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  • Michael

    That’s all well and good but Silver hasn’t moved much in dollar terms and also, why are foreign nations hoarding so much gold yet you never hear about silver?

    • Silver Shield

      When I first woke up in 2005 to the truth about the dollar and the unsustainable debt and death it empowers, I bought gold.
      The major world powers are at that stage.
      Only later on did I understand the relative value of silver over gold.
      Now I am fully vested in physical silver.
      Fortune favors the prepared and patient.

  • Brent

    I too stack silver but recently got into a debate with someone regarding silver’s long term viability as a currency. With it being ‘used up’ it wont remain a stable currency, I was told. In order for an item to be viable as a currency it must be stable in supply. His argument was that all the gold that has been mined is still in existence, there makes a great currency, whereas Silver will get used up to the point where it will be too rare to be used as a general currency


    • Silver Shield

      Physical silver is mainly for transferring wealth from one financial paradigm to the next.
      As a currency physical silver will be most necessary as a barter tool in the Anger Phase/ Collapse.
      Afterwards silver can be the backing for a Silver Bank and possibly a silver backed Crypto Currency.
      Ask your friend if all of the silver is “used up” and gold is better then why is it that the gold to silver ratio of newly mined gold and silver is 1:9 and they are trading at a 1:64 ratio?
      If the silver goes back to the 1:9 natural ratio silver will out perform gold 500% and I believe that we will reach a 1:1 gold to silver ratio making it so that I will be able to trade all of my silver for gold on a 1 to 1 basis.
      Watch the Silver Bullet Silver Shield on YouTube for more info.

    • David


      I think the person you have been talking to is off track. Read what Chris says and for another perspective look at declining energy at a cheap price and how that will affect assets.

      “The problem with the majority of analysis found on the Mainstream Media and the Internet is that it doesn’t get to the FUNDAMENTAL ROOT of the problem. If an analyst is making forecasts based on data without factoring in the EROI FACTOR – Energy Returned On Invested, then the analysis will be inaccurate and faulty.

      Everything we do is based on energy. It ranges from the energy we need to get out of bed and perform a day’s work to the energy that goes into all the levels, stages, and aspects of our economy. An individual, investor or company must understand this critical energy data, or they will fall victim to an ocean of shortsighted analysis.

      The U.S. and the rest of the world’s economies are suffering from the weight of massive amounts of debt and highly leveraged paper assets. The majority of analysts are arguing and offering solutions by dealing with the mere symptoms and not with the real cause: our present and future energy situation.

      Why Read the SRSrocco Report?

      If you are worried about protecting your wealth or sick of reading the same old worn out data and information, please consider subscribing to the SRSrocco Report.

      I have received a number of emails from individuals and investors who have dropped their subscriptions to other precious metal and financial websites, because they have either lost money or were unhappy with the information provided to them. This has become motivation for me to provide original, objective and cutting edge analysis that is hard to find on any other single website.

      I foresee a tremendous loss of wealth in the not-so-distant future, due to the fact that investors and the public have been misinformed and misled as to what are the true safe assets and stores of wealth.

      The SRSrocco Report will focus on how energy will impact the overall economy with a focus on the precious metals and mining industry. Gold and silver have been used as currency and excellent stores of wealth over past several thousand years… and will continue to be used as such.

      • Brent Eamer

        Hi David. I am aware and up to speed of the things you mention. My question/post may not have indicated that but, I appreciated the additional info you provided. I have been following the global economic trends since 9/11. I respect the amount of effort Chris and individuals like yourself have put into the effort. I like to source my info from a variety of places. Some questionable, but entertaining nonetheless. Some include, Eric Sprott, Jim Sinclair, Jim Rogers, Mike Maloney and a few others. My friend is a gold bug who is quite persuasive in his debates. One of his favourites, is to shame me for stacking silver since it is used medically and has useful uses to society and that I am part of the problems, and that accumulating gold, harms no one (paraphrase)

        I like to project his thoughts here, since he is unlikely to engage in debate here. My focus has been the question as silver as a viable currency going forward, due to it’s ‘commodity’ status (as viewed by many). Chris points out that he believes it will reach parity with gold, at which point an investor could swap. I would love to see that.

        • David


          Who knows if it will be monetized on a widespread basis or not. Like you I’ve followed [some more than others] all those you mentioned.

          I am sure when organizations like with their allies in government, Comex, etc. can’t hold the price of silver down it will either be worth a lot more currency, or will buy/barter for a lot more than now.

          Either way it is a good thing to accumulate. What is your anti-silver friend accumulating? If he can afford gold that’s a good bet also. But “shaming you” or any attempt to do so is immature on his part. Would he rather have industry and Asian governments clean the shelves?

          • Brent Eamer

            He owns a couple of oz of Gold, but he is more on the theoretical level. He is quite intelligent, but not practical. He is heavily into Permaculture and that is another discussion we get into. I am along the lines of Richard Heinberg and James Howard Kunstler about the concept of “Peak Everything”. And my favourite read is “The Archdruid Report”; that is a bitch slap reality check

            I continue to stack, slow but sure and at times like today and yesterday when Silver seems to be smacked down, Im loading up

  • Brent Eamer

    So, if I understand correctly, Silver provides a nice jumping point to gold, if one so desires. I’ve been stacking since 2010, and he likes to get the odd shot in, but I remain steadfast. Thanks for the response Chris, you are doing good work and I enjoy the videos.

  • Brent Eamer

    Looking at your profile David, I see you write for some of the other sites I frequent. Chris Martenson provides great info as well, and I have taken the Crash Course.

  • Brent Eamer

    David, when will your site be “Fully Operational”?

    • David


      You may be confusing me with another David. And that David probably knows a lot more than I do!

      I post under the name David [my real name] on this site and only one other.

      Best wishes to you,

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