IRAs for Bugout Property, Precious Metals & More ~ Physical Delivery of IRA Gold & Silver


“Perhaps the biggest advantage of the IRA LLC to the PM investor is that the individual (manager of the LLC) can take physical possession of Gold and Silver Eagle Coins with IRA funds and it is not a taxable distribution. The metal does not have to be held at a depository.”

Nothing says Govt intervention like “Pension, IRA, or 401k”. I must admit it was well played by the State to offer a “tax deferred” or “tax advantaged” way to save, thereby enticing investors to shave off a piece of their income each year to stash away in a Govt controlled slush fund. History warns when Govts go broke they are quick to tap into state controlled pension funds. After all Mr. Investor we have allowed tax free investment so we get to dictate how these funds are allocated. Before I go on a tangent lets give a brief overview.

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