Must Listen Ed Snowden Interview

March 5th 2011, I wrote a poem of sorts called Who Will Be the Most Dangerous Man In The World?  

It is about a man that we never heard of, stepping out of the power structure and exposing the beast he once enabled.

Ed Snowden is as close to that hero as I have ever seen.

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  • NIX

    (M Luterking dead! kennedy dead! breitbart dead! lady dianna dead !… and this guy Snowden is running around doing interview and grocery shopping. big question mark???????

    • Silver Shield

      I would agree, but I don’t see how it is good for the US to have a guy like this make the world consciously aware of the capabilities and sow distrust of the empire.
      The reaction from the establishment has also been embarrassingly sophomoric with denials and threats.
      This is calling the empire with no clothes.
      I do believe that because he blew the whistle publicly and spectacularly that it offered a great deal of protection.

      • David

        “I do believe that because he blew the whistle publicly and spectacularly that it offered a great deal of protection”.

        Some protection is also afforded by being in Moscow & protected by guards picked by Putin, who knows he is a valuable chess piece to him. Why sacrifice your bishop, knight, or queen unless you are sure a greater goal can be obtained. Too early in the game.

  • Roark

    Very good point SS. If they were to take him out now, it would help validate the corruption of the system.

  • rik

    this is almost as bad as CNN actors , I think we will see in a few years the reason for his appearance , maybe TPTB want to revamp the internet


    TPTB know they need to change the internet to control alternative news sites ..

  • rik

    Problem – NSA spying on the people
    Reaction – Anger and demanding a change of the internet
    Solution – A new Internet controlled by the people that created the problem

  • David

    When, where, and who conducted this interview?

  • David

    Answering the question I had, a German reporter from this organization conducted this interview in Moscow apparently on 1/26/14.

  • “all that is necessary for Evil to exist is for Good Men to DO NOTHING”.
    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! How do we lose freedom – one piece/bite/smidgen at a time.

    As a former Air Force veteran who monitored foreign intelligence I personally think Snowden is a hero.

    Big Brother is here and has been for some time. More and more government taking complete control of the “SHEEP” who silently sit by while being “sheared” of all freedoms.

    Wake up America!

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