Why Are So Many Veterans Taking Their Own Lives?



In loving memory of SPC Rudy Sutton and every veteran that has taken their own life

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4 comments to Why Are So Many Veterans Taking Their Own Lives?

  • Canadian dirtlump

    My opinion as to the high rate of suicide of veterans who were depolyed in iraq and afghanistan is simply that the warcrimes they either participated in, or saw and had to cover up were too great and they needed to find respite in death.

    It is truly disgusting that politicians wave flags and talk about supporting the troops, when you have issues like this, hundreds of thousands waiting for their paperwork to be processed for benefits, and finding out troops bodies were sometimes put in garbage dumps.

    • Ryan Brooks

      Thanks DL, I am sure you are on the right track

    • LW

      More likely is that they finally figured out that they were just used as pawns. And when they got home that revelation was reinforced by the government. And adding to the vets revelation is the fact that most war mongering citizens, that would never think of enlisting ever, and don’t really care that these vets would die here or there, because in their minds that was their “choice”, figured out that these people don’t have the time or the ability to care. Ask me how I know this. And the ones that did serve and have never seen a war think that they deserve the same respect somehow. Between the vets that spent the Vietnam war in Germany or Australia, the vets that spent time learning a trade in peacetime or psychopaths that joined the Marines to they could become law enforcement later, I can see how the real combat vets could become disillusioned. It’s not all of the vets that commit suicide. It’s seems to be the ones that gave the most. And that would be the ones that gave their hearts, souls and were true patriots, just expecting at least a little recognition in return. If they would have just had a bit of the mindset that the war protesters have, I think they would have faired better. At least they would have understood before they gave all that it would be for something not so perfectly patriotic.
      It’s like when you try and make a point and someone stops you and says, “Did you serve”, and you say no, because the draft ended before you were out of high school, you then say, would it have been better that I was a few years older, got drafted, and also died in Vietnam so I wouldn’t be here to question your blind patriotism? I actually think sometimes that they think that would be better.

  • Sean

    As former submariner I did not see combat zones like those in the Army or Marines. I can tell you though that getting out of the service many are left with little to no help adjusting to life post-military. I was given my orders to separate with less than a month to prepare. After leaving the service I had no job and my own health problems associated with my service to deal with immediately and over a year waiting period for a VA claim. I went from having almost no debt and amazing credit to trying to get enough money together to file for bankruptcy in a year of just trying to survive.

    I can see why many veterans suffering from much worse with kids and other responsibilties can feel like they have failed their families and may see suicide as an answer. I can tell you that while my own issues would never compare to a combat vets the feeling of being an absolute failure to family doesn’t leave you emotionally stable.

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