Don’t Get Fooled Again – Why the American Spring Will NOT Work


From The Sound of Freedom radio broadcast 2/9/14 with special guest Mr. Peak Crackers

A listener calls in to show her support for the “American Spring”

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The “American Spring” EPIC FAIL Here’s Why


First, go ask anyone left from the Bonus Army of 1932 how protesting really works

Then go find someone that went to the 9/12/09 march on DC and ask if ANYTHING has changed since then…

This is why the American Spring will not work –

Because the “leader” of the American spring is a “retired” INTELLIGENCE OFFICER …

Because there are NO politicians that can save this country, and definitely not the puppets that the American Spring Supports

Because NO collective group will take power and make things any better

Because history shows us that EVERY collective effort to stop the elite has been infiltrated, co-opted, and destroyed

Because the elite say it themselves that they provide “order out of chaos”

Because there is NO country left worth “saving”

Because Americans as a whole DON’T CARE

Because the people behind the “American Spring” are pointing to the controlled color revolutions of the “Arab Springs” as a good example of what they want to do

Because a bunch of angry “patriots” yelling and waving signs at the White House is a joke to the real power brokers of the world

Because a “peaceful show of force” could actually be doublespeak

Because what the American Spring has proposed is Big Brothers Wet dream, and as you hear in this video, the people going to DC say they know and don’t seem to care

and because no one can or will save the United States. It is already dead, and it will only get worse until after the dollar dies.

Stop wasting your time, and I am done wasting mine trying to explain to the poor people that believe this is somehow going to change anything

It is simply the latest example of Idiocracy is now in the USA, that despite history and everything else that shows this will not not work, there are still people that believe it will.


Where were these military “heroes” when Bush was in office?

Could it be that this march is nothing more than people that “woke up” yesterday and are setting themselves up for epic failure?

Call me a bad guy for raining on the patriot parade, but I will not be fooled again.

Walk away, empower yourself, and saddle up.

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17 comments to Don’t Get Fooled Again – Why the American Spring Will NOT Work

  • Mark F

    I pretty much agree with everything you said.

  • LW

    I’m not going to take this issue on a line by line basis. But the bottom line is that I agree with you that what the United States of America was is over. It’s the ghost that people still pay homage to. You know, this is the greatest country in the world stuff. And it’s the ones that can’t see that it’s dead that are still trying to defibrillate it. And that’s not at all bad because they now can see that the patient is in trouble, though hopelessly, they now can also see to a point that if they themselves don’t try to do something, no one else is left to dump that on to do it for them. Hey, at least it brings people together. It’s worse sitting at home like this, pounding on these keys, like sending radio signals to Mars, thinking that someone is still out there that can still give a ****. It’s lonely when you get to the bargaining stage. So good for them. And now it’s hopefully on to the next stage. And hopefully they are there with like minded people. I don’t think dropping out individually is going to do anyone any good for any period of time. It would be like some Twilight Zone episode where you are the last man on Earth,…..again.
    Yes, no collective group will take power and make things better. That’s because we have failed to keep a limited government. And if it was to be, it’s not to be taking over these same reins. It has to start over smaller. And I don’t see anything peaceful transition. Ignorance will rule first. If only the people could realize who the elitists are this time around it could be different. But the only thing lacking in this experiment will be critical thinking. I read somewhere, something about knowledge and power which I will spit out to say that knowledge without power sucks. It could be fatal to the one that has it. Ignorance could be much more blissful.
    I think I’m going line by line now. There is no country worth saving, but how about starting one? It could be a good place to start if you could throw off all of the brainwashing left by the former one with an enlightened citizenry. Ah, neverrmind. In fact, forget about it.
    Arab Spring, I tried that soap, it didn’t work. Yeah, what was the Arab Spring anyway? I think it was a co-opting of desperate poor people for the destabilization of the Middle East to make way for gold heists, oil pricings and vacation spots for Israelis east of New York and D.C.. It didn’t work out yet did it.
    So anyway, the U.S. is dead and things are not good. So isn’t someone supposed to tell everyone that so they can start planning for a the next phase. Maybe the American Spring is the enlightening to the fact that it’s time for people to change tactics. Then move on to the depression phase. Then the acceptance phase. And then the search and destroy phase. Thus taking a chapter out of their book and making chaos work for the right people.

  • dan

    If we can learn only one thing from our past history…it might be from the Bonus Army….when you are a Vet and have been trained and are addressing your elected officials …as they were…..for medical concerns and promised benefits…..if you come pleading with empty hands…you will be leaving with the same…imho….Semper Fi

  • LW

    I watched the second video. I don’t think Ted Cruz knew any of that stuff until he read it. Seems a little embarrassing.
    The fact of this whole matter is that the psychopaths have taken over just about every organization whether political, media or otherwise. And if you don’t play along with the associations that they control they will isolate you and then try to destroy you. So you might be out of a job or out of the club or put in the camp. But the key here is that they need to isolate you first. I think that this show of numbers with these marchers has slowed them a bit in the political brainwashing arena. And it does also show that the marchers have awakened a few sleepers too. But elitists also do realize that while all of these people ended up in the same place at the same time, they don’t really know each other and will not be any kind of congealed force to be reckoned with. So when you say that marching won’t change anything in this system you are correct. That being said, there will still need to be a tie that binds any kind of resistance to total slavery. This dropout idea just won’t work if there is no one to protect you from the ones that are looking for the deserters. So if you isolate yourself I believe that you only make yourself an easier target. Unless of course this group of ‘need to be seen’ marchers somehow becomes some underground ‘never to be seen’ resistance to join, like in all lf the underground resistance movies. I sometimes wonder just how many light years ahead of us Hollywood thinks. So maybe they’re not really control freak psychopaths after all. Maybe they’re alien machines. In either case ducking and covering in my opinion isn’t going to make anything better. Did I miss the point again? Not really. Don’t march, do other things. But most of all educate yourself and give up on saving any others. Got it. So why the radio show?

    • Ryan Brooks

      I appreciate the feedback. Usually on the radio show I do not focus on trying to “wake people up” I focus on real world solutions for people that are trying to better themselves. I have fun doing it, and because of the show I have met plenty of great people out there that are working to be a part of the solution, and that has been one of the best things that has happened to me since I started. I have cut down considerably, now I only do one or two shows a week, and I understand that most will never listen, but I continue the show for now, as a way to help people including myself that are looking for answers.

      • LW

        I’ve never listened to your show live, but then again I don’t listen to any shows that haven’t been edited to remove the nitwits who miss the points being made consistently. I think it’s great that you do what you do. It just seems to me that you have become very frustrated lately since realizing that protesting isn’t going to change anything and that this system is totally broken. But what are the alternatives? I still don’t believe that dropping out is the answer. I admire the people that are motivated to do anything to solve the problem. They may not understand yet that protesting isn’t going to get it done, but then again, maybe they do and just need someone to bond with in their displeasure until the next step up. I find myself doing nothing but typing lately because there is no one left that I know that even wishes to discuss politics or history in depth ever anymore. But then I live in a large city which seems to be the norm. And I’m starting to see that there is no hope for the future if these are the people who are going to lead us there. The country is truly owned and everyone is just playing along. It’s like Huxley said, the real mentally ill are the ones that seem the most normal. They are normal only because they are so well adjusted to an abnormal society. Their adjustment to this society is the measure of their mental illness. This is where we are and there seems to be no way of changing much. But hey, I like that there are people like you that are still trying. It gives me hope that I’m not insane, lol.
        You are just showing signs of giving up and that motivates me to write. Hang in there. There’s not going to be a peaceful transition unless everyone becomes peaceful. It ain’t gonna happen. So don’t give yourself headaches trying to fit their solutions into your view. There are just too many people out there that have no compassion for other humans for things to go peacefully. They have a name for these destructive manipulative people. I’m not going to use that name again, I’m wearing it out. I hope everyone becomes enlightened and we all just get along. But I don’t see it happening.

        • Ryan Brooks

          It’s not that I have just recently become frustrated with protesting not working. At this point, calling these things out kind of feels like going for the low hanging fruit if you will. I felt dumb after the show for even asking the audience how they felt about the American Spring, because most already are tracking that there is no hope there. The only people that don’t are ones that as you heard are still in the process of trying to figure out what can be done. Believe it or not, both of those callers are associated with the American spring and do not listen to my show very much, and I did not expect them to call in and embarrass themselves the way they did. According to the revolutionary grandma from the first video, I am now a federal agent for not going with the group… Whatever, I am mean for making fun of people in my “are patriots this stupid video” I am a jerk for doing the BitCon video for Chris, I have been told that the powers that be love my idiocracy is now stuff because that’s what they want me to do, I even had an autistic guy on a bicycle in Australia claim that I was never in the military because I endorse love… basically people that don’t already get it don’t like me or the message. Haters will hate. Maybe it is a part of my old self, that I like to get petty at times and get in a good fight. Stick my thumb in peoples eye, dominate weakness…I realize trying to convince them is no better than trying to convince an Obama supporter that he is not their Savior, or trying to tell an Infowarrior that AJ isn’t some reincarnation of George Washington. They don’t want to hear it. I figured, with this, I would dominate it early and move on. It will stand the test of time to show that not everyone was asleep at the wheel, and hopefully draw the attention of more folks that are actively searching for solutions.

          • LW

            I appreciate that you took the time to read the responses that I/we wrote. I wonder where all this will end. I can tell you by talking to the people that I know, or have met “in person”, that they don’t really know or care to delve any deeper into what’s happening around them more than what’s fed to them in the news. If someone says that the economy is getting better, then it is. If they say that those people there are the enemy, then they are. If you bring up the false fight against terrorism which takes away your rights, then it must be the right thing to do because it’s working. I walked into a sports bar in the afternoon on a few occasions and they have 5 TV’s tuned to CNN. One time a senator named Dick shows up on there spewing some b.s. and I say that’s a good name for him to the guys around me and I got the invasion of the body snatchers look. So what’s most prevalent today is the inability for people to speak freely in public anymore. That’s because these peoples lives depend on being part of the system. Their jobs depend on it. They need to go the PC route or they might say what they really want and put themselves in jeopardy. And I think they are way ahead of me in the knowledge that even if what you are saying is right, there will be a price to pay and no good people will jump rally around you just because you are right. The only people that are able to attract people to their cause today are the ones that own the system. It seems that everyone else knows what to do to get along and to get ahead. Well not everyone. There still are the people who are trying to work outside the system or the marchers who at the very least want to change the one we’ve got. I guess they still have more to learn. And I think in the way we’re headed they will learn too. And then these movements will end for a few hundred years until everyone gets it. Most people are tired and just want to be left to hope that they get their social security or pensions. That’s all that they have left. Hope that they get what they were told they would get. And the hope that their kids will someday find a decent job if they keep their mouths shut and suck up to the right person.

  • DBold

    To quote Chis Duane;

    “You cannot beg for power, you must become independent of power”

    • LW

      Yeah, I have seen those people on TV out in Alaska that are so independent that they have to work 16 hours days for the three months that they can, so they can just survive the next 9 months. And the best part of one of the episodes was that the one woman’s residence was broken into when she wasn’t there and her rifle was stolen. And then on a later episode she was out hunting and worrying that if she didn’t bag something within hours her license would expire and she would be without that food source. Nothing like being independent huh. And then I don’t think you even have to change the channel to watch Alaskan state troopers chasing the formally independent residents of Alaska who are now seemingly all drunks and drug addicts. And then you can watch the entrepreneurs who have inhabited the cities to sell drugs and pimp out the residents. So where do you go to be independent of power? Because that’s where I want to go. Somewhere where the TPTB don’t promote this insanity. But then again maybe it’s all a psyop to make you think that there’s no escape.
      I recently went to look for such a place but I must have gone to far because in this little town I found out for myself that they had a power structure too. And I was only there talking to the real estate agent, the mailman and the home owner for an hour before realizing that nepotism and club membership rule. That experience made me feel that there really is no escape again. You know, I don’t think there are many sources of independence out there. So where do you go? How do you become independent without starving to death or destroying yourself? Oh yeah, just think it, if your have already made enough money “in the system”.

  • NIX


    • LW

      I think that all of congress is being held at gun point. I think when Obama was first elected there was a sincere opposition to the ACA. I just seen a clip of Bohner, the H is silent, at the time and if he wasn’t sincere at the time, he was doing a great acting job. Notice he doesn’t cry anymore. He’s afraid to. I mean what happened to Stupak? He got his mind right to pass the bill and after all of that quit. I think there has been a complete takeover, even though Rand and Ron seem to be resisting still. I don’t know. What do they say about telling the truth in times like this?

  • Silver Shield

    I am so glad you are covering this distraction and promoting individual solutions to collectivist problems.

    • LW

      I didn’t want to do this, but I must. So what was that line from the movie “The Outlaw Josie Wales”, “You must endeavor to persevere”. That line from the movie makes just as much sense to me as the one above. I think that you either have one collection of people running things or you have the other collection of people. Everyone below that pay grade tend to be the sheep. Right now we have the wrong collection of people in charge. So the sheep are not free. Some benevolent body has to take back control of the sheep, educate them and then set them free. that where the benevolence comes in. This is not going to fix itself. And telling the sheep to cross the road just for the sake of crossing the road doesn’t put them in any better position. All we’re all doing by thinking this all out in detail is getting nearer to the train yard. These are the facts though they may be disputed.
      And that’s all that I have to say about this. So maybe tomorrow I too will read the book that will help me to see all the rainbows and unicorns that come to those that wait.

  • Bob Wood

    temporal reality is easy to explain and understand. One simply has to look at history. History has repeated itself over and over and will continue to do so. A natural human failing is that even when we are students of history we [the current bunch of history buffs ] think that we [the well meaning enlightened ones ] now have a solution . We can see that greed and avarice will eventually destroy even the most well conceived human governments. America had some very well thought out fundamentals—probably the best to date—yet here we are. The financial elite have always ran the show and that will never change. No matter how much thought we put into any solution the eventual outcome is inevitable. In one since Chris has reached a very logical conclusion and that is you better quit wondering about a corporate solution and get yourself personally prepared. Of course if you take that to its logical conclusion you are left with the reality that eventually you are going to have to be involved with other people and in a nation made up of people who are going to set up some kind of moral legal system just like every nation throughout history has done and just like all history shows that new and improved system will eventually come to the same end that we now face. Those of us who have seen the handwriting on the wall have had 4 or 5 years to prepare. Some are true believers and have gone all in and they will benefit the most. Many are pseud0 believers who see the logic of what Chris and a lot of others have been saying but they simply will not pull the trigger. To really buy in and enter into a radical change of life is very difficult–only a real believer in history is able to do this. Chris is one of a handful of folks that are really trying to educate the man on the street concerning there things. The simple reality is that the man on the street on average is beyond the reach of even the most heartfelt concern. It is sad to watch this coming train wreck and be screaming as we watch in horror what is surely going to happen . We may have 2 or 3 years or even more time [barring some triggering event ] before the collapse, but it is as sure as tomorrows sunrise. The die is cast . There has always been a handful of folks who have removed themselves from harms way before these things happen just like there are today. My point is that these climatic events are caused by human nature and can not be avoided. All we can do is tell our close friends and family and even then we will be misunderstood. Chris you know my WHY concerning all these things. Your friend B R Wood

    • LW

      And off into the Cosmos we will go! Just relax. You will just be turned back into some sort of energy, end up in a place you could never have imagined and all will be good. Nothing like being a true believer. So do the psychos with all of the negative energy end up capturing all the positive energy out there too? Uh, well, maybe, but it’s going to be better, and different, and we have no control over it anyway. It’s kinda like hope and change. It feels good,… and it just happens if you let it.

  • LW

    If you ever wondered if anything was ever alright, or if that history actually repeats itself, watch this. It’s a little drawn out and you might drift off a bit in the middle of it if you played with as much mercury as I did as a child, but this is good. It’s about Shay’s rebellion. It’s about elitists, army vets, and the rest who want what was promised to them and also want to be left alone. But it’s also about the peaceful petitioning of those in charge and how that works out. It’s a must see.

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