Attitude And Mindset Is Everything

Before these thoughts leave my head, I want to share what’s going on. I feel some people benefit from this. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any point in me opening my mind.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like shit; mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

I’m not sick or anything, I’ve just been losing a lot of sleep. The reasons aren’t as important as the insights it has provided. This may be different for some people, but for me, if I lose sleep, everything else will go to shit.

I know people who can lose sleep and still work and churn out work like a machine — aka, Chris. I cannot do that. If I lose sleep, I feel mentally disabled, spiritually demoralized, emotionally unstable, and physically drained.

That being said, attitude is everything. Mindset is everything. The way you talk to yourself everyday, habitually, is the way you’re creating your reality. I perceive 3 versions of “reality.”

There is your reality. There is other people’s reality. And then, there is reality… the real truth. The cold, unbias, unemotional, unaffected truth. The way things truly are, whether you like them or not.

Keeping this in mind, if you are someone who’s always constantly negative with a bad attitude towards everything in life, you will always find a way to give up, quit, blame others, be frustrated, and look at the unlimited number of obstacles you face before reaching your goal.

If you are a person who has a winning attitude, you will ALWAYS find a way, even if there is no way. You will create the path, even where there is none. You will find a way to overcome, learn, be persistent, persevere, become stronger, rise up from the ashes, focus, and sacrifice, knowing fully well that the pain you suffer is completely temporary.

This is the difference between a doer and non-doer, a winner from a failure, a happy person from a sad person, a survivor from a dead person, and true enlightened, humble spirit from a non-enlightened spirit.

In other words, even though there are 3 realities (yours, others, and the real truth), you, and only you, are constantly creating, manipulating, twisting, bending, and shuffling your reality.

YOU create your reality. YOU are the one responsible for where it goes. YOU choose how to respond to what’s going on. Because of this, mentality, mindset and your consciousness, is everything.

Every thought, action, invention, feeling, appetite, drive, project, song, celebration, cooking recipe, building, end result, etc starts with your thoughts.

Remember this when you feel like complaining about life or others, or talking negatively about life or others. The way you talk to yourself everyday, is the way you’re creating your reality. Choose wisely.

17 comments to Attitude And Mindset Is Everything

  • me

    Thank you, I’ve been feeling like crap also, for a few months now, and YOU helped me realize (among other people) that I’ve been hampering myself and that I’ve been raised very negative. I am beginning my work on a more positive attitude, and it is, in part, thanks to YOU, so you have given the world at least that bit of a push in the right direction. Hang in there! It’s hard to be right!

    • Thanks for writing in. But you should know, this post would have never made it to Dont-Tread-On-Me if it wasn’t for Ryan (the Sound of Freedom). He convinced me to share it.

      Another thing everyone should know that will help them tremendously is to maintain a weekly gratitude journal. I try to write on it every day in the morning to write about all the things I’m grateful for. You’d be surprised how rich and blessed you truly are, if you just take a moment to pause and reflect on all the things and people you have in your life.

      I, even once wrote, “I’m grateful to have the oxygen in the room.” Some poor people in this world can’t even experience the simple joys of life, like, taking a deep breathe to ease and calm their mind.

      Remember that. Gratitude is one of the biggest secrets to happiness. Take it from someone who used to think it was a silly, immature and stupid idea, but then started practicing it.

      Irv –

  • I always like posts about mindset, because it’s one of the imperative foundations/pillars for our lives and business. We can not always control everything however like you mentioned we can choose how to respond to what’s going on.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Yas

    Hi, Thank-you for this, it gave me a little boost in mood when I read it. i’d like to think that i’m generally a positive person, considering that I had to face alot of obstacle’s growing up but I generally kept my head up. If I can ask your advise on one point though, I’ve been getting fluctuations of depression from last year when I turned 26, mostly due to thinking about all the time wasted and passed due to me being in hospital trying to sort my health out. At times I feel great but when these depressive bout’s come along it pushes my positive mindset out the window and I feel unmotivated to move forward. How can i push my mind to a more positive path again when the darker moods come through more strongly at times and even overtake the things that I am grateful for?

    • Irving14941

      Hi, thanks for commenting.

      There are a few foundational things I do to keep my mind, attitude and state positive:

      – Improving diet. A lot of people lack the necessary Omega-3 (essential fatty acids) to keep the brain happy, healthy, and protected from the everyday stresses of life. Furthermore, highly processed sugars and refined carbs (white flour) can make you irritable and moody. So I would definitely look into improving diet. More information at

      – Exercise. It reduces anxiety, improves happiness, and confidence in life.

      – Sleep. lol

      – Stress management. There’s a couple different ways you can do this. Some choose to do drink alcohol. Some choose to do yoga. Some choose to journal how they feel. I’ve found, what I feel, is the most effective and helpful way to deal with stress, here:

      – Maintain a daily “gratitude” journal of all the things you’re grateful, no matter how small, stupid, insignificant, or worthless it may be — seriously.

      Other than this, just know that, sometimes being sad is normal. Everyone has their highs and lows. But after implementing all these things, I’ve noticed my “lows” are much less damaging to emotional health and less prevalent.

  • Gareth

    You’re gonna be alright, Irv.

    You’re not a zombie, you’re ‘alive’ and alert and as such you’ll respond to whatever you come across.

    Have you tried some chamomile tea with a lavender bath before bed? (sounds kinda gay I know, but could help with sleep). Oh, and you can easily grow both lavender and chamomile in a small garden, or even on a sunny windowsill :-)

    • Irving14941

      Haha, thanks, Gareth. I have noticed that both tea and a bath help me sleep.

      I’m not a fan of depending on external things to get what I feel is natural. But a little help from a few friends never hurt anyone.

      I think you’ve just revealed to me what I need to do to: find a way to unwind from the day, before going to bed.

      I’ll definitely take into consideration growing the stuff, though!

      • Gareth

        Reminds me of a sketch from a sitcom called “men behaving badly” in which one of the characters was up to no good and someone asked him, “how do you sleep at night” (implying he shouldn’t be able to through guilt).
        He responds, “From a combination of beer, drugs, and masturbation” LOL.

        On a serious note, you need to know when your ‘working day’ ends, leisure time starts, and when to rest. I realise this sounds oversimplified somewhat, but life is effectively a combination of ‘work’, ‘rest’, and ‘play’. All three are important and vary from person-to-person. Sounds like you might be taking your ‘work’ in the form of cognitive stimulus into your rest period. Place a leisure activity (sufficient for yourself) prior to bed.

        PS you should always grow some plants :-)

  • Orange

    so how much do you sleep per night on average?

  • Orange

    Even around nuclear blasts there are “safe” spots and you might get a hunch to move 15km, that might make make the difference.

    How much hours of sleep do you need per night to have all systems functioning?

  • Ben

    Attitude And Mindset Is Everything.

    Well no shitake.

    SEAL your mindset. Seal it.

  • Anon

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