February Silver Shield Report Is Live!

This is going to be a huge Silver Shield Report covering what I believe is the Gold Bomb that is about to go off next month.  Whether it actually does or not is another story, but no one can deny that the day is coming and that this is all something wee need to be aware of.

We also have the New Special Edition New Year’s coin available.  The BU 2013 Silver Bullet Silver Shield reverse with the new Proof 2014 Silver Shield Reverse marks the end of the old Silver Bullet Silver Shield series and the beginning of the new Silver Shield series.  This is in stock and ready to ship on Monday.

Members can login to the Silver Shield Group member’s forum for the report and offer.

11 comments to February Silver Shield Report Is Live!


    Chris I still have you on my mind hope everything is going well for you and your family. You know Chris there is nothing wrong with being a Christian and being wealthy –there are a lot of wealthy Christians in scripture. The bible doesn’t teach against money or wealth . It simply teaches that money or anything else can became our god . The bottom line of scripture is what are you going to do with Jesus because He is the only way to the Father. John 4:12 John 14:6. Your true friend in Christ–Bob Wood

  • RAY

    Ditto to Bob’s comments

  • Kip Caven

    Got my 2014 coins and they are BEAUTIFUL!!

  • geof barrington

    hi Chris,
    I read the article re Jim Sinclairs Silver wil be gold on steroids and cannot put two and two together on one thing .
    Jim said that the Us might bomb Saudi Arabia and that Israel and Saudi were thrown under the carpet .
    I don’t see it that way and cannot understand . do you have an idea of what he meant ?

    • Silver Shield

      I hate when people speak in riddles or have “secret” sources.
      If something makes logical sense, then logically make the statement.
      If not, it is probably not worth listening to because it is logically either made up or disinformation.

    • mephistopheles93

      Jim’s source for geopolitics is Debka which is a well known Israeli disinfo operation. Jim constantly linking to this trash makes me seriously question his discernment.

  • #31616137

    What is this Christian sentiment I’m picking up around here? I would love for logic and truth, and love to conquer the dark and bigoted, and presumtupous wishful thinking of religious submission to authority.
    I understand that Christ may serve as an inspiration to someone who has not studied the Bible or has not seen Christianity in action (all the corruption it has wrought throughout the ages – up to this very moment). It is a dispicable rejection of reality, and the idea of Jesus Christ (authored by who knows who – possibly the Roman emperor Titus, as an emobidment of weakness and wisdom, a clever sofism to oppress those capable of spiritual insight) has to be seen in its context – the character was most probably not even based on anyone real, let alone imagine that the propaganda piece (the Bible) is historically accurate (to say the least; in all reality it is vastly more probable that “Jesus Christ” never existed, and the probability that “he” was “god” (if anyone could define this, for once!) is not nearly probable by most sane standarts (if any could be applied to political fiction)).
    I love your efforts to enlighten people with your quality information, but why do you have to ruin it all with the rotting puss of religion? Let truth be your guide, not some abhorrent piece of fiction that is, ultimately, opposed to all that is good (if you were to see it without contradiction, which is quite impossible, which pretty much makes it hostile to reality).

    Thanks and love to you! It’s only the “jesus” tune that’s making me sick here (not in this particular post, though, only the comments here).

    An ex-Christian, who cares for the truth.

  • shayne zutavern

    Dear ex-christian,

    I understand your frustration with Christian religion, most “churches” are telling lies. But I can tell you from first had experience, that GOD and Jesus of the Bible are real. You have no idea the power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessings he has brought me and wishes to bring to all who will fall before Him, devote themselves to the Plans he has for you and diligently seek His teaching in the WORD on their own. I suggest you try this preacher, he don’t beg for money and he will help you search and learn the WORD for yourself. Changed my life as a milktoast christian.


    Get future episodes by just changing the dates. There are no weekend services.

    Your Father who created you is calling you back to Him.

  • Edward

    Christians know, with great sadness that your many word of foolishness
    Will send you to ever lasting HELL! TRYING TO CONVENCE AND-SEND MORE PEOPLE

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