Ahead of His Time

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l Give Chris Duane big Props on this I think he sums up so well with the 5 stages of awaking …Years back when he wrote this. So lets look at where this has lead to. Well before your time Chris .

( Hat Tip ) Peak.

Remember this? 


Americans Are Angrier & More Frustrated Than Ever: 19 Furious Facts

We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


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  • NIX


      • LW

        That’s great footage. But without seeing the above article, or video, whichever it is, do you have any other equaling awe inspiring video clips? Maybe of the invasion of Iraq against those bad guys? Or how about footage of the big giant cave destroying bombs used in Afghanistan, or was that before your time? How about any other awe inspiring footage of people getting killed, for all the wrong reasons, in any other revolutions sponsored by those that would never set foot on the ground in them? So what’s actually going on there? Maybe more insight to who is really behind all of this violence, and of course for what reason, might be in order here. That instead of just the widescreen violence, which to me seems like it would only inspire a video gamer to join in. I would really like to know more instead being the same old desensitizing flaming b.s..

        • LW

          Oh yeah, and the “anger phase” is not when you go out and destroy the parties that you think are screwing you. The “anger phase” is when you’re mad because you finally figured out how you are getting it stuck to you, but you still don’t actually do anything. It’s in the bargaining phase that you don’t lash out either, but do stuff like when you then try to inform other people of what you have learned of why your butt hurts. That’s pretty much it. There are never any fires. And it all just comes down to you getting your mind right somewhere after your depression, flowing into your acceptance. Got it? No violence! It’s going to be just like all of those other non-violent revolutions where those people fought and died, but were ignored, to make it look and seem like a non-violent revolution.

  • LW

    Hey, read the article. Yeah, people hate each other. Especially the white folks who not only hate each other, but they seem to hate themselves too. While the minorities that see them as the enemy, bond as such to hate them too. I’d like to know who was polled. The nation as what the sheep are awakening to is a joke.
    The government is akin to an insane asylum. It’s like a bee hive that has a moronic politically correct disease. With the parasites at the door and the defenders of the hive all brainwashed . And it’s all promoted by the media. They should take all of this you know who promotes it media disease to the country that promotes it here. So how many more blacks do I have to see in commercials with white women, black interviewers, black ambassadors to the curling team,… or just somehow there, or coming to the rescue in an ad after a poor white chick needs a man. Yeah, if you if you look for it you will find it. And they would find it too if it was the other way around.
    It really upsets me too that since we have so many illegal mexicans here that they are not even mentioned at the Winter Olympics. I mean where is the equality. If they can show a overweight white guy in an ad with a pink thong on, there should be equal time for the obese blacks and illegal men wearing pink thongs too. And why are there no black or mexican curling teams. They at least should be able to compete within that sport. I mean you would think that this is what the Winter Olympics is about, equality. Guys who spend this much time doing this much nothing should be multiculturally represented.

  • LW

    Let me clarify. I guess Putin is fighting the same group that we are, you know, that Mediterranean country over there. With, of course, the U.S. still as a conspiratorial pawn. So why do people hate the government that doesn’t even attempt to represent them? That’s easy, but try to explain to them why they do. At this point in time it will be hard to put it all together in detail for them even though some of the names of the usual suspects are incriminating to their motives….. But in a just society, whatever is done to us, should be in turn done double to them. And not like in the joke to that statement like beating them half to death. Maybe there is a God. And maybe it is theirs. And they will actually reap what they have sown.

  • exsubguy

    I guess this turned into the LW Blog.

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