In Defense of Apathy

A piece sent to me from a listener, written by R.K. Blacksher, “In Defense of Apathy” From my new favorite website

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I thought the article was great, what about you?

10 comments to In Defense of Apathy

  • LW

    Apathy is only acceptable if you understand why you are being apathetic. The excuses made for apathy in this article do not apply, nor exonerate those who are apathetic because of willful ignorance and laziness. They may be right, but only because like a clock that is correct twice a day, they are broken.

    • Ryan Brooks

      LW, thanks for the feedback. That may indeed be true, but is being willfully ignorant and lazy better then spending countless hours making phone calls for political campaigns, organizing marches protests and rallies, and signing petitions for political action?

      • LW

        No, because even if they did something that in the end proved to be fruitless, they still got off their butts and tried. And of course learned something in the process. People that are apathetic with no appreciation of how they came to that state of mind are nothing more than the “crabs in the bucket” who pull people back that are trying to inspire any kind of change in a current system. To try and fail is by far better than never trying. Even if it’s to come to the conclusion that you’ve taken the wrong road. It’s pretty much like in the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” when McMurphy “tried” to lift the sink to throw through the window to escape. He tells the others at least he tried. And that’s the point. You need to try anything, and in the process learn. I guess experimentation is the key to success right after the will to look for a solution.

        • LW

          I don’t know if this fits the discussion, but it is an interesting article. And I think it speaks to the point in the sense that most of the apathetic people that I know will take off their hats when the national anthem is played, but couldn’t tell you what the Bill of Rights is. And they will tell you that this is the greatest, freest country in the world, while their rights are unknowingly and systematically taken away from them. And then don’t mention either of these things out loud if you know what’s good for you.

  • novi

    LW, Had I not just finished reading a book titled: “The Most Dangerous Superstition”, I would not have understood the point of this video.

    I started fighting for the political right at the age of 16 during the 1964 Goldwater campaign. Took me until 2005 to finally realize that left vs right, liberal vs conservative, Democrat vs Republican; was and had always been just bad theater, played out for dummies. The purpose of the GOP is to fill the void so that real resistance to government tyranny won’t exist.

    I highly recommend to all of you the book “The Most Dangerous Superstition.” Read it, then re-watch the video. The book is available on Amazon.

  • LW

    I don’t need to read about the false left vs. right paradigm, I know all about it. I also understand that they tell you to go out and vote just so you feel that you were part of the process, even though you aren’t. I personally think that all elections are just theater for the masses. The point I was trying to make is that making excuses for people who are willfully unaware and totally apathetic is essentially wrong . They are not “right” because they do nothing. They are wrong because they do nothing. They are parasitic bums to put it nicely. If they became apathetic because they were informed that would exonerate them. But to be apathetic because you are a low class sociopath is something completely different. I know the these people. I’m surrounded by them. And I know that they don’t want to talk about anything that would conflict with what they saw on the news. And, oh yeah, they all think Marge Simpson is hot.
    And I guess if you can see the false hope of the GOP in the political arena, you can also see how Fox News is the false hope in the media arena.
    I’m know I’m a little behind on my reading. And I have a stack of books I still have to get through. But I’ve gotten through enough of them to know that just about everything that I thought I knew was pretty much b.s.. But I’m, like Dustin Hoffman in the movie “Hero”, working my way up to a new level of b.s..

  • LW

    Would you like me to post the scene from the Cuckoo’s Nest too? I don’t watch that many movies, but I have seen some. So I also know that “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove”, if that fits anywhere in here.

  • novi

    LW I think we are on exactly the same page. Difference may be that I viewed the video as total satire, making the point that apathy by means of ignorance, is less harmful than legitimizing the the ruling class by participating in the facade of choice.

    My personal favorite analogy of the GOP, until recently, is that we have hired them to guard the baby from the viper. The baby is freedom; and the viper is authoritarian collectivism. When the baby is bitten, it does no good to be angry at the viper, it did what vipers do; that the viper would do great harm was never in question. But now I think the analogy has to be slightly modified, including the whole of the GOP in the DNA of the viper, and the one that was supposed to guard freedom is the average American, who is far more concerned with the outcome of the big game than the future of freedom.

    • LW

      Hey, you want to hear something funny, I went to look up the book on Amazon and was told that I purchased the book back in 2012. I remember now because Larken Rose sent it to me himself. I thought that was different, but maybe it’s not. So it’s here somewhere. I was planning on moving and it must have gotten taken off the need to read table and boxed. I’ll have to go and find it. I know where the boxes are, they haven’t moved much either. And I’m only about ten, I mean twenty, books behind now, not counting the half read ones.

  • LW

    I get the parody part. I get that any attempt to create change within the system gets co-opted. I just don’t like the fact that you can’t have discussions about it because people are either too ignorant or apathetic and will fight discussing it. It’s a disease. The silence, outside of the alternative news crowd, is sometimes deafening. Apathy is the new “drop out”. But there is no place to drop out. There is no one else credible enough to run the show while folks drop out. There’s no room for apathy any more. It’s time to WTFU. That’s just my opinion.

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