Ken O’Keefe Takes On 9/11

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  • paschn

    This is a fairytale I’ve “chewed” on many times. I’m excited to say that watching it as presented today, I’ve learned even more. I would much like to purchase a full , high quality DVD to loan out to friends/customers/acquaintances interested in the truth and what our responsibilities as citizens of the guilty/corrupted nation are. You have my contact email, please send me the necessary information to purchase same.

    Thanks for your courage and all you’ve done.

  • Ron

    The best video of evidence on the 9/11 WTC is found at Her video on the home page is amazing.

    She’s a scientist and part of her introduction is to explain the proper scientific process…to start by looking at the evidence, not to create a theory then try to prove the theory with the evidence. The evidence doesn’t lie so finding out what happened must start with the evidence,

  • Bob Wood

    Well goodness where to start–. I do agree with much of what Ken says about the financial system but what he fails to understand is that no one is going to change anything. The best that mankind can accomplish is a revolution every once in a while. Then as history teaches us the next bunch fall pray to human nature just like the last bunch. Man is simply incapable of any kind of benevolent government for any extended period of time. Those who actually learn from history finally come to this obvious conclusion. The problem is that in every generation a few people finally wake up to the reality that the world is in a mess caused by corrupt mankind and our natural human cravings. And because they refuse to look at the historical record of 5 or 6000 years they think they have the answers–well that’s what the last bunch of well meaning good folks thought. —the truth MAN IS NOT FIXABLE! Never has been and will never be. We all know that in the near future [ 5 or 10 years ] the financial system is probably going to incur a major melt down. The man on the street [bless his heart ] is interested in the football game and hopefully a vacation and taking care of his family as best as he can. And that is the good well meaning bunch. There is a whole additional group that are so out of touch that nothing will ever reach them and when the end comes they will simply take or at least try to take what they believe they are entitled to. Ken I feel your pain but all we can do is get as ready as we can for what could be a very bad experience.

  • Bob, on so many levels, I agree with you. However, I recently finished a book entitled ‘A Brief History of Everything’ by Ken Wilber which has expanded my thinking on the topic and given me a brighter hope for the future. Your point about only a few waking up and realizing the mess we’re in is very true, but the bleak thought that nothing will ever change is quite disheartening.

    I’d like to ask that you take another look at history and consider how many people thought this same way in the 18th century. How many people said, “Revolution, are you crazy? Men like us were born to be subjected under the despotism of kings and the superstitious manipulations of the church. What, a free country, ruled by the people, for the people, yeah right! Freedom of speech and freedom of religion, you’re smoking the peace pipe, aren’t you? That will never happen! History has proven that peasants like us were divinely sanctioned to be tyrannized by a few of noble birth and it will always be that way!”

    But, as you say, a few great men like Jefferson and Paine rose up above the idle crowd and changed the course of history forever. The results of our Revolution didn’t only confine itself to our nation, they spread across the ocean, sparking the French Revolution and eventually leading to other Democratic European governments. It is my strongest belief that the ripples of our Revolution are, today, still reverberating around the globe. Every time I hear of a revolution in the Middle East, I remember Thomas Jefferson’s prediction: “This ball of liberty… is now so well in motion that it will roll round the globe, at least the enlightened part of it, for light and liberty go together. It is our glory that we first put it into motion.”

    One of many enlightening concepts that were broadened in my mind by Mr. Wilber’s book was the idea that: Yes, you are correct, the enlightened are the few at the top of the pyramid; however, as Evolution progresses, the pyramid enlarges and unfolds greater levels of consciousness – thereby deepening our understanding of greater revealed truth and an expanding the amount of the few at the top. Evolution is always transcending and including. We always have a dilemma to overcome as we step into a higher plane. We are at a crucial point of this threshold now.

    Sure, it is very true we could blow ourselves up, or at the very least things will get quite disturbing for some time. New birth is always traumatic, but always necessary. You and I may not live to see the end result in this lifetime, but I am hopeful that the few will help us overcome the greed and selfishness which has dominated this industrial age for far too long. When I see the turbulence of today, I see the feeble attempts of the selfish few at the top of the oil regime desperately clinging to their crumbling empire. They foresee the change coming, and it frightens them to death.

    Bob, you seem like an extremely bright man, and I am by no means attempting to insult that. I believe you’re right – although it’s not about right and wrong – I just want you to see the issues you’ve raised with a grain of salt and a little more of a positive perspective on them. Thank you for being a participant in life and not a football watcher. Thank you for your comments, and I especially thank you for inspiring my thoughts today… Michael Blakeslee

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