March Silver Shield Report

The massive March Silver Shield Report is released to Silver Shield Group members.  The Report features a written report and two hour audio roundtable breaking down the months stories.

  • Banker Deaths
  • Ukraine
  • China Gold Bomb
  • Update on Crisis Investing
  • The Next Gen BitCon Crypto Currency
  • The US Military Ominous Warning
  • My prediction on the Next Techno Fascist State that is being planned in the US
  • Breaking Down the SDR Illusion

photoWe also feature the next limited edition Silver Shield Member’s coin the 2013 Standing Freedom.  This limited mintage coin is not available anywhere else and not at these discounted prices.

Finally we have the Beta Silver Exchange ready for SSG members to test the auction that will crush eBay and PayPal exorbitant fees on silver.  This is a site that is by silver stackers for silver stackers and we are very excited to test it.

Members can login to the Silver Shield Group member’s forum for the report.

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