Middle East Update From Stephen Lendman and Hitler Visits Oprah with Mike King

In case you missed it, this past week I was joined by author and radio host Stephen Lendman to go over the latest concerning the middle east –



On Sunday I aired what I consider to be my most epic interview to date with Mr. Mike King of Tomatobubble.com to talk about his latest piece “Hitler Visits Oprah”


I have received a lot of feedback from that particular show with many appreciating the interview while others have gone as far as to call Orion Talk Radio and complain about “anti semantism” as she called it. Folks that know who I am and what I am about know that I promote love being the only truth, and I do also heartily endorse listening to all in order to form my own opinion.  Mike turned everything I thought I knew about World War 2 on its head. The reason why I interviewed Mike was because I felt he was one of the best out there to talk about the history of Zionism without sounding like an enraged, hateful person. I also would like to say that if it wasn’t for the ownership of Orion Talk Radio allowing free speech, information like this might never make it to the airwaves. If you appreciate this or even the fact that I am truly able to talk about whatever it is I want on the air, please don’t hesitate to call the Orion Talk Radio listener line at 888-272-4434 and let them know!

As Chris likes to say, “Listen to All, Follow None”

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4 comments to Middle East Update From Stephen Lendman and Hitler Visits Oprah with Mike King

  • Rainmaker

    Great interview Ryan. You are just scratching the surface, but its very cool that you are. Look into Patton’s untimely death in 1945.
    Watch these three videos (9mins each). Lets get to the heart of the matter:




    • Ryan Brooks

      Glad you liked it Rainmaker. Tonight on my broadcast I’ll be opening up the phone lines to hear from folks that listened to it to see what they thought, feel free to call in! The show will be live from 11pm est to 2 am est at Oriontalkradio.com the call in number is 716 213 6816…. Thanks for those links I’ll definitely be checking them out

  • 0ld-Shekel

    Hi all ,
    Zionism has failed and will probably disappear ,
    But jews , or the people of Israel will still live in the holyland –
    the days of exile are over , now we are waiting for the DAY .

    Ready ?

  • Ben

    I thought it was interesting. I have heard a lot of those stories before, especially the stories concerning Jesse Owens. That was pure propaganda on the part of the media. Setting the stage so to speak. I had also known how brutal the firebombing of Dresden was during that time. It was totally blacked out here and when it was reported their was a completely different slant to it. To be in Berlin after Germany surrendered was a terrible place to be. The brutality of the Russian soldiers and even some American soldiers was deplorable. There are hundreds of items regarding the second world war that were mistruths. And that was just in the European Theater. He should do a story on things that happened in the Pacific. I heard first hand accounts from my own father that were never ever reported in the mainstream news feed. I did find one thing curious about the guest.

    Why was he so concerned with race? He mentioned it on a few occasions. After perusing his website, I think I may know why.

    Listen to all, follow none indeed.

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