8-Step Plan to Financial Freedom/Security

8 Step Plan to obtain Financial Freedom. To achieve financial freedom you have to start getting your finances in order as early on in life as possible. There are things people should have control of before they start investing. Things like debt, emergency funds, insurance, and sources of income are a few things to have secure before investing.

8 Step Plan to obtain Financial Freedom.

1.) Obtaining- Acquire Income sources, become and entrepreuneur
2.) Planning- Budgeting your money below your means
3.) Saving- 3-Month Emergency Fund-Minimum,
4.) Borrowing- Keep your credit in check, use it to your advantage
5.) Spending- Budgeting will allow you to obtain the items you want
6.) Managing Risk- Get Adequate Insurance
7.) Investing- 2 Types-Current Income or Long-Term Growth
8.) Retirement & Estate Planning- Financial Security by retirement is the goal by most but it is achievable much earlier in life if you know what your doing and bust your A$$.

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