an Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad Tepes of a couple!

It can at once be seen in what transcendent degree Astor’s wealth towered far above that of every other rich man in the United States. Astor’s wealth was one-fifteenth of the whole amount invested throughout the territory of the United States. The fortune held by the Astors, so the facts indubitably showed, represented a succession of piracies and exploitation.”

—“History of the Great American Fortunes,” Gustavus Myers, 1907, pages 146-147 and 170. The same volume, page 579, documented that in 1886, Drexel, Morgan & Company accepted for deposit 10,000 shares of Broadway Railroad stock, which the firm knew was secured by bribery!

Raymond Seitz, Pilgrims Society, was Ambassador to the United Kingdom, 1991-1994, after which he joined the boards of companies including British Airways, Rio Tinto, General Electric, and silver short Lehman Brothers—

Richard Holbrooke, Pilgrims Society, was Ambassador to the United Nations, 1999-2001; to Germany, 1993-1994, has held numerous other high level posts, served as vice chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston, and was President Obama’s top consultant on Afghanistan and Pakistan. In August 2000, Sunshine Mining & Refining, run by G. Michael Boswell of Dallas (originally installed by the Hunts in 1977) filed for bankruptcy due to nonstop attacks on the silver price by bullion bank shorts and silver leasing. In 2001 to 2008 Holbrooke was a board member of AIG (American International Group), frequently cited by Ted Butler as a major league silver price suppressor and involved as a ringleader in silver leasing. He was chairman of the Asia Society (silver connection possible, sorry, no time to investigate, other Pilgrims Society members have been Asia Society officials over the years; two Rockefellers are current trustees ) —

Holbrooke passed away on December 13, 2010; and went, we must assume, to an unpleasant destination.

One of AIG’s founding fathers and a giant of the international insurance industry Sir Edwin A.G. Manton, Pilgrims Society, joined what became American International Group in 1933 and passed away in 2005; his name appeared in the leaked list of The Pilgrims, 1969—

In preparing this report I find that Reuben Jeffery III, chairman of the CFTC from July 11, 2005 to June 27, 2007, who shielded the silver price suppressors, is presently a director of Barclay’s bank, which runs the silver ETF in order to retard prices (more to follow)! As of July 27, 2010, Jeffery was named president of Rockefeller Wealth Management; his previous years featured stints with Davis, Polk & Wardwell, a leading Pilgrims Society law firm, and with Goldman Sachs (Pilgrims Society). Jeffery, probably a Pilgrims Society member, is a member of their subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations.

In 1987 Rupert Hambro, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, of an old-line multinational banking family, set up The Silver Trust an organization of silversmiths who understandably don’t want to see silver going to monetary use—

This comment from a Baltimore Sun article “Silver Designs Celebrate Idaho’s Sterling History” posted a comment on Eric Norman Shrubsole by Robert Mehlman, professor of decorative arts at New York University— “He’s probably the pre-eminent dealer in London and New York,” Mr. Johnston explains. “He’s the type of guy who deals in $300,000 Paul Revere coffee pots.” Shrubsole appeared in the leaked 1980 Pilgrims list; another case of a silver user making large profits while miners are historically on a bread and water basis!

Sir David Alan Walker, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was chairman of Morgan Stanley International and remains senior advisor to it. Morgan Stanley charged investors for storing nonexistent silver apparently to prevent them from buying and holding the real thing. He chaired, 1985-1988, Johnson Matthey Bankers and held a high post at the Bank of England, 1981-1993—

Pilgrims Society member Richard A. Debs was with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1960-1976, and as an official, played his role in sucking up silver coins from the largest banking district in the nation for the eventual benefit of the Silver Users Association. At the Fed he chaired the Federal Reserve/Treasury Committee on Fiscal Agency Operations; meaning; he was intimately involved in the campaign to dispossess the citizenry of lawful silver coinage! In 1976 he became president of Morgan Stanley International, a position he held into 1987—

Debs remains on the International Advisory Board to silver short Morgan Stanley. At the U.S./Middle East Project we find—

“Before joining Morgan Stanley, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he also served as an Alternate Member of the Federal Open Market Committee. He was the Fed’s principal contact with the OPEC countries with regard to petrodollar issues in the 70’s. During his transition from the Fed to Morgan Stanley, at the request of David Rockefeller, he served as a pro-bono financial advisor to President Sadat of Egypt.

Through his consulting firm, R.A. Debs & Co., formed after he retired as president, Mr. Debs has been involved in variety of business and philanthropic activities. Among other business associations, he has served as Chairman of the Malaysia Fund; as a Director of IBJ Whitehall Bank, Mizuho Corporate Bank (USA), Aubrey G. Lanston & Co., Mizuho Securities USA, and Gulf International Bank (London); and as an advisor to the Industrial Bank of Japan, Dai-Ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company, the Nissho-Iwai Corporation, and Bank Julius Baer.

Mr. Debs is Chairman Emeritus of the American University of Beirut, and serves on its International Advisory Council. He is also Chairman Emeritus of Carnegie Hall and serves on its Executive Committee. He also serves as a trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Institute of International Education, the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, and the Barenboim Said Foundation.

He is past Chairman and a member of the New York Stock Exchange International Committee; the U.S. Chairman of the Bretton Woods Commission; the Vice Chairman of the U.S. – Saudi Business Council; and a member of the Group of Thirty and Chairman of its Study Group on Eastern Europe. He has served on the National Commission on the Public Service, the Carnegie Commission on the Role of the Multinational Development Banks, the Russian-American Bankers Forum, and the Board of Governors of the Foreign Policy Association; and on advisory committees of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; the World Bank; the International Monetary Fund; the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; as well as visiting committees of Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia Universities. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations; the Overseas Development Council; the Economic Club of New York; the American Council on Germany and the Japan Society.

He has been honored with awards from the Fulbright Association, the Third Street Music School Settlement, the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, the Arab American Bankers Association, and the National Academy of Design, as well as the Government of Saudi Arabia, with the King Abdul Aziz Medal, and the Government of Lebanon, with the Cedars of Lebanon Medal.

During his 16 years at the Federal Reserve, he served as a member of the FOMC Committee on Foreign Currency, and the Committee on International Banking. He was also Chairman of the Federal Reserve – Treasury Committee on Fiscal Agency Operations, which under his direction created the first book-entry system for securities in 1970. He also served as an Advisor on the United States delegations to the IMF and IBRD annual meetings.

Mr. Debs is married to Dr. Barbara Knowles Debs, former President of Manhattanville College and of The New York Historical Society.”

(End of credentials listing for Pilgrims Society member Debs.)

Pilgrims Society member James D. Robinson III is a member of the anti-silver Bretton Woods Committee and was chairman of American Express. A director of the Japan Society (founded by Pilgrims Society member Lindsay Russell, a Vanderbilt/Rockefeller liaison) and a member of the anti-silver Brookings Institution, Robinson has been a director of Coca Cola; Bristol Myers Squibb; Novell; First Data; and RRE Investors—

Sir Christopher Meyer, Pilgrims Society, Ambassador to the United States, 1997-2003, became a director in 2007 of Arbuthnot Banking Group, founded in 1833.  He was Ambassador to Germany briefly in 1997.  According to he’s a non-executive director of GKN PLC with 38,000 employees, a concern involved in military and civilian aerospace (silver user) and is on the international advisory board to British American Business, which was formed by the merger of British American Chamber of Commerce and American Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom in 2000.  This organization’s site shows the British flag flying higher than the American flag; just like the American flag flies underneath the Union Jack at Allington Castle, England, headquarters of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain (not open to the public!)  Several Pilgrims Society members are identified here in this organization interlocked with silver and gold antagonists HSBC; Morgan Stanley; JPMorganChase; Barclays; and Bank of New York Mellon.  Two Pilgrims Society members seen below—Sir Christopher Meyer and President Bush 2nd—

In 2009 Sir Christopher Meyer, Pilgrims Society, authored a 500 year history of worldwide British “diplomacy” revealingly entitled “Getting Our Way”

Among the hard inner core members of The Pilgrims Society are personages such as Edmund L. De Rothschild, 1916-2009, who made over 400 transatlantic/transpacific flights in building up Rothschild interests in British Newfoundland Corporation (Brinco Ltd.) and their Japanese holdings, acquired Mr. Marcus Agius as a son in law; Agius became head of the entire Barclay’s Banking empire of 147,000 worldwide employees with its silver ETF holdings! In 2009 Barclays Global Investors and Blackstone Group merged to become Black Rock, founded by Pilgrims Society member Peter G. Peterson, top lieutenant of Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller. The SLV silver ETF remains under control of The Society. Agius currently chairs the British Bankers Association. Rothschild of the centuries old family of financiers of governments and known to be back of the first and second United States Banks and introduced “The Rothschild Plan,” an attack against silver to enhance the value of their gold (New York Times, December 6, 1892, page 5) at the International Monetary Conference in Brussels, Belgium—

Sucking silver out of China, pushing opium over there,

Demonetize silver in America, Rothschild’s a billionaire,

Let all the world’s little people sink into despair,

We’re the world’s bankers—you’re in our cross-hair!

THE ROTHSCHILDS WERE ACCUSED OF HAVING CONSPIRED TO DEMONETIZE SILVER AND CORNER THE GOLD SUPPLY.”—New York Times, March 8, 1931, section 9, page 3 (reference to the Crime of ’73).

“History of the Great American Fortunes” 1909 (page 556 tells us) —

“The Rothschilds long had a powerful influence in dictating American financial laws.”

This linked article from June 24, 1905, mentions an earlier Lord Rothschild of The Pilgrims of Great Britain and the American Ambassador.

Peter John Charles Mosse, Pilgrims Society, was with Rothschild interests, 1971-1976 and 1983-1990 and a director of the Gold Institute, 1985-1990 and the Silver Institute, 1989-1990. The Independent (U.K.), April 16, 2004, decisively asserted this family remains the world’s wealthiest; proof is subjective.

A second example of the hard inner core of Pilgrims Society members would be Paul Mellon (1907-1999), second generation member and son of Andrew Mellon, greatest financial genius of the 20th century—

According to biographer William Hoffman in his 1974 expose, PAUL CONTROLS THOUSANDS OF COMPANIES” (page 189); his father was a director of 51 large corporations (page 45, also Who’s Who volumes); Andrew Mellon, according to Texas Congressman Wright Patman, (page 52) “Mr. Mellon has violated more laws, caused more suffering AND ILLEGALLY ACQUIRED MORE PROPERTY TO SATISFY HIS PERSONAL GREED THAN ANY OTHER PERSON ON EARTH;” and that he held voting stock in “more than three hundred corporations” (page 52); that the Mellon fortune was (page 55) EQUAL TO TWO-THIRDS OF ALL THE GOLD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD” and “billions, zillions, did not seem unusual to Paul Mellon” (page 134); Mellon owned mines featured private police carrying machine guns as of 1928 (page 146); Paul Mellon became “the principal owner of such corporate giants as Gulf Oil, Alcoa, and the Mellon Bank (page 81); Drew Pearson, a nationally prominent journalist of the 1920’s and 1930’s (page 47) said “for eight years Mellon dominated the national capital. For eight years Presidents served under him. So powerful was his influence, so great his prestige that he told them what to do and his judgment was final.”

Paul’s brother in law, David K.E. Bruce, was a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. David was Ambassador to France; Germany; and to England, 1961-1969, during the critical times of the London Gold Pool and the war on U.S. silver coinage; he was a Pilgrims vice president; his older brother was a member and director of important corporations.

The Bank of New York Mellon as of 2011 claims not $25.5 billion, but $25.5 TRILLION  under management or custody.

A third example (and there are others among the Astors, Vanderbilts, Warburgs and the Windsors, the British Royals) of an inner core Pilgrims Society member is David Rockefeller (1915—). William Hoffman also wrote an unauthorized biography of David Rockefeller in 1971, “David—Report On A Rockefeller,” which was followed by a paperback reprint on the back of which we find this commentary—

“One President after another has done his bidding. His lifestyle would make Alexander the Great weep with envy. THE POWER HE WIELDS CROSSES ALL BORDERS, CAN MAKE OR DESTROY GOVERNMENTS, START OR STOP WARS, PROFOUNDLY INFLUENCE EVERYONE’S LIFE, including yours!”

The 30% margin increase in silver—and on no other commodity—on silver alone, whose short profile zooms above all other commodities in terms of days of world production (as this is written)—followed by another increase, imposed by the CME Group in November 2010, was typical considering the connections of assorted members of the CME board like James Newsome, who as CFTC chief, told the Silver Users Association “I look forward to working with you;” William P. Miller II, who has served as a consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation; and Leo Melamed, who was on hand with David Rockefeller on April 23, 2004, at Rockefeller Chapel of the University of Chicago CME Group major holders include Black Rock; Goldman Sachs; State Street Corporation; and General Electric, all Pilgrims Society linked entities.

Rothschild, Mellon, Rockefeller, and many other Pilgrims Society dynasties we won’t profile here, exemplify their ethic of “seizing the wealth necessary.”

David Rockefeller “persuaded” John Kennedy to publicly state that the United States would not raise the $35 gold price (see “The Conspiracy Against Gold”) and was a primary organizer of the Bilderberg Conferences, whose purpose is to indoctrinate transitory heads of state. In his autobiography Rockefeller mentions Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations; he did not mention The Pilgrims Society nor his long term membership in it, and the fact of several of his family members being members, and the matter of at least several dozen Rockefeller operatives like Detlev W. Bronk, George L. Hinman, Richardson Dilworth, George Harrar, Dean Rusk and Henry Kissinger being members. As of May 2010 Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller was received at the State Department by Hillary Clinton, one of the few female Pilgrims Society members—

This meeting was at the 40th annual Washington Conference on the Americas, which likely has something to do with the U.S. preventing silver and gold mining nations to the South from moving to a metallic system, which would cripple Pilgrims Society influence over vast areas. The Society can also have the President nationalize gold and silver mining sites under the Treasury Department in order to ruin shareholders (insiders will have been given a signal visible only to them, to sell beforehand). The President could say the nationalized gold deposits provide “backing” for the renovated currency. Yet as ever, without fully unhindered convertibility (unqualified redemption rights for all note holders), there would remain no de facto backing!

Rocky calls to mind Konrad Von Marburg, the 13th century Inquisitor who, when word came that he was to pass through an area, immediate panic resulted The Rockefellers are related by ancestry to the British aristocrats, the Earls of De La Warr, from whose name derives “Delaware.” The 1980 list of The Pilgrims of Great Britain features the name The Earl of De La Warr on page 44 of the leaked document. The Society’s ramifications trace back centuries to many prominent historical personages, the common thread being greed and power lust.

Is President Obama his “own man?” Don’t anyone be delusional; he’s another puppet of The Pilgrims Society, whose elitist members, referred to by someone new to knowledge of their existence posting on a message board, referred to as A SECRET GROUP OF HIDDEN ARISTOCRATS NEARLY NO ONE HAS HEARD OF.”

Speaking at the United Nations on September 14, 1994, Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller, whose family donated the land on which the U.N. buildings stand, remarked—

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. Notice the fist in the palm gesture! When Rockefeller passes away, no alteration in goals need be anticipated on the part of the elites!

In the globalist transformation, be assured that private ownership of precious metals will not be a right, except for elitists such as PILGRIMS SOCIETY members! Their motto “Hic Et Ubique,” Latin, “Here And Everywhere,” applies!

In the Asian Currency Crisis of 1997-1998 South Koreans turned in “voluntarily” some 270 tons of mostly gold jewelry

Friends, things are moving fast in the global silver sphere and in the international gold arena! I put it to you that the forces of metals price suppression having operated for generations, are not going to stand aside and let free market advocates have their final victory, after we’ve lost almost all battles during this lengthy war! They do intend to pull Obama’s strings, or that of his successor, and nationalize (“CONFISCATE”) gold and silver once again, hollering “precedent!” and “national emergency!” as happened in the devilish FDR administration! Below, armed Federal guards posted on watch of over 10,700,000 ounces of nationalized silver, all in 1,000 ounce ingots (The Literary Digest, August 18, 1934, page 7) —

On a list of probable United States Pilgrims Society members as of 2011 we would anticipate encountering names such as Timothy Mellon; David Rockefeller Jr.; Timothy Geithner; Benjamin Bernanke; George Soros; Warren Buffet; Bill Gates; Ted Turner; Robert Kelly of Bank of New York Mellon; Gene McQuade of Citigroup; Lloyd Blankfein, William W. George, James A. Johnson and John H. Bryan of Goldman Sachs; Jamie Dimon, James Crown and Lee Raymond of JPMorganChase; John Stumpf of Wells Fargo; Marcus Agius, Sir Richard Broadbent and Sir John Sunderland of Barclays; Donald F. Donahue, Depository Trust New York; William Dudley, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Thomas J. Healey of the Rockefeller Foundation; and others the reader can look up including Philip Anschutz; John D. Arnold; Louis M. Bacon; Robert Bass; Michael Bloomberg; David Bonderman; Eli Broad; Anne Cox Chambers; Barry Diller; Larry Ellison; James Goodnight; William H. Gross; Amos Hostetter Jr.; Carl Icahn; Edward Johnson III; Rupert Johnson Jr.; Paul Tudor Jones; George B. Kaiser; Peter R. Kellogg; Randal J. Kirk; Thomas H. Lee; Donald B. Marron; Forrest Mars Jr.; John Franklyn Mars; Craig McCaw; Gordon Moore; Donald Newhouse; Samuel Newhouse Jr.; Hank Paulson; John Paulson; Thomas Pritzker; Richard Rainwater; Julian Robertson; Sir Simon Robertson and Sir Brian Williamson of HSBC; Richard Mellon Scaife; Harold Simmons; Donald Trump; Mortimer B. Zuckerman. There is no assurance that any of these names would be on a current list; however, the odds of many of them being there are very high. Apologies to the rest, but we are forced to deal in speculation. There would be an estimated 700 names. British diamond dealer Laurence Graff may also be there. Also of note if available would be the 50 to 70 names on The Pilgrims Waiting List. Compliance with Society objectives is requisite to membership! Of more importance than names we can confirm from times past as members, and those currently who can be identified, are current lists of these global racketeers and warmongers. Active members pose the risk to world peace and prosperity.

In May 1979 I confronted (he attempted to evade me, with their emblem on my shirt and tape recorder in hand) Sir Ivor Seward Richard, then British Ambassador to the United Nations 1974-1979; European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, 1981-1985; and Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords, 1997-1998. His maternal grandfather was the same Secretary of State who made the Alaska Purchase from Russia in 1867! His membership was never mentioned in his introduction or speech at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, and the promised question and answer session was abruptly cancelled; someone else had seen The Pilgrims emblem on my shirt. His membership in The English Speaking Union and The Fabian Society of Great Britain (emblem—wolf in sheep’s clothing) was mentioned; his Pilgrims membership had to be kept in the dark. He was honored on May 13, 1975 at a Pilgrims reception in Manhattan. THESE OPERATORS ARE SO TOXIC THAT THE ONLY SAFE WAY TO ACCOST THEM MAY BE BY APPROACHING THEM WITH YOUR BACK TURNED, HOLDING UP A MIRROR WITH WHICH TO VIEW THEM!

Sir David Hardy, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, seen at the University of Greenwich, chairman of the National Maritime Museum, was a director of Sons of Gwalia Limited, an Australian gold miner that went broke by 2004 with over $800 million U.S. hedging losses; he was an advisor to silver and gold short HSBC, 1995-1997—

At find a December 2010 release implicating Morgan Stanley, international investment bank with 60,000 employees, as being a really enormous silver short. It was founded in 1935 by Henry Sturgis Morgan, third generation Pilgrims Society member, grandson of the original J.P. Morgan, who was “almost lord of creation”—

Felix G. Rohatyn, Pilgrims Society, is a trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.  The CSIS is interested in many issues, including silver resources in such diverse sites as the arctic, North Korea, Peru and Mexico

Rohatyn was managing director of Lazard Freres, New York, 1960-1997, a firm traditionally associated with the Rothschilds.  He has held many positions including director of New York Stock Exchange; Pfizer; Fiat; Schlumberger; MCA; ITT; Comcast; American Motors; Suez-Lagardere Group; became chairman international advisory committee to Lehman Brothers, just over two years before it crashed; backer, Obama for America; known as the financier who rescued New York City from bankruptcy; Ambassador to France, 1997-2000.

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke (1901-1996), Pilgrims Society, chief of Naval Operations during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations, founded the Center for Strategic and International Studies in 1962 and was a director of Texaco; Chrysler; Newport News Shipbuilding; First National Bank of Washington; Thiokol Chemical; Foster Wheeler; Federal Services Financial and others.  He was a member of the Army-Navy Club in D.C. where the pillaging Silver Users Association holds meetings—

Rex Tillerson, Pilgrims Society, chairman Exxon Mobil, director of U.S./Russia Business Council, in 2007 named one of the 25 most powerful people in business by Fortune Magazine, is a trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies where if the term “military” is entered in the search box a considerable list comes up—

Frederick B. Whittemore, Pilgrims Society, long time figure in silver suppressor Morgan Stanley, has been president of the Pacific Basin Economic Council founded in 1967 in Hong Kong, a director of Key Pharmaceuticals; and as this is written, is a director of Chesapeake Energy, which just did a $4.75 billion deal with BHP Billiton, Australian mining giant with its share of Pilgrims Society connections.  His father Laurence was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1946-1948. Whittemore is also an Aspen Institute trustee, with its own assorted connections to silver suppressors—

General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, Pilgrims Society, Order of the British Empire, Gold Stick to the Queen, member House of Lords, is the link between the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, the leading think-tank in “global security” (warfare planning) where they say of him—

“He is a Director of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited; a Council Member of The International Institute of Strategic Studies; a Visiting Professor and Honorary Fellow of King’s College London University; Chairman of the Trustees of The Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives; a Member of the Steering Committee of The Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC.  He is President of The Army Benevolent Fund; Action Research.”

Patrick W. Gross, Pilgrims Society (Who’s Who, 2005, page 1840) is an advisor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a trustee of the Aspen Institute, which has a “Homeland Security Program.”  He’s a director of the Defense Business Board whose slogan is “Business Excellence in Defense of the Nation.”  So, what is their position on the former defense silver reserve?  That the Silver Users Association should not be attached by court order to replenish the bulk of it that they took with Pilgrims Society member Caspar Weinberger’s assistance; that there is no cause to even mention the Silver Users Association in any such discussion?  The DBB works with the Defense Department and its board is interlocked with Goldman Sachs, the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, and features a Rhodes Scholar.  The DBB is connected to the Center for Strategic and International Studies by Rockefeller flunky John Hamre.  Gross is a member of the World Economic Forum at Geneva, Switzerland and is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and the Economic Club of Washington, which has been addressed by leading anti-gold and silver speakers; Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke, Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson, likely all Pilgrims Society members.  He’s been a director since 1996 of the Council for Excellence in Government.  He’s a director of “the world’s largest patent research community,” Article One Partners

His bio at Defense Business Board states—

“Patrick Gross is Chairman of The Lovell Group, a private investment and advisory firm, where he works with a portfolio of venture capital backed private technology and internet commerce companies. He is engaged by the venture investors to help the companies grow to the next stage of development and benefit from his extensive experience.

From 1970-2001, he was a founder and principal executive officer of American Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) that provided information technology services and enterprise software solutions to major corporations and government agencies. Prior to founding AMS, Mr. Gross worked on the staff of the Secretary of Defense in the Office of Systems Analysis, popularly known in the press as “McNamara’s whiz kids.”

He has served as chairman of the board of two private equity-owned companies. He has served on and chaired audit, compensation, and governance and nominating committees. Currently, he serves on two NYSE company boards: Capital One Financial Corporation and Waste Management, Inc. and three NASDAQ company boards: Career Education Corporation, Liquidity Services, Inc., and Taleo Corporation.

He is trustee and chairman of the research and policy committee of the Committee for Economic Development (CED), vice chairman of the Council for Excellence in Government, vice chairman of the board of Georgetown University Hospital, and co-founder and former chairman of the World Affairs Council of Washington, D.C. He is also a trustee of the Aspen Institute, a trustee of the Federal City Council, a director of the All Kinds of Minds Institute, a director of the Foreign Policy Association, and a member of the advisory board of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. He is an elected member of the Council on Foreign Relations, International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Washington Institute for Foreign Affairs, and the Economic Club of Washington.”

The Aspen Institute sponsors an “Initiative on Financial Security,” encouraging Americans to hold savings in dollars; that they intentionally misdirect little people is in character for them, inasmuch as they have Federal Reserve officials occasionally addressing their meetings!  Aspen is interlocked with Fuji Film (silver users), Trilateral Commission, Pilgrims Society front organization.

According to “George Shultz (Pilgrims Society) played an important role in forming the Institute.”

The John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard named for Pilgrims Society member John Merrill Olin of Olin Corporation, is another apparent warmonger think-tank.  Gold and silver price suppressor William E. Simon was president of the Olin Foundation.  Olin was a trustee of Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University and Midwest Research Institute, concerning itself with “national security and defense”

A more recent Pilgrims Society member, Charles Price II, former Ambassador to Belgium (1981-1983) and England (1983-1989), was a Midwest Research Institute trustee and a director of British Airways, Texaco, New York Times, Sprint, Mercantile Bank of Kansas City and others—

All these think-tanks and their concealed Pilgrims Society overlords know silver is a crucial war material; do they care to make public their “scholarly” studies as to how silver must for a second time be expropriated from Americans for manipulative purposes?  There’s also the Rand Corporation with its Warburg (Pilgrims Society) links.  Rand stands for “research and development.”

Charles Finch Barber, Pilgrims Society, became chairman in 1971 of ASARCO, American Smelting & Refining, in whose early history the Rockefellers took a hand, was a trustee in 1980 of the Council on Economics and National Security, which sponsored a 105 page book, “Strategic Minerals—A Resource Crisis,” issued in January 1980, a crisis month for gold and silver suppressors!  Here’s an excerpt I was able to get from page 49—

“But in the cases of palladium, gold, silver and the like, we need very much the considerations that are being developed here, as Admiral Mott and his associates have accented, AS A MATTER OF DEEP PUBLIC CONCERN.”

What “considerations” concerning palladium, gold and silver were “being developed” by these people over 30 years ago?  That of having the Federal Government relieve private citizens of ownership of such metals at a future date, under conditions of engineered crisis?  There is no “deep public concern” on the part of ordinary people, but these elitists, apparently slaves of the Royal Plan, always have a deep concern as to how to gut nonmembers!  The 1980 Who’s Who shows Barber on page 171 with no mention of his membership in The Pilgrims; his name appears in the leaked 1980 list; by 1994 Who’s Who, page 172, he stated “Pilgrims” near the end of his listing.  ASARCO was a big copper miner and refiner; Barber was chairman into 1982; silver is a byproduct of copper.  I wonder if ASARCO played a role in helping silver shorts crash the market when in January 1980 that book came out under Barber’s auspices!  His 1994 Who’s Who listing showed him a member of Rockefeller University Council and a director of National Legal Center for the Public Interest, another banker front.  He was a director of Chase Manhattan Bank; India Fund; Asia Tigers Fund; Xanthus Fund; Whistler Fund; Stratigos Fund; Salomon Brothers Capital Fund; Emerging Markets Income Fund; Municipal High Income Fund; Zenix Income Fund; Continental Corporation; Industrial Minerals of Mexico; Southern Peru Copper; American Mining Congress; Americas Society; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Copper Development Association; International Copper Research Institute; Shearson Lehman Fund and others.  With a name like Barber, he may have given lots of little folks financial haircuts, and was a member of the anti-silver money Bankers Club in Manhattan.  As of 1994 he chaired the regulatory advisory committee to the New York Stock Exchange, probably for purposes of trimming back trusting investors!

Robert L. Sproull, Pilgrims Society 1980 leaked list, chaired the Defense Science Board, 1965-1972.  The DSB is a civilian panel of advisors to the Defense Department.  We all know silver is critical to military technologies; that Pilgrims Society members have stolen silver from literally over one billion people in the last century; that their boy, Franklin Roosevelt, stole silver to the extent of 113,031,000 ounces from Americans, effected on August 9, 1934; and that most of the former defense silver stockpile, 165MOZ was fed to the Silver Users Association by members of The Pilgrims Society like Caspar Weinberger.  Sproull has been president emeritus of the University of Rochester since 1984; this university has strong connections to Eastman Kodak, Silver Users Association members!  Sproull was lead physicist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1952 (silver users); he was with European Research Association in Brussels, 1958-1959; he has served as a director of United Technologies (silver user); Xerox; Charles River Laboratories; advisory committee to General Motors, 1971-1980.  He has contributed a seven figure sum to Cornell Center for Materials Research and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences.  He’s a trustee of the George C. Marshall Research Institute (defense industries lobby) and became chairman in 1999 of the Environmental Literacy Council—

The moment when we are at greatest risk of nationalization is during wartime; however, FDR style depressions, as determined by very high unemployment levels, may serve as well. “THE WARMONGERS,” 1979 nonfiction by Howard Katz, says on the back cover—“They started World War I. They engineered World War II. They are moving the world toward war now!” He mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations on 5 of 291 pages. A review of the index shows the anticipated assortment of Pilgrims Society members; and he does mention the link between fiat paper money and war! On the warfare front, what do we have today? We have the four highest position holders in the United States who are concerned with war, are all Pilgrims Society members (honorary counts as full fledged in terms of outcome)—the President; the Secretary of State; and the two co-chairmen of the National War Powers Commission—Pilgrims Society member James Addison Baker III and Pilgrims Society member Warren Christopher which first met with President Obama on December 11, 2008 (Baker and Christopher) —

Baker was White House Chief of Staff, 1981-1985; Treasury Secretary, 1985-1988; Secretary of State, 1989-1992; and White House Chief of Staff, 1992-1993. Baker was appointed Special Envoy to Iraq in 2003; he became senior advisor to The Carlyle Group in 1993 which is clearly an association of defense contractors (warmongers) who at some point must have silver for their high tech systems . Surprise, surprise—Baker won the Morgenthau award from the Treasury Department (Who’s Who, 2005, page 200). Christopher was a director of Southern California Edison and First Interstate Bancorporation and Chevron, which is a member of International Business Leaders Forum, founded in 1990 by Prince Charles, Pilgrims of Great Britain, and includes mining giants Anglo American; BHP/Billiton and Rio Tinto. On March 20, 2011, Christopher passed on; nothing will change.

PLEASE disregard any appeals to personalities; perceived status rankings of commentators on the precious metals totem pole; infighting, egos, comparison scales of prestige, suits and ties, metals conference big shots, and anything else that could be a block against this information being widely circulated! I have nothing to sell to any of you; I seek no contributions, I’m spending personal funds to advertise this and wish greatly to see my fellow hard money advocates protected as to their property rights. This Pilgrims Society back of the United States President intends to ruin us by once again SEIZING THE WEALTH NECESSARY.” They need only have one of their members such as Pilgrims Society vice president Paul Volcker (who broke the Hunts out of 59MOZ silver by 1986), transmit to Obama to proceed with a gold and silver nationalization decree in an Executive Order! RON PAUL, HELP US!


There’s no dispute as to which of these characters is “larger!”

The Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2010, page A-19, “Government By Executive Order,” remarked—

“Because President Obama will now have a tough time getting his liberal agenda through a more Republican Congress, many Democrats are URGING HIM TO RAM IT THROUGH USING THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH’S UNILATERAL POWER.”

Pilgrims Society vice president Volcker, anti-silver activist who broke the Hunts out of 59 million ounces, tells Obama what to do on behalf of inner circle Pilgrims Society member David Rockefeller.  The same will go for Obama’s successor—

There’s no need to have a Congress if a puppet of The Pilgrims Society becomes dictator! We should remember that it was during a Democrat administration—FDR—that gold and silver rights of Americans were abrogated by Executive Order! This presentation doesn’t cover other severe risks we face including compulsory vaccinations; criminalization of possession of nutritional supplements; continued exertions against firearm ownership rights; bureaucrats deciding it’s time to euthanize your elderly relatives; mandatory “mental health” examinations with definitions that show anything they wish to show, as in The Inquisition; restrictions on interstate travel by automobile; compulsory microchipping; denial of Internet access for “unauthorized” websites; orders that homeless illegals be taken into your residence; requirements for lists of jewelry and precious stones be submitted to the Treasury; making dissent illegal; suspension of habeas corpus; Treasury Department bounties paid to police departments for raiding citizen owned precious metals; and many other assaults against personal freedom en route to the planned return to feudalism.

Other Pilgrims Society entities such as Goldman Sachs Group gave $980,945 to Obama 2008; JPMorganChase, $650,758; Morgan Stanley, $490,873; and Citigroup, $657,268

Obama has an entourage of Pilgrims Society members surrounding him, including Henry Kissinger, for many years a Rockefeller employee; Timothy Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary was with Kissinger Associates, 1985-1988, and in 2003 became president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (a post reserved for Pilgrims Society members). See how easy it would be for Kissinger or Volcker to slip word to Obama and Geithner, “Go ahead and nationalize gold and silver”—

Hey Henry—is that your face, or did your neck throw up? Why don’t you get on a bottle cap and drift out to sea?

The Government’s silver and gold eagle program through the U.S. Mint is no guarantee against nationalization. Charles Bronson had a series of Mafia movies. Those characters are embryos contrasted to the real life “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum” giants of The Pilgrims Society!

In his speech to The Pilgrims of Great Britain (released by the State Department, New York Times, December 13, 1973, page 28), Kissinger spoke of “the whole network of intangible connections that have been the real sinews of the trans-Atlantic and especially the Anglo-American relationship.”

Kissinger, a vice president of The Pilgrims Society, declared Obama the “architect of the new world order” on January 5, 2009, at the New York Stock Exchange. According to this link, Kissinger is responsible for the deaths of vast numbers of Cambodians!

I notice that as of 2008 on the board of what is currently the world’s largest silver producer, and Mexico’s second largest gold producer, Fresnillo, appears Londoner Lord Cairns, Commander of the British Empire, Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, trustee of Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, founder of the Commonwealth Business Council, former chairman, Overseas Development Institute; Chairman, Zain Africa and former deputy chairman, S.G. Warburg & Company. The Lord is almost certainly a Pilgrims Society member. Bear in mind the most recent lists we have from them is now 31 years old, and it didn’t come freely; it had to be leaked.

Please post as many links to this one essay as you can; and on metals and mining company message boards; print out copy and send to your Congressman, your Senator, and your State Representative and State Senator! Send it to your mayor and to anyone of importance. With adequacy of exposure I do sincerely believe we can STOP another Franklin Roosevelt style seizure of our gold and silver! This information can also serve to help Ron Paul’s drive to have our national gold holdings audited, as it is this Pilgrims Society, and no one else, that has toyed with our national gold as it has with our silver! They gave us the mortgage crisis, the national debt, high and rising unemployment with mass exportation of jobs, and the derivatives nightmare!

On November 14, 2010 this release appeared (corrected for 4 spelling errors)

“According to Turk a gold confiscation could be possible if the price goes too high and reflects an alarm signal that there is something wrong in the financial system. “America did that in 1933 but they didn’t prohibit ownership outside the United States. And there may be a prohibition again in the future. So you need to diversify geographically, different countries, different political systems and hold your gold at different places around the world. In that way you can mediate the risk of confiscation.”

Some intend to sidestep the entire issue by holding mostly diamonds. They best take care to not tread down that path if they cannot acquire them through the most upstream of sources; sightholders, not resellers, except those dealing in distressed sales. After all that, diamonds still aren’t good unless you can sell to end users! Diamonds have never been subjected to any blanket U.S. government nationalization. I didn’t say sell your metals and buy diamonds. At his site Franklin Sanders, one of the greatest of the greats in metals, states his view that the government won’t take gold again; they wouldn’t risk widespread disobedience over a relatively small prize. Once the mentality of these Feudal Lords is understood, you must realize they intend to allow no one outside their influence to become wealthy. They plan to use their media power to make it appear as if its “hoarders and speculators” against the Government; when in reality, it will be THEM using the Government to make us their potential competitors poor, if they can pull it off! Their nature is to disallow capital accumulation outside their sphere!

Institutions most notably the University of Texas Endowment Fund have taken large positions in physical gold.  It has been suggested this will serve as a strong barrier against Federal gold nationalization.  I agree, unless totalitarianism becomes unstoppable.  It will finally be said by unwilling sources that gold is the ultimate form of money, and therefore, its ownership should be centralized in the government.  However, metal can only reliably serve as money if free to circulate in commerce!  Silver will be treated differently because of its industrial uses.  It might actually be less difficult to attempt to nationalize silver a second time, if the notorious Silver Users Association disbands and closes down.  In that event, they would reorganize after a nationalization and start tapping the centralized supply, after government thievery had transpired. at this article we’ve given reasons why governments will buy silver. Sadly, that only applies to governments in whose jurisdictions silver isn’t produced! The rest can simply nationalize silver! Speaking of price “management” rather than conspiracy is splitting hairs! It’s like arguing with a Scot that his kilt is a type of skirt, and he insists it isn’t! Ford Mustangs are still motor vehicles! Start calling spades, spades! It takes planning to effect this “management;” and as the outcome has been bad for the world, conspiracy is the most pinpoint accurate description! Spiriting off metals to other jurisdictions to avoid nationalization speaks of people who have decided they are beaten because the bad people have convinced them the political battle in their own nation can’t be won! The tide of darkness can be reversed in 2011 by Ron Paul and his effort to audit United States gold; denial of the audit will tell Americans it’s gone, and the public should be in an implacable uproar over it! WHY GIVE UP WHEN WE CAN WIN? Pull the pants down around the bad boys ankles; spread word of the existence of this Pilgrims Society! They can’t function in the dark!

People who sell precious metals are great guys; they helped me acquire what I have. As a group they tend to dispute the idea that the government will (for the second time) nationalize gold and silver; they have this stance because otherwise it places a damper on their business! Instead of being in denial, rather than thinking the nature of the beast has changed, WHEN IT CAN NEVER, EVER CHANGE—let’s ready to counter nationalization plans! We do so simply by spreading about information concerning who the metals suppressors have been all these long years. They can’t stand publicity. In this case, the pen is mightier than the sword!

James Turk is proof that having previously held positions in corrupt entities such as Chase Manhattan Bank need not spoil a man’s morals; however, that is not the question! The question is if you have physical precious metals in Hong Kong, Zurich; or in London, the home base of silver suppression since the 16th century when Crown agent Sir Francis Drake was seizing Spanish silver on the high seas; how will you be able to take delivery of these precious metals if the United States government sets up an interception system in its Customs Department; the Postal Service (both of which took place under FDR); FEDEX; or other delivery service? Capital controls could consist of many atrocious measures, including, you enter a sell order for your metal overseas, funds are remitted to you electronically, but the Treasury automatically withholds a windfall profits tax on the transfer! Suppose you want to reside overseas and your passport is revoked, the State Department giving any reason it cares to?

After listing objections to holding metals overseas there remain reasons for doing so, but they apply to an ever diminishing faction—high fliers and people in the export-import business; remember, it costs money to travel, and the more of your overall budget it requires, the less sense it makes. I have no connection to any numismatic coin dealers and that area has nothing to do with my motive for this presentation.

Holding metals in other political jurisdictions is a concept with merit and disadvantages. There remains NOTHING like the real thing in your hand, passed directly to another citizen. In an emergency, what will you do? Offer a certificate to metals overseas, or the actual metal, to people who have what you need? Metals are like guns, in emergency you have to have rapid physical access! Mr. Turk is certainly not the only metals personality to promote the holding of wealth abroad. When you read the rationale of “hold gold overseas” promoters, it boils down to one reason—the United Snakes Government (credit to David Bond) may criminalize gold ownership here, so plan for that by holding it elsewhere. This indicates an attitude of capitulation concerning reforming our own government by having more free market proponents holding elected and appointed positions! Why, I ask, should we give up? WOULD ANDREW JACKSON HAVE EVER GIVEN UP? I sincerely submit to you that people holding their metals here will have the advantage over those holding most or all of it elsewhere. A gold nationalization could also take place on the part of Great Britain, in which case your chances would also be better here! I also would not trust the Swiss government, as for example large quantities of silver coins were shipped out for eventual delivery as bullion to the Silver Users Association, before an export ban was imposed, a token gesture in 1968 after the bulk was spirited out! Reality also compels mention of yet another risk of holding metal overseas—suppose the vault keeper’s family is kidnapped, what then? Can your custodians demonstrate immunity? What if the bad boys set up false operations—they say store overseas as protection from U.S. government, then these stockpiles are spirited away? This is not any accusation against James; we know for example that Central Fund of Canada is trustworthy, whereas Morgan Stanley was not! It doesn’t make me a heel to bring these things up; I’m trying to protect you. In considering where to hold metals there is validity in determining which jurisdictions have the greatest gun ownership rights; that may not apply elsewhere! This argumentation of where to hold metal must stand on its own merits, and not be judged in terms of prestige comparisons with high flying metals personalities, suits and ties or conferences or who recommends who! How are we making our country’s future more secure by expatriating our specie?

THE SILVER PEOPLE NEVER GIVE UP” —American Magazine, June 1950, page 122.

U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania David A. Reed, a trustee of the Mellon influenced University of Pittsburg, who called silver “inflationary,” denounced THE FRENZIED SILVER ADVOCATES” (New York Times, December 24, 1933, section IV, page 4). A.M. Sakolski of the C & F Chronicle, April 27, 1944, pages 1706, and 1718-1719, in an article titled, “The Menace Of Post-War Silver” called silver a “MONETARY INCUBUS (a demon who rapes sleeping women!) He was a member of the Vanderbilt sponsored American Economic Association.

Nationalization could take various forms; all must be opposed with the frenzy of someone fighting for his life! Coin dealers, jewelers, metals dealers, gold and silver exchanges could be dictated to that all metal they buy from the public must be remitted to the Treasury Department, minus strictly accounted for amounts processed into value added jewelry, that is, altered away from traditional monetary forms of coins and bars. The Treasury could attempt to ration silver to “legitimate consumers” (Wall Street Journal, May 22, 1967). The evil 50% tax on silver profits imposed under FDR was abolished in 1963, allowing silver trading to resume on June 12.

There is the Department of Homeland Security and its concern for the Silver Users Association

In “Our Monetary Crisis and Gold,” Percy L. Greaves Jr. wrote in the Mining Congress Journal, February 1962, page 115—

“They want to achieve national economic goals by keeping interest rates below free market rates where savings equal borrowings.  They thus create a greater demand for borrowing, which is promptly met by printing more dollars or opening more accounts in the banking system.  There you have it.  We are heading into a controlled economy—one in which politicians control our money.  They do not want Americans to be free to own gold, and we’re not free unless we can own gold.  If we are to remain free, we must regain the right to own and use monetary gold and never again let politicians print money.  That would quickly put an end to the spending policies.  But that is probably not the way we are going to go.  Nobody knows the future, but HISTORY INDICATES THAT THEY WILL CREATE AN EMERGENCY OF ONE TYPE OR ANOTHER AND GO INTO CONTROLS.”

The Engineering & Mining Journal, April 1965, page 22, reported that the Johnson administration was considering “controls on hoarding” of silver coins.


States can resist and counteract unconstitutional federal laws, contact your state legislators and send them a copy of this documentary on the silver and gold stealing activities of The Pilgrims Society or a link to it!

View link.

Increasing awareness of this predatory shadow organization hovering above the White House, the Federal judiciary and Congress will tend to prevent recurrence of Franklin Roosevelt’s abominations.   Beyond nationalizing silver, a 50% transfer tax was slapped on silver, sending futures trading North into Canada, with penalties of up to six months imprisonment for nonreported transactions; unlicensed export of silver carried a fine of up to $10,000 and 10 years imprisonment.  FDR’s rationale for nationalizing silver barely 7 weeks after the passage of the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 was to have 75% of the total monetary base of the United States in gold and 25% in silver, by values at that time; and silver was more depressed than gold.  President Jackson’s intention to guarantee convertibility of notes into gold and silver, was to totally eliminate the use of paper notes!  That’s the system that can be relied on!

You need to monitor twice daily news concerning mining shares and be ready to enter sell order fast. If the United States nationalizes metals, nations south of here are likely to move against mining concessions. Assuming plans are in place to do so, it’s reasonable to believe such plans won’t be implemented until after the mines are built and in operation. A first move against our rights by “our” government could negate that and constitute cause to sell sooner. They have an arsenal of sabotage. Remember the November 2007 raid in Indiana on the Liberty Dollar people? If you missed it see this link. The Justice Department and the Treasury Department had joint purview. Attorneys General and Treasury Secretaries both have an (unknown) history of being Pilgrims Society members.

The Wall Street Journal, February 23, 1968, page 13, had this to say—

“Internal Revenue Service officials have expressed that the Treasury could put special taxes on silver investments.”

The New York Times, March 6, 1933, page 12 cited a Columbia University law professor who called for a personal property tax on gold hoarding!

Robert M. Morgenthau, son of the Pilgrims Society member who stole gold and silver from Americans in the FDR administration and was associated with James D. Zirin, currently on The Pilgrims executive committee, is currently an advisor to Global Financial Integrity whose aim is to prevent illegal cross-border money transfers; and money could be such commodities as diamonds and metals; in this capacity he also serves with John Cunningham Whitehead, of The Pilgrims executive committee, former head of Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and a liaison between the Rockefeller and Mellon fortunes. The Society is concerned about preventing those outside its circles from being able to transmit wealth from one nation to another. Why not just hold your wealth here and fight for Constitutional concepts? See this link.

At sources from the New York Federal Reserve Bank and JPMorganChase tout the present synthetic money system which excludes gold and silver.  Ronald M. Freeman, current chairman, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, who holds dual U.S. and British citizenship, is senior advisor to the World Economic Forum of Davos Switzerland. The WEC has some 1,000 member corporations, most of which have annual volume exceeding $5 billion Rockefeller agent, Pilgrims Society member Henry Kissinger is a prominent WEC personality.  Freeman is a governor of the U.S./United Kingdom Fulbright Committee (after an Arkansas Senator who was a Rhodes Scholar); a trustee of the American University in Paris; he was a long time executive of Salomon Brothers investment bankers; formerly with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; director of The Atlantic Council, Crown front seeking to bring America back under British rule; director of Volga Gas; Polish Telecom; Troika Dialog; Kamaz, the largest automobile and heavy truck manufacturer in the Russian Federation; and Severstal, steel producer with 92,000 employees; MMC Norilsk Nickel; advisor to Climate Change Capital; executive with Citigroup Capital Markets in London—

David Rockefeller (former director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Daisy Soros (sister in law of George Soros) and John C. Whitehead (former chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and chairman since 1999 of the Goldman Sachs Foundation—

Wherefore do the wicked live, become old, yea, are mighty in power?” —Job 21:7

Silver manipulation lawsuits have been filed in United States Federal district court in the Southern District of New York against Pilgrims Society institutions, JPMorganChase and HSBC Bank. Who appoints Federal judges? The President, who is always a Pilgrims Society member! It appears a “fix” is in at this courthouse; a review of the 38 judges there shows three judges were previously with Debevoise & Plimpton (Pilgrims Society law firm); 2 were either with David, Polk & Wardwell (Pilgrims Society law firm) or were married to a partner therein; 2 judges were with Cahill, Gordon, Reindel (Pilgrims Society law firm); of three other judges, each was with either White & Case (Pilgrims Society law firm); Willkie Farr & Gallagher (Pilgrims Society law firm); or Stroock, Stroock & Lavan (Pilgrims Society law firm). Several other judges have past employment as counsel to Pilgrims Society interests such as Marsh & McLennan Companies; Time Incorporated; several judges are Yale graduates—signifying they may be members of such Pilgrims Society conduits as Skull & Bones Society; Scroll & Key Society; Book & Snake Society; Berzelius Society; or Wolf’s Head Society. Judge Louis L. Stanton Jr. appears in the 1980 leaked Pilgrims list! Judge Peter K. Leisure is the son of Pilgrims Society member George Stanley Leisure, who was associated in the early 1950’s with the CIA and was a law partner in Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine from 1957-1993. Leisure Senior was counsel to Du Pont (silver stealers) in 1934; counsel to Rockefeller oil interests in 1937 and was president of Harvard Law School Association (Who’s Who, 1971, page 1340). Peter Leisure was with Breed, Abbott & Morgan (Pilgrims Society law firm). Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. has silver lawsuit, case #10-8146 and Judge George B. Daniels (Yale 1975) has silver lawsuit, case #10-8157. Patterson was with Donovan, Leisure (Pilgrims Society law firm) 1950-1951. He was chairman of National Citizens for Eisenhower, 1959-1960 (Ike was a Pilgrims member) and was a member of Rockefeller University Council, 1986-1988. He was also, 1987-1993, a trustee of George C. Marshall Foundation, after a prominent Pilgrims Society member who helped reshape Europe with the Marshall Plan after WWII. Lastly, Federal judge Paul Austin Crotty presides over chambers in this courthouse, and his name appears in the leaked 1980 list of The Pilgrims! See his resume MINUS MENTION of his Pilgrims Society membership (silver stealers) at this link.

He’s in the tradition of Federal Judge Harold R. Medina, Pilgrims Society, who in the Investment Bankers Case, an antitrust lawsuit against the 17 most powerful Wall Street Investment banks, ruled in favor of the defendants (1952) no wonder; the investment banks were well represented in The Pilgrims Society, and he was in their hip pocket! With one judge a Yale graduate and the other (senior) judge a Rockefeller associate, how can we expect them to be impartial towards the silver plaintiffs? At a courthouse habituated by judges replete with connections to The Pilgrims Society, the silver stealers? The 1970 Who’s Who, page 294, shows Frederick Van Pelt Bryan, “United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York starting in 1956; director American Judicature Society; member Order of the British Empire; trustee, Columbia University; member The Pilgrims; office U.S. Courthouse Foley Square New York.”  So insinuated into our legal system is this secret organization that even the Supreme Court building in the District of Columbia was the creation of architect Cass Gilbert (1859-1934), Pilgrims Society, who was on their executive committee, and designed the U.S. Treasury Annex in D.C.; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in D.C.; the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; the University of Minneapolis; the Gibraltar Building; New York Life Building; West Virginia State Capitol; Arkansas State Capitol; University of Texas at Austin; and many others.  His father was a Union general during the Civil War. Supreme Court justices known to have been members of The Pilgrims Society include William H. Taft; Charles Evans Hughes; Warren Earl Burger; William Rehnquist; and Sandra Day O’ Connor.


The Silver Stealers have rigged the game since way before any of us were born. They always use the power of government to steal silver. The only way they can be stopped from stealing silver (and gold, and everything else, like private home ownership in America) is to have their identities, and their organization, to become known. Their organization is The Pilgrims Society! You can knock yourselves out just researching the excerpt from the list. Shelby Cullom Davis was an Ambassador to Switzerland and in a 46 year period increased his firm’s capital 8,480 to one Winthrop Murray Crane 3rd was profiled in “The Paper Hangers” (Archives) as the provider of currency paper for Federal Ripoff Notes. Eli Whitney Debevoise, superlawyer, was an associate of Nelson Rockefeller; his son is currently the United States director for the World Bank! Jarvis Cromwell, a financier, was a trustee of Roosevelt Hospital for 40 years. Emilio Gabriel Collado, a Rockefeller oil trust employee, was eulogized as “A Creator of the World Money System” Arthur H. Dean arranged a $9 billion deal with Japan at age 30 and was an advisor to three Presidents and a creator of the Securities Exchange Commission and a paper hanger himself as a director of American Bank Note Company Norris Darrell of Schroders Bank London and a Churchill family in law was longtime president of the American Law Institute and was responsible for the Internal Revenue Code of 1954; Covering up these and many more details with silence was news commentator Walter Cronkite, Gardner Cowles of Look Magazine and Robert Devine of Readers Digest! Ask any major news commentator about the organization and a typical comeback would be—



Also in the list note silver suppressor Lammot Du Pont Copeland (Du Pont, Silver Users Association, silver stealers), who was decorated by Belgium and France, was a Chemical Bank director; his daughter Louisa married James Biddle, of the same Pilgrims Society family as Nicholas Biddle, head of the second United States Bank on whose board a Du Pont appeared! Copeland was rated the 12th wealthiest inheritor in America as of 1957 (“The Rich and the Super Rich,” 1969, page 139) —

Du Pont, cover man for Time Magazine, November 27, 1964, founded the Population Crisis Committee in 1965, to work with governments to find ways to reduce overpopulation. The Du Pont Company, long nicknamed “merchants of death” for gunpowder and explosives, has facilitated the deaths of tens of millions, and is a major scale groundwater polluter. See if your Congressman or Senator has received gifts from the Du Pont Good Government Fund

Richard A. Boucher, Pilgrims Society, multiple position office holder in the State Department, is now Deputy Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, based in Paris.  It has 34 member nations, 8 of which are first to second tier silver producers.  The OECD adopted its name in 1961; previously it was known as the Organization for European Economic Cooperation & Development, since 1947, when it was founded to administer The Marshall Plan for European Reconstruction.  The Marshall Plan allowed for the looting of U.S. taxpayers for benefit of Pilgrims Society interests under the guise of humanitarianism.  General George C. Marshall, Pilgrims Society, was Secretary of State, 1947-1949 and Defense Secretary, 1950-1951.  According to

“George C. Marshall was a man of towering stature whose contributions to our nation and the world cannot be overstated.”

This Pilgrims Society member Marshall was at the Yalta Conference and the Potsdam Conference after World War II, at which Britain and America allowed multimillions of people to be turned over to Soviet Communist control, from the partition of Germany, to Poland and all of Eastern Europe except Greece; Marshall sure did make towering contributions to infamy!  At we see the view of Boucher’s organization that gold is a “shackle;” and silver is even unmentionable!  Marshall chaired the U.S. delegation to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society—

A can with a sinister label, bulging at both ends!

This is The Pilgrims Society, they aren’t our friends!

Many links to The Crown, tyranny it portends!

Secrecy and power is what the devil commends!

Sir Julian Crossley was a Barclay’s Bank official; a perennial gold and silver antagonist! CIMA, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, subject to The British Crown, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society, oversees $29.6 Trillion in banking, insurance and hedge funds!





Bruno Schroder, Pilgrims of Great Britain, is listed as holding the world’s 292nd largest private fortune—probably an underestimate as media sources these people control have motive to minimize alleged wealth of the old rich—they are those in control. Schroder’s London manages $186 billion and dates to 1804. It has relationships with major silver suppressors as the Rockefellers and the Bank of England—

Baron Peter Levene of Portsoken, chairman of Lloyd’s of London since 2002, director of China Construction Bank since 2006, former Lord Mayor of London, is a descendant of British financial collaborator Alexander Hamilton and alleged to have huge holdings in Unilever, is most likely a member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain.  He fits the pattern very decisively, but due to the Society’s refusal to allow a roster into the public domain, he can only be regarded as a highly likely member, probability almost 100%.  He’s held a bewilderingly extensive constellation of positions capable of influencing events at a high level, including member Worshipful Co of Information Technologists, a City of London guild; decorations from France, Germany, Hungary, honorary citizen of Rio De Janeiro Brazil; advisor to Prime Minister; advisor to Board of Trade; advisor to Secretary of State for Defense; chairman General Dynamics United Kingdom since 2001; chairman Defense Manufacturers Association; director United Scientific Holdings; Haymarket Group; Canary Wharf; Docklands Railway; Sainsbury PLC (19 million customers weekly); Alcatel (78,000 employees in 129 countries); Total SA (5th largest international oil & gas producer, 96,387 employees, operations in 130 countries); U.K. National Armaments; European National Armaments; advisor to Morgan Stanley; chairman Bankers Trust International; vice chairman Deutsche Bank; chairman, 2000-2010, International Financial Services Group of 90 member institutions including The City of London Corporation and the Bank of England—

Sir Robert Worcester, former chairman of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, is a governor of the English Speaking Union (please see) and a governor of The Ditchley Foundation, the pro-fiat, anti-silver London School of Economics & Politics (9,000 enrollment) and a trustee of the Magna Carta Trust. See him at

Head of the London School of Economics is probable Pilgrims Society member Sir Howard Davies, a director of silver suppressor Morgan Stanley. Current President of The Pilgrims New York is “international financial adviser” Miner Warner, a second generation member whose father was with European American Banking Corporation, a megabank consortium.

The Independent, March 19, 2011, said of Sir Augustine Thomas O’Donnell “No wonder they call him God,” and omitted to state his membership in The Pilgrims of Great Britain.  He was the United Kingdom’s executive director of the gold and silver antagonistic International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, 1997-1998, and according to Wikipedia, “returning to the Treasury to serve as both Director of Macroeconomic Policy and Prospects and also Head of the Government Economics Service, with overall responsibility for the professional economists in her Majesty’s government. In 1999 he was appointed Managing Director of Macroeconomic Policy and International Finance, with responsibility for fiscal policy, international development, and European Union economic and monetary affairs.”  If the elitists decide to state “we need to return to a precious metal monetary system” their meaning won’t be for metals to circulate as money in public hands!  They’d put it all away in vaults and leave us stuck with inky ass-wipe paper and digital currency.  Then they could say, “your money is wiped out due to the power failure” (of utilities owned by Pilgrims Society members!)   He’s currently Home Secretary in charge of all government bureaucrats in the U.K.—

Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was British Ambassador to the United Nations during 1998-2003, attending over 150 meetings of the Security Council and chaired its Counter Terrorism Committee.  He was United Kingdom special representative to Iraq in 2003-2004.  On May 14, 2008, he stated definitely that American and U.K. leadership knew that Saddam Hussein had no nuclear capability and no nuclear program.  He was a Ditchley Foundation trustee from 2004-2010, an entity subversive of United States national independence, and has served as advisor to British Petroleum.  He’s currently a director of De La Rue, founded in 1821, which is the world’s largest supplier of currency paper and note printing to 145 nations, having 4,000 employees in 24 countries

Flimsy irredeemable multicolored inflatable paper notes have been inflicted on the world’s people by silver stealers whose home base is in Britain, with Americans like Crane & Company (Pilgrims Society), suppliers of Federal Reserve note paper in second place—

Baron Robert Fellowes, currently on the executive committee, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was director of Allen Harvey & Ross, investment bankers, from 1968-1977.  He was assistant private secretary to Queen Elizabeth, patron of The Pilgrims Society, from 1977 to 1986, when he became deputy private secretary into 1990.  He became Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in 1989 and a member of the Privy Council to the Crown in 1990, and was private secretary to Queen Elizabeth, 1990-1999 and inducted into the Order of the Bath in 1998, becoming a director of South African Breweries in 1999.  In 1978 Fellowes married Lady Jane Spencer, elder sister of Diana, Princess of Wales.  He is first cousin once removed of Sarah, Duchess of York.  In October 1999 Fellowes became a member of the House of Lords and became vice chairman, then chairman, of silver antagonist, Barclay’s Private Bank of the huge Barclay’s organization.  He became president of Degremont U.K., a water treatment concern, and has served as vice chairman of the Commonwealth Institute, and is president of the advisory council to Goodenough College.  He’s a trustee of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, the Rhodes Trust (Rhodes Scholarships) and the Waddeson Trust which is a Rothschild operation showing the five arrows the family incorporates into its crest—

Fellowes is another instance of transatlantic genealogy in this twisted organization—William Fellowes Morgan (1861-1943), Pilgrims Society New York, pioneered the use of refrigeration in warehouses with Merchants Refrigerating Company, and had interests in insurance, banking and sugar refining.  He was a member of the Jekyll Island Club.  What his Who’s Who listing in 1940, page 1867, didn’t mention, was his Pilgrims Society status; that came out in Congressional testimony on August 19, 1940, by Congressman Thorkelson of Montana, a silver advocate!  It was inescapable that Thorkelson was smeared by the Pilgrims Society controlled media network.

Ian E. Barlow, current treasurer of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, is a director of Brunner Investment Trust, which recently reported holding 2.4% of HSBC Group, a leading precious metals suppressing bullion bank.  Barlow holds other positions including chairman of Think London, which has formed connections with 1,600 plus companies in 40 nations since 1994—

Baron Robert Janvrin, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, career diplomat to North Atlantic Treaty Organization, succeeded Lord Fellowes as private secretary to The Crown, 1999-2007.  He married European aristocrat Isabelle de Boissonneaux de Chevigny.  In January 2008 he became deputy chairman of HSBC Private Bank, of the silver and gold suppressing HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Britain’s old opium bank for China), whose U.S. subsidiary has been listed on the roster of the plundering Silver Users Association—

Political demagogue Al Gore seemingly gets marching orders from David Tevele Schiff, currently in 2011 on the executive committee of The Pilgrims New York.  Schiff, center, is grandson of Jacob Schiff, charter Pilgrims Society member who opposed silver as money, and in association with Lord Alfred Milner, Pilgrims Society, helped finance the Red Revolution in Russia in 1917.  David’s father, John, was treasurer of The Pilgrims circa late 1960’s into the 1970’s and a director of Kennecott Copper Corporation, which has silver supply contracts with Tiffany & Company, Silver Users Association members; he was also a board member of Getty Oil; Westinghouse Electric; CIT Financial; Madison Fund; Uniroyal; Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad; Provident Loan Society of New York; Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea; advisor to Chemical Bank.  John (Yale 1925) married Edith Baker, daughter of Pilgrims Society member George F. Baker Jr. of First National City Bank and enormous railroad interests.  George Baker III appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims.  Ward Woods, right, who could easily be a member, is like Gore, on the warpath of using environmental issues to wreck national sovereignties Woods was with such Rothschild affiliates as Kuhn, Loeb & Company and Lazard Freres & Company, and has been associated with Bessemer Securities & Trust, a Phipps family interest tracing to the old Carnegie Steel and Pilgrims Society family; he has chaired The Freshwater Initiative.  Al Gore’s daughter Karena Gore-Schiff married into David’s family.  This is another case in point of The Pilgrims Society “managing” major Presidential contenders who, when elected, will unknown to the public, be “honorary” members of the tyrannical monopolistic Society.  David has been associated with entities including Crown Life Insurance, another manifestation of the organization being the Crown’s financiers—

Joseph Hooley (below) chairs State Street Corporation in Boston which manages $2.1 trillion (2,100 billion) in investments, and as this is written is the single largest holder at 3.72% of the silver price suppressing CME Group, owner of the notorious COMEX.  He’s a member of the Financial Services Forum in the District of Columbia, representing 18 of the largest financial services groups in the United States (all anti-silver); additionally he’s a member of the advisory council to the anti-silver Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  I’d bet money that Hooley is a member of The Pilgrims as he’s too big a wheel to not be, and State Street is too influential to not be represented.  We await some recent leaked list to surface, or a list gained by means of Congressional subpoena.  Hooley is a trustee of The Prince of Wales International Business Forum, named for England’s Prince Charles, a leading member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, suggesting how a member of the Royal family can suppress silver by hiding behind layers of front men (once again another indicator surfaces that London is the home base of global silver suppression) —

Suppose due to publicity the Society decides to not stage a second gold and silver nationalization?  We are under attack from all angles!  The key to it all could come down to medicine and nutrition.  Forced vaccinations, forced psychiatric drugging of school children, ever more toxic pharmaceuticals, prohibition against use of nutraceuticals due to the “CODEX” conspiracy of the United Nations, the Food and Drug Administration and the prescription drug industry, all portend to be instruments of population control and of draining wealth away from We The People to The Pilgrims Society whose “ethic” is to “seize the wealth necessary.”  Columbia University dental research has recently made possible regrowth of natural teeth by placing a “scaffold” in the socket where the original tooth was, infusing the scaffold with growth factor to attract the body’s stem cells and activate them.  In 63 days, a fully functional natural tooth forms.  Patents and provider network are being organized.  By controlling research and patents, the organization can soak the public.  Imagine what they could charge for retinal restoration!  By bringing nutraceuticals under CODEX control, prices can be raised 600 to 1,000% if these become available only by prescription!  The Pilgrims Society has always had some MD’s as members, for three clear reasons—first, older members could be a risk of leaked information, and it’s highly likely the members rely on the MD’s in their ranks; second, they oversee the research and patenting process; third, they work with the members overlording the drug industry, to restrict or deny access to nutraceuticals, and require use of harsh drugs.  Substances like cycloastragenol and pyrroloquinoline quinone, proven to increase the number of times cells can replicate themselves and regenerating mitochondria, greatly extending lifespan, are undoubtedly targets of Pilgrims Society control so they can bleed everyone white.  Who wouldn’t give most of their net worth to feel like 45 at age 70?  Will they make lemons available only by prescription, since lemons are high in citric acid, which can and will remove arterial calcium if used regularly?  The war card is always in their perverse deck to play, giving them ever more power afterwards; the Southern border remains unofficially open, in keeping with their North American Union plans.

The illustrious silver Senator from Idaho, William Borah, appropriately nicknamed “The Great Opposer,” a patriot in the same spirit as Andrew Jackson, quoted in The New York Times, October 13, 1932, page 4, remarked—


Senator Borah also said (New York Times, April 29, 1933, page 4) —



—Oklahoma Senator Elmer Thomas, quoted in the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, December 21, 1935, page 3945.


—Congressional Digest, November 1931, page 286.

We didn’t have the Internet over 78 years ago; we have it now; use it to spread about this documentary so that the greatest menace to our metals ownership rights may be checkmated! I regard this as easily the most meaningful research piece of my lifetime and consider it of such importance that I am requesting David Morgan to allow it to run for six months, which will take us to 78 years beyond the date of FDR’s gold grab of March 1933. STOP THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY FROM SEIZING ANY MORE WEALTH! EXPOSE THEIR HISTORY AND THEIR DEMONSTRATED CONTINUED INTENTIONS FOR THE REMAINING 92 YEARS OF THEIR PLAN TO RETURN US TO CROWN FEUDALISM!

Joel Van Der Reijden Institute for the Study of Globalization made this remark—

“All of the most important globalists, even with incomplete membership lists, can be traced to only a handful of societies, ESPECIALLY THE PILGRIMS; all of the important globalists can be traced to the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Rothschild triumvirate; the influence of these organizations and people are seldom, if ever, mentioned by the mainstream news and has never been recorded in the history books; everyone, at least in the West, is afraid of the word “conspiracy” when the whole process of international relations seems to be one giant conspiracy, not to mention all the other areas that are being affected.”



The National Review, March 23, 1965, page 237, commented—

If it is not made illegal to do so, American citizens will buy silver as a hedge against further deterioration of the dollar.”

California gold mining operator Harry Sears, addressing the National Western Mining Conference at Denver on January 29, 1954 (recorded in Vital Speeches of the Day) stated—


In event of Presidential executive order nationalizing silver—or sickening Congressional action— due to this documentary, it will be KNOWN exactly WHO is back of the tyrannical theft! 17th century French writer Claude Montandre declared—


The President to alien invaders in “Independence Day” (1996) —


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  • JimNYC

    This was an outstanding article on silver. The best I’ve read. True and to the point.

  • doug

    looks like i got some reading to do this weekend…got a condensed version?

  • Interesting. But these paper ponzi globalistas are networked thru dozens of different front organizations: CFR, Bilderberg, Tri-Lats, etc. I doubt if Pilgrim Society is any more important than one or another. Essential point is who they are, and what they do. To us.

  • Hello Sirs. You are on my favorite subject. I come at it from Biblical speak. Few ministers get this but I think you will. These chapters speak of the “Harlot”…and the judgment of the merchants…Isa 23, 47, 51…Ezekiel 26, 27, 28…Natum 3, Zechariah 5 (ephod), Rev 17, 18..part of 19. Other allusions including “Crashing of nations” Isa 17, Jeremiah 25:15-30 Cup of Reeling (national debt drunkenness), and Jeremiah 51. Thanks for the terrific article. Ernie

  • ewkeane

    How to beggar a crowd that is doesnt want to be poor, and who use any means to get richer?
    How could their vast holding in land be taken from them? What is their bid?
    These guys trade up, and hold long. They pay experts to manage their affairs.
    I doubt they would sell.
    How bout take it with adverse posession? How bout eminent domain?
    All it would take is moving in an operation that pays more property tax than the rich man.

    What about their feather nest of corporations and charitable fronts? Would limiting corporate charters to 20 years fix the problem? How bout a rockem sockem luxury tax on property that exceeds a certain market value? how bout limiting cash donations made to polital office candidates to 20 bucks?

    They like law to be a closed shop. I think that it ought to be democratised, so that any man may plead a case without prejudice from a gang of college boys that sit in judgement. Let common men run and hold the office of judge, i say.

    They like war. The army must be a continental army of defence, not a globe trotting gang of hit men. The expense is driving this nation into the dirt. The choise of guns or butter ought to be plain to most reasonable men.
    The blood, sweat and tear stained money that is passed around at this time ought to be burned, and a new issue on a new standard aught to be the standing order of the day.

    They like to tell one side of the story, and can reach into the minds of men with popular books, magazines and other forms of information propagation media.
    It would seem as if their monopoly on information has a kink, the internet.

    They like privacy, however they may be subject to public scorn and comment, we are free to speak whatever is on our mind.
    I think a good case could be made for clipping the wings of these men who are rich enough to outrule millions in opposition.
    Now tell me more about this crowd;
    Thanks to one and all who have been keeping a weather eye on the rich boys.

  • SilberShark

    Silber Dass Besseire Gold.

  • Compassionate Fascist, did you read the documentary, or lightly skim it? Joel Van Der Reijden, the Dutch researcher who is the only other web source of info on The Pilgrims, concurs in that the management of the better known groups you mention, traces back and UP into The Pilgrims. Additionally, it’s the ONLY major globalist group refusing to make a roster available to the public domain. That’s in keeping with their declared point as to secrecy. It’s the ONLY major globalist group set up explicitly to “seize the wealth necessary” and “gradually absorb the wealth of the world.” Neither Trilaterals, Bilderberg, nor CFR nor any other group, features the United States President and Secretary of State as “honorary” members—ONLY The Pilgrims. Not one known textbook on government or political science mentions this horrific fact. It’s The Pilgrims who control the Commander in Chief and all our foreign relations!!! The Pilgrims are the ONLY group whose “patron” is The British Crown, which once overtly controlled 13,000,000 plus square miles of Earth’s surface, now hides back of the United Nations striving to create a world government. The others you mention are inferior, subordinate offshoots. Bilderberg doesn’t need as many members, because it’s for indoctrinating transitory political figures. Bilderberg excludes Japan; that matter was resolved actually in 1907 by the Japan Society and in 1973 by the Trilaterals; both Pilgrims fronts.

  • Thanks for every other fantastic post. Where else may just anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search for such info.

  • […] “What an awful thought it is that if we had not lost America,or if even now we could arrange with the present members of the United States Assembly and our House of Commons,the peace of the world is secured for all eternity. We could hold federal parliament five years at Washington and five at London. The only thing feasible to carry this idea out is A SECRET ONE (SOCIETY) GRADUALLY ABSORBING THE WEALTH OF THE WORLD TO BE DEVOTED TO SUCH AN OBJECT. There is Hirsch with twenty millions,very soon to cross the unknown border,and struggling in the dark to know what to do with his money;and so one might go on ad infinitum.” READ MORE […]

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