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  • David

    Where is Chris go? Did he sell the whole brand down the road to someone else? Anyone know?

  • Mage

    I Don’t understand why freedom girl is being released again. Chris said it was a limited edition When Rob Gray stole the design Now it is being released again! I guess so much for limited editions

    • Silver Shield

      Each design is released for a limited time and the mintages of any of the coins pale in comparison to any of the national mint releases.

      • mage

        If each design is for a limited time why r u releasing fg again?

        • Silver Shield

          Limited in time and they are great designs.
          Even freedom girl was highly popular but barely a blip on most collectors radars considering the hundreds of millions of ounces sold every year.
          I am going to permently retire some designs that missed the mark but have many more to come out before then.

    • David

      New Freedom Girl releases have the SS design back or reverse; the old ones had SBSS design.

      • mage

        It doesn’t matter rather the reverse is different or not. The date is different on every silver eagle. Of course the mintage is lower than the national mints that was part of the appeal. The point is we were told that the realease of freedom girl was a limited time period. It undermines the credibility of the entire series when promises are broken. I backed Chris during the whole rob gray ordeal , and waited a long time for the freedom girls while the price of silver plummeted. At least we knew knew we were buying a limited edition (so much for that idea). I started buying after debt and death coin stopped are you going tl make that available again? I can’t help but think it is profit driven since freedom girl was the most popular design.

    • M1yman

      Freedom Girl is hot! She’s worth a second look. And if her backside changes, well, that’s worth doing a double take on, for sure! Personally, I’m waiting for the life size version of Freedom Girl; I’d pay big bucks for that! Aah hahaha!

  • Marc

    I know most people wish for these coins to be limited in mintage. I, for one, would prefer for these to be unlimited. The Don’t Tread on Me design is beautiful but why only offer it for a few months? People who are caught up in the current paradigm are concerned about turning a profit on their coins on eBay. They are acquiring coins so that they can later be exchanged for fiat. If anyone here really believes that the dollar will collapse, they need coins that will be highly recognizable to be exchanged for goods and services. For these coins to be useful (or at least as useful as the American Eagle), the coins need to be as recognizable to those outside of Chris’ fan base. Most of the numismatic value gained by these coins is by buying and selling to people who are within Chris’ fan base. Great, but I need coins that can be exchanged for food and fuel in a post dollar collapse. Please drop the limited mintage policy and offer a real solution to those who would, if given the chance, purchase silver coins that have not been issued by any governments. Also, some fractional silver (1/10, 1/4/, 1/2 oz) silver would be useful as well. So please quit catering to the numismatic speculators and offer some real solutions for those who want to use a real private currency in a post dollar world.

    • M1yman

      If you’re looking for coins to barter with then you should be investing in Constitutional Silver, aka junk silver, or some other coins with a low premium over spot. These coins are much more valuable and will hold that value because there is more to them than either just their silver value or a repetitive annually minted government coin. Specifically because these coins have a limited run makes them even more valuable and that is a greater reason NOT to use them for bartering for food and fuel; use these to barter for more expensive items, if you must barter with them at all, or else use them to build generational wealth, that is the greatest fulfillment of their value you could possibly utilize them for. Pass these gems on to your heirs; they will be eternally grateful to you for doing so.

  • Andrew

    Marc, then don’t buy them! Keep your comments to yourself!

    SBSS and SS are not marketed to numismatic speculators. The brands are marketed to current stackers. The brands are intended to make stacking physical silver more exciting, to build generational wealth, and to introduce new people to the importance of stacking physical silver.

    All of the coins have the denomination stamped on them (i.e. 1 or 1/2 oz of fine silver).

    And there is a 1/2 oz silver coin.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    ” Keep your comments to yourself!”

    Seems like a dumb thing to COMMENT, when responding to a COMMENT. Then continue to make more…..COMMENTS.

    Meh, perhaps just a poor choice in words. Just seems like this hinders legitimate discussion when someone brings up a point and you just tell em to shut up.

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