Government Mafia

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  • Ron Trickel

    Beautifully explained. I wish I could show this to my liberal “friend” who loves Obama and the government. But I guess it really doesn’t matter because it would probably offend him anyway he wouldn’t believe it. Somehow they got to him and brainwashed him. How do you unwash a brain.


  • I don’t like Obama, but he is a reluctant globalist compared to, say, McCain. I believe Obama was involved in the Sandy Hook Hoax, but the alternatives were involved in 9/11! So, Obama becomes the lesser of two evils. You hold your nose and you don’t vote Republican! That does not mean that we should not be vigilante about gun rights, and all rights. But Republican presidents worked to limit gun rights too. No, it is in foreign policy where Obama has opted for more peace than the Republicans would have. That is the truth.

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