The Art of Dying: Letting go of Fear Porn

Today will be 4 years since I woke up at age 21. If I could go back to my old self, I would give myself this message. And this is my gift to you all who are this stage of life:

Let go of the fear porn; the stress; the anxiety; and the worrying it brings. For you have no power over it. It paralyzes and depresses you. Don’t wait for “it” to happen; for no one knows when the collapse will happen. Anyone who claims to know is full of shit.

Even the most intelligent man is just one man, in a giant macro-analytical world. One analysis cannot account for an entire, globally connected world, full of who-knows-how-many “dark horse” events (wildcards) waiting to happen.

Don’t put your life on hold. Don’t stop living because everyone else around you is dying. You’re only as alive as your dreams and aspirations. Learn how to balance both aspects of your life; both the prepper side and the side that still has to act like everything is ok — even if you know the outside world is not okay, your world CAN BE okay.

3 comments to The Art of Dying: Letting go of Fear Porn

  • Michael Stewart

    Great post, Irving. Too often it’s easy to drown in the doom porn, it seems like every day there’s another 20-30 minute interview on YouTube talking about the immenent escalating economic collapse. Instead of dwelling on what we already know, we can focus on doing something about it, and spend that 20-30 minutes on something that would make us stronger. Like cardio. Or deadlifting.

  • Yowie

    Good one Irvimg.

    My only edit to your title is: Letting go of fear is letting the ego die. Letting the ego die is freedom.

    Pay special attention to the words of (Bruce Lee) Li Xioa1Long – they are on the mark.

  • Ron

    Excellent words of wisdom!

    For me, a huge chunk of clarity hit me when I was able to separate fear and danger. Danger is something real like you see you’re about to step on a rattlesnake and in fear you jump away. Danger is based upon real threats to our well being in this moment.

    And then there is the fear emotion created by scary thoughts….the doom porn. From time to time I scare myself, running a scenario in my head and have to remember that in this moment I am not in danger. That fear has a purpose of motivating me to prepare but since my imagination is so vivid, I can spend all my time living in these scenarios and that repetition of them will create mental habits that will take on a life of their own. Those mental habits become our phobias and traumas, self inflicted when we are unaware.

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