Standing Freedom Revealed

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  • matt

    that would have made a good 5oz round

  • Scotty

    Just beautiful!! Congratulations on this oustanding design!

  • Awesome, one of the last posts was right-this would have been a beautiful 5oz!

  • matt v

    Chris! I have a question hope you could help me with an answer.

    I have been collecting your series since silver bullet to silver shield I have all proof like and uncirculated. I am collecting the series of the coins for my 2 girls for future value for them.

    My question is how will the series collection be based? Will it just be based on the 1oz coins or all 2oz & 5oz as well. I have been collecting all of series in all ounces. My problem is that since you are coming out with the freedom girl gold coin to which I am not able to afford will my series collection be broken and is this a waste of my time.

    Well, I know in buying silver is not a waste. I just want to know beside the silver content what will make these more valuable Heidi’s great art? And who would be the buyers? I know I am taking a chance with the proof like coins but they are beautiful and it is worth the over spot price as long as these coins are recognized by other collectors. And if I would ever sell these coins I would use your new exchange by all means.

    Well! forgive me for blabbing. I am new to this and just had some questions. I hope that you are able to respond. Great work and I have learned a lot from you in questioning myself and the messed up world we are living in.

    Matt V

    • Silver Shield

      Matt this is going to go in many directions and I would suggest buy what you like and not worry about anything.
      The copper , silver and gold all reach different audiences.
      The message is the key.

  • chris

    Just Wondering if You guys think Copper will have any Real Value when the dollar fails??? I have faith in Gold and Silver, but am not to sure about Copper!!!

    • Silver Shield

      Copper is not a precious metal and I like it for giving away or getting kids to start collecting.

  • I have been very restless and worried about the financiell state of affairs in todays global manipulations, I tune in to U-Tube as well as Programs,such as your own looking for answers.I know by now that the worlds Fiat money Is not worth the paper is printed on. that is partly the reason I have invested some of my money in Silver, can’t afford Gold! I am originally from Germany,having lived in Australia for the last 60 years, I remember how in Germanythere was a huge Inflation following W.W 1, from what I heard then the next currency was called the Renten Mark Adolf Hitler brought in the Reichsmark, in 1948 we got the Deutschmark, later on, I was by then in Australien, the European Union adopted the Euro, and that is in deep Sh-t! Now the US Dollar and the other Fiat Currancies are all in trouble! What I find amazing is that most people I know don’t want to hear about it!! Amazing! I am looking forward to your next Program!

  • chris

    In your opinion, do you think Copper will ever move from Industrial to Precious? Copper is Traded, and does have some value! I agree in terms of giving it away! I have bought some, and like tipping people with them! This new Standing Liberty is Gorgeous!!!

    • Silver Shield

      No copper is way to abundant to every be precious and what it used for is used in mass quantities that it can be recycled.

      Nothing and I mean nothing can compare to the fundementalist behind silver as it is rare and the stockpiles have been destroyed.

      Stick to silver for investment and the other metals for fun.

  • matt

    gold 1oz Trivium would get my attention! 😉

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