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  • NIX


  • SRK

    JPM had patented the bitcon back in ’99, when that is released on the market people invested in tulips will no longer have the funds to a 1/10 oz. Walking Liberty

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    I don’t think the banksters love bitcoin, it is DECENTRALISED and Mt Gox is a central exchange.
    I do stack silver but I would ask how would a decentralised protocol like bitcoin be combatted by the centralists ?
    And isn’t decentralisation away from centralised authority the same as striving for individualism and away from a collective ?

  • Orange

    decentralized collectivism works:

    “I suppose that the main question being discussed in Moscow – why hasn’t Maidan been scattered yet. It’s not as easy to disperse Maidan as it may seem on TV. There are anywhere from ten to 50 thousand people at Maidan at any given time, and many are ready to see this to the end. Just so that you would get the atmosphere: There are constant shot ringing out; someone is constantly carrying corpses through the crowd, dozens of killed and hundreds of wounded. Despite this, people carry on as usual, cleaning up rubble after the latest assault and building new barricades. They’re not running from the water cannons, APCs or snipers. How can you disperse them? There will be hundreds of casualties. Who’s ready to take responsibility for so many corpses? What’s really telling, though is that on the next day after the assault, thousands of regular Kiev residents came out to Maidan. Instead of work, they came to the barricades. And these are simple Kiev natives, not “crazed radicals” being shown in the segment of the Russia channel. The list of the deceased contains people of different ages; there are political activists, teachers, retirees and simple workers.”

  • boogoo

    you talk about ‘Individualism’ and call out ‘Collectavism’ but then you stop acting and sharing as an individual TO Individuals and start a private paid membership ‘club’ What gives? Hypocritical comes to mind! please explain!

    • Silver Shield

      Technically all of the hundreds of free videos and articles I did was another example of an individual sacrificing himself for an uncaring collective.

      Now I am exchanging value for value with individuals who resonate with me.

      That is not the reason I stopped though…

      I have said for years that it will become either too late or too dangerous for me to speak out the way I have and I think that time is coming.

      I have chosen to refocus my effort on individual relationships and create value.

      • boogoo

        appreciate your reply and I can understand where your coming from BUT.. I don’t agree that thinking what you have to say is too dangerous.. Freedom of speech is what the issue is about here and to run and hide thinking you will be punished for speaking your mind is not something the great speakers have done..You have alot to offer and say which is valuable and relevant ..Imagine if MLK ran and hid and only spoke with his close friends or even Jesus..His message would never have reached those who need to hear it..I respect what you have done and your medallions I have most (the positive ones) but I don’t think hiding and starting private clubs is what is required from those with the guts to stand up and say what needs to be said..all the best Chris and respect!

        as for the ‘value’ depends on how you value your thoughts..materially or in the non linear sense.. I know in my own life I give alot in exchange for a non linear return..enlightenment exists only in that realm…

        • Silver Shield

          Sticking my logic in the face of conventional wisdom does not matter while everyone is dancing to the music but when it stops and shows that I was right all along, there will be no reprieve from the inevitable Anger Phase.

          About your MLK and Jesus references I will respond with Voltaire.

          “I am very find of the truth but not at all of martyrdom.”

          • boogoo

            ok Chris..we could go round in circles for ever quoting sages and Philosophy (which I think is a trapping of the mind) but in the end we each need to follow our own hearts. Appreciate what you have shared thus far and wish you and your family luck.


            it is what it is, and I don’t feel the need to straighten the crooked trees in the forest. Everything is just where it needs to be in the scale of consciousness!

  • Orange

    Chris – you made the right choice. Your timing, predictions and work are quite unique and amazing. Good luck!

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