January 2014 Silver Shield Collection

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24 comments to January 2014 Silver Shield Collection

  • Charlie

    I can’t believe this Chris, I will never ever buy your medallions from you again. You have come out against religion and Jesus Christ and claim Spirituality and not religion yet you use the Jesus Christ image to sell your Silver Medallions and also the history of Jesus to sell them. May God Forgive you.

    On your Video it is said at 1:49 They have used the teaching of Jesus to get the “Quote Un-Quote” Sinful Individuals To Sacrifice Their Wealth and Energy of To The Cunning Men at The Top.
    So what the fuck are you doing? yea the same thing. Boy I feel for you, you may get your wealth here on earth but you are not taking it with you, you will answer later on to your man at the top. Charlie a Christian

    • Silver Shield

      Religion is a way to get in between man and God.
      It is the earliest form of mass human control.

      As far as “sin” if you look at the history of the Church people were put to death for things that were considered “sinful” that today is totally acceptable since human consciousness is expanding.

      Spirituality that Jesus taught is nothing like what the Mega Churches and Power that has been built up in His name.

      The coin not only represents the Jesus that actively rebelled against collective oppression, but also the story about how he was betrayed for as little as $300 of silver.

      That silver, I believe, will be used to protect those who have it from the collapse of the Debt and Death paradigm.

      “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful”- Seneca

    • BCG

      Matthew 22:36-40

      36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

      37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

      You don’t need religion to do either of those things… and a lot of what religion is about is antithetical to those things. Ever heard of the Pharisees?

  • Charlie

    Can’t see comments

  • Charlie

    Chris all Christians do not belong to a Religion I believe in Jesus and what he taught he was given the Christ name as that’s what he taught and he has given everyone the Christ within and all we have to do is find it and develop it.
    As for your explanation above sorry, I don’t buy it as your making excuses to stick up for selling the Medallion. If you really believed in Jesus, you would be selling him name rather than Silver. God Bless, Charlie

    P.S. I really respected you and your knowledge and what you where doing for the community and getting the word out but I believe you have fallen of the track in this case and I think your going to have a backlash.
    As for me, I have hundreds of oz’s of your Medallions since you first started minting them and I will be selling them off and buying an honest oz off Silver that will help my survival.

  • Matt v

    Great new coin Chris love them. And charlie great f bomb for a man that is quote on quote sticking up for are Christ. Be careful in your judgement Charlie because we all fall short of his glory. God bless!

  • Charles Hunter

    I thought you believed in Freedom of Speech? What happened to my other post? Charlie

  • Charles Hunter

    @Matt v just like Chris is? I Guess we have fallen out. Lol

  • Devon

    These most recent releases just serve to confirm my beliefs that the “Chris Duane” phenomena is a hoax. Some of the original messages were good but everything you have done is just a marketing scheme to sell silver at a ridiculous mark up.

    Anytime anyone asks me if they should invest in SBSS or any Chris Duane coins I’ll laugh and tell them to buy ASEs.

    • BCG

      The real thing to laugh about is the fact that the premium on ASEs right now is higher than on the coins Chris just released… and I don’t think chris has ever released a BU coin that was more than 2.99 over spot

  • ManWithAPlan

    Been a listener of Chris and Silver Shield for several months and have agreed with the majority of your points. I can see that the Jesus Shekel is going to cause quite a controversy. I am a follower of Jesus and had to listen carefully to what the video said.

    My take was that it was a ‘tribute’ coin to the symbol of the crucifixion that Jesus endured while here on earth. It didn’t really make any statements related to whether or not he was the son of God, which I don’t think the overall purpose of the coin was to establish that claim. Instead, just as it says in the video, it represents the most powerful symbol that has ever been in all of earth’s history.

    Everyone’s belief system will take them to slightly different conclusions, but regardless of the outcome…Truth is Truth, and HE is the source of Truth.

    Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you.

  • Jeonei Scoz

    I have supported Chris and will continue to. All the SBSS coins come at a premium as they should. They are symbolic medallions that we use to remind us of the twisted Ponzi scheme that we all participle in everyday. There is a price to Chris’ time and the actual cost of an ounce of silver, not to mention the minting process. Pay the premium.

    Regarding the Christ coin, it is beautiful! I feel that any reminder of Christ is a good thing. I plan on handing them out to friends and family and sharing the amazing story of the price of Jesus’ betrayal. If even one person comes to Christ thru this coin, wasn’t it a success?
    Best of luck Chris, keep up the good work!


  • Cal

    I like the Christ Shekel, I have been raised a devout Catholic and have never followed the “churches teachings” but have always enjoyed learning about Jesus’ life and all the commandments. I dislike the hypocrisy of a lot of Christians I know that claim they believe in god, but can say that we can go nuke Iran and Iraq and that would solve all our problems.

    Take Care Chris, I hope your getting more time with your family, I’m sure the past few years were very time consuming with all the great info you’ve provided and compiled for people.

  • boogoo

    seems your focusing more and more on negatives. ANTI WAR is NOT PRO PEACE! grow up!

  • Michael

    The half Shekel is a good idea. Why don’t you mint the Denarius? Imagine reminting the fundamental wage for a day’s work as historically determined?! They could be sold in bunches of ten to make up a full ounce.

  • Andrew

    Chris, do you know the diameter for the 1/2 oz shekel? I want to purchase capsules for the coins.

  • Becky

    How is it that some of the largest self-proclaimed followers of Christ are the first to judge? So many seem to forget the basics.

  • nonja bis

    OMFG what a bunch of babies. Babies who can’t even use the word you’re right. Chris is just trying to illustrate what silver’s true value is. Get a fucking life Charlie.

    • Dissolution

      I second that motion. BTW Charlie, you can sell all of your medallions to me at a price UNDER spot, since you are so righteous.

      Beautiful coin, Chris.

  • The idea of a denarius is awesome-I’d buy in. We just read of the ‘penny’ today at Mass-the masters pay for a day’s wages fro field help plus the roman soldiers wages-quite a lot as I’ve understood over the years.
    Yes heck of an idea!!!!!!

  • jacque

    I watched the film and was very touched by it. I am a believer and read the Bible every day and pray to God. I invited Jesus to come into my heart and live there many years ago. It’s a very peaceful place to be. This world is a mess. Anyone who can think can see that. For my children and my grandchildren, I collect and I agree with the message of the video which is you cannot put any price on what Jesus did for all of us. So I hope you will all become believers. There is a difference between being religious and being believers. We were given a gift of undeniable value. Eternal life in a place where there is no greed or politicians or mean people but only love and peace and great beauty beyond your wildest dreams

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