Ukraine IMF False Flag “Fuck the EU”

Putin was KGB who rose to power in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

He outplayed the Rothschild oligarchs and purged them from Russia.

He brought Russia back to a world power status and has united the likes of China, India, Brazil and many other nations against US hegemony.

What has Obama done?

A community organizer, who won a Senate seat after a well timed sex scandal of incumbent Jack Ryan and two years later runs and wins on Hope and Change.

Kiss the dollar good-bye and the life that is dependent upon it.


22 comments to Ukraine IMF False Flag “Fuck the EU”

  • LW

    O.k., first off, you’re going to have to accept my apology for making this post under this topic. I know, it has nothing to do with the topic, but it has to do with someone who has misled, and who has ulterior motives, so it kind of fits. And I’ll throw this shot at the beginning this post is for those who think that they will not get fooled again. Getting fooled is a human trait. Manipulating falls under something that has been proved to be less than human. So getting to the point and not being too long winded like some BLOW hard thinks I am, I will get to the topic I wish to address.
    “Peak Crackers”, now there’s a name attached to a person that needs a little more analysis. First of all listening to this person’s explanation of how he came up with this avatar, that’s what it is called right, is in my opinion misleading and purposely so. If you have read his comments and hopefully little of his b.s., it clear that his pen name is not based on the “peak” that he says that it is. He claims that his “peak” means the top of something. But in his own words he says that the word peak is associated with peak oil, peak water and peak food. Peak associated with those commodities means that they have reached their peak and are now in decline. He also says that “Crackers” is a reference to the people who control the world and are the one who are your masters. But if you look at what I think he is really saying by this name, and by his claim to Native American ancestry, I think he is saying that white people (crackers) have reached their peak and are now in decline. Think about it. Just because he BLEW a little smoke into the hive and put a couple people that said that they would never get fooled again, to sleep, he didn’t get every bee.
    Peak Crackers is most of what I said he is in an earlier post. But in that post I gave him too much credit for some things. He’s not the sharpest pencil in the box, but when you excel at manipulation, and have a motivation for that, things can move forward until you hit a wall. I would like to think of myself as that wall.
    So, you got Chris and Ryan to fall for your sh….stuff and I’m sure that got you off. So what percentage of Native American are you? I have a calculator so I’ll be able to figure it out. And you’re an existential extraterrestrial Native American, that should put you on the top of the list to get a job at the Post Office. And I bet when you watch “Men in Black” you see your relatives as movie stars. You know, I think I would have forgotten about this person who made himself an interest by is nitwit comments, until he gave up his right to remain silent just one more time by commenting in one of my earlier post.
    And one last thing, if this guy has a business, it had to be inherited from his father-in-law. And he moved out of Detroit because there was no one left to screw there. You know what car dealerships are about. They attract a certain type to do sales. See ya, hope this sinks in.

    • Ryan Brooks

      Disappointing dude. Maybe you should go start a Dont Tread On LW blog? Then you can bad mouth Chris and Peak and myself and you will actually attract people that care.

  • 0ld Shekel

    Hi Chris !
    Putin played chess really good and it seems that Obama is weak and can’t do anything .
    The caricature was painted by an Israeli guy (Ronni Gordon) and expressing what most people in this country feel :
    No more american boss over the region .

    Keep your great job !
    The 0ld Shekel …

  • LW

    I have one last question, but not one last opinion. How does that motor mouth Peak Crackers not have the ability to put two, and sometimes one, coherent sentence together? Seriously, this is a simple pimple question. Read his responses to me and give me a valid reason why he doesn’t have the ability to run off at the mouth in writing as he does when he has a microphone in front of him.
    And I think that the reason that you attract so many highly adaptive sociopaths to your “message” is because your 5 stages of awakening seem to be closely related to seemingly 5 steps of getting total control over someone.
    First they deny that it’s happening to them, secondly they are angry and resist, thirdly they try and tell someone else what is happening to them but to no avail, fourthly they become depressed when no one will listen to them and thus question themselves, and then lastly they accept their fate losing all of their resistance and giving in. So then you say at the end they should just walk away. In your world maybe the stages let you do that. But I think in some other peoples interpretations in the completion of these stages there is no longer any walking away. And they like your line of thinking.
    I agree that people need to get together with a trust and an abundant mentality. But there is not enough of either out there that can be put to any use as I see it. There’s not enough of it for people to let their guard down for it to spread. You don’t even have that much trust. Your exclusive club proves it.


      LW ,, I Have chose to let you eat silence.. All you do is just pick at fault looking to grasp at low hanging fruit insults. If you can do a better job in which you boast of your skill in communication, then make a video or start a web site. You are starting to come very stalker like just hindering on paid troll move. I have had problems with type in the past looking to take post boards off topic and into a mindless debate of childish name calling and fault finding.

      Sorry to the Group .. I was hoping if I did not give LW the attention that he cry’s out for, his insults , he would stop and we can discuss what the topic really is .
      Like I said LW it’s simple don’t read what i have to say or watch my videos .. get your emotions under control.

  • Silver Shield

    Alright what is the real story here? This is definitely a personal attack and seems to have very little to do with this article or even what I have written in the past.
    All of the work I have done is to empower the individual to walk away from toxic relationships.
    I am under know illusion after what I went through with the m2 that even in this little community that there are a bunch of psychopaths trolling around.
    Yes my $20 a month super secret, exclusive, expensive club proves that.
    I think the majority of belligerent people here are hurt people in the Awakening.
    Which brings me back to you.
    What is the real reason behind these comments, hurt or psycho?

    • LW

      Why didn’t you intervene when you buddy was telling me in a semi-illiterate way that I am humping my hat and have things stuck up my ass?
      I’ll get back to you. I’m busy right now.
      But I’ll tell you later, if I’m hurt, as if everyone fits in that category if they lash out, or if I’m a psycho. I don’t think you can help with the last diagnosis since you can’t seem to spot one yourself.
      So Ron Paul, and I am not an avid Ron Paul sponsor and thought he was an anomaly most of my life, is a fool because he can’t see things as clear as you do? He should be blindsided with questions abut the opposite consciousness. O.k.. So who did you make that trip up there to see him with. Wasn’t it Rob Gray? Well I guess I’m on a roll now. The bottom line is that I liked your work until you became an elitist yourself. And then I listen to you deny that you ever get fooled when it happens all of the time. And when first decided to start this group of “individual” you said that you didn’t want any single males in your group because you would fear for your wife. That was pretty interesting too. Especially when your postings started to exhibit soft porn, I mean such sensuality. I think that others might question who’s wives were in danger. I know that’s personal, but you put it out there. It just that single white males and single white females seem to be the ones that need the most protecting and saving at this point in time. That’s not racist.
      I guess I keep coming back here because it’s on my favorites bar and I’m on your e-mail list. I’ll tell you what. I’ll take you off of my favorites bar and you take me off of your e-mail list…..You are now free to move about the…whatever dimension your in.

      • Silver Shield

        It is not my job to moderate and protect feelings. It seems you are more than capable of handling things yourself.
        As far as spotting psychos, it does not take me long to find even the most skilled, no one can spot them all coming without being a shut in.
        I wish you luck in your journey because this part is clearly done if you think I am some sort of an elitist.
        Enjoy your Anger.

  • falco

    Im with LW here. Having not visited here in over a year i read all his post in the last 2 months. You sold out chris when you stopped trying to share and help everyone by giving freely(abundance mentality) I was a silvershild group member for over a year before i realised this group is all based on fear and not about leading by example. Its another system of be the first in so we can benifit later when everyone wants what we have.
    Drop your elites group and give to everyone if you really want to help mankind. Ask for donations. Not special subscription.
    I completely agree that you using ‘softporn’ was the final line in the sand. You sold out big time.

    • Silver Shield

      I am sorry you feel I have not given enough and that $20 a month is an Elitist organization.

    • 0ld-shekel

      Falco ,
      No one can save you . It’s up to you …

    • David

      I was a SBSS member for a while and money got tight, and time got tight too[I wasn’t reading much], so I dropped out. And at first there wasn’t the forum format for communication.

      I joined The Silver Shield Group at the end of 2013 and started spending some time on the forum. At 58 and in the people business, I pick up psychopathy pretty well too. We all have problems and challenges in life. We are imperfect beings. But the people I communicate with on The Silver Shield Forum are decidedly deficient in psychopathy compared to the population at large. My time is limited but there is a member 1 1/2 hour away from me I plan to meet. A few others some distance away I hope to meet. The hope, positivity [despite a belief the world will go through painful and dangerous crisis], real friends [I would invite the ones I’ve connected with into my home] is worth it to me. I hope people can let go of negative emotions or feelings and enjoy more positive ones. People do not improve themselves in any way [or get more of what they want] by dwelling on negatives or repeatedly denigrating others.

      To all who are not harming others I wish you the best regardless of anything you believe, think, or express.

      The Silver Shield Forum [yes it costs $20 a month] filters out those who are excessively angry or negative. Other open-ended free posts or blog formats do not.

  • falco

    An elitist organisation by your own standards was one that kept information from everyone else and only those in the group could benifit from it.
    Now we have the pyrimid scheme of awanken people. Awaken first so you can prepare to benifit most at expense to those who awaken last.
    You said it right from the start. ‘ listen to all and follow none’ the best advice you gave. Thank you for it.

  • LW

    I was wrong about you being an elitist. You’re a cult leader. Nothing more. And I’m not stuck in any stage or cage that you would like to put me in.

    Loading …

    January 23, 2014 in Health k

    by Kim






    Kim M., California Correspondent
    Planet Infowars
    January 23, 2014

    1) Aggressive/continuous recruitment by leadership/members

    2) Loyalty oaths/membership applications/agreements/contracts required

    3) Minimum money/resource/labor/attendance commitments required

    4) Charismatic/charming leadership personality (by one person, or an impenetrable core group)

    5) Autocratic/authoritarian leadership style (by one person, or an impenetrable core group)

    6) Top-down/hierarchical/pyramidal command/control structure – sometimes all the way down to the individual level (cf. “shepherding movement”)

    7) Everyone is “positive” and “friendly” – other attitudes/emotions disallowed

    8 ) Culture of consensus/shunning – questioning/bucking authority disallowed – non-conformists pushed out via peer pressure and/or formally expelled via great fanfare (i.e. made an “example” of)

    9) Busywork – continuous/increasing performance of tasks/duties required, no matter how trivial/time-consuming/futile

    10) Isolation – a pervasive “Us vs. Them” mentality required – “outsiders” are shunned (even family and friends), especially former members and contacts who are resistant to recruitment

    11) Culture of secrecy – secret groups/gossip/gatherings and propagation of shadowy “intel” and unverifiable “inside information” (aka: “prophecies” in a religious/spiritual/metaphysical setting)

    12) Culture of paranoia – everything is seen as a threat to the organization – outsiders are automatically suspect, especially former members and contacts who are resistant to recruitment – with martyrdom/persecution used as “proof” of righteousness

    13) “Greener pastures” syndrome – continually searching out and moving to “better” locations more conducive to above 12 characteristics

    NOTE: I wrote the above while thinking of Saddleback megachurch (of which I was previously a member), plus my experience with friends and family who have joined cults, multi-level-marketing schemes, fraternal and/or “service” organizations, etc.

    So this applies to many other areas of life other than religion.

    I’ve even seen/experienced corporations and companies that behave like this (and when you research the history of corporations you inevitably end up back in Babylon – i.e. the literal history, not the figurative state of mind).

    Hence the basic take-away thought:

    Control is the opposite of freedom.

    Report site violation

    • Silver Shield

      Perhaps you should listen to my I Am Done video one more time.

      The happiest decision of this past year was to leave this senseless back and forth and concentrate on the real skills, wealth and friends I have in my life.

      You seem very bitter, as this entire thread shows.

      I have worked to only have the individual listen to all and follow none… The complete opposite of what you would say I am.

      I have given away years of my life for free and helped thousands along the way and ask nothing in return.

      I have a $20 a month newsletter and some how I am David Koresh?!

      You obviously have unresolved issues and I have no time for that.



      • David

        I had to learn [parenting teenagers is a good example] that you can’t have quality communication, or get through to, or reason with someone when they are angry, upset, tired, or emotionally overwrought. And I had to learn to walk away at times I wanted to engage or be right. DTOM web site allows anyone to post any feelings, beliefs, vents, or rants they have.

    • Dylan

      How does anything on this list correspond in any way to this site or Silver Shield?

    • AgainstTheGrain

      I Lol’d…

  • Fred Hayek

    Thanks, Chris for this item. That is one amazing recording. You have State Department officials casually plotting how to overthrow the government of the Ukraine. As I understand it the recently deposed president was a complete scumbag thief. But we desperately needed to replace him with a different scumbag thief, oh, and encumber the newly “liberated” country with debt.

    How do people like these State Department officials sleep at night?

  • M1yman

    I’m an SSG member, since the 1st of the year. What I experience on a daily basis is people of a similar mindset, helping others. It’s people helping people. I for one am happy to pay $20 a month, just to keep the trolls out, the angry folks who want something for nothing at the expense of others who can never be happy because others have something they want.

    • Falco

      My Thoughts are then to Just set up a donate service and send the information still to everyone and those who want to donate will and those who don’t still have a chance to ‘see the light’. Its this buying into ideas that I’m against. Its the same problem with the world. Hell id probably still be donating to Chris if everything he did for the group was made public. We cant be the change we want to be if we decide to limit information to those who will pay. I cant believe nobody see’s this flaw. As my last time visiting this blog now I will say that. Listen to all that that hold nothing from anyone and follow none that limit their message based on a buy in price. Give me open source or give me death i say!

      • Silver Shield

        I ran all donation for 2 years with the Sons of Liberty Academy, DTOM and TGTNT.

        Everything that I needed to say was in those works and was and is for free.

        I am even in the process of uploading the entire 48 hours of the Academy onto YouTube.

        That being said I need to support my family and without a steady source of income things get testy in the family.

        I would not expect you to go to work and do it for free, and yet some people feel that is what I should do.

        Now those that wish to support or care about my future work can support my effort for $20 a month.

        It is a value for value relationship and fair for all parties who volunteer.

        It also has the benefit of creating a civil forum and keeps the trolls out.

        I have made the decision to work on real friends, skills and wealth and move away from the digital distractions and the inevitable collapse.

        I am working on a silver exchange, new coins and a new epic book.

        As far as open source… everything you need from me is out there, hundreds of videos and articles.

        Anything further is beating a dead horse.

        All know the way few actually walk it.

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