Twice As Bad As Columbine!!!

Time to ban knives…

China: Train station attack an act of terrorism

BEIJING (AP) — China’s official Xinhua News Agency says authorities consider the attack by a group of knife-wielding assailants at a train station in southwestern China in which at least 27 people died to be an act of terrorism.

Xinhua did not identify who might have been responsible for the Saturday evening attack at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province. But the news agency said authorities considered it to be “an organized, premeditated violent terrorist attack.”

Local television station K6 said that several of the attackers were shot by police and that victims were transported to local hospitals. Xinhua says 27 people were killed and 109 others injured.

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  • NIX

    Ban evreything (.) I just ban myself!

  • Peak Crackers

    Out comes the dull chop sticks . maybe sponsticks kinda like spork

  • Son of Liberty Zionists

    MUSLIM gang of killers. Chinese version of Jihad

    Xinhua, citing unnamed government officials in the provincial capital of Kunming, identified the assailants in the Saturday night attack as separatists from Xinjiang, China’s northwestern region where some members of a mainly Muslim ethnic group, the Uighurs, have fought against Chinese rule.

    If confirmed, the attack would be one of the deadliest by Uighur separatists in the decadeslong, sometimes violent campaign and would mark a departure in tactics. Targets in the past have usually been police, paramilitary barracks and other symbols of Chinese government authority inside Xinjiang.

    Chinese authorities and experts on the region say that some separatists have become radicalized by the more militant strains of Islam found in neighboring Pakistan and the Middle East. Exiled Uighurs and rights group say increasingly intrusive police measures and restrictions on religious practices have incited a backlash by some Uighurs.

    • Silver Shield

      Oh I get it…
      We should try to ban all guns and kill all Muslims…
      Oh wait we have been trying to do that for the past decade.

      Go troll on another site oxymoron.

      • NIX

        HISTORY : Trolls are funny they don’t know who they are dealing with , look what happened to the ( raining bankers trend )!!!!!!!…….pop!
        R.I.P PEACE

  • Don

    the day after I took a train from Yan An to Xi’an and the police went through all our bags. and buffed up police around the streets in Xi’an. Also heard that Tianamen Square is tighly locked down.

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