Is Michelle Obama Actually A Man?

A listener to my radio show sent me this yesterday. I thought it would be hog wash, but after watching it I can tell you that they present a very convincing argument. Would it really surprise you to learn that the first lady is really the first man? As they say… Listen To All Follow None

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  • Mel

    You believe this? Seriously? Did you even research these claims? No, having a longer ring finger than index is NOT only a male trait. It only means the person received more testosterone at one point in the womb. The longer ring finger is linked to more aggression, risk-taking, and even success. There are many woman who have longer ring fingers. They are still women. You CANNOT fit people into your little boxes. This is a very badly researched video, and I cannot believe you posted it. I will no longer be following you.

    • Ryan Brooks

      I just thought it was interesting jeeze guy! What about the broad shoulders and muscular neck? Adams apple and bulge in the pants? What traits do those represent in a woman?

  • Melinda

    Either The Onion sent you this or my hands tell me I was born a man and everyone’s been tricking me into thinking I’m a girl all my life.

    • Ryan Brooks

      uh oh

      • listen people!

        If you listen to the video, you will hear the narrator say that it is “typical” which this is true. That is probably WHY the other evidence is shown. One thing that is true for EVERY male and EVERY female is the brow ridge. Males have one and females don’t. Just look at pics of females and males and at skulls. Pretty simple! It’s a BOY!!!

  • Po Rich

    Now that I think of it, Freedom Girl looks a lot like
    my long lost friend Ernie!
    Dray ist Meer! I used to think it was gold that was for
    the fagala!!!!!

    • MoFo

      Speaking of Freedom Girl…she has a demon on her shoulder, with the right tentil around the right side of the head to the front of the left eye.

      Too bad, I would have liked to have one of these, but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase it.

  • Justin DeArmond

    this is so appropriate….when this movie came out, my kids would run around and say…that’s a woman??…to everyone, especially funny when said to a woman!

  • grossyi

    Not a man. Not sure that it’s human though. Whatever it is, it sure is ubly.

  • Chris

    Barack and Lady Boy Obama. Two first ladies huh. Interesting.
    They say we always want to marry someone just like our favorite baby-sitter. Hmmmmm.

  • murderface

    I believe it. After watching this video and a few videos of Michelle Obama interviews, she’s definitely a man. No doubt about it!

  • Rainmaker

    Ryan, you are pointed in the Wright direction, however, perhaps you should consider that Ms. Sotero is a “Beard”. Maybe you have already pondered that? What do you think?

  • David Howard

    The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects.

  • evermore

    The statistical probabilities that govern not only one bodily feature but many (hands, shoulders, Adam’s apple overall height and size of feet) all seriously point to the conclusion that “Michele” is really a “Michael” …and with so many people witnessing that BO is totally gay (ex school/college mates etc) fits the overall picture perfectly…the “O”s are a gay couple

  • Rick

    Really? I…wonder…if…you…realize…that…you…cant…put…people…into…little boxes…of…presumed…norms…and…maintain…a…semblance…of…rationality.


    No lover of mooshele, but please, saying it does not make it so, except to the mind of the delusional. (shakes head and stumbles off)

  • Cloxxki

    What about childhood pictures?
    How can one fake the identity of a first lady? Why are not people lining up for the book rights of I Played Doctor with Michelle? Past lovers? Nannies?

    Are first ladies brought into existence?
    And Barack is not even an American. Strange world.

  • Douglas

    This website has all of Obamas history on video.

    Obama’s not straight and never has been according to his high school chum Mia Pope who was on Reverend Mannings Radio show.

  • Leia

    Certainly makes you think!

  • WOW ! I was thinking this was a joke but after watching the video, I just don’t know. Holy transvesti+* Batman, it is a MAN !!!!

  • bill

    she does look manly

  • peter maylath

    Let me see……. hmmmmmmmmmm yep, 2 freaks!!…… can u imagine working for this “Whitehouse?”….. “holy peckers, BATMAN!….. RICHARD SIMMONS looks better!

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