Woodstack 2014!


Check out my woodstack, where are all the woodsmen out there?

In the video I said it was CBS but it was actually The Daily Caller –

“Moving backwards: Northeasterners turn to burning wood for power”

I bet if you ask around the North East you’ll find that a lot more people have a new appreciation for fire wood… As energy rates in the US continue to climb look for that trend to continue!

Thieves in Boston Stealing Firewood – http://boston.cbslocal.com/2014/01/21/nh-thieves-raiding-woodpiles-for-firewood/

Keep Stackin’


4 comments to Woodstack 2014!

  • Silverdude

    Hey R.B. from one wood stacker to another PEACE BROTHER! My hardwood of choice to burn is ASH. We have a lot of ash groves in my neck of the woods. There is something about providing your own heat source to the home that is very satisfying ya know. Keep Stack’n

  • Paul T

    It sure is nice to see someone else that sees the value of firewood as much as I do. I live way down in southern Alabama by Mobile and people down here rarely give firewood the credit it deserves. I can drive around down here on my days off and see people that have cut down oak trees in their yard and stack the chunks of wood out by the road and not think twice of that wood being a store of value like I do. I stop and throw it in the bed of my truck, take it home and chop it up. People are stupid,man or they just don’t think about the future much. We had a rare snow storm here back in January and I had to break into my firewood and burn some and my power bill was still sky high that month. I remember one day a couple summers ago one of my neighbors saw me splitting oak outside in my yard one hot summer day and she told me I was nuts. I wonder how high her heating bill was in January?

  • Brent Eamer

    Up here in Prince Edward Island Canada, heating oil is about 1.21 a litre (4.57 a U.S gallon), no natural gas here and electricity is 17 cents a kwh. So, I burn wood. I heat with White Spruce and birch, maple is available but over $265 a cord. So I scrounge in the spring. Since we are on an island, the winds can get quite fierce during fall/winter, in excess of 90kmh(60mph), so deadfall is plenty. I use electric baseboard as backup if I have to be out of the province for an extended period of time. (Rarely). I can heat my place for about $25 a year; bar oil and gas and mix. My time is mine since I live alone and can split/stack any damm time I feel like it..

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