The American Spring with Gwen Caldwell

From The Sound of Freedom Radio Show 1/12/14 on the Orion Talk Radio Network


What do you think? Will the “American Spring” be any different than the failed protests and marches of the past? Let me know!

1 comment to The American Spring with Gwen Caldwell

  • Dave

    I agree our lives are based on one lie after another-everything thing from the phoney-bologna US Code that word-smiths english words into legal terms that are actually contrary to the definition of the words they mimic (like U.S. Citizen), to IRS & FRAUDULENT income tax, to Federal Reserve & the banksters, to un-accountable government “officials” giving criminals money, to corrupt voting/counting systems, to multinational corporations being a “person” with massive financial clout that buries virtually all Americans.

    YEAH, THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR!! The best thing we can do is let it break, but not without much pain, and even a lot of deaths from the fallout. But, fail it must.

    I’m just not sure what tips it over the edge. How many more people need to be unable to work… How many more jobs are sent overseas…before AMERICA finds its roots and starts pulling out the tar and the feathers? Or locking the bastards in their buildings and torching the places? I’m not advocating violence!! But, it will inevitably happen when they no longer have bread and circus (FOOD and some kind entertainment). It’s coming!!

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