Planet of the lost a$$holes



Warning Strong language
Just small rant about the effed up mind set I see and heard everyday . I asked 12 random people about the News in Crimea , All 12 had no clue on where Crimea was , or the events unfolding . – Mr. PC

6 comments to Planet of the lost a$$holes

  • Ryan Musante

    A-S-S-H-O-L-E ! :) I’m a submariner, an asshole and proud of it!

  • Ryan Musante

    Keep in mind, to some degree, everyone is an asshole in this country..Sign of the times.

  • Michael

    Ignorance of international conflicts and events is endemic in many populations. There is one issue I haven’t seen addressed on this site by contributors of the articles and that is Geoengineering, which seems to be ravaging the US and many other countries. While I agree it is wise to know what our governments are up to on the international scene, what about national and local events that effect our very lives?

  • Skybird

    Excellent video. We are surrounded by zombies who see, hear, and know nothing as they remain in and move as herds. Do zombies know happiness? Only if the ‘authorities’ tell them so.

  • Liisa

    I have also tried to strike up conversations on this very subject but more people are interested in planning their summer vacation than in the events in Crimea. We are in a very sad state of affairs in this country! By the time most of the population wake up it will be too late!!


      Its like chewing tinfoil talking to them .. right away you get the worst taste in your mouth from trying to communicate on a level of self greed regurgitation.. Total feel the same Lisa 16 years later :-)

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