MSM Alert! Big History: Silver Supernova

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9 comments to MSM Alert! Big History: Silver Supernova

  • Andrew

    That’s awesome!

  • Justin DeArmond

    if you like that then you’re gonna love this: Mankind: the story of All of Us, episode 8: Treasure….

  • Peter

    Video does not work

  • BCG

    I saw this show the other day, I was really impressed with it and glad that they touched on topics like the Opium Wars that aren’t necessarily always associated with silver. It conveniently stops short of pointing out the definition of the US Dollar is a denomination of silver and fails to bring up any subjects related to banking, but still not too bad for MSM. That said I think this is a great production, and has a lot of value for ‘outreach’.

  • Rick Baker

    Thanks, for posting this. It was very educational, I even made my 11 year old watch it.

  • Robert

    Hi, Chris –

    I did not know of another avenue through which to pose this question:

    If I (re)joined your SSG by the Jan. 12th deadline – for an entire year – but then determined it was not as valauble to me as I had hoped, do you offer any refunds – prorated or otherwise?

    Thanks, friend.

    Robert H. (fiatlflatline)

  • LW

    I can’t find myself believing this drama club extravaganza without of course questioning all that is produced by the revisionist history crowd. (Straight to video stuff)
    So Queen Ozinga was a good queen, but was forced to enslave other Africans and sell them to the Portuguese because people were on a sugar rush. Then when the Portuguese wanted to cut out the middle slave trader, she became a true patriot defending Odongo, but also luckily not dying for her country in the battle, escaped, and also sought revenge for the failed contractual agreement till her natural death some years later. This is really a great story. And if Professor Gates thinks that all this makes perfect sense, then it’s no wonder to me why he endorses the man who wishes to enslave us now too, but only to save us.
    You know what, I think I’m going to go and buy some tulips. I think that they will definitely smell better than this “documentary”. Or maybe I missed something here. But hey, maybe my version of rewritten history is better anyway. It’s most likely just as accurate….. I’m done.

    • LW

      I couldn’t get any more than a few seconds of the Supernova H2 super high definition star wars action video to play at their site either. They must have read my review of Odingo and blocked access to me. You know how they are. Now I’m off to the reeducation camp. See ya. Hello mudda, hello fadda, here I am at, camp……….

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