Preparation Motivation: Ukraine

If this does not motivate YOU to prepare, then what will?

For more on what Ukraine looks like right now, check this out

8 comments to Preparation Motivation: Ukraine

    • Ryan Brooks

      Incredible. Thank you

    • LW

      O.K., I read and looked at the pictures on this link too. Not so much help with the who’s, but it did clear up the fact that this revolution is isolated to a small area and most everyone is watching it on TV. And one other revelation I came to is that this will be nothing like any fires burning in the U.S.. The fires burning here will be started by looters during the widespread civil war. The citizenry here will not be united to fight an unjust government, they will be after the rich (anyone that has more than they do) who they perceive to have cut off their checks in the mail and have their birth righted stuff on layaway.

  • LW

    So what is actually going on in the Ukraine? Seriously, I can’t figure it out myself. Not that I have spent an extraordinary amount of time on the issue. I mean I can’t seem to get a clear cut picture from anywhere that I have actually looked. The videos are all fiery and interesting, but who are the bad guys? Aren’t the protesters a minority party, sort of, kind of, a neo-Nazi party that wants to take the nation by storm and backed by the U.S., Soros and our three letter agencies. Or are the protesters just anti-bad-guy Putin and pro E.U. like some others want me to believe. The one thing that I do know is if these are the ten percent out in the streets, the other 90 percent are at home watching this on TV. Unless there is a counter-counter revolution that we are not hearing about or seeing. And by watching this revolution on a TV without the ability to pan or draw way back to see what’s going on in the rest of the country, it seems to me like this is more like propaganda than reporting. And if this is what is coming to America it’s a good thing that it will be confined to such a small area. Maybe the protesters in Chicago for the past G something meeting will learn from this video too. Just like others protesters have learned, fire makes your point real…..So this is way different than Syria? If they were trying to confuse the issue they got me.

    • Ryan Brooks

      LW, I am with you, it is very confusing. From my understanding, this popped off because the Ukrainian gov sided with Putin and decided not to join the EuroZone or seek to join it… I also know John Insane McCain went to the Ukraine and got the protesters all fired up, telling them America had their back… now the President over there and his followers have just passed anti protest laws and the people are even more upset…

  • LW

    We have no protesting (within a certain distance) laws and Constitution limiting zones here already, correct? And as far can see, there are no fires burning and I doubt that even one in a hundred even know or even care about those laws. That’s why our fires will be different. The tinder of divisiveness is spread across the country just waiting for a spark. Ignorance and apathy rule. So when it, the spark, happens, there will be no blaming the government. There will only be more begging for government intervention to fix the problems that it has created. The End. Hope for the best, try and prepare for the worst I guess. And like I try and tell people, twenty years from now when they will look back everything will be crystal clear, and they will say, why couldn’t I see it then.

  • Orange

    rotschilds and putin fighting for the ally in ww3..

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