Goodbye Zero Hedge, it was fun while it lasted

Now Zero Hedge publishes “guest posts” of CFR propaganda?

Caveat Emptor.

Listen to all, follow none.

10 comments to Goodbye Zero Hedge, it was fun while it lasted

  • Windrunner55

    First you chastise Alex Jones, then you state BITCOIN is a ponzi scheme (have a gander at Wikipedia) and now Zero Hedge. I used to follow you, and I still think you have a lot of good to state, but continuously slamming others on the net is not at all professional. Think it if you will, but stay at a high level. You are better than that. I understand BITCOIN is competition for your silver empire, but if you do not like it….don”t buy it. If you feel Alex Jones is out there, leave him be. If you now feel Zero Hedge is being compromised, move on. Just like I did with sites I no longer follow.

    Chris duane….continue the fight.

    • Silver Shield

      First, this is not my post… and I do not edit them.
      Second, if the shoe fits…
      Third, Alex Jones is a fear monger that does not offer solutions and has kept too many people from moving on to the real solutions in our hands.
      Fourth, BitCoin is a something for nothing scam of the same consciousness as the bankers they claim to fight.
      Fifth, if we cannot see the new Hegelian Dialectics that are created to distract us, we will never become free.
      Finally, listen to all and follow none.

    • Son of Liberty

      In the future I should put a disclaimer in the title that I am not Chris.

      I posted this so that people could draw their own conclusions.

      BTW since you brought up Bitcoin – don’t you think its quite a coincidence that Gavin talks in front of the CIA, and Mt. Gox crashes – and then he talks in front of the CFR, and Mt. Gox crashes – as Zero Hedge might say, “correlation is not causation, but…”

      “Posted without comment”

  • Windrunner55

    My bad Chris. I should have realized someone else could have written the editorial. So to be clear, I “woke up” several years ago by accident stumbling across a video of Alex Jones. It has allowed me to move on to Sgt Report, Liberty Mill and many very good sites from which I get my daily info. I rarely go to Infowars anymore because I sometimes need a softer approach. But I still believe he is waking people up that need it.

    As for Bitcoin, yes I own some. And I will buy more with the pullback. Mt. Gox is a dinosaur and needed to be weeded out. Everyone in the Bitcoin community agrees. Reddit/Bitcoin gives you all. I do not believe in coincidences. Bitcoiners are not sold on Gavin’s position anyway. GOLD & SILVER are my mainstays and will continue to be. But a little bitcoin on a hunch is a far better gamble than USD in my opinion. I am fascinated with the Bitcoin Protocol and would encourage you to listen to a few interviews with Andreas Antonopoulos and learn to understand what the cryptocurrencies are really about. Max Keiser may enlighten you as well (Alex Jones light :). Otherwise have a great week. Keep printing the USD, and things will be fine…..

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you but I have heard enough on Bitcoin and my 26 reasons video is a statement that cannot be refuted without some mental gymnastics.

      I lost all respect for Max with the Bitcoin second coming line or how Bitcoin is going to be 5% of the $4 trillion a day forex market or how it was going to a million.

      When a few get something for nothing, the rest will get nothing for something.

  • Windrunner55

    Hmmmm. Ok so now we can add Max Keiser to the list of those you do not like, along with Alex and Zero Hedge. Anyone you would recommend (you do like) I should read or listen to.

    First off, as I previously said, I own physical, I am protected there, but I certainly would not invest in USD. I already have monopoly money, my local bistro won’t take it. But they will take BITCOIN. Just sayin :)

    For the record, I watched your Greatest Truth Never Told, twice, a year and a half ago (or longer – can”t remember). I credit you for a tremendous piece of work. Very eye opening. But you, like Max, Alex and even Tyler Durden, are selling something (Silver Shield), and benefit from those sales. I choose not to throw stones at any of the great awakeners who profit from those of us who support them. We get tremendous insight, you make money from our interest. It is a relationship. So I again say continue the fight. You do make a difference. Even if we do not necessarily always agree :)

    • David

      ” But you, like Max, Alex and even Tyler Durden, are selling something (Silver Shield), and benefit from those sales”.

      You have a problem with someone selling something that he or she sells with integrity?

  • Windrunner55

    I never stated Chris lacked integrity. I simply stated that he like the others also benefitted from selling his products. Nothing wrong with that. Particularly Silver of which I own lots of physical.

    I just prefer that one does not chastise others on the internet who are providing an informative (perhaps different method) message for all of us to WAKE THE F**K UP!!!

    This will he my last post on this subject. Things to do….

  • SilverFirst

    Tell you what, if i had listened to Chris on bitcoin I wouldn’t have been able to cash in on the 5000% move it made for me. And I even used a bit of that money to buy silver. Sure it was a poniz-lite scheme but i got in and out first.

    As for Alex Jones and Zerohedge they serve a purpose, its good someone like Chris comes out against part of their ‘message’ from time to time to make people think about their perspective. But yeah, Chris is just as flawed as any of them… Doesn’t take away from his work though.

    Thanks to crhis I’m 85% vested in silver. I’m ready for the end already.

    • Silver Shield

      There are literally 100 other crypto scams out there.

      Don’t let me or logic prevent you from your fortune.

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