Protester Tells Protesters to Go Home


This is a summary of the last protest I ever attended back in February 2013.

Check out the bread and butter at 5:28

Did it fall on deaf ears? Probably

If you are a part of the Tea Party or the “american spring” I would recommend taking notes

Don’t say nobody tried to warn you

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2 comments to Protester Tells Protesters to Go Home

  • LW

    Ignore them, but keep your guns. So, not getting into the cognitive dissonance discussion, which is one of those two different solutions is the point. So if you get enough people to ignore them, then they will become impotent? Then they won’t be able to affect your life! So where is the tipping point? Is that going to come before you realize that didn’t work? Or is it after that didn’t work. When you realize that you have to use your guns and fight the whole system by yourself. Is that when all things will be grand? And is that going to work out before you realize that that didn’t work either? So when is it time to use the guns? When the military is at your front door and you are standing there by yourself? (Someone started this discussion about the need for guns, I just want the FED’s to know I didn’t. This is a disclaimer.)
    I know most of the discussions here say that you are supposed to do nothing but grow chickens and get a solar panel. Oh yeah, and buy silver (an o.k. idea now three years later than the peak). But from the little I know of history, that never worked out well, even before solar panels. The armies always came and took the chickens and raped all the women. You know, like in the first Civil War. Hey, but the ones doing the raping according to the history books were freeing the slaves. So how do you think the history books are going to write this story? I believe that if this country doesn’t start to COLLECTIVELY come together to fight what has already happened to it, the hope will be for some other people to come and free us. And guess how that’s going to work out. They will write the books about it. The British are coming! The British are coming! But the Bank of England is already here. And so is half of Mexico.
    The cities are you know what. And the countryside is owned by big Ag. Not far enough into the corner of the cage yet? This is all proof that brainwashing works. Unless the sheep grow horns this all has a negative ending.

  • LW

    Sorry, I know, you can’t solve a problem in the same consciousness that created it. And hurt people hurt people. And we need to create a group of independent thinkers.
    So, now I just have to tell you that I am just lashing out at the insanity of the solutions that are being presented to cure the insanity that exists. Don’t take anything personally please. Well some people can if they want to. I’ve been blamed before for stuff that wasn’t really my fault.
    So what ever happened to those cardboard like cans of frozen concentrated orange juice things that you had to mix with three cans of water to make a quart of orange juice? I liked the way that those things fit in the freezer. They were so convenient. I haven’t seen them in a while. I must be looking in the wrong isle. I’m going to go and work on that problem for a while now. I’ll be back.

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