Jeff Nielson – The Dollar Is Already Dead!

From The Sound of Freedom Radio Show 1/12/14 on The Orion Talk Radio Network

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5 comments to Jeff Nielson – The Dollar Is Already Dead!

  • Tim

    I would really appreciate to know what you think of this recent article posted on SGT Report.

    • Silver Shield

      Not shocked that someone is out knocking silver when it is down here, but it is the same story I heard in 2008 and those guys were silenced the 2 years later when silver went up 500%.

      This time China is looting the entire western civilization of its gold. This will be the single largest force is silvers rise as the rest for the world grabs up silver after China can get no more gold. The day that happens the world changes.

      These fools that either trade these paper metals or simply don’t stack are going to be on the wrong side of history when the big one comes.

      And those deflationists that are claiming victory are ignorant of how a debt based currency works. There MUST be a constant expansions of debt or the system collapses. Once the jig is up wealth will be measured in tangible assets and nothing else.

      I am stacking as hard as I can while this market is blessing us with these insanely cheap prices.

      The next move will break the paradigm and I do not want to be around when it does.

  • Brent

    Chris, could you outline why the fear of confiscation does not worry you?
    I did watch the video you posted explaining why that won’t happen. But on the tin foil hat side, what about a ‘Mad Max’ scenerio, where the one person you told , tells others and next thing you know, home invasion and your stack is stolen. Much like that man in Vancouver. Or where they make using silver as currency illegal/criminal?

    • Silver Shield

      Don’t keep your stash in your home or a bank.
      Can’t loot what they can’t find.
      If times get tough, you lost your stash in your coke sniffing gambling days.

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