Why Do So Many Independent Media Platforms Fail?



On Sunday Night 2/16/14 I was informed by the station owner before my show that immediately after my broadcast, Orion Talk Radio would be closing its’ doors forever. Why did this happen? Why have so many other alternative media platforms shut down?

At the end of the day we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Callers speak their mind and I give some lessons I have learned from my time at Orion Talk Radio.

The Sound of Freedom is still ringing loud and clear at http://republicbroadcasting.org/ Sunday mornings from 9-11 am est… but for how long? 

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  • LW

    It’s the invasion of the body snatchers syndrome. There are just not so many left out there that haven’t been put to sleep yet by the order of the oligarchy. The pod people are funded, the awake people aren’t, and the awake are being searched out and silenced.
    I talked to one guy out in the open today and he threw out a few issues in public, which is where I only see him and in the discussion it seemed that everyone around us wanted to crawl under a rock. It is not comfortable for anyone anymore to discuss anything, anywhere, where someone there, or not there might have to face the reality of any actuality. It’s pathetic. It’s like everyone is cowering in fear over what they might say, or would be construed to be by their words. You surely wouldn’t want to be labeled as a racist or bigoted nowadays. Why? I don’t know. Since, I guess it doesn’t take much for someone to label you. Even though that seems that is all the other side seems to be pushing. In fact it’s a badge earned somehow that gets them to the front of the line all of the time. Works for them though huh.
    I think that the only reason that brainwashing works better on some people than others is because only some people are actually intelligent enough to listen and comprehend the b.s. that is fed to them.

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