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It doesn’t have to be this way.if the people don’t want it to be.

10 comments to Huxley Was Right

  • LW

    I’m liking it. Imagine that.
    I’m working my way through “Empire of Illusion”. It’s pretty much in the same train of thought… That’s it!… Well maybe not.
    Huxley was ahead of his time and so was/is Ron Paul. I don’t care what anybody has to say about that. If it’s about losing to the rigged and corrupted system, then I guess he was a false hope and a failure. But it takes a lifetime sometimes to gain recognition or to move the herd. It’s not always winning in the moment that counts. I think that he won.
    And if I am correct, I think that Huxley ended up taking the blue pills at the end. Or are they yellow? Or maybe that factoid isn’t a fact at all, but a just another undermining attack on the ones who try to inform.

    • Peak Crackers

      Ron Paul walked away from the Walter Jones Bill That would stopped the Drone attacks in Yemen .. Just a Stellar performance.
      Come on LW Totally shows that you still buy into the same Illusion.. RP is part of the Rigged corrupted system if he had his way the theft would have been instant ( austerity measures ) its left right thinking again .. Dude don’t be such a light switch

      • LW

        Hey, Mr. Peak, if you want to judge someone by one thing that they did without a clarification within a corrupted Congress, instead of a career of what they accomplished, that says more about you than them. I don’t know anything about the Walter Jones Bill, so that must make me an ignorant traitor too and I too should be shunned. Guess what? Shun me, because if this is what your super mindset is about, so be it. So what else was attached to this bill? Maybe there was a reason other than what you think for his decision. Why is it that this one vote among so many others seems to be so important to you that you would want to trash a man’s whole career over something as this? What kind of man are you? I’ll tell you what, I will get back to you on this. I’ll check into this a little further and will give you my whole opinion, which I didn’t really want to do, of where this whole Branch Duane-ian movement went wrong. Do you see anything wrong with anything else I said that you would like to bring up at this time? I’ll give an opinion on those issues too.
        Sorry,….. I got a little emotional, but thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize I was a light switch. Whatever TF that means. So I guess I can’t be part of the group since I have been disassociated even before I was associated. Oh well, I never was good at following charismatic narcissistic leaders anyway. Even though $35 a month is cheap comparing to what others have paid in the past.
        I’m going to have to watch your videos when I have time. That might not be for a few days. So who are you going with in 2016? Oh that’s right, no one, your going to be in the sub.
        And about Ron again, you learned something from him didn’t you? So who do you hold above him? Clinton? He was a cool dude,… dude.

        • Peak Crackers

          LW in your words ( I don’t know anything about the Walter Jones Bill ) Look it up you asked me in a very sarcastic way if i read books? Do you follow blindly ? Sorry but Sir if you going to lash out you must expect the same back lash . We might no agree on things and I respect your freedom to think freely as I hope you will respect mine with out insult or judgement. We may not all communicant the same in the end what will mater is how much will can do for each other Vs just taking. Greed and fear is the programming choice of what we see now .

          • LW

            You don’t respect anything, or anybody and I brought that to the surface didn’t I. You can try and save face by jumping from responses in a different posting to this one, but it isn’t going to work. You were the one who lashed out with more than just insults. I guess not having answers and only a “greed and fear” basis for all of your thoughts will do that. And you never answered the question, do you read books, or do you just tag along and go along with anyone that will attack that guy over there because he is “fear mongering”? Good for you. And did you notice that all your comments are empty. And you respect my freedom? Hey thanks…..

          • LW

            Hey, Peak Crackers, (that is a good name for you but not for your definition of it) I looked up Walter Jones and here is what I found. His father was a Dem. Rep. down the road before sonny showed up. Daddy died and then sonny then tried to take over his seat as a Dem, but was beaten out by a black woman newbie. So he ran a nice dirty campaign next door to win that seat as a Republican. Sucked up to Bush, and then pretended he didn’t, even though he at first supported the Iraq War. And then years later to keep his seat pretended he was misled about the war and everything else I guess. And, oh yeah, he went to military school so he could spend the Vietnam War years in the National Guard. What a guy. I think that Ron Paul knows a lot more about this guy than you do. And now so do I. I’m sure whatever bill he supported was full of you know what added to it. A real full time real piece of work this guy is. Now you got no legs left. Oh yeah, you still have the fear and greed thing, I forgot because I’m still stuck on the hope and change thing. This is it for my typing practice. But I’m glad that I took this course in high school. They made me do it. I went to a public high school and they were preparing me for college. A city college I guess. I hope that you didn’t go to college, that would be depressing to know.

  • Spazzout

    Amazing video, i read the book but never thought about it this way altough i had times where people tell me to “just have fun” and watch some crapy sitcom.
    Think i’ll be going without media for a week after watching this.

  • Came clueless, left worried. Thanks for the post. Im astounded by individuals who want to know the universe when its difficult sufficient to discover your way about Chinatown.

  • Bob Wood

    A famous if not infamous saying goes something like this “those who do not know history are destined to repeat it” and I would add that those who use this quote are just as guilty of repeating history as those they chastise because they do not understand what drives history. They may be bright enough to prepare for history but they will not change the repeated carnage because history is the nothing but a documented reality as to the nature and bent of man. MAN IS INCAPABLE OF SELF GOVERNMENT FOR ANY EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. His true nature always wins out. Within a few generations mans innate self destructive nature always betrays his own self interest. All of recorded history attests to this fact—but when this is pointed out the indignation of those who see themselves as those who have answers raise their voices in concert forgetting the past voices who claimed the same wisdom. Apart from one simple truth there is no real wisdom in this temporal world and mankind refuses this wisdom because to do so they find themselves under the ever watchful eyes of their CREATOR with whom they will intimately have to acknowledge. Your true friend Chris—Bob

    • LW

      The answers are not in the Cosmos, they are right here. In all groups formed the psychopaths end up at the top, therefore taking control the group. Why that happens is that this is where they want to place themselves and control is their game. It’s not that man in general is incapable of self government. It’s evil men’s destructive nature that betrays good men. If your looking to your creator for help that’s a good start. But you’re going to have to fix the problems here yourself. I think there are words to that effect in print everywhere. It’s time to go and check out Chinatown.

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