Letter To My Commander


From The Sound of Freedom 1/18/14 on The Republic Broadcasting Network

Letter to My CO by “Bronko”

Read Letter To My CO – http://www.dailypaul.com/305389/lettter-to-my-co

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    wow, this letter felt like a punch to the face

    • Thanks for the feedback Gryphon… And some wonder why so many vets are taking their own lives… I can only imagine the pain and horror that so many of my brothers in arms are living with. And then, to finally admit to yourself that whatever atrocities or horrible things were done, they were all for a lie. 1 suicide every 65 minutes. 22 a day. 8,000 a year. And that is based off of numbers from only 21 states and 40% of the US population, as the two largest states California and Texas as well as Illinois do not report veteran suicides to the VA. Young vets are most likely to be unemployed, divorced, homeless, domestic terrorists (Thanks MIAC Report and Operation Vigilant Eagle), and suicidal. Over 900,000 vets waiting to be seen by the VA for medical care, over 1,000,000 vets having been seen by the VA because of the Iraq and Afghanistan war…. Narcotic pain medication prescriptions are up over 259% since 2001. Vets are 33 times more likely to “accidentally overdose” on prescription meds than the average American. Among the US population, in 2013 prescription overdoses surpassed deaths on the high ways and roads… Every day I see someone thanking the troops or myself for their or my “service” , every time I see a yellow “support the troops ribbon” It feels like a punch in the face. I am going to keep doin stuff like this as it is critical for young people to understand, we as a nation have always treated our veterans like trash. Not all of us individually, but as a whole, when the uniform is off, the promises are broken and the soldier is forgotten. Ask the World War 2 vets that were forced to have lobotomies for their PTSD, or check out what happened to the Bonus Army to see how long this has been going on… The only thing that is different now, is that people “support” the troops by buying trinkets and using the excuse of supporting the troops to support the war, even if they say they support the troops and not the war. I do not support the troops, I feel horrible with pain for them. And I do not thank veterans, my hope is to stop making more veterans! Thanks again take care


  • Bob

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry for OT. But are there any final mintage figures for the last 1 oz BU SBSS Sic Semper, Argyraspides, Santa Slave, Peace On Earth? I looked around but couldn´t find any.

  • Brent Eamer

    Chris, I was in a discussion with a friend about Gold Vs Silver and one of his points against silver is that due to it’s industrial use, it is a poor choice for money, it will become rarer and rarer, to the point there will not be enough of it around to use for transactions. Whereas most of the gold mined is still in existence and therefore exhibits one of the primary characteristics of money; longevity/durability. I am still in the Silver camp, but I thought of no better person to address this than you

    Thanks in advance. You can email me directly if you wish, but I think it would be nice to see it here.

  • Chris

    Thanks Ryan.
    God Bless

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