Important Silver Shield Group Update On Standing Freedom

For SSG members there is a few updates I have on the SSG members forum about an error we found on the latest Standing Freedom.

Also there are a bunch of new listings on the silver exchange that I listed for the SSG Beta test including…

  • The legendary 2012 Debt and Death “-s”
  • 2012 Debt and Death Wide Reed
  • 2013 5 oz Sic Semper Tyrannis
  • 2013 5 oz Freedom Girl Proof
  • 2013 2 oz Freedom Girl Proof COA # 500
  • 30+ other rare strikes

This will be the last week until we go live with the auction to the public and we want to test the whole process in the Beta Test.

Overall, I am very excited with what we have so far and can’t wait to show everyone how awesome this site is and how much it will help the liquidity of the secondary silver market.

2 comments to Important Silver Shield Group Update On Standing Freedom

  • a.j holmes

    How do I get in on the new aution site ?

    • Silver Shield

      It is in a BETA test for the Silver Shield Group members.

      We will hopefully release it to the public in a week or two.

      In the meantime sign up for a Dwolla account.

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