Highlighting the LLC IRA – Own Gold, Silver or Bitcoins for Your Retirement

From Liberty Blitzkrieg via Perpetual Assets,

I have brought the guys at Perpetual Assets to your attention once before, following my meeting them at the Liberty Masterminds conference in Dallas (check out my speech here)( this past summer. While these guys sell bullion, they do a lot more than just that. In fact, what separates them from others relates to the innovative products they bring to the table for precious metals holders and others who merely want to take control of their individual financial destiny.

One of these which I have highlighted in the past is the company’s LLC IRA product, which allows you to truly be your own asset manager for your retirement. You know, kind of the way it should be. With this product you can hold almost anything you can imagine in your retirement account. From gold and silver, to Bitcoin. In fact, they will even accept payment in Bitcoin to get the whole thing set up.

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1 comment to Highlighting the LLC IRA – Own Gold, Silver or Bitcoins for Your Retirement

  • Anon

    I just have ONE comment. Most of the gold, that has been mined down through history, is still above ground – but, in the vaults of the 1% – you know, the guys who think they “own” you. Gold doesn’t have nearly the industrial or electronic applications, that silver has. Think about SILVER’S INDUSTRIAL / ELECTRONICS uses, and the fact, that most historically-mined silver has been used up, at least once, thus far, and since the 1% (who own the printing presses that print up all the FIAT currency, called the USD or Petro-Dollar) have a motto: “In DEBT and DEATH We Trust” – you can be sure, that they’ll be willing to PAY WHATEVER PRICE NECESSARY, to get their hands on silver, should industrial and investor demand outstrip supply – at any point, in the future. Sure, go ahead and own some gold – be diversified, but MY advice is to go with silver. JP Morgan has literally suppressed the price of silver for so long to pick up more physical ounces, on the cheap, that once they’re done acquiring what they think they need – you can be sure – that since the “house always wins”, and JP Morgan IS the HOUSE – that the price of silver is going HIGHER.

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