Guest Article: Physical Possession of IRA Gold and Silver, No Taxes, No Penalties, by Will Lehr

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A complete Ira type and benefits summary

There is much clout and confusion about IRAs and their uses for purchasing precious metals and real estate among the truth, freedom, and self-reliance communities. In this article I aim to clarify the different options and the benefits and potential pitfalls of each, especially as it pertains to taking physical possession of IRA Gold & Silver.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the IRA LLC to the precious metals investor is that the individual (as manager of the LLC) can take physical possession of Gold and Silver Eagle Coins with IRA funds and it is not a taxable distribution.

The concerns of retirement account confiscation or bail ins have been an increasing trend over the last few years. The fact is our government is broke and history, even recently in Poland and Cyprus, shows that pensions and other retirement accounts have become targets for looting. The financial website Zero Hedge recently wrote about Obama’s new Treasury IRA plan rollout that was just announced at a State of the Union address on 1/28/2014. The bottom line is that these risks are real, and there are ways to protect yourself and your hard earned money. Converting your IRA to an IRA LLC may be one solution.

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