Check your 401K and Retirement Plan! Plans being switched to ALL Government Bonds without Approval. Finding out by Retirement End of Year Statements

From Sherrie Questioning All:

I got an email from Jim Willie, Golden Jackass, with an article and information linked about how people are finding out their 401K retirement plans have been switched to 100% government bonds without approval or notice. In fact they are being switched out from where the individual allocated their retirement money. Jim has been predicting that this would happen for awhile now and it appears his prediction is now becoming reality.

I wrote about retirement plans many times. The latest was how retirement plans are expensive and about Perpetual Assets and what they do. (The video of my interview of Will is on the side, that explains what Perpetual Assets is)

Here is an article from Economic Policy about how the government is coming after everyone’s retirement accounts.

Check your statement and find out if your retirement plan is being rolled into government bonds too. Call your financial planner who is in charge of it, ask if your retirement plan can be put into bonds without you being notified.

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